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Tenders Open for Saviso Cricket Ground

Posted by ParAvion on 30 January 2018 in English (English)

There's disquiet in Saviso at the moment. The city is due to host the New Ingerish cricket team soon, and they've nowhere to play! A city of nearly five million, and the Saviso Cricket Ground is nowhere to be seen! After consulting with cartographers over rum, the St Austellian government realised there's nobody in Vodeo who can build a stadium, and that foreign expertise should be sought.

I'm quite pleased with how Saviso is coming along, it seems to be keeping up pretty well with its more well-established foreign counterparts. And yet for the life of me, I just can't build a stadium. I've tried to design one myself, but I'm never satisfied with the shape or scale. So I'm turning it over to the community - who thinks they can build a worthy stadium for Saviso? I'm intending on it being something like the the Melbourne Cricket Ground, with plenty of capacity and lots of room for rugby and football in the off-season.

As usual, there's a crate of Port Adelaide rum in it to sweeten the deal.

Location: Oldfield, Saviso, Saviso City, Vodeo

My Town in New Commonia

Posted by magnesium on 30 January 2018 in English (English)

So I created a town in New Commonia called North Springwood, just north of Springwood. I made it on Sunday, and I feel that it's finished..

Location: Fearnagh Bay Highway, Town of Redstoneville, Kingdom of New Commonia, Commonia

Some questions

Posted by artoija on 30 January 2018 in English (English)

I have a few questions in making my country look better.

How do I make exits (off of motorways) appear with numbers? How can I make a trade route to other countries without breaking the rules? How can I make a bridge across a river to another country without breaking the rules?

I am open to all answers and they will be put into consideration.

Location: Region 1, Populchra

Gardensa: changes in the map (Verisimilitude).

Posted by eleinads on 29 January 2018 in English (English)

After the public presentation of Gardensa and its capital Giliarca, some days ago, I received a lot of very interesting considerations by many of you. So: now I'll I will anticipate the changes that I will bring in the map of my territory in acceptance of these observations.

The main issues were: the position of a big city in the tip of a thin peninsula, with two kind of consequences: human (enemies attacks), and natural (hurricanes and floods), and the unnatural course of the Indaco river, in the center of the peninsula, with a last unjustified turn to the west before the mouth

Well, I must premise that the position of the city in the tip was from the first moment a choiche taken with awareness: it has been one of the reasons behind the choice of this specific territory. And in the discussion in my last post, indeed it has emerged that this fact in itself is not contrary to the principle of likelihood. So, that will not changed.

But, about specific details, most of your critical observations are more than correct: the position of the city of Giliarca needs to be more credible. And so also the course of the Indaco river.

So I tell you now the changes I will bring. Of course you can suggest some "corrections to corrections".

But please note that what I'm going to write, and the graphs illustrating this, are simplifications: in the actual changes I will modify every detail: roads, railroads, smaller cities etc., and especially taking into account the domino effect, so each change produces others, until it returns to an overall coherence.

1) I'll map a mountain in the peninsula, near the city of Roghela. (obviously in OGF, likein OSM, is not possible to map altitudes, but I'll give the perception of the mountain). change01

2) The source of Indaco River will be in this mountain (I will find a compatible altitude, but it does not necessarily have to be very high). Lower hills can be on the western side to give the direction to north. change02

3) A mountain (better: a pointed rock hill) will be located east of Giliarca, between the city and the ocean. This will explain three things: the position of the city protected from enemy attacks from the ocean, and protection from winds, currents, floods and hurricanes (in fact the city lies on the closed sea in the west), and the turn of the river to the west. (Obviously the airport runways will be rotated to have the landing corridors). change03

4) Some islands will make contact between the peninsula and the ocean less direct (another form of reparation from natural threats) change04

5) Last modification: a mountain near to Storonia will make possible a further river that will bathe the north of the forest. And the south course of the current Indaco River, by another name, will end up in the ocean with a much more natural course. change05

Now you will make these changes effective. Of course you can make all the comments you want, reporting details to be taken into account.

Location: 20, Giliarca, Gardensa

Continued Work of Tempora

Posted by FancyFoxy on 29 January 2018 in English (English)

I've gone in and fixed a lot of problems some people have been stating about my city, Tempora. I've improved the airport greatly, but I'm still not entirely sure it's good yet. I've also made the metro system more realistic, but there might still be some problems. I'd like some more advice on how I can improve the city!


Posted by Kazuya on 28 January 2018 in English (English)

How do you think of it so far?

In the end Tedima is ready for world...

Posted by Hasdrubal Sauradan on 27 January 2018 in English (English)

I struggled for complete motorways and build some cities.

But time has come.I will work so much for my country again, but my country needs development and knowledge.

Therefore Tedimah will open to the world for trade, alliances, necessary resources, and science.

Firstly, we will request for trade agreements for some countries, secondly, we will have to make some concessions and we are going to submit our offers as well.

