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Uletha is flooded?

Posted by eleinads on 21 July 2017 in English (English)

Uletha is flooded? It seems to me that the cause is that the coastline is no longer counter-clockwise. I do not think I'm the cause of the problem, but I ask: Is it enough to solve it counterclockwise? Confirm?

Lonowai District

Posted by Elimis Odair on 20 July 2017 in English (English)

Hey everyone! As one of the newest members (if not the newest). I would like to say hello! In these past 3 days I have built a new city near the Blue Laden Tidal Power Plant. If anyone could help me continue designing it and/or give me future tips and tricks, that would be great!


Location: Central Avenue, Blue Laden, County of Ōbaku, Lonowai District (Gobrassanya)


Posted by kaanhanel on 20 July 2017 in English (English)

Edited some parts of Northern Commonia. Added Karamanli, Bargasan, Kızılcaköy, Kızılca forest, Rivier Südd Forest, Agia Karamanlides river, Historical Dwarven District.

Location: Kızılca Köyü, Commonia

Map layers in Merkaartor

Posted by EMKLI on 19 July 2017 in English (English)

Hi there!

Due to the fact that I'm on the road and only have my "hacked" armv7h Chromebook with Arch Linux with me, I came to use Merkaartor a little bit because the JRE became horribly slow on the Chromebook these days and JOSM is almost unusable. I quite like Merkaartor. It's much more simpler and less featured than JOSM, however, it has the really useful feature of building parallel lines in one step (a.k.a. two lane roads).

However, the URL's from the FAQ to display the map layers in JOSM don't work for Merkaartor. Does anybody else work with Merkaartor and/or have an Idea of how to display the OGF map layers in it?

Greetings, Markus

Videos on OGF Wiki

Posted by geoboi on 18 July 2017 in English (English)

I was wondering if any videos can be found on the OGF Wiki. Like an advertisement for a company, or anything.

Weekly Word #7

Posted by Aces California on 17 July 2017 in English (English)

Hello people! So, since I won last week's Weekly Word Electricity, and do check out the other entries! It is my turn to run the Weekly Word, this lucky number 7.

A note before I reveal the word, I'm glad I participated in last week's Weekly Word since it kicked me into working even more on a project I have been putting off for quite a while, and it's looking great!

So, our new Weekly Word, inspired by last week's revealing of the new World Heritage Sites in real life, including our very own Lake District, the word this week will be...


So, take it whatever way you'd like, some natural heritage like the Lake District, buildings, entire towns or villages, heritage railways, those are just some ideas I suppose!

The deadline for entries will be Thursday 18th at 22:00 UTC. Can't wait to see your entries! The reveal of the winner may be a day or two late since I will be flying out for my holiday on Monday.

Keep up the mapping!

  • Aces California

Edit: Here's a resource you can use for inspiration ;)

Road junction at Wyndham

Posted by Yuanls on 16 July 2017 in English (English)

I've felt that I've dug myself a very large hole, starting from my previous mapping ventures in Wyndham early last year. The roads in Wyndham are questionable, and somehow I decided to make roads based on what looked nice, rather than what was realistic. I have to say that I've fixed the majority of the mess I drew beforehand, but following sentiments and similar feelings, the problem in Wyndham has not gone away completely. I've increasingly having to resort to thinking of reasons and excuses why xyz is like the way they are.

The junction here is possibly the epitome of my troubles in Wyndham. (Technically the outer parts of Wyndham deserve that title, but I have not mapped them intensively and so I have room to delete them as and when it is required.) I have made it more realistic than before, as you can see from my Bliki special. It is rather long and rather dreary, and it is more for my own musings and for the sake of recording information, rather than something that is designed for other people to read. The relevant sections are sections 1, 4 (for historical context) and 5.

If you have read my bliki entry and looked at my mapping, you will see that I still have quite a few troubles with this junction, even though it is somehow better than it is before. Wyndham itself is supposed to be a general reflection on a city beginning its transition from more ageing, brutalist structures built during the 60s and 70s to more modernist, more open structures. Something maybe like Birmingham in the early 2000s.

So, in conclusion, does anybody have any suggestions on how on earth I fix this mess???

My new airport- Changke International Airport- Possibly something to drop by

Posted by zhenkang on 16 July 2017 in English (English)

My new Airport!

