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Posted by Rasmus Rasmusson on 29 May 2017 in English (English)

After a long absence I mapped a small area in the north of Řots last weekend. I was pleasently surprised to see that the iD mapping tools have improved to my liking and that there is now a mobile version for OGF!

Since the activity at my RL work and in other geofictional projects is rather unpredictable, I can't guarantee that a new mapping spree is imminent, but I'll do my best :)

~ Rasmus Rasmusson

Coping with Glastian irrelevancy

Posted by Yuanls on 29 May 2017 in English (English)

I'm not sure how pessimistic or how strange I sound in this entry; my intention is to be purely realistic.

Basically, Glaster is irrelevant. Yes you heard me right. Glaster is irrelevant. It never was a superpower. It never had a place on the world stage. It's like one of those countries that, outside its region, you know only by name, or by a few facts from a Wikipedia entry. Glaster never had an outstanding economy or some special cultural hotspot. The only famous people are dead and confined to the knowledge of historians, or have moved abroad to some more prosperous location.

While this might sound very depressing, here is some of my reasoning (skip to the tl;dr if this section is too long):

  • Glaster is very small. It has slightly larger than real-world Brunei and a population of around 1 million (subject to change). It's not in a very advantageous position, considering that its much larger neighbours were at odds with Glaster until the end of the 20th century.
  • Glaster's small size and advantageous position (at a maritime bottleneck) has meant that it has exploited and suppressed, first by Wyster, then by Ingerland, then Commonia, then by the communist nations surrounding it.
  • Glaster has no deposits of major resources. Iron and coal deposits exist but they are not substantial enough to profit from. Tourism is also out of the question. There's nothing really to see or do in Glaster, and the weather is not great either according to the climatic map.
  • Glaster only reached its level of development by funding from Ingerland to prop it up against communist influence. Now its unsustainable and Glaster is currently in economic decline. It has not been able to modernise its economy sufficiently after Ingerish South Glaster had its unification with less-developed North Glaster.

Tl;dr: Glaster is bad because its economy cannot keep up with its level of development, it has been exploited and controlled since the 19th century and because it has nothing to make money from.

That, however doesn't hinder me from good mapping, or interesting wiki articles. Check around Glaster, particularly look at Harcourt and Plowford for my latest work. Moral of the story: your country doesn't need to be prosperous or successful for you to display good signs of mapsmanship (if there ever was such a thing)!

However, one of my largest concerns is my mapping style. Initially it was supposed to be based around England, for the basis that Glaster was former colony. My mapping style has devolved into pretty much a high-quality English clone, something that is satisfactory in itself but isn't entirely realistic given on the geographical location. Does anyone have any ideas on how to change this into a more believable design that I can still map in detail?

Location: Scotwood Road, Harcourt, Harcourt and Scotwood, Glaster

Old Town of Loravia

Posted by Litvania on 29 May 2017 in English (English)

I know that asking for feedback in the user diaries is generally discouraged, however i get the feeling the bliki is more of a week long project, and i am a bit busy nowadays, so yeah. (Exams are in two weeks and they are hell important so i am mostly studying.)

Anyway, Loravias Old Town. Its beautiful!. I mapped a bit without planning or drawing, and i think it turned out particularly well. I think my mapping is getting progressively better, so i would apprieciate some feedback.

There restaurants, cosy squares, small kiosks and shops, and an old Neo-Renaissance style railway station, which is by many considered useless due to its proximity to the central station, however was kept because, well, it was the first, and, its beautiful.

Also, on embassies:

Why do people map "embassy districts"? Little to no cities have places like that, most embassies are just scattered, or concentrated in one part of town, not in massive 19th century style villa-neighbourhoods. This is why i am going to simply map embassies in whatever free buildings are left.

Next week i am working on the Main station, and the surrounding neighbourhoods, so stay tuned.

Location: Staré mesto, Lorava, Loravský kráj, Litvensko

Sean Bond Intl. Airport- potential for future gateway to new continents?