Tedimah will join into prosperous countries!

Largest City in OGF

Posted by Alsatian on 27 January 2018 in English (English)

I just thought of something, about how many cities have been created. Then, thought, which is the largest? What is the largest city in OGF?

Location: East Freeway, Munz, Commonia

Giliarca (Gardensa).

Posted by eleinads on 27 January 2018 in English (English)

Dear all,

I waited some months to present "officially" the country of Gardensa and in particular the map of its capital, the city of Giliarca. But I have to say that during that months I had several contacts with many of you, speaking privately about the mapping of our countries and our mutial relations.

In this post, I'll focus the attention on the city of Giliarca.

So, the main reason because I waited to propose a "public presentation" in this page, was that I preferred that the map should have a visible form. Now, the city of Giliarca is mapped for about the 45% of its final extension. I preferred to map progressively with a good level of detail, rather than map immediately all the city and put gradually the details. It can explain, e.g., the fact that the Airport can seems today to be overproportioned.

I'm planing to complete all the mapping of the city in the next six-seven months (august 2018).

I am aware that there are many flaws and lacks in the mapping of Giliarca. For this reason, I'm ready to hear any comments you may have. Depending on the case, I can explain the reasons for aspects that leave you perplexed, or I will modify the map to correct any true mistake, in particular about verosimility. Indeed, the main question is: looking at the map of the city of Giliarca, what elements lead you to say "it's not a real map"? Effectively, in a good map all these elements must disappear.

A last word about the wiki: at the moment I'm writing the page about the Country that explain also the origins of its Capital Giliarca.

Location: Viale Uletha, Giliarca, Gardensa

First Diary Entry HankOfTheHill

Posted by HankOfTheHill on 27 January 2018 in English (English)

Good evening mappers.

I'm somewhat new to mapping and OGF(lurked for a few months) but from what i've seen from the lurking I have to say i'm pretty interested in joining you lot. It's also a great way to brush off some free time anyway I have started my very first of many proposed cities Trekburg! in the country known as Mecyna.

To give you a little backstory Trekburg was founded as small settlement on the North east coast of Mecyna by waves of High Astrasian settlers looking for new unclaimed land around the time of their arrival from Uletha. Historians are not exactly what year the city was officially established or who was responsible for naming the city but the increasing presence of wealthy Ulethan and Commonian traders would put the city on the map and eventually bring much prestige to the city before the construction of the Mecyna Canal just about 80m south of Trekburg.

Location: Duck Street, Sharpsburg, Sireeny, Mecyna

First Diary Entry - 24th January 2018

Posted by Alsatian on 24 January 2018 in English (English)

So, hi, first. I'm pretty new, and I'm not exactly amazing at this. A helpful mod helped by replying with a scale comparison thing, (and I realised March Springs makes Swansea look like it got shrunk in a washing machine, as well as the buildings I made being random polygons), so I'm going to use that for the new town. This is my eighth day on, and so I'm still going around Commonia making some random stuff. Thanks, Alsatian. P.S. I doubt I'll make many of these, but eh, why not make one.

25th January, 2018 (Second Diary Entry): I'm not going to 'double diary entry post', so I'm just going to edit this slightly. Again, thanks for informing me about the brand issue. And also, I'm busy making the least square houses in the entire world, I hope, so that it stands out like a sore thumb (for a good reason). Allerton is coming along better than March Springs (as would a dog running after its tail, but oh well), and should become a large...-ish town any minute now. Any minute... ANY minute...

26th January, 2018 (Third Diary Entry): AND HELLOOO THERE. I'm making some more random stuff by realising there's a direction thing. Apparently the distance between '3.37510, 153.29873' and '3.37504, 153.29878' is just under 100 miles, and it apparently takes two and a half hours to get there. If you're not aware, these are places that are barely 15 or 20 metres apart on the Chestnut Roundabout, in March Springs, and because the direction doesn't understand how roundabouts work, it sends you all the way down the H40 to Kearney, then all the way up the Southern Bypass back to the very same roundabout. I'd advise you just walk this distance, not drive for 2 and a half hours through Kearney and several other towns and villages and then all the way back again just to get 10 metres in March Springs.

Location: East Freeway, Munz, Commonia

Humorous Articles

Posted by Litvania on 24 January 2018 in English (English)

Inspired by Uncyclopedia, I attempted to write a humorous article about Litvania.

Idk if it's cringy, I don't really care. Hope you like it.

Location: Rybáčkovo, Staré mesto, Lorava, Lorava I, Loravský kráj, Litvania


Posted by FancyFoxy on 23 January 2018 in English (English)

I just learned that diary entries were a thing :P I joined a few weeks ago, but I kinda just did my own thing. I'm working on a city in west Lecroix called Tempora along the coast. I'm not really sure what else to put here...

