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Posted by Tito_zz on 19 November 2017 in English (English)

Can someone please make an image of the location in Ünglend like that ? . Please.

Is there an OGF equivalent of Greek Life?

Posted by Ernestpcosby on 19 November 2017 in English (English)

I was just wondering, is there an equivalent of Greek Life (or of the country Greece) in OGF as far as fraternities and sororities are concerned?

I was considering mapping a "Greek Village" of sorts on some of my college campuses for fraternities and sororities. It was then I was reminded there is no Greece. "Well then", I thought to myself, "that could be an issue." XD

Maybe something like "Latin Life"?

Part of me thinks it's a bad idea to have them anyways so if there isn't a good equivalent I'll probably just leave them out of my society altogether to avoid grappling with things like widespread hazing, but it would be helpful to know. Thanks.

Map of the languages of the World

Posted by newflanders on 18 November 2017 in English (English)

Hi everyone ! I've tried to make a map showing where the main languages are spoken. Maybe that can help and inspire people. It must be completed and modificated as long as countries change and new ideas come. Hope you like it. Cheers ! Map of languanges

Mysterious shortcuts in ID Editor

Posted by Yuanls on 17 November 2017 in English (English)

I have rediscovered some shortcuts I found a few months ago. I had forgot what they were until now. Here are 3 undocumented tools on the ID editor I found through chance. They seem to be little known and inaccessible without these shortcuts; I have not seen them mentioned elsewhere on OGF, or on the wider internet.

Navigable map

Bring up a small map of your surrounding area on the top left of the screen. It can be used to jump large distances by dragging the map. This can be activated by pressing the forwards slash (/) key.

Wireframe view:

Does what it says on the tin. Press the W key.

Information box:

Select an object and a tab appears in the bottom right of the screen. This gives the object's ID, and its length if it is a line, and the object's perimeter and area if it is an area. Press Ctrl+I.

I hope this makes ID a bit more bearable for its users.

EDIT: All 3 functions are listed on the 'shortcuts' page of the OSM wiki. They are quite easy to miss and are not separated from the standard functions, however.


Posted by lars on 16 November 2017 in English (English)

Hey Guys,

Sorry for my second question this week: Is there a possibility to make own Infoboxes, I tried it, but it didn't work? What did I do wrong?

Link to wiki page


happy mapping, Lars

A potential way to have an objective opinion about your own mapping

Posted by tule00 on 14 November 2017 in English (English)

Hey everyone,

You know how people say that you should look at your own painting in the mirror so you could know if it's good? Well, I tried to do that with OGF maps, like this: Igwepir flipped

This way, you won't recognize your own maps, so it will be easier to tell if it's good.

What do you all think about this?

Edit: the point is that if you can't look at your own maps objectively, a mirrored image could help you have a different perspective.

Routemap in wiki?

Posted by lars on 13 November 2017 in English (English)

Is there a possibility to make routemaps in the wiki like on wikipedia? for example like this one

Thank you Guys!

happy mapping


My Town of Brüshï

Posted by Jesus Antonio on 13 November 2017 in English (English)

Well, iam starting taking a step for a continous mapping and not too much diary entries... i only setting the country house style... i like to know if this are too little or is a rare desing (Little houses/stores are poor ones) Oh sorry if is incomplete (Iam expanding road and making details such grass, trees, etc.) and sorry for many entries... oh and thanks to everyone for all their diary entries! (they answered some of my questions so there is no need of Overdiaryfication)

Location: Border Highway, Itaraýälla, Seryisia

New edits don't appear on map

Posted by Eevee on 12 November 2017 in English (English)


I've been editing a lot today (I started about 2 hours ago) and none of the edits has appeared on the map (normally after this amount of time, most of them would have appeared at least if viewed in incognito window of the browser). Is there some kind of problem with the map?


Extreme Geography Noob here, wanting to make isolationist Island Nation

Posted by Carol of the waa on 12 November 2017 in English (English)

Well, I just joined for the first time and I want to ask if there is a possibility to make a project outside of the "blue" countries, because as I have seen it looks like all territories noted in the wiki are already taken. Correct the poor noob if you can.

One Year of Mapping

Posted by ilikemaps on 12 November 2017 in English (English)

Hello It has been a year of me doing some mediocre mapping However, it has definitely gotten better

insert juxtapostion

And could I have some feedback on Durnovaria

Durnovaria was established in the 1950s to assert sovereignty over the peninsula it is situated on

Location: Translokigonmuro Ponto, Aulean Confederation

How to find the user here?

Posted by BYSG on 11 November 2017 in English (English)

I can't do it, help me plz.

How Embassy Work?

Posted by Jesus Antonio on 11 November 2017 in English (English)

Hi, i like to know how embassy work who builds the embassy ex: if someone tells that X country will have an a embassy at a Y country, who will build it, the X country or Y country?

PD: (Sorry for my previus diary entry xD)

A creation myth

Posted by Ūdilugbulgidħū on 11 November 2017 in English (English)

Many hundreds of years ago when all the world was ocean the Great Seamonster swallowed a particularly large and tasty tuna fish. The fish stuck in her throat, but with her immense strength she ground it down and crushed it until all that was left was a compact stone, the size of a large pebble. Wanting to be rid of it, she coughed it up onto the surface of the sea.