My best piece of work so far, and the product after using JOSM for something major! Did not know JOSM is awesome! My other drafts for the airport were 'terrible', so I decided to review it again, this time using JOSM instead of iD.

This airport's design looks somewhat similar to Khaiwoon's International Airport, where I got the inspiration from, and also some inspiration from real-world's Singapore Changi Airport. I have still yet add in the natural features like grass and meadows around the runways, and the boarding gates etc.

I just want mappers to make honest crticsm, no beating around the bush please, on the new airport, such as what to add on, or what to omit. I have yet named the runways and taxiways, as I still do not understand the naming of runways in OGF:Where to Fly.

And also, anyone is happy to add in their airlines' offices and branches around here. Airlines from Uletha and Antarephia are encouraged to come.

Can also someone else add this to the list of airports? The town served just put Odessa, the Ingerish name, and the country served Singkangia.

This is an aviation hub for flights going from east Uletha to around Archanta. So please, add your airlines branches!

After this airport, new next plans will be the railway systems in Singkangia- to the existing towns. Anyone is also happy to critic on the existing railways.

Wishing all happy mapping.


Location: Terminal 3 Boulevard, Odessa, Singkangia

Stuff going on in Řots and Wyster

Posted by Rasmus Rasmusson on 14 July 2017 in English (English)

Since my return to OGF I have been slowly expanding my countries (Řots and Wyster).

In Řots the most ‘developed’ areas are the capital (Nekkar) and the southwestern part of the Bořāzint province: adding nature, improving some infrastructural features, adding street names, etc. More often I look to the Open Streetmap for inspiration and comparison to get things the right size or to make them look more natural; there is still much that can be improved. In Nekkar I started mapping the city centre in more detail (adding restaurants etc.).

In Wyster the most mapped area is the county of Cervirc, which is now completely covered by mapping elements, although much more features can still be added. The city centre of the capital Hreawirc is slowly expanding as well; I developed the Wystrian zip code system, so embassies can now be added to the area (I hate it when embassy addresses are left incomplete). And there is Wystrian money now: the 100 Craem note has perhaps turned out slightly more flamboyantly pink than I intended, but I’m going to leave it like that for the time being, awaiting other bank notes with which it can be contrasted.

(And, less urgently, I’m looking for texts to translate into Řotsnan and/or Wystrian in order to keep developing these languages (the grammar descriptions are more or less finished, but vocabulary needs to be added and translating texts helps me to see if there should be features that I forgot or overlooked), so if you want you can send me something literary, funny, serious, short, long, financial, technical, poetical, gastronomical, intelligent, dumb, religious, vague, specific, scandalous, instructive, prohibitive, informative, etc. as long as it is OGF related (via PM) and I will try to provide a translation.)

Attempts to mapping areas in high detail

Posted by BelpheniaProject on 14 July 2017 in English (English)

Hello fellow mappers!

I haven't seen any Mapper's Challenges from Luciano lately, so I decided to go on my own personal challenge to map my cities across Belphenia.

For the past month, I started practicing mapping areas in the cities of Some, Maressa Prefecture and in the city core of Sayanahi, Seralia Prefecture throughout June, and I was able to add a few shops and other details in an attempt to practice mapping in Belphenian cities in high detail. Here are the areas I attempted to map in high detail:

I started mapping in Sayanahi as an electric and anime district, and added as many shops as possible. I am also planning to add more details to the city in the future. Sayanahi's electric district

Then I started mapping a new city called Some, in Maressa Prefecture and did my attempts to map in high detail. A new section of Nansei Highland Forest Road (Ryukosha State Highway 4) was under construction since October of last year, and the new section is set to open sometime at the end of this month. Some, Maressa Prefecture

I was able to use JOSM and started using as many details like adding shops, houses, buildings, and other places in high detail. But as my cities starting to get more and more detailed, I started to lose performance to slowdowns and lag when I try to map in detailed areas in JOSM on my desktop computer. It's because I have an 8-year-old desktop computer from the year 2009 and nowadays, my desktop PC cannot handle high details while mapping in JOSM anymore, and I even had to use the Wireframe mode to continue mapping in dense areas until my computer started to run slow on me again, even in Wireframe mode. When I map cities in low detail (like a small, undetailed town, an expressway, etc.), my computer runs fine with those, but I am currently planning to replace my aging desktop computer with a newer, faster, and modern computer so I can continue mapping areas in high detail without any performance issues with JOSM.

