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Posted by William on 22 February 2018 in English (English)

Hello to the OGF World!

I read in some of the history books how Maria Theresa, queen of Austria, Hungary, Croatia and Bohemia, after some land were liberated from the ottoman rule decided to freely give large parts of land to the peasants from all around her kingdoms. So I decided to do something similar. ;)

As I noticed that as I'm mapping I start to repeat the same schema everywhere. So to introduce some diversity I'll give a possibility to the everyone here to map some lands of my country. As my way of the mapping is largely historical - I start some town in the medieval ages and develop it modifying, changing, adapting urban elements to the new centuries - so we are going to do it that way :

imagine you're somewhere between 1200 - 1800, and you were given the opportunity to take some land, in the countryside or inside some town, and map whatever you want : some family farm, manufacture, family countryside villa, shrine, college, etc. and name it - and it will be integrated in my work - i'll develop it and it might become: town, protected historical heritage ...

*Explore little bit my country :

*Explore the topography:

*the north of the country is reserved for French, west for Danish and rest for English

*the north is Switzerland-Austria like, south-west Tuscany like, and the rest: north France, north Germany, south England, Benelux like.

*be creative, be free, map wherever you want, do not delete existing elements and good luck!

*no permissions needed

I hope you will be generous ;)

Location: Aconite, Northern Commonwealth - Commonwealth du Nord, Montran

Hi! I'm back

Posted by KalR' on 21 February 2018 in English (English)

A month ago I was doing random things around Commonia, West Commonia... But now that I'm back I started a new little village that is called Andalúzida. Please go and tell me what do you think of it


Posted by strayamate on 21 February 2018 in English (English)

Anyone know what happened to the cities of West Montague Shores, Valarauco and Valicia in Gobrassanya??

Location: Old Hwy 20, Placid Plain, Lake County, Arcois, Gobrassanya

Monmouth - Description & Your Thoughts

Posted by Alsatian on 20 February 2018 in English (English)

So, yeah, I'm back doing random stuff in Commonia. This place called Monmouth, to be precise. If you go to New Commonia now, you'll find Monmouth is probably one of the main settlements there. I'll go through the suburbs first, largest to smallest. Hareby is a small city / large town to the east of Monmouth Proper, and is probably about half the size of Monmouth. It lies entirely within the district, though a few of the houses are just metres from the city border with the District of Springwood, and has it's own castle and services on the M607. Parkwood (and Holton) is a small town in the / to the north of Monmouth, and is right next to the reservoir and local beauty spot. It lies entirely within the district, and is a fair way away from the border, the closest near Randen and Lleaby. It also encompasses the borough of Holton, a small-ish area in the north of the town. Mountainside is a small town / large village to the north / north east of Monmouth, and is near the intersection of the M67, M607 and M602. It lies just south of the regional park, and is near the very middle of the district, the nearest border being all the way over in Randen. Parkway is a small village / borough in the west of Monmouth, swallowed by the city. It is near the actual road called the Parkway, and can be reached easily by both inner and outer ring roads. It has two schools and a housing estate. Randen is a small village to the north-west of Monmouth, right next to the outer border. It is near the M607's NW corner, and the regional park. It is scaled horribly, but is near a farm and has a duel carriageway to both the Cape Highway in the west, and Mountainside and inevitably the M67 to the east.

Location: Fearnagh Bay Highway, Town of Redstoneville, Kingdom of New Commonia, Commonia

New Bus Line in Rhododactylia: {1 & 1X} Ocean Park - Black Mud Heights Line (Local & Express Service)

Posted by The_Cute_Chick on 20 February 2018 in English (English)


I made a bus line to integrate nearby settlements to the Dardis Heights village (which is the settlement I am currently working on) better, in order to increase the connectivity of nearby settlements which most (if not all) lacked any transport infrastructures of any kind.

For now, I have numbered this bus line 1 and 1X (X indicating express service) as I plan to make a few more bus lines in the future. I have noticed that the bus line also runs on the road SS1, which is a nice coincidence and made me consider if numbering the bus lines to the road it travels on is a good idea or not.

I have a few ideas on the routes of future bus lines, including a long route that roughly follows the coasts, but often detouring on and off of the main motorway (M1) to serve settlements nearby.

Another idea is a route from Omoriworth (considering terminus) heading northwest until it turns right and follows RNR 132, then follows RNR 108, OA1, RNR 10 all the way north to Rose City or even to Querryville (also considering terminus). Here I would have a numbering problem if I was to number it corresponding to the road it travels on and so I want some feedback on this numbering idea.