Posted by Ernestpcosby on 28 May 2017 in English (English)

In working with Quentinsburgh recently and doing some major overhauls, I noticed something about the city's Sean Bond International Airport.

At this time, there isn't too much reason for SBD Intl. to be a major intercontinental hub. Sean Bond International is the primary gateway to all of Freedemia, and there does seem to be a good amount of tourism and connections. However, at this moment there isn't much need other than travel to Freedemia (and I guess arguably Nature and Narghana).

However, looking at the OGF:Where to Fly page, I discovered something very important about Quentinsburgh's SBD Intl. Airport's location-

Sean Bond International Airport appears to be the most logical gateway to the new continents across the Hesperic Ocean.

Quentinsburgh seems to be the furthest west major city in the developed continents. It seems to be the furthest west major airport, the closest point to Kartumia, and home to a major airport already acting as an international major hub.

I know that this would be a very distant future, but I want to make sure I understand what I can do to take advantage of this potential.

What do I need to do to prepare for that point? I've done a bit to try to improve the runways and taxiways, and I've "planned" a new terminal D but I'm deliberately leaving it undone so that I can work on it when I know more.

I don't mean to jump the gun, and I know these continents won't be open for a long time. But I know that Sean Bond International Airport (potentially Sean Bond Intercontinental Airport? ;) ) has massive potential to be an intercontinental hub and I don't want to take that lightly.

Any tips for making a good/realistic network of roads?

Posted by dryerlint on 27 May 2017 in English (English)

As per the Making Realistic Countries guide, I decided to finally add in a network of primary/secondary roads (not motorways, those were done earlier) to my country.

A few days later and I realize I'm kind of disappointed. The big intercity motorways seem alright, but I really didn't know what to do with the supporting highways, and as a result they look rather unrealistic and sloppy, like they were just randomly drawn onto the map.

The Guide mentions prioritizing connections to rural areas and smaller towns, but since those two things are more or less just spread over a wide area, I'm not sure what to do other than "randomly draw roads sprawling over a wide area" - and that just comes out, again, unrealistic and sloppy.

So does anyone have any tips or examples of how to do supporting highways/roads properly?

Any general criticism on the large-scale features of my country would be appreciated as well, of course :)

Location: Potantius, Iblania

Singkangia - Under construction and development, and needing honest feedback

Posted by zhenkang on 26 May 2017 in English (English)

As I move forward in mapping Singkangia, I want to let anyone to take a look at Odessa (mainly, this is my primary attention as of now besides the airport, it also need re-scaling works) and get some feedback. Specifically, what needs to be changed to improve the area? The city Odessa is purposely square-grid, but I still trying to break through the grid by adding a river, and adding some greenery which are not square.

I also need some help (not mapping my country, however). Can I see some examples of your country's power stations (fossil fuel, nuclear, solar etc.) and water supply stations? The country need such basic necessities for growth (of course, we'll be purchasing for water works haha -monopoly joke).

Oh, and I need some list of trading companies (or other companies involved in shipping) so that I can add more offices at Keppong harbour at the south (and see some industrial estates in your country, if you build any), plus also see what you drew along a river in your city, if you build one. The buildings near the Ayangcha river are for some nightlife and a tourist attraction (possibly I'll build a casino there).

I also want to know whether the subway stations I drew is it too big, too small, or just right? As always, I'm happy to receive any criticism for other infrastructure I drew.

Happy mapping,


Location: Defangchi Way, Odessa, 101318, Singkangia

Most realistic forest?

Posted by stjur on 26 May 2017 in Romanian (Română)

Hi guys!

The last few days I've tried to map some more realistic hand-drawn forests in the south of Antharia. I'm not sure what to think about them... Forests on the real life map look so various and it's impossible to recreate them.

Please give me a feedback or suggestions for improvement. Thank you!

