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Posted by William on 11 October 2017 in English (English)

Dear OGF Mappers,

if there is someone who has the talent in designing roads and streets: i need help.

I'm trying to design this complicated intersection, but I'm not talented for this. (you can see it better in JOSM).

That is why I invite all those who are interested and competent to offer me their solutions.

This part of my city was built by the end of the 19 century so, the intersection should be designed from that perspective.

As a reward I offer:

1.To anyone who suggests something seriously: One street or park in the city named after them or someone from their OGF history.

2.To the winner of the competition: or

*mentioned square (crossroads) named after them or someone from their OGF history; or

*Avenue north of the square named after them or someone from their OGF history; or

*If you like something of buildings that I designed; I can make something similar in your country.

I hope there will be at least one offer. ;)


Location: Lombre, Norfield, Montran

How do you do these??

Posted by AndreJOMO on 11 October 2017 in English (English)

Hello!! I'm new here. So, I just want to ask on how to do these couple of things: My town is around 55 km Northwest of the capital of West Commonia.

Questions: How do yo name a place?

That's all..

Location: B945, West Commonia

My first village - Feedback?

Posted by Eevee on 10 October 2017 in English (English)


I have been mapping my first village in Eelanti for a while. The area is not complete yet but I would like to get some feedback on it. The village is called Peräkylä

Some questions

What do you like? What would you change/improve? Does the area look realistic enough? Any ideas to improve the quality of my mapping?

About Peräkylä

Peräkylä is a small village in Northern Eelanti. There are two major factories: Peräkylän Junatehdas (Peräkylä Train Factory) and Peräkylän Paperi (a paper factory). The odd railway is used by the train factory. Buildings that I have mapped are mostly bigger apartment buildings (3 or 4 floors). The outer parts of the village will have smaller houses. The village is growing so there are quite many new buildings.



Location: Lande, Peräkylä, Eelanti

New country Bloregia

Posted by LemonKing on 10 October 2017 in Finnish (Suomi)

Hi guys, I'm a new user, I have been working on my country Bloregia, especially the capital Blöndel, for a few weeks now.

I kind of have a positive problem. I already have a fictional country on paper that I have been developping since childhood: maps, flag, language, history, train schedules, art, literature etc. This country It is "too ready", it would be uninteresting to map it into OGF as such. It is also too much based on real geography.

So I decided to create a somewhat different country. I use some features from my old work, like the language and history and some selected map structures, combined with new ideas. I also intend to save a previous owner's work in SW-Bloregia relatively unchanged.

I have the advantage of already having made some of the usual mistakes of new users in my offline work, so hopefully I can learn from them. I now try to work from small to big, in stead of starting with a network of highways.

Here's some Bloregian history:

Bloregia is open for all kinds of international relations: diplomatic, economical etc. I welcome embassies, company headquarters etc. in suitable areas of Blöndel, please let me know if you are interested.

Comments appreciated!

Regards, LemonKing

Location: Temper, Blöndel, Bloregia

Best ways to flood Uletha (help asap)

Posted by stjur on 9 October 2017 in Romanian (Română)

Looks like I flooded Uletha, that's what the Coastline Maintenance says and that's what the map shows. I'm really sorry, it's just that I can't find the problem. It says that the coastline is intersecting itself somewhere on Geanina Beach, just that there is no coastline in this location... Please help... Or is there