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Connect Uletha: The TUTN Project (Trans-Ulethan Transport Networks)

Posted by stjur on 8 June 2017 in Romanian (Română)

Priority axes and projects of TUTN (sketch)

This subject has been brought up many times before. Uletha needs to be more connected. Now that the OGF map features a wonderful navigation system, everyone would love to travel across the continent. There is only one problem, the international traffic network.

Many countries have no streets or railways, others have way too many, leading to unpopulated regions. That's why we need a continentally recognized and strategically placed transport network, which would help users to place their roads and railways the right way, leading towards the main transport axes of Uletha.

In the image above I've sketched what I think the most strategic transport axes of the continent would be, from an objective point of view. I also mentioned the countries they go through here.

TUTN is a project proposed by the Ulethan Alliance for Culture to bring Ulethan cultures closer. It was recently adopted by the Assembly of Nations and should be put into operation soon.

What do you think? Could this help "making Uletha great again"? Do you find any more potential transport axes in Uletha?

Find out more about TUTN at:

Most realistic forest?

Posted by stjur on 26 May 2017 in Romanian (Română)

Hi guys!

The last few days I've tried to map some more realistic hand-drawn forests in the south of Antharia. I'm not sure what to think about them... Forests on the real life map look so various and it's impossible to recreate them.

Please give me a feedback or suggestions for improvement. Thank you!

Location: Strada Calomfirescu, Niculești Nord, Provincia Cadrilater, Antharia

Unity in Diversity - the UAC (Ulethan Alliance for Culture)

Posted by stjur on 11 February 2017 in Romanian (Română)

Dear mappers,

As central and western Ulethan states have no political, economical and cultural alliance they can be part of (EUOIA is for eastern Uletha only, the Uletarephian Union is inactive and very limited, the Southern Uletha Economic Cooperation Council is, as the name says, only destined for southern Ulethan states...), I thought it would be a pretty good idea to create an alliance for states in the entire continent of Uletha, the Ulethan Alliance, ruled from Gobras City and the other five founding countries' capitals. What do you think about it?

Sure, I know, it sounds a little superfluous, but I think it is a good way to get to know other active mappers in Uletha, maybe to collaborate with them, to create institutions and organizations on continental level (like the "Ulethan Capital of Culture") and to strengthen relations between countries.

If you're interested in the UA, you can even be one of the 6 founding members of the organization :)) Just write it down below!

More information about UA here.

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