Location: Strada Calomfirescu, Niculești Nord, Provincia Cadrilater, Antharia

OGF scale tool 2.0

Posted by admin on 26 May 2017 in English (English)

Thilo has created a new version of his handy scale tool:

It's a split screen with the OGF world on one side and the real world on the other, shown at the same scale. Each side can be moved around independently, so you can compare anywhere in OGF with anywhere in the real world. By switching layers on the right, you can also compare any two places in OGF. Comparisons can be shared with other mappers by copy/pasting the URL.

As in the previous version, zooming by mouse wheel or double-click is disabled, but there is a zoom control (& measuring tool) in the upper left corner. You can also set the zoom by entering a value into the "Zoom" or "Scale" input fields and hitting "Enter." If you want the number in the "Scale" field to be accurate, the "pxpt=_____" part of the URL must be adjusted for the pixel pitch of your monitor.

API error

Posted by Stara Zagora on 25 May 2017 in English (English)

Hello all,

When I was editing my city at 41.57/125.84, trying to draw out bus line 80 through the city center, I encountered the error "Placeholder Reference not found for reference -17 in relation -16". What I was trying to do was create two relations for the two directions of the bus line, and have them linked with a route master. I've done this before without any errors, so I don't know if there is a problem in the relations or something else.

As I haven't saved the changes yet, the bus stations are not on the map, so they can only be seen when editing. Does anyone know what could be causing this error?

Thanks, Stara Zagora.

The First Rescaling Project: Operation Chireiden is now underway!

Posted by Katav on 24 May 2017 in English (English)

Under the project name "Operation Chireiden", I'm currently rescaling and reconstructing the whole of Fressland's capital city, Konkordia. Expect major mapping changes to Downtown Konkordia within the next few weeks.

Country-Wide rescale

Posted by Johnny on 24 May 2017 in English (English)

Hello. Its been a long while since I touched the original editing of Leto, with some tips from some people, I decided to rescale the whole country . I decided to start with some interchanges that I did so long ago, where I did not care about the scale. Meanwhile, I redone Monterey. Before, its a size of a city block, it was so annoying. The rescale is still on going.

This country wide rescale is going to take a long while. If you have some tips, please PM me!!

Location: Capitol, Leto National Capitol, Republic of Leto

Asking for advice on mapping impoverished neighborhoods

Posted by Ernestpcosby on 23 May 2017 in English (English)

Is there an actual way to map poorer communities in a way that gets that idea across? I don't mean third world country poor, just like slightly more impoverished neighborhoods, maybe kind of American style poorer neighborhoods. Is there a distinct look these types of neighborhoods have on the map? So far the main thing I've done is put some mostly abandoned strip malls and a couple discount supermarkets and businesses like hair salons, laundromats, and non-chain fast food type places. Most of Quentinsburgh is meant to be pretty well off (upper lower class to upper middle class), but there are one or two poorer areas that I don't quite know how to map.

A brief note on calling letters for TV and Radio in Freedemia

Posted by Ernestpcosby on 23 May 2017 in English (English)

Up until today I had labeled my channels based on the American-style calling letters of KXXX and WXXX. However, I remember we had discussed this briefly in the User Diaries a long time ago, and someone pointed out the fact that they should vary from country to country. At the time I had wanted to retain my system so I wouldn't have to change all my logos and wiki pages, but upon remembering this, I went ahead and changed all the Freedemian stations to the system of FXXX (F for Freedemia). For example, WQTN 13 is now FQTN 13.

Should the Egalian Lake be connected to the Great Rift Sound?

Posted by eklas on 22 May 2017 in English (English)

Community question.

I've been on and about thinking how I could improve my country, Drabantia, to be more realistic, especially in terms of geography and climate.

First of all, I'm still sort of confused as to what the climate could actually be. The hypothetical maps on the Talk:World climate page didn't really help: one says steppe, the other says Winnipeg. So I settled for somewhere in between for now. And then it kind of hit me: The lake surrounding my country has no output. There has to be saltwater.