It would be appreciated if you have any constructive suggestions and criticisms regarding this topic and my ideas (above and below).

The proposal of lines {2} South Coast Line, {2X} South Coast Line (Express), {3} Omoriworth - Querryville Line, {4} Oran - Oreewick Line, {5} Greater Frogtown Line & {5O} Frogtown Loop Line have also just been passed by the Rhododactylian Government and is or will be in construction soon! They will be officially introduced in a future diary entry.

I thank you for your time and attention,



I have some questions because I want to know what you people think regarding this topic and my ideas (above and below):

  1. (1) Is a bus network (regional) good in Rhododactylia?
  2. (2) Is my first bus route good, particularly about its route?
  3. (3) Is my station naming good? Should I add the line(s) that goes to that stop (e.g. {1}Dardis Heights)?
  4. (4) Any feedback on my numbering system?
  5. (5) Are my future bus routes a good idea? How should I improve them?
  6. (6) Any other ideas on any other bus routes in Rhododactylia? (Cannot be point-to-point lines because aeroplanes do that; I want only lines involving more than 2 stops. )
  7. (7) What about a national train network? Currently, there is no network, but just a railroad with forks to every settlement along the coast or railroads that lead from and/or to nowhere for arbitrary reasons(no depots, settlement, nothing).
  8. (8) Will it not be better and cleaner if the motorway numbering system and the Rhododactylia National Roads (RNR) numbering system combined into just RNR? I know motorways are motorways, but they also are RNRs. The differences between the 2 are that motorways are longer and have proper ramp exits whereas RNRs are shorter and have standard crossroads for exits. From all the supposedly motorways of Rhododactylia, only 5 are actual motorways which are distinct from their closely related RNRs. I suggest that maybe we could change those motorways into RNR 1-9 (or 1-19 if it is necessary) since there is not more than 9 actual motorways yet in my opinion. Thus, the existing RNRs 1-9 (1-19) would have to be renumbered. However, this is only my suggestion so feel free to justify why we should not do this and keep it as it is or change and improve it in another way.
  9. (9) Is this overwikification?
  10. (10) Should I implement the express service onto the diary also? or is it unnecessary, since this is a 13 stop line?

General Bus Line Information

This bus line serves settlements in Rhododactylia mainly but also some of the settlements in Wintania. This line runs within the Rhododactylian national border and never crosses it.

This bus line begins at the western Rhododactylian border near the Wintanian city Ocean Park at Ocean Park - Border Crossing Stop. The line travels east, serving thoroughly the Rhododactylian part of Ocean Park before heading north to Dardis Heights stop all the way up to Black Mud Heights - Border Crossing stop. This line also detours to serve the Wintanian village of Eastport, after Nellorsboro stop and before Soykawick stop. Currently, this line terminates at the Black Mud Heights - Border Crossing stop next to the Black Mud River, at the eastern outskirts of Black Mud Heights which is at the Wintania - Rhododactylia border. Then it serves the line back to Ocean Park - Border Crossing stop.


  • Serves on every day of the week
  • First bus each weekday at 06:30; Last bus each weekday at 10:30
  • First bus each weekend at 09:00; Last bus each weekend at 11:00
  • There is a bus every 30 minutes
  • It takes on average at least 60 minutes for a bus to complete a one-way trip to its destination; at least 120 minutes round-trip (loading and traffic times included)
  • No fees paid by the rider; costs completely subsidised by the Passenger Transport Services Agency of the Services & Utilities Department, which is one of the departments of the Rhododactylian Government
  • Bus passenger capacity limited to 24 people.

Line {1} Stops

The stops below are in order from the bus travelling from Ocean Park - Border Crossing stop to Black Mud Heights - Border Crossing stop. The brackets indicate what country each corresponding bus stop serves.