If you have any ideas, thoughts, or opinions about my areas, feel free to leave me a comment. I hope everyone will have a great day!

Please Help.

Posted by GEOMaps on 14 July 2017 in English (English)

I was wondering what nations are currently available to build FREELY in for new users, If you have a response please reply to me. Thank you, a fellow mapper.

Plans for my country

Posted by Fluffr_Nuttr on 14 July 2017 in English (English)

Hello! So, in UL015 where I have been working I sort of have a conflict with culture. Mostly I'd like something slightly american influenced so I can feel at home, but i'd also like room for other cultures. I've been thinking about a history of Zionist-ish settlements in the area, but I'm not sure how to fit that in to a temperate climate in eastern Ulethea. Is it possible to combine both concepts into one? Also, I'm thinking about making the country collaborative. I think it would make things easier and way more fun. Though first I'll slap a name on it. Would anybody be interested in a project like that?

Location: Unnamed, UL015i


Posted by GEOMaps on 14 July 2017 in English (English)

I have made a new city, I was looking for something to edit, I saw Heiber Falls, I sorta liked the name, so I kept it, right now, Heiber Falls is a small town undergoing its 3rd expansion. Heiber Falls is located close to Perm Adai, on the edge of the Kingdom of Pretany, on an edge of the S16 and P12.

Location: Main St., Heiber Falls, Kingdom of Pretany

Flood alert in Archanta

Posted by yuriyhlmacof on 14 July 2017 in English (English)

Is Archanta getting flooded?

Maybe it is better to call Noah to prepare the Ark :P

Does someone knows what is hapening? (In my PC, zoom level 9 is already under water)

Best regards,

  • Yuri Yhlmacof (Ilídio)
Location: Avenida de Amsel, Alfândega do Mar, Yuris

Rules for Territory: A Suggestion

Posted by Myrcia on 14 July 2017 in English (English)

I have made a post on my bliki regarding the rules for granting territory to new users. I think it is worth a discussion but probably best to keep it on the wiki to make it easier to follow:

New City

Posted by SuperSquidoodly on 14 July 2017 in English (English)

I have created a new city called Ore City. It is located near Ombo in Commonia. It's the Island in the River

Confused in the website by the "It Works" Apache2Ubuntu page opening. Causes me to want to create similar website to OpenGeofiction.

Posted by HorobecHarmonia on 13 July 2017 in English (English)

How was this made? Random #random

Location: 17.393, 168.486

Is it realistic to have a city without roads (cars) ?

Posted by An egg trying to draw a map on 13 July 2017 in English (English)

So my plans for York (Fergus until the map updates) is to have it originally as a city state that was founded around 1300 to 1500 and there was economic boom around the Renaissance era that saw the city expand rapidly with a population of about 200,000 people. However when cars became available and streets were being converted to suit cars and new roads built for cars York which expanded to occupy (most?) of Kanea (Araluen for the time being) they entered a civil war and a depression. So the economy was in a depression until the 1970s. That's when the city decided to keep the old roads except for major streets where cars could drive on, the outside of the old city developed to have buildings and modern houses with roads and the road ring along with the other motorways were funded by foreign nations in the 1960s but were completed in the 1980s.

This project is to hopefully have something unique by having little roads in the city and the rest are simply only for people walking or biking but keep the realism at the same time with the help of the city's history. Also, my country is... let's not say it but I want my country to be a well-mapped country that isn't one of the worst mapped countries AHEM AHEM RIGHT NOW COUGH Feedback and HARSH CRITICISM is greatly appreciated.

  • Egg
Location: 40.601, 131.591

Mapping issues

Posted by Phoenix Ellis on 13 July 2017 in English (English)

I've recently added a new city, but there's a old residential road left by the previous owner of my country. i've have delete it a long time ago, but IT'S STILL THERE on the map! i cant map my new city with that road in the way. Its driving me crazy! Any tips?

EDIT: Resolved! Whoever deleted the road, thank you very much!

Location: Muneig Transnational Freeway, Muneig

Finding The Length of a Line

Posted by geoboi on 13 July 2017 in English (English)

OK, so does anyone know how to find the length of a line?

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