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"Protecting" Tarott - or: Re-thinking "definite" landscapes in OGF

Posted by joschi81 on 27 March 2017 in English (English)

Hi everybody!

Like other people, I sometimes struggle with problems in my imaginary countries that lead to the question: Is it already definite or can I still change something? Normally, when I have drawn an area up to a very high level of detail, I leave it as it is, of course. But what with roughly sketched structures that were only definite in my head but did not appear on the map yet? I allow myself to change them, even heavily, if there's a special need.

For Tarott (map) I definetily saw the need to change something very elementary. As it is an old city that survived many wars (even after heavy destructions) and as it was founded thousand years ago (maybe even more), it needs to be in a protected location. An open bay directly at the West Sea did not seem logical at all, finally.

So, I dared to rethink Tarott bay and - although it has only been outlined very rougly so far - I'm satisfied with the result:

Tarott Bay, March 2017

(To be honest, although not being a motorway enthusiast, I always wanted a western bypass for Tarott to release traffic congestion at the central trunk road in Tarott and at the eastern motorway rings - there is going to be an outer ring in the east as well.)

This is how the open Tarott Bay looked before:

"old" Tarott bay

It feels much better now. :) And at crucial points, I'm going to build some old fortifications (or ruins of fortifications).

Happy mapping!


Floating currency exchange rates

Posted by Toadwart on 27 March 2017 in English (English)

I recently made a template, which constantly calculates a new value of the Aorangëan Dollar. It is basically a sinus curve (to simulate periodical fluctuations) multiplied with an exponential curve (to simulate) inflation. I didn't do it because we need it, but rather because I can do it. You can see a table with "live" values here: Also in the list of currencies the value floats and therefore influences the sorting order.

If I might get bored and there is no public outcry here, I will introduce this for some more currencies. I did some blue currencies already.

If you like you can edit the parameters for your currency yourself, I added a minimum of documentation in the templates.

What is happening with Vinnmark?

Posted by bhj867 on 27 March 2017 in English (English)

Is it collaberative now? I would like for it not to become the Northwest Ulethan version of Midistland. There needs to be STRUCTURED mapping there now while it is relatively empty.

Royal Aulean Foreign Legion

Posted by ilikemaps on 27 March 2017 in English (English)

The Royal Aulean Foreign Legion is an army open to foreigners and Aulean citizens and typically serves abroad.

More detail will be added to the wiki page soon.

Feel free to add your citizens to the legion and your wars to the list of wars, unless they are between 1910 and 1937ish.

Omniville moved

Posted by GibranalNN on 27 March 2017 in English (English) AR032c.

With this move I would like to say that I am re-opening contributor requests. Please PM me for info

(Omniville's traffic is left-handed. Also please do not add buildings with real-world brands (B*rger K*ng, McD's, etc) in Omniville. Diplomatic cooperations also available!)

Location: -34.898, 168.302

Lodken-Mapper's Challenge

Posted by Yuanls on 26 March 2017 in English (English)

This month for Luciano's challenge, I decided to use this opportunity to do some serious mapping work in Agarderia, an area that I seemed to have neglected for some while now. I decided to start afresh, making a new town named Lodken.

History of Lodken

Since history is so important in this month's challenge, it would be wise to give an overview of Lodken and its surroundings for historical context.

The area was historically the border between Karamsk and the Kingdom of Both Glasters, then the newly independent Agarderia after the former country was defeated by the Ingerish in 1803. I have not quite decided why the border was not immediately at the River Taka, but instead slightly to the west of it. However, to the south of Lodken, the border was defined as 'being in the middle of the River Taka'.

I have not exactly decided why Lodken exists, or why it exists that the place it does. But I assume that it was a border village that relied much on trade coming in and out of Agarderia into Karamsk. During the 20th Century, specifically the 1930s, relations between Agarderia and Karasmk soured, leading to both Karamsk and Agarderia building border fortifications on the border. The Agarderian fortifications have not been mapped yet, as they are somewhat weaker and so less preserved. It is also to the east of the river, which forms a natural defense itself. The defenses on Karamsk's side were heavily mined and booby trapped. At this point, Lodken was still a small village, which sat in the middle of no-man's land.

When war eventually did break out in 1936, the area was put under Agarderian control entirely, with the former border reduced to a provincial division. The border to the south of Lodken was frozen, leading to its current, misaligned state in relation to the river. The area was again heavily fortified in the 1940s from fear of an annexation by Karamsk. However, the fortifications were never used when Karamsk eventually attacked in 1946 during the Agardirian Civil War, owing to the fact that Agarderia capitulated before Lodken could be reached.

Lodken was under subsequent control by the Democratic Republic of Agarderia. After the area had been cleared of munitions and mines, the defenses were used as a training ground for soldiers. The area was reactivated as a war zone in 1998, at the outbreak of the Second Civil War. New mines were layed and defenses constructed to protect the region from Karamskan separatists. As of yet they have not been removed, and so the area surrounding Lodken has been cordoned off by the army.

