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Mountains and waters in northeastern Oberlant

Posted by tule00 on 22 May 2018 in English (English)

Hey everyone,

Instead of cities, I started working on topography. i added some more mountains, rivers and a lake in this region.

I want to know your opinions. Is it detailed enough? Is it realistic enough? All kinds of criticism are welcome.


Hi there!

Posted by Ouno on 18 May 2018 in English (English)

Hello! I have started making Leefside. I have looked at various town on OGF. Is this good? Feedback appreciated.

Location: 4, La Fenice, Mecyna

Images and Articles Closing Down Sale

Posted by zhenkang on 18 May 2018 in English (English)

List of images can be found here

Sample Sample Sample

The above are some images which I have created and are currently marked for deletion, used for this article regarding Singkangia's communist era. Although I am no longer on the wiki, I feel it is a shame for these images to be discarded, so I am offering these pictures to others so that they can be used for other purposes.

I am also offering a wiki content sale such as the article I have mentioned, alongside with wiki pages of Singkangia's businesses, article about Singkangia itself etc etc. I am not going to give any of these links here because you can just find them at this section with pages for deletion. The articles includes whatever in my sandbox. You are free to copy them, re-use them and so on. If you also find a Singkangian business that interests you, you are free to adopt them and make it your nation's business.

No notification is required. Just remove the deletion template of images and make it as yours in the description, like say 'This image has been adopted by XXX'. For the articles just remove the template, and change whatever is necessary.

There are some which I am not putting up for sale, and I will reuse them offline for other personal purposes:

Some disclaimers

Some photos directly came from Wikimedia Commons, like the 3rd photo. So it will be best if you upload a modified version to replace it.

Exciting updates in AR120...

Posted by admin on 17 May 2018 in English (English)

The first round of AR120 discussions and voting are beginning, and coordinators for the collaborative states have been selected. Also, we're looking for someone to take over management of the OGF:Submissions for AR120 page.

For more info see the latest forum posts.

AR120 flag proposals

Edited Eredum Adding Some Nice Touches

Posted by Maxine on 17 May 2018 in English (English)

A few minutes ago I edited Eredum, and I added a pond, some services (like a hospital), and other stuff. Please give me feedback on my work. And I need ideas to do the day after tomorrow. Next on the list for tomorrow is adding more residential to Eredum.

Added Eredum

Posted by Maxine on 16 May 2018 in English (English)

So as to Charlie G's request and my liking I have renamed Citia to Eredum. The location is attached below

North Valenburg

Posted by Edailu on 16 May 2018 in English (English)

Hi, I recently created a small town, and I was wondering if you could check it out and give some feedback!

Location: Nativa, Huacahuaca, Commonia


Posted by Maxine on 15 May 2018 in English (English)

I am goinng to make a city. I do not know what it will be called yet. Any feedback is appreciated!

Location: Byonca Village, Kainyza

New Beginning

Posted by Hasdrubal Sauradan on 13 May 2018 in English (English)

I left Tedima, because I disgusted and get bored. I always wanted to an island territory and I got it thanks to admin :) I strove so much and I succeeded!

Now I have different plan, I must raise new island country Mascarena and it must recognize by the world. I'll try to go further and construct US style cities.

This time, I'll never give up and I'll reach my goals in future.

Everything will be better than past.

Happy mapping!

Location: AR100c-01, AR100c

I wish

Posted by Davieerr on 13 May 2018 in English (English)

I dream a day that the Free Editing Countries would be a little more organized, instead of a Commonia, the biggest example of a very big clouster of everything trying to merge, because most of the time, people map there 'til they get a territory and then leave the city behind, or leave the site. the few who stay are the ones who improve, but is a rare case. I won't blame the "bad mapping", because no one needs to nailed it. But for things like giant fidget spinners or citis made almost from Motorways or Trunk Roads, that being Breassau before the change, it feels wrong and sometimes plain out cringe worthy. But most likely this rant is me looking for problems that don't exist. Just comment

Revamping the Susquehanna Federation

Posted by RyanWelsh1 on 13 May 2018 in English (English)

I decided to clear the Susquehanna Federation of towns and cities and decided to remake the Susquehanna Federation i have began to Redevelop the New Schuylkill State and the City of Schuylkill Park making it look more city like and more to scale

Location: Parkesburg Pike, Lansdale County, New Schuylkill, Susquehanna Federation

Developing a city called Denissia, right to Freetabourgh in Commonia

Posted by theruler on 12 May 2018 in English (English)

I want help to build a big city in the town of Denissia, on the right side of Freetabourgh, near District of Denissia Airport. If you could help, it could be a good thing.

Location: Westside Connector, Freetabourgh, Thornbridge, Lower Thoraqua, Commonia

Developing a new capital: Brig

Posted by Jumbooo on 12 May 2018 in English (English)

Hi everyone,

a new diary entry to share with you the first steps of the creation of the capital city of my territory (Brennland): Brig. Brig will have a population of about 800.000 inhabitants and is inspired by historic European cities, like Wien, Budapest, etc . What you see is a small part of the historic city (the centre, which will be huge). The city will have 4 or 5 underground lines, 2 rail stations, an airport (now roughly sketched) and an airport rail link. Let me know what you think of my city so far, if you please. Happy mapping to everyone!

Location: 61,179, 54,600

Farms, how must size?

Posted by Jesus Antonio on 12 May 2018 in English (English)

As i see American farms are very VERY big, and Dutch ones are Small, how i should make farms size of?