Or does it? The lake, which lies on the same latitude as Edmonton, Copenhagen or Moscow, probably doesn't dry up as much as the Caspian Sea does, for example. Meaning that with no output, the water level would just keep on rising and the salinity would remain the same.

Even if the area was dry, I still don't think the temperature and other aspects of the climate allow the lake to have no output at all. There's large rivers: Bráh and Lorava, draining all Litvania; Borava, draining 80% of Drabantia; Banuj, draining the remaining 20% + some of Escadia and possibly UL100h too; and finally Helm and Gilson.

TL;DR So, my bold proposal: Is it possible to connect the lake to the Great Rift Sound? I imagine it similar to the Saint Lawrence River connecting the Great Lakes to the Atlantic Ocean.

There's many pros:

  • There's wetlands (that until recently were lakes) in Suria, where the river would flow- no radical changes required.

  • Several proposals on the OGF:Plate tectonics page see the area as a mid-continental rift.

  • The benefits for the countries around the lake would be immense. In addition to opening them to intl. shipping lines, it would make for a better connection with the rest of Uletha and more importance.

So, what does everyone (namely the admin team) think? I know edits and changes in grey territories are usually frowned upon, but I feel like this is a really important issue.

The lake as it is now

Location: okres Velboř, Egalský kraj, Drabantsko

noob question - perfectly orthogonal grids

Posted by williamsca97 on 22 May 2017 in English (English)

How do I make perfectly orthogonal, regular grids in JOSM? I've tried various things and am struggling to figure it out so far.

Photos for OGF Wiki

Posted by Easky30 on 22 May 2017 in English (English)

Is there a Photobucket type site where we can upload photos and use them in OFF? I've probably taken some 1,000 photos of I-17 & Sedona, Arizona. Not to mention the thousands I have taken around N.Y. I figure someone could use them and there's no copyright issues. Meteor Crater & Grand Canyon tomorrow so my OFF edits will probably have a desert theme for a while when I come back on.

On Norkolnia

Posted by Katav on 21 May 2017 in English (English)

Well, it's been a long time, OpenGeoFiction, since I was last here. I've decided to split off the northern half of my northernmost territory into a new country: "Norkolnia"... Mainly because I never edit there. It has no OGF-specific tags (the internal OGF code, the actual name that OGF picks up, those things) at the moment, just the boundaries and the relation.


Suggestions sought

Posted by ADB52 on 20 May 2017 in English (English)

I feel I've ground to a halt with Utterland. I know full well that I can do a heck of a lot more with the territory, but my inspiration has temporarily dried up.

I've been focusing on getting the road and rail networks sorted, but apart from places like Welle, Solsburg and Galmosen, not put a lot of detail into towns and cities (yet). I do realise that this is a long-term project (years), but would really appreciate some constructive input, hints and suggestions on how to go on from here. I'm not much into the Wiki thing; I want to focus on the mapping.

New Organization

Posted by geoboi on 20 May 2017 in English (English)

Hey all,

I have created the Trans-Asperic Union, or TAU for short. Send me a message if you want to join!

Nominatim Downtime

Posted by martinum4 on 20 May 2017 in English (English)

Just giving everyone a quick heads up that my nominatim-service available under will be down for maintenance tomorrow from about 10:00 CEST (GMT +2) to at least 14:00.

Other affected services:

  • OGF-Main Page: Search will not function
  • Names in the routing will not be searchable, you have to use the right-click features to add locations or drag the markers around
  • Reverse geocoding for diary entries
  • Every other service that uses the nominatim-service provided by me, if I forgot something just leave a comment below.

Technical Background: After the OGF-Update to a new version last month the replication-update process was not working properly on my side anymore so i'll have to set the service up from scratch again.

Kind Regards


Update: Downtime for at least three (3) more hours due to database rebuild taking longer than expected

Update 2: Nominatim is up and running again, but the Database is still about a month behind in processing, so stay tuned...

Location: 11,972, 2,866
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