My mapping

In terms of history, I tend not to focus on grand ruins or exquisite monuments, but rather on the mundane and everyday aspect of things. Things like war cemetries, gun bunkers and military checkpoints.

I am also aware that I have written tons of history for Lodken. This is only the surface, and some untold elements can be inferred from my mapping, while most of it is untold, as I will not bore you with excessive detail.

For Lodken, I have mapped in much lower quality than I have for anywhere else in Glaster. I am still beginning to develop my mapping style when mapping in non-British fashion. I am also relatively unfamiliar with creating languages. Most of the languages I know are inapplicable to Agarderia. As a result, most of the objects are unnamed. If anyone has any advice on what to do about this or how I can improve my mapping, please comment below. I really feel like mapping in a foreign style is an aspect worth developing for me.

On a slightly lighter note:

Trouble saving in JOSM

Posted by SamTheWox on 26 March 2017 in English (English)

I'm having trouble saving/uploading in JOSM.

The headache that is Trevers

Posted by PortCal on 25 March 2017 in English (English)

The last few months, I've been struggling a lot with how Trevers should look and how it has developed. Starting working on the city, I was soon encountered with the fact that river Vale (that seperates Trevers from the rest of the land in the east) doesn't make any sense. Since I did now know any solutions at the time, I tend to just ignore it for a while and hope there would be ideas about how to fix this in the future. More than half a year later, that has not happened. Au contraire, there are even more problems like overall geography, place in history and structure all over the city. I'm getting in a downward spiral and more depressed by the look of the city week by week, which leads to slow progress, which leads to overthinking everything about the city and country in the first place.

I'm honest when saying I'm happy with some parts of the city, but for some reason it doesn't add up at all when zooming out on the map. The island looks weird and a lot of things don't make sense in physical geography. Starting a discussional collaboration with Refriedsushi — about which I'm very grateful and should be continued very soon — made me realise even more that some things don't make sense. Luckily he provided me with some solutions, like making Trevers into a bunch of islands in a bay, that could later be landfilled. This looked like a good solution to me. Now, I just don't know. It's hard to envision the landmass as landfilled islands, especially since it is not designed that way.

But I tried to do it anyway. At first, it looks okay. Then again, I just feel like I don't know enough about physical geography. The islands I created look weird to me. I've tried drawing them in a lot of ways. Of course they have to align with the history and the historic sites of the city, but when trying to make a development map of the city, I just don't know where to start.

Overlay how Trevers could look in the new situation around the time of colonisation ▲ Overlay how Trevers could look in the new situation around the time of colonisation, full image here

So I spend time in creating a history that maybe could help me out here. In history this should be the first settlement of the Ingerish colonists, but is it even plausible such a settlement to be started on one or some tiny islands in a large bay? It would probably have been a good thing if I started it from the beginning in history like some users do, developing it over time. I could do that now, but there will be so many things lost. Besides that, I have so many ideas left, but something just stops me from working on the island altogether. It's a place that is essential for the region, but lately I'm just working on things like Fletcher and Starford, with the knowledge that should make more sense.

Eventually, I've yet arrived at the moment it's just frustrating to map. I should have started everything else in the country by now, but I really want to finish this. I have to deal with it anyway. Again, there are a lot of things I like about the city that I built. But everything I try doesn't seem to make any sense in the bigger picture. I'm doubting every decision I'd made since the start — almost two years ago.

Does anyone have had this experience too? Does anyone have any ideas how I could make any sense of the island and the city? What is the best thing to do now? I'm really lost at this point. This proves that working out things like history and geography before building are SO important.

Splitting ferry routes?

Posted by thilo on 25 March 2017 in English (English)

I just took a look at this changeset:

Which made me briefly wonder, what kind of large scale editing did he do to cause such a large changeset bounding box?

It turns out, the reason was probably a locally restricted change in Tarott that affected the endpoint of a very long ferry route:

It's not a very severe problem, but still somewhat unfortunate because it can make detection of illegitimate or problematic edits significantly harder. Therefore I propose to split all long distance ferry routes into at least three parts, split at the borders of the territorial waters of the involved countries. This would result in rather short parts near the ports, and a long part through international waters, where it probably won't matter as much.

I'd like to hear some thoughts about this, especially from people who, as creators of long distance shipping routes, have a stake in this. Any obvious downsides that I haven't thought of?


Tarott EXPOMONDIALE 2018 world exhibition - Choose a parcel of land for your nation's pavillon

Posted by joschi81 on 25 March 2017 in English (English)

Hello everybody,

only a bit more than one year left until the Tarott EXPOMONDIALE 2018 world exposition will open! The nation of Kalm and the city of Tarott are glad to host this international event and to welcome all other nations of the world with their own pavillons and exhibitions.