  1. Ocean Park - Border Crossing (Wintania)
  2. Ocean Park - Parkway Plaza (Rhododactylia)
  3. Ocean Park - Visser Court (Rhododactylia)
  4. Ocean Park - Valdotra Hospital (Rhododactylia)
  5. Ocean Park - Moyen Plaza (Rhododactylia)
  6. Ocean Park - Sunset Beach (Rhododactylia)
  7. Dardis Heights (Rhododactylia)
  8. Nellorsboro (Rhododactylia)
  9. Eastport - Border Crossing (Wintania)
  10. Soykawick (Rhododactylia)
  11. Colfaxgrad (Rhododactylia)
  12. Moserdale Roundabout (Rhododactylia)
  13. Black Mud Crossing (Rhododactylia)
  14. Black Mud Heights - Border Crossing (Wintania)

Line {1X} Stops

The stops below are in order from the bus travelling from Ocean Park - Border Crossing stop to Black Mud Heights - Border Crossing stop. The brackets indicate what country each corresponding bus stop serves.

  1. Ocean Park - Border Crossing (Wintania)
  2. Ocean Park - Visser Court (Rhododactylia)
  3. Ocean Park - Moyen Plaza (Rhododactylia)
  4. Dardis Heights (Rhododactylia)
  5. Eastport - Border Crossing (Wintania)
  6. Black Mud Heights - Border Crossing (Wintania)
Location: Ocean Park Rd, Dardis Heights, Surfside Prefecture, Rhododactylia

I made a train map

Posted by dwtr on 19 February 2018 in English (English)

I thought that I'd try and make my first train map for my town, St. Botolph.

Imgur link

Location: Landerra, Ostrabury, Walentia

Finding my groove...

Posted by geoboi on 18 February 2018 in English (English)

Hey everyone,

this is a semi-survey sort of diary entry where I'm trying to figure some stuff out. My question for everyone is how you guys go about making detailed mountain ranges (landuse layers to make it look realistic, number of nodes, node placement, etc.). I really hope you can all help. Comments are much appreciated!!!

Cheers, Geoboi

Edetanea Fire Festival

Posted by Black Baron on 18 February 2018 in English (English)

Each neighbourhood of the city of Edetanea, in Castilea Archantea has an organised group of people, the Casalea fallerea, that works all year long holding fundraising parties and dinners. Each casalea fallerea produces a construction known as a fallea which is eventually burnt. A casalea fallerea is also known as a comissió fallerea and currently there are approximately 500 registered in Edetanea. The Edetanea Fire Festival will take place on March, when the Old Town of Edetanea will be insanely fine detailed. I'll look forward to your visit! Happy mapping!

The Megastadium

Posted by magnesium on 18 February 2018 in English (English)

Some huge stadium I created in District of Springwood. (formerly North Springwood and Springwood) It probably hasn't rendered yet by the time that you've commented.

Location: Fearnagh Bay Highway, Town of Redstoneville, Kingdom of New Commonia, Commonia

Making the first cities of Peaceland

Posted by FancyFoxy on 17 February 2018 in English (English)

So, I've been working on this for a little while now. I still plan on working on Tempora, but for now, my main focus is here. I've made Albert as the capital of the nation, with two smaller cities nearby named Evenson and New Peace. The downtown region of the city is composed of the old city and the new region surrounding it. What do you guys think of the city?

Kalavsky and Herzevodnia: A great historic deal

Posted by Jesus Antonio on 16 February 2018 in Croatian (Hrvatski)

I guess Kalavsky and Herzevodnia is my country (that i map) and i think, i should continue mapping it? (Yes it is based on Bosnia and Herzagovina with an a language in a combination of Romanian, Croatian and Russian) but the region where i am there is no one who do that, everyone as been colonized in my neighborhood.

Now that i have JOSM i can map more fast.

Location: 36.479, 105.620

Question regardung verisimilitude

Posted by GibranalNN on 16 February 2018 in English (English)

Can I use the term dagwon for use in Buildtionian Ingerish? Actually the term came from the anime Yuusha Shirei Dagwon (1996 iirc) and the term in the anime means "brave hero" in an alien language; thus this might violate OGF verisimilitude rules. But unfortunately there is a city called Tengah which contains a large portion of real world names (Hatta, Paku Buwono &c; see location in link) so perhaps it is ok to add the term to Buildtionian Ingerish--I would like to rename the Buildtionian National Armed Forces into the Buildtionian National Dagwons, the Army, Navy and Air Force into Land, Naval and Air Dagwons respectively.

Location: Cengkareng, Tengah, Atacoma del Norte, Midistland

Latest additions in Gardensa

Posted by eleinads on 13 February 2018 in English (English)

Dear all, in this page of the diary, I update you on the last main interventions in the mapping of the territory of Gardensa.

First, in the capital, Giliarca, the San Fortunio Underground Railstation (not a subway station, but an ordinary train station located underground, on the model of several existing underground railway stations, like Penn Station in NY or the recent station of "Porta Susa Sotterranea" in Turin, Italy).

[20180214 Update... Ah: the district surrounding the San Fortunio Station is a financial area where all banks have set up a branch: if you have a bank in your country, choose a nearby building not already tagged, so tag it with your bank and send me a message or a comment below to let me know!]

San Fortunio Underground Railstation

Secondly, always in Giliarca, the Indaco Amphitheater, on the banks of the homonymous river.

Indaco Amphitheater

Thirdly, moving out of the city, the Naghisco Dam, which forms the homonymous artificial lake, fundamental for the water supply of the city of Giliarca. (Below the dam there is the hydroelectric plant and, next to it, the village of workers. If you think it's too close to the dam, I can move it.)

[20180216 update: I moved the village a few hundred meters ... actually the position it had was incompatible with the difference in height that should have been there.]

Naghisco Dam



Location: 10, Gardensa


Posted by fnowacki on 13 February 2018 in English (English)

Hi guys I'am sorry but I wasn't active that much for the last few weeks. I wanted to say that I will map more in Malavsko with a new plan for my country.

Brennland: developing the "Alps"

Posted by Jumbooo on 12 February 2018 in English (English)

Hi everyone

this is a copy of my topic posted on the forum. Sorry for this, but for some reason no one is answering there...

I'm here to ask feedback about the work I'm doing in my first country, Brennland. I've started mapping using the in-browser tool, but I've switched to JOSM last week. I've sketched a part of the main river, Brenne, which flows from the northern part of Brennland towards the big lake in the south. Having very precise ideas about a particular area of the country, I've started mapping at a high detail level from a very small city, Freienfeld, in the northern part of Brennland, and its surrounding area (61.8252, 54.6268) This is an area of big mountains and quite wide valleys, an "alpine" scenario, like the ones of the big valleys of Austria or South Tyrol (Italy). I'm asking for a feedback, as this is my first attempt in mapping such complicated areas (and a whole Country). In the recent past I've mapped a bigger city, Dominton, in Midistland (38.3351, 93.5067).

Thank you and happy mapping to everyone!

Location: Svedonia

Things not rendering, ¿What happens?

Posted by Jesus Antonio on 12 February 2018 in Croatian (Hrvatski)

Things not rendering, ¿What happens???

Location: Boundary Street, Erilyn City, ER1, Esthyra

United Monarchies Organization

Posted by Rustem Pasha on 11 February 2018 in Polish (Polski)

Few days ago I had an idea to create a new international organization. The concept of it is rather nonexistent in real world but in certain conditions, for example larger number of monarchies (likre in OGF) it could exist. Here is a draft page for the organization. I would know if more people are interested to join or improve the idea in some way.

If you see your country as a part of the organization feel free to add it retroactively.

There is also discussion on the Forum which maybe you would to see before joining,

Regional boundaries

Posted by artoija on 11 February 2018 in English (English)

Within my country, I have three regions, region 1, region 2, and region 3, I was wondering if someone can help me delete those regions and help me make new ones within my country. I am open to all suggestions and help

Location: Region 1, Populchra

Country making

Posted by Some1_99 on 8 February 2018 in English (English)

How do you claim your own country

Baby you can drive my karst

Posted by louis_walker on 6 February 2018 in English (English)

Karst in southwestern China, near Guilin

When I was doing initial research to figure out what I wanted Patermas to look like, I spent a lot of time looking at parts of the world located around the same latitude...and I stumbled upon the incredible karst formations in the borderlands of China and Vietnam, along the Gulf of Tonkin. I decided that Patermas needed some epic karst, despite the challenge that mapping such an intricate landmass would present.

Version 1.0 of the Yagui range on the Patermas-Draco border is now live on the map, and I could use some feedback. I get that it's not quite right yet, so constructive only, please...don't just say "X doesn't work," share an idea or potential solution. :) Or, hey, if you like it the way it is, tell me to chill.

Here's a link to a side-by side comparison with the best-mapped chunk I could find in China as a real-world comparison. Most of the real range, sadly, hasn't really been mapped in any detail in OSM, but in actuality it stretches for many thousands of square miles. Obviously the map could never capture the actual look of the real thing, so I'm going for something gestural.

I'm generally pleased with how it's turning out, but something about it feels a bit too lava-lamp-y to me. Thoughts??

Location: Petan City, The Republic of Draco
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