Location: North Coast Highway, Lecroix, Commonia


Posted by Trombonist2003 on 19 January 2018 in English (English)

Has anyone so dar tried making dikes in their OGF country? I know I have, and I'm starting the new project here, or the Real-World counterpart here.

You just knew I was going to reference the Netherlands, didn't you.

If anyone has, please tell me how you did it and managed to get it to render in a higher layer.

Thanks, Zekiel


I figured out how it was done in OSM. Still, I want to know how people at OGF have done it.

Location: Clanburg, Béliĉe

The town of Kingston/I am a new user

Posted by miles854 on 18 January 2018 in English (English)

I started a town in Commonia near the Gateway Lake called Kingston, that is at the end of a prexisting highway that I turned into a primary road, then a secondary road and then a lot of living streets. It has an elementrary, middle and high school that are on the same school grounds, a catholic church (although I've only attened a single church service in my life, as a few students in my schools band wanted to play at a church in my neighborhood that our band director joined us for, which I was a part of), some houses, and a solar factory that much of the adults citizens work at. It could use some editing because I am new to this site, and am a beginner architect. Could someone check it out and fix the buildings to be of a more realistic size? I plan to request a territory in the future, but for now, I am working on a small town to practice my skills on this site, and to get better before taking on a whole territory, country or city.

This site seems really cool, because it's like OpenStreetMap and Wikipedia put together onto a map, that anyone can edit (although users are entitled to there own lands that admins give them, and not everyone can just edit wherever they want) and add to. Also anyone can just show off there city designs on it as well. I've had many ideas for fictional cities, towns and countries, but never had a site like this to put it on, that people could view, edit and make suggestions of the designs of.

Location: Aubourn, Lower Thoraqua, Commonia

I am new/The City of Kingston

Posted by miles854 on 18 January 2018 in English (English)

This entry is no longer relevant since I got a reply, that had helped me learn where I am allowed to actually start on the map. See the above entry on the status of the city of Kingston which has now been started as a very small town in Commonia.

I am new to this site, and think this site has a great idea in it. One large fictional world map designed after the basic maps style of Google Maps and OpenStreetMap, but we add the cities and towns to the map, and it's all fictional and set up so everyone collaborates and adds to the map. I am wanting to populate and urbanize the Northeastern Confederacy and build a coastal city named Kingston, that has good forms transportation, such as fast trains and lots of train tracks, large highways that connect to other existing highways, etc. I built the tinest stretch of highway that turns into a tinty secondary road at the end of it, and train tracks that run parrel to it, and a train station at the end of the train tracks which end at the end of the highway. Your welcome to add to my city Kingston, just work together and decide amongst yourselves how desiging and making it will happen, and who will do stuff. Do whatever you like, I just have a few ideas I'd prefer you use. They are: -Urbanize and populate the Northeastern Confederacy -Eventually it should end up being a large city -Make sure it has good transportation, such as a large highway that connects to an existing highway, train tracks that support fast speeds connecting to exisiting train tracks, etc. Do whatever you like to it. I'll try to learn how to be a better editor as I continue to use the site some more. I just wanted to share my idea for a city, and hope people will consider helping me make the city I have an idea for.

Location: 59.993, -180.000

Hyperloop vs Verisimilitude

Posted by Le Mathou on 15 January 2018 in English (English)

Hello,Lorredion has launched a hyperloop network with these neighbors (Surricy and Zylanda) and hopes to expand it further. Info:

However, MSTR have noticed that there may be a conflict between hyperloop and verisimilitude. I think he is compatible, he thinks he does not. As it will be too long to summarize on this post the whole of our debate, I invite you to take a look please, so that we can together define a border between what is verisimilitude and what is not. See the debate here:

Feel free to give us our opinion because it might be important for all of us to define how the community should treat the somewhat borderline technologies in our universe.

Thank you for your help!

Pipelines on the map

Posted by Jameshall on 15 January 2018 in English (English)

Is it a bug that pipelines don't show up on the map or am I doing something wrong?

I'm back (after yet another break)

Posted by UltraWorlds on 12 January 2018 in English (English)

Hello everyone, I am happy to return to the beautiful world of OGF, and I already started working on some places, particularly the Sanelta Islands as well as a new island. I want to complete the islands before I begin to work on the bigger island, so feel free to tell anything that looks wrong or out of place.

Thanks, Ultra

Birthing the LPRA - A band of city-states

Posted by bradym512 on 12 January 2018 in English (English)

Today I started on LPRA Ericcson, a city on the Northern bank of Verona island. It's a largely middle-class, very dense city with medium levels of tourism. It is the first city and temporary seat of government for a band of city-states known as the Libertarian People's Republic of Acadia. These will exist mainly in public territories, and include walls and heavily militarized borders to combat the instability of politics in public areas. However Ericcson uses VNO as it's airport, and probably always will.

Thoughts as I continue finishing Ericcson and begin other city-states in the LPRA?


Location: St. Arthur's path, Nortonville, Shangri-do, Commonia
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