The motto of the world exposition will be "Smart digital and analogue future of our world". Participating nation's are invited to present concepts showing newest oder planned digital solutions in any interesting domain for their nation, but also to answer the question how people can participate in daily life in the future without being dependent of their own digital devices.

So, choose a spot for your nation's pavillon:

1) See the map of EXPOMONDIALE 2018 Tarott exposition grounds here

2) Zoom in to see the names of the depicted parcels of land ("TEM18 - A1" etc.)

3) Then send me a private message, mention:

  • your country's name (resp. names if you have more than one in OGF)

  • EITHER: the shortcut of your three favourite TEM18 plots (character and number in the end of the name)

  • OR: if any plot of land is okay for you, just write something like "any plot is ok"

  • OR (EDIT 27/03/2017): If you think your country is to small or doesn't have the money for an own pavillon, consider having a smaller exhibition in a shared pavillon and just write "shared pavillon"

  • OPTIONAL: the planned title for your nation's exhibition.

I will collect all wishes and publish a list of selected plots of land around easter. Afterwards I invite you to build your pavillon in the respective plot (or I will build it myself, in case you prefer it).

If there is more demand than parcels of land prepared at the moment, the area will be extended.

Looking forward to bringing the EXPOMONDIALE to "international" life.

Happy mapping


EDIT 27/03/2017

Here's a list of applications as of today:

Interested, but no application sent yet:

(I hope I didn't miss anything)

Are you missing important countries? Maybe collaborative ones like Gobrassanya? Other well developed contries that should definetily by present at TEM18? Feel free to invite other people to apply for a pavillon for Tarott's Expomondiale!

TEM18 is still open for applications!

Location: 51.592, 34.080

Hello again! (and some other things)

Posted by SamTheWox on 25 March 2017 in English (English)

Hello, again!

I'm active again!

You can see my new territory here:

Also, I made a sandbox on my profile, which you can visit here:

Happily, Wox

Trolley buses

Posted by tule00 on 23 March 2017 in English (English)

Has any of you ever tried introducing trolley buses to one of your fictional cities? They are present in Eastern Europe, as well as Italy.

  • If so, I'm interested in how you did that. How to visibly tag trolley wires? How do trams work in combination with them (I've seen the combination of both systems in Rome, Szeged and Belgrade, but I'm not sure if that's the common practice)?

  • If not, is anyone interested?


The ruins of Geradic

Posted by bhj867 on 23 March 2017 in English (English)

My new project are the ruins of Geradic.

Geradic is a ruined city located at the mouth of the Sunada River. It was considered the most southern and one of the largest of the galician cultured cities in the nortian pretanic zone of the contested Northeast Wall border region between Pretany and Galicia in the mid 18th century. The city was heavily populated with nearly 16000 people by 1750. The city was completely destroyed by a pretanic insurgency after it was occupied by the galician army in 1818. The massacre lead to 3000 deaths and promptly ended the war between the two countries. An agreement was made to draw a permanent border at the current Northeast Wall where it has remained. The city of Northeast Wall although always a one of the nortian Gurmes of Pretany, then known as Urbe Septentrionali, and it's population explosion in the 19th century is considered a direct consequence of the destruction of Geradic when most of the population flooded 10 miles east into the city as refugees.


Cruise Lines

Posted by Portopolis on 23 March 2017 in English (English)

I would like to have a go at making several Hopponese Cruise Companies (They would mostly operate in Ingerish), Their would be at least 4 multi-billion dollar companies here are my ideas. At least three of them would operate primarily out of Marie City but while I want these cruise lines to be world wide and would like to have partnerships were secondary or equal sized cruise liners would be located in other scenic parts of the world. I don't want to completely dominate the Cruise industry but I would like to have a largish portion of it.

My ideas for Routes would be- Axian Peninsula- (Visit cities in Wiwaxia/ Kojo/ Ataraxia/ Hoppon/ Pasundan Padjadaran North Asperic- (visit cities in Antharia/Khaiwoon/Gobrassanya/Lallemand/Brugas/Hoppon and/or surrounding countries (north of Lallemand) Islandic Uletha- (Onnutu/Lallemand /Cariocas/Suvuma/Samiloor/Lonowai

Then smaller routes would be worldwide and most liekly partnerships sort of how Norwegian is actually half Asian cruise line half European/North american cruise line... Broceliande-Mallorjhe routes (If tparigo and/or refried sushi would let me. Paxtar- of course with permission from owner. Latina- Ardishpere Pretany Kalm etc.

I am just throwing ideas out there, and I don't expect Hoppon to have complete dominance of the cruise industry but I personally think it would be cool if Marie City could be known as the cruise Capital of the world. Sort of like if you want your Cruise Line to go global or something similar you might have to partner with a Hopponese businessman. I was also thinking of possible ways I could include money laundering and other crimes committed that might involve cruise ships into Hopponese/World Criminal underground.