It floated there, growing to become a reef, and then an island. The reef was strong and surrounded a large lagoon, in which was another tiny island. On the top of the island was a mound and near the mound was a tree, a fig tree, which birds from all over the world came to, and ate. The Great Seamonster was frustrated, since she was too large to reach the island over the reef.

The birds that came to eat the figs flew all over the world, dropping seeds into the ocean. The seeds grew to become islands themselves and where many seeds dropped together, mountain ranges formed. This went on for hundreds of years, and for all this time the Great Seamonster was frustrated, since she couldn't climb over the reef to reach the tree. Meantime, plants and animals, growing from the fig seeds, spread over all the new lands in the oceans.

The Great Seamonster nursed her rage and devised a plan. She hunted down a marlin and, as with the tuna fish, she swallowed it and crushed it in her gullet. Coughing it up, out came a pebble which floated on the sea and grew into a coco de mer. Soon the nut became the first woman, Kitani, who populated the world. Her children spread to all the islands.

Although the Great Seamonster had meant Kitani to find the fig tree and destroy it, Kitani was wise. She swam to the island of the fig tree and lived there for hundreds of years, looking after the tree. When she died, her children protected the tree. The Seamonster's rage continued.

Eventually people from other parts of the world, less wise than Kitani, found the island. They cut back the forest and ate the fruits from the fig tree. The fruit was so tasty they decided to dig up the tree and take it back with them, away from the island. None of Kitani’s people could stop them.

The fig tree died.

Soon the sea began to rise and the storms raged. Many died in floods. Land stopped forming. Mataki, a great-great-grandson of Kitani, knew there was only one way to stop the land falling back into the sea and the Great Seamonster swallowing up the land once again. He sailed the oceans of the world, looking for a seed, the first fig seed from the first tree. This seed, he thought, would grow once again into a fig tree if he planted it in the right place. He called to the birds, who led him across the oceans in his search. After many years, in a far-away city, he found a shrivelled seed. He placed it in water from the island lagoon, and through osmosis it absorbed the liquid and became plump and ripe.

Mataki took the seed and planted it on the island where the old fig tree had once stood. The tree grew, but very slowly, and it bore few fruits.

The island is Kitani, named after the first woman. Within its reef the tree Mataki planted grows on the small island, protected and beyond the reach of the Great Seamonster. Its seeds are still eaten by birds and fall into the ocean, or onto the land, creating new islands, mountains, forests, fields, villages, towns and cities.

On the island, a myth endures.

Location: Autopista Sur del Sol, UL114

1 Year of Mapping

Posted by Kazuya on 11 November 2017 in English (English)


I am very proud to say that I have been mapping in OGF for a year now. Over the year, I have been working in Gobrassanya, my old country, Kazuya, and my new country, Freedonia.

Also, I would like some feed back on how my country is doing so far.


Location: Hyde Islands Market Square, Mirai City, United Republic of Freedonia

JOS: I can't connect to the server

Posted by Jesus Antonio on 11 November 2017 in English (English)

Iam doing all fine what is happening?

Location: Coast Highway, Seryisia

Is this a realistic airport?

Posted by Eevee on 10 November 2017 in English (English)


I made my first airport a few days ago. I know almost nothing about airports, so I'd like to get some feedback. Is it realistic at all? What would you change? If the airport is realistic, I will add more details to it (grass, some buildings, parking areas, ref codes...).

The airport is the main airport of Suursaari (the capital of Eelanti).

Thanks for your feedback!

Location: Suursaari, Eelanti

Rendering engine slowdown ?

Posted by Marcello on 10 November 2017 in English (English)

It may be me being impatient, but do we have a rendering engine slowdown ? Even very small edits (and not coastline-related, for that matter) more than 5 hours ago do not show up .

And I was just planning to move a complete section of subway, imagine...


Taking a Break

Posted by Litvania on 10 November 2017 in English (English)

I am taking a 2 week break from OGF, because I wish to retreat from the anger and frustration this site gives me sometimes. Dear OGF, please stand while I am away. Don't let yourself be shattered to pieces by irrelevancy. Please don't.

Location: Sviborce, Seversko, Litvania

Pathfinding/Directions Issues

Posted by Aces California on 10 November 2017 in English (English)

I've being trying to fix an issue with a pair of intersections in one of my towns, and the issue is exclusively with the Directions/Pathfinding ability on OGF. Find linked HERE the issue at hand.

To explain, I have a one-way system on both roads, which is correctly laid out, but the directions don't seem to acknowledge the existence of the A4 highway. I've relaid every section of the highway to fix it, totally delete the interchange and then rebuild it from scratch. I don't see a reason why the directions don't see the A4 highway as existing, and I pride myself on having all roads navigable with the direction tool, so this is frustrating me a tiny bit.

Any help will be greatly appreciated. Keep Up The Mapping

  • Aces California
Location: 16.554, 62.218
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