Restarting from scratch

Posted by zhenkang on 12 May 2018 in English (English)

This is probably my final diary entry before I disappear for a while.

It has been quite a frustrating time for me, due to my one moment of folly. Since all of my wiki work is going down the drain, I decided to give up Singkangia for good, relinquish my territory and start again like any new mapper who first came into OGF.

Singkangia is not really my ideal project. I should have initially read the FAQ more closely and write a proposal to admin to bring in my pre-OGF project-the nations of Pointochinikia- at the time last year. Well, I decide I have enough maintaning a white elephant and go back editing in a blue territory (after asking the admins to lift my ban on blue nations).

After that, I may take part in a collab project, just to map and not interfere in the wiki. Then in the far future when I mapped 20% in there, I may bring in my pre-OGF project and possibly ask for another appeal to lift the wiki ban.

To finish off, I thought of giving this apology to the admins for my past actions this week, and for giving them a hard time. This is Zhen Kang (Z.K.), signing off while I plan and focus on other commitments.

Making an International Movie City, like Hollywood

Posted by iiEarth on 11 May 2018 in English (English)

Hello, mappers, I was reading the Mapper's Challenge #20 when I thought of making a movie studio. Soon, I realized this: why not make a city like Hollywood (you know, because it has a big movie studio and all)? I may be asking too much, but because I'm not that good at making maps, should we team up on making this?

I await you mappers' reply.

-Sincerely, iiEarth

Thank You!

Posted by iiEarth on 10 May 2018 in English (English)

Dear mappers,

Thank you so much for helping me improve Los Oros! I gotta give this to Alsatian, who helped me a lot. Again, thank you, Alsatian!

Location: North Coast Highway, Blaan, Dilleland, Commonia

Mapper's Challenge #20 — May 2018 — It's All in the Details

Posted by Alessa on 10 May 2018 in Maltese (Malti)

Hello, everyone!

Sorry for being a couple days late with this month's challenge. Our monthly challenge for May is something simple for mappers of all levels and can be done on your coffee break! I hope you'll take a few minutes and pull together something to share and show off to the community.

Your task will be to find a small area and map it in extreme detail. The level of complexity and size will be up to you, but try to keep it under two square kilometers in the interests of being hyper-detailed. If you are a seasoned user, this gives you the chance to show off; it's also designed to be a practice run for all level of mappers to solicit feedback and improve skills. We all can better, right?

I'm not sure how many new (or even old) users are aware of the OSM wiki, which houses a wealth of resources related to key and tag lists. Here are a few lists that might be of interest for this task:

Obviously there is more to build than mere buildings or roads. Construct a park, or a historical site! Maybe work with water more, like last month's challenge. Did you do a railway station two months ago? Maybe it's time to spruce up the station and its environs. The options are up to you.

As you complete your new work, share it below or in the forum thread. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask a friend! As always, I'll do my best to provide feedback where I can.

Now, let's get mapping! Good luck, everyone!

Four different hill styles in western Commonia

Posted by SwissCrusader on 9 May 2018 in English (English)

The area of Grand Louisiade / Nouvelle-Montréal on western Commonia was rather approximate so far, but as I am mapping hills and landuse all around to get at ease with geofiction mapping, things start to get fixed together... and look better !

(EDIT: I also mapped some new towns, like Testville-sur-Mer or Quatre-Rivières and all the landscapes around, and added some details to Grande Louisiade)

I tried several ways of mapping hills to see what is looks like when rendered. Also I tried not to clear or displace too much of the already existing elements, and not to steal too much land around the already existing villages other contributors had created, except for Grand Louisiade where I added some neighborhoods to make this blank metropolis area look better. Finally I tried to stick to the current theme of this area, which has:

1) tropical climate 2) naming conventions that reminds of Québec / Canada on some other famous planet ;-)

So let's start with the inland of our Commonian Canucks territory, northwest of Quatre-Rivières, we have here something that looks like a semi-arid lower hills landscape, having forests only on the side of rivers.

Then a bit further south: Monts-du-Chauve is a big natural barrier between Nouvelle-Montréal and Quatre-Rivières, and as you climb up the round hills, the forest gets scarce. Tunnels were already in place on the highway in this area so I just added some mountains on top of it. Does not render really well in my opinion, too unrealistic.

We can see a big isolated mountain range as we look towards north : Evergreen Mountain, south of Collines Limitrophes hill area. This one is full of forests and almost looks like an inactive volcano.

The final one is the range of Rochers Percés, west of New Montréal near the shore, with wide bottoms of valleys where rivers flow in the middle of large gravel areas, and lateral torrents making the terrain too unstable for trees to grow around. For the mountains I tried to reproduce (not copy, don't worry) how it was mapped in some European mountains: fields at the bottom then grassland, then forests on the whole slope, and on the summit scrub, then some mix of meadow and blank areas, then heath, and some bare rock for the occasional cliffs. Might be more accurate for a temperate climate than a tropical one, but these mountains are the ones that look best in my opinion. I am particularly proud of the ones I put around the Vertbourne lake ; the colors used, and the level of detail they have etc. I actually made this at last, and after I read the wiki page "making realistic countries".

I want to improve even more my mountain mapping before requesting some land so if you have some existing examples of cool mountains, wheter on OGF or OSM, that I can study to understand how it's done, please share the coordinates.


Location: Cableton, Côte Franquesse, Commonia

An OpenGeofiction meme to get you through the day.

Posted by geoboi on 8 May 2018 in English (English)

OGF Community: Hey, Commonia, how's it goin'?



Courtesy of Geoboi

Location: 12.000, 152.000
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