Feedback Request: Pros and Cons of Areas or Relations

Posted by Alessa on 22 March 2017 in French (Français)

Hello, everyone.

I would like to request some feedback on what users consider pros and cons of doing landuse and landcover tags as areas or relations. To this point, I've been tagging regular areas, since this is the standard I learned from doing my homework and studying OSM wiki/forum documentation. For example, this is what I used in the coastal region of Kabyea Essa. I comes out just like I want it and has the data I'd like for later (double plus!). I know that Luciano has been innovative in using relations to this end, and I was curious what the advantages and disadvantages are or might be. I'm not sure I really want to break up a roadway into a dozen pieces per kilometer just to adjust relations, but it might render things better for me.

I will say that areas get to be quite clunky in JOSM when placed against each other like this. It becomes impossible to select a highway or railway that is on the boundary. In many cases, I've resorted to just using iD, because it works better for me to do the fine-tuning detail work. At the same time, that could be a user issue.

I appreciate the insight. Thanks!


Posted by trabantemnaksiezyc on 22 March 2017 in English (English)


If you follow /r/citiesskylines on reddit you may know about a small application coming out lately, called NetworX. It's an app allowing you to make public transport diagrams! It's still an early versions but as far as i know it will be updated (it already was at least once today, and the programme came out out yesterday). When you install it it comes with an example map of Munich (München). I find it very helpful, it's definetely better than drawing stuff in MS Paint ;) . It is free so check it out! Link to the software's webpage and it's subreddit is down below.

Greetings and have fun!

QUARTA Map: Progress Report, new method

Posted by Ernestpcosby on 22 March 2017 in English (English)

Thank you all for all of the tips about the QUARTA QLine Metro map I was working on before! They helped me significantly! In fact, I started over to try and do a better job.

I thought I'd give a progress report on how the newer version is coming.

After looking at the Cam Booth map tutorial that Myrcia showed me, redoing the "knotpoints" or major junctions following Histor's tips, and trying the "sketch the whole system and simplify" method Isleno mentioned, I managed to come up with a rough scheme where the entire map only uses 45 and 90 degree angles. I started off planning to go for a full Viginelli-style approach, but found the lack of curves surprisingly nice for the system and design elements, with a few exceptions (there are a couple jarring corners at times).

Speaking of corners, I ran into the same struggle that I've seen Cam Booth talk about many times on his site, having some routes or parts of the map come out much more simplified than others. You'll notice that the 5 (the orange line) is pretty smooth all the way through, with only about two 45 degree angles (well, 1 visible. There will be a couple more when the map is finished but you get the point), while line 8 (the light blue line to the top right)... can't see all of it here, but because of the strange routing and large amount of tight curves, it's basically a weird zigzag XD

But as a whole, I'm liking the way this version is coming out much better than the first one. I plan to add in the land masses (and maybe large parks) last, though I am vaguely planning in my head how they will work with the map.

QMAP Second Try!

Wiki / Map Server Issues?

Posted by Myrcia on 21 March 2017 in English (English)

The last two days I've struggled to load any page on the wiki without the connection being reset or timing out. The map is allowing me to upload and download edits fairly easily but isn't loading the tiles as smoothly as usual.

Is this just me or is everyone experiencing this? If there is a problem with server capacity or anything similar then would it be helpful to crowd fund some additional money to help with the servers? I would certainly be happy to help with a few € to keep OGF running if required.

Deltanz's Bliki

Posted by deltanz on 21 March 2017 in English (English)

So I finally did a Bliki page on the OGF wiki! I based the style of the page on other interesting blikis already created, mainly BMSOUZA's. You're all welcome to take a look and comment on what you find interesting. Most of my updates will be posted there and I also included a Pick of the Week (or Month) section, just like Luciano's bliki, but I'm lazy, so I'll probably do it once a month!

I really have a nice time reading other people's blikis, so I hope more and more users create their own pages!

Here is the link to my bliki:

Here you can find all the blikis available:

Cheers and happy mapping!


Posted by bhj867 on 21 March 2017 in English (English)

I made a couple of contour maps and emailed them to the Admins. One for St. Richards, and one for the Westward Gate Plateau. I have been having problems with the contouring. I feel like I have not added steep enough hills. with only 100 meter hills outside the city. I started out at 310 meters by the river to 400 meters at Beglideres Castle. This is my first time doing this and I am a little confused.

EDIT. I just figured out what I need to do. I have to place (10) contour lines between each 100 meter line on the map. That is going to take A LOT of time. will see what I can do :) Trying to not flood the admins inbox with "updated contour maps". Being American and thinking in imperial units doesn't help matters.

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