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Call for proposals: The Kojolese Chancellery

Posted by Leowezy on 2 August 2017 in English (English)

Hey there fellow mappers!

I have a love-hate relationship with mapping buildings. On one hand, I love the feeling of scale and detail they give to a map. They are the first step in creating a city that is more than just a network of roads and rails. So what's to hate about them? Well, I'm no architect (surprise), and especially when it comes to representative buildings I continuously fail to produce anything that leaves me with a sense of satisfaction.

Currently I'm having trouble with the heart of the Kojolese government, the Gankakuchō so Hyosilwe. I redid that area recently, and now I'm struggeling to come up with a new building. To be fair, I've done everything to make the situation as complicated as possibly, and I wouldn't want to swap roles with the architects in 1990's Pyingshum.

I'll try to summarise the basic idea in a few key points:

  1. administration around the chancellor had been growing for decades, need for an adequate office space that could also be used for representative purposes became more and more urgent, however unfulfilled.

  2. A fire in 1984 (read more) puts a large area in central Pyingshum to ashes, killing hundreds of people. The event is a major disaster for the government of that time conspiracy theories have their heyday.

  3. The area is to be rebuilt, with a new Chancellery facing the Jōbun so Gúwan place. However, the building needs to be built in a way that it doesn't evoke the impression that it outshines the adjacent memorial park dedicated to the victims; yet it still needs to serve for state receptions and other representative events, while also providing the executive with much needed office space. A somewhat, contemporary feel shall be used.

So that's the situation the architects were stuck with; creating a a memorial park (the current version is not necessarily finished, but it should give an idea of the "rivalry" between the two poles in the area) that is not simply tucked away behind a monstrous government HQ but takes up a confident amount of space, while also keeping in mind that they shape the most prestigious city square of the nation, which must still appear timeless in 100 years.

I'm out of inspiration for building footprints, and would love to see some of your idea; whether it be a full-blown osm file covering the whole corner, or the literal sketch on the back of a napkin. I've sketched out the conflict of interest in a little bit more detail in the wiki articles above. Thanks to everyone participating!


new country

Posted by swissmapping on 31 July 2017 in English (English)

hello people i have acquired the land ARO20c or now know as cordinia i will take all the help i can get and all the advice i get.

the country is new and I am making a forest in the center left part and a few mountains in the center of the forest.

please comment and give me advice

Location: Cordinia

No worries I haven't disappeared. (Plans August-December 2017)

Posted by Litvania on 31 July 2017 in English (English)

The title of this entry is the peak of my humour guys, get used to it.

Nice holiday so far no? Been on a language camp in Berlin and then a sporting camp in Ińsko, Poland where I became a certified lifeguard. Next I'm departing with friends to sail up and down the Adriatic Sea in Croatia. A lot of Sea and marine related stuff this vacation.

Anyways I've been a little (just a teeny weeny little bit) inactive since May because of all this stuff, including my new passion physics and astronomy, and I don't have my computer with me so I can't edit. However, I've got some ideas as to what I want to do with certain areas of Litvania.

Pomorie (formerly Egalský kráj)

I decided to rename this one because it's name could be confused with the Drabantian one in tourist adverts and stuff. So I simply took the Slovak word for "sea" - more - and added a "Po-" prefix denoting a region or area.

The capital of this region is Jankovar, which I am struggling with a little bit with and might even move its position because it's a bit awkward and unnatural. It makes the street grid and railways a bit hard to navigate naturally and logically with a city in a weird place like this. I might move it a bit to the south, nearer the coast, and on the shores of the inland seawater lake Moržíca (which I might rename Koblín) and build a small town of around 5,000 in the original position.

The entire region per se is going to be sort of modelled after the Polish West Pomeranian Voivodeship(my true native land). Because the Egalian Lake is a glacial lake, it means that obviously a glacier had to go over the land in this area and form it using its mass and power. That's why there will be hills (a lot of them), post glacial period lakes, ponds and also marshes, and ancient culture megaliths. Small towns will dot the region and it might aswell be a popular local tourist destination for average Litvanians who seek peace and quiet in the untouched wilderness.

Historically, the region was kind of ignored and forgotten, because it didn't really give any use to the kingdoms and unions in the history of Litvania. Also, it was a pagan land in the beginning (hence the "ancient culture"), and so it is kind of new to the while Litvania Christianity thing.


So far, so good. Still in infancy, but I think its a good start and I will make some drawings of some suburbs and districts and draw them in JOSM someday. The Old Town station that I drew in May I realised is kind of useless, so I'm considering either moving it or deleting it and simply making the main station bigger.

However I need some more countryside mapping so I'm giving it a short break for a while. I'm planning to get back to Loravia full time next year or maybe a bit earlier. I'm not sure as of now.


So yeah, nice vacay so far, next year is my freshman year of High School and I am gonna make it count so wish me luck.

Wish all of you a nice last month of holidays and a smooth return to the good old routine of life.

Location: A3, okres Senov, Pomorie, Litvensko

Drawing a park

Posted by tule00 on 31 July 2017 in English (English)

I think many of you already know about my most detailed city, Igwepir. So I've noticed that there are not enough parks in the city, and I thought this was a nice place for a large park.

My question is, does it look good that way, and should I expand it to the whole area marked green (the part of the trunk road (marked red) would be a tunnel, and the parallel tertiary road will probably be deleted or turned into a small street)? I'm not sure if the park would be too big that way.

Proposed park expansion

Luciano Special Technical Collaboration Challenge - August, 2017

Posted by Luciano on 30 July 2017 in Korean (한국어)

I'm sure many of you have noticed, I no longer post my monthly challenges. I'm sorry about that, to those who miss them. In fact, I had hoped the community would take up the torch and run with it, but it hasn't really happened. The closest has been what niels20020 did with the Weekly Word concept - it has been a nice effort and some great results.

This challenge is different. First of all, it's an invitation for collaboration in my country, Ardisphere, rather than a challenge for you own work. It's also quite detailed and difficult. It's for ADVANCED mappers only, and especially for those obsessed with railroads.

Some of you are quite good and knowledgeable about railroads. I'm not. I enjoy thinking about and mapping railroads, but I am not any kind of technical expert.

As you know, I have been placing contours on parts of the Ardisphere. Once contours are in place, I can start to think about very realistic railroads and highways (i.e. "engineered" to match slope, terrain, etc.).

I want to have a freight / passenger line between Las Vegas, DP, and Narao, DP.

I built one a few months ago, but it was "over-engineered" and was quite baroque and implausible, and it required some excessive modifications to the contours to make it "fit." I have deleted this draft (you might still see it on some lower-number zooms on the TOPO layer, which seems to update rather inconsistently.

Your challenge, should you wish to try, is to design a contour-realistic railroad for this stretch (see map).

Actually, I'm not very well-educated about what realistic standards would be for a 1910's era railroad through this kind of terrain. So that's part of the challenge, too.

In fact, this whole challenge is Thilo's idea, more than mine, which he suggested after providing much-needed criticism of the original railroad draft I built.

Challenge summary:

1) Research what realistic standards would be for a 1910's era railroad (freight and/or passenger, if those are different). There needs to be thought about curve radii, maximum grades (inclines), maximum tunnel length, maximum cutting depths, maximum bridge lengths and heights, etc.

2) The route MUST include Ciudad Sokolov (about halfway, near the western border). Other towns to try to include would be Cuaquensenutes, Paso del Miércoles de Ceniza, and La Apoteosis.

2) Use the TOPO layer imagery in JOSM to design the railroad (if you don't know how to use the imagery layer, I suppose part of the challenge would be to figure it out - as I said, this is an ADVANCED challenge).

3) As you draw the railroad, record elevation, incline, etc on the ways and nodes. You are free to download some of the other railroads in the Comala region that I've built to see how I do this. I recommend the Comala-Yahuas stretch, which I'm pretty happy with.

4) DO NOT UPLOAD your work - this could create problems both because there may be more than one person working on it, and because I may be working in the region on other things, and conflicts are difficult and unpleasant to deal with. SAVE your work, and upload the OSM file somewhere online so that Thilo and I can look at it in JOSM.

5) Results will be announced in September. Prizes: a) satisfaction knowing you're the best railroad designer in OGF-land; b) a certificate of recognition from the Ferrocarriles Federales (S.A.-Ardesfera) Oficina de Ingenieria, dated 1912, and signed by Presidente Selenio Quiroga.

Happy mapping.


Posted by Kazuya on 28 July 2017 in Abkhazian (Аҧсуа)

Hi guys!!! I am back from my trip to Japan. On my trip to Japan I saw some very interesting street mapping. For example, I saw highways that went over house and roads four stories high. I really want to do that type of mapping but I do not no if that would look realistic in OpenGeoFiction. Can somebody please tell me if I can do this or not.


Complicated Interchange I made

Posted by Pancake Killer on 28 July 2017 in English (English)

Ok, so I do a few strange interchanges in Arlington, but they are all efficient (at least from what I can tell).

This one connects not 3, 4 highways (AR F 3, AR F 7, DO 1 and AR 3).

Any suggestions for this?

Location: Arlington Freeway 7, Powhatan, Deniro, Arlington

Weekly Word #8

Posted by oscar2002 on 27 July 2017 in Spanish (Español)

Hi everyone and good afternoon!

First of all thanks to Aces California for give me the opportunity of choose the word for these month... And also wish to all luck for the next competition...

So the Weekly Word is inspired in my holidays in Portugal next to Caldas da Rainha, a beautiful countryside area:


Farms, agrarian land use, rural roads, towns, lakes... That's the challenge!

Here is some inspiration from my favorite rural areas in real world: (Caldas da Rainha, Portugal) (País Vasco, Spain) (Po River, Italy)

Deadline is on Sunday 6 of August at 20:00 (UTC+1)!!

Guillermo Cara

Location: Barrio Cruces, La Martiniana, Provincia de Granata, Pohenicia

Rovigna, Teberia

Posted by doktorpixel14 on 27 July 2017 in English (English)


What do you think of my recently added part to Teberia's capital city of Rovigna? You can recognize it because it is the only part of the city with buildings. You maybe have to zoom in, because it's still on rendering for now.

Location: Via Regia, Rovigna, Salora, Teberia

Castellanese word for Babelic

Posted by niels20020 on 26 July 2017 in English (English)

I was wondering if there is a Castellanese (Spanish) word for Babelic. I want to make a Babelic church in Balonis :)

I'm Back

Posted by swissmapping on 24 July 2017 in English (English)

So somebody helped me move my city and there is a piece of land for sale that could be useful also it would be helpful you guys could help me develop mt growing town

there is also a big prison just south of the military airfield

Location: Court Road, Silversea, Southern Mountains, Mecyna

Blue Laden Development

Posted by Elimis Odair on 24 July 2017 in English (English)

After being on a trip for the last few days I came back to find the Blue Laden Power Plant had been removed which had (in my little town's history) where most everyone worked. In light of this I have done a lot of forest reclamation and detailed the mall area. I did slightly bulldoze the mall and changed it to an outside mall on one side and on the other side it will be the downtown area and town hall. Please feel free to help me develop the area and give any tips for future development. Thanks!


Location: Oceanside Street, Blue Laden, County of Ōbaku, Lonowai District (Gobrassanya)

Farmland disappearing

Posted by Yuanls on 24 July 2017 in English (English)

I woke up today to behold the disappearance of all the areas I've mapped as farmland. For some reason, I have only seen this is only in Agarderia and Glaster, and not anywhere else. As far as I know, it is not a problem on my end, as the areas are properly tagged, closed and still exist and I have not modified most of them for weeks. The farmland on OSM shows up normally. It has only happened in Agarderia and Glaster, since I cannot find any other country with this problem.

What exactly is going on?

UPDATE: I have seemed to found a way to resolve the issue-by deleting the tag and retagging it as farmland. On ID, the difference appears to be that the old farmland is missing the 'produce' tag. Without the 'produce' tag, the farmland does not appear. I am not sure why.


Posted by swissmapping on 24 July 2017 in English (English)

hi guys and gals I made a small town on Harca and by small I mean the roads were 3ft away from each other so I made a new town near driambdara I think it is pretty good still a little bit small but that's only the beginning of the place there is a piece of land there for sale if anybody wants it, I have some boat yards and some other stuff I am planning on useing the entire shoreline of the Joe river

Location: Driambdára, Gulfside, Walentia

Pretoria (First City)

Posted by SamuelGeno on 21 July 2017 in English (English)

So i am now just 2 days fresh to Open Geo Fiction. But, in that time I've begun developing a peice of the Harca peninsula considering it is so sparsely used. Thus i have begun to build the town of Pretoria. I haven't really thought of a backstory. But, it was founded where it is due to Pretoria Lake, Pretoria Forest, and the Bay of Sand which allows for minor shipping industry to come and go from the Town's small port. Also, Pretoria Shipbuilding has recently been added which I plan of having be a central part of the town. It's a rather small Dockyard. But, with 2 reasonably sized Dry Docks it can make some large ships. But, mainly sticks to smaller ones. Also another corner stone of the town's economy that I added recently is Yeworks Chemicals which produces a number of chemicals in alarming closeness to the Pretoria River, Riverside Park, and Ocean. (Mutated Crabs Anyone?) So I think I've done okay so far on the town. But, I'll take suggestions for changes and additions.

Location: North Sea Side, Harca, Mecyna

New Project - Opinions?

Posted by hmniak on 21 July 2017 in English (English)

After being inactive for quite a while, I am currently working on a new country. Since I am still working on a backstory it has neither a name nor a flag. The first city I'm building is called St. Andras. It is located on a strategically important area with control over a rather big bay and access to the sea. St. Andras is home to a marvellous Old Twon with a completely intact city wall. Part of the city is also a sea port and various train stations.

It's always nice to hear feedback so here are the coordinates. Come visit and let me know what you think. What can I improve, what can I add, what should I remove?

Thank you, Hmniak

Uletha is flooded?

Posted by eleinads on 21 July 2017 in English (English)

Uletha is flooded? It seems to me that the cause is that the coastline is no longer counter-clockwise. I do not think I'm the cause of the problem, but I ask: Is it enough to solve it counterclockwise? Confirm?

Lonowai District

Posted by Elimis Odair on 20 July 2017 in English (English)

Hey everyone! As one of the newest members (if not the newest). I would like to say hello! In these past 3 days I have built a new city near the Blue Laden Tidal Power Plant. If anyone could help me continue designing it and/or give me future tips and tricks, that would be great!


Location: Central Avenue, Blue Laden, County of Ōbaku, Lonowai District (Gobrassanya)


Posted by kaanhanel on 20 July 2017 in English (English)

Edited some parts of Northern Commonia. Added Karamanli, Bargasan, Kızılcaköy, Kızılca forest, Rivier Südd Forest, Agia Karamanlides river, Historical Dwarven District.

Location: Kızılca Köyü, Commonia

Map layers in Merkaartor

Posted by EMKLI on 19 July 2017 in English (English)

Hi there!

Due to the fact that I'm on the road and only have my "hacked" armv7h Chromebook with Arch Linux with me, I came to use Merkaartor a little bit because the JRE became horribly slow on the Chromebook these days and JOSM is almost unusable. I quite like Merkaartor. It's much more simpler and less featured than JOSM, however, it has the really useful feature of building parallel lines in one step (a.k.a. two lane roads).

However, the URL's from the FAQ to display the map layers in JOSM don't work for Merkaartor. Does anybody else work with Merkaartor and/or have an Idea of how to display the OGF map layers in it?

Greetings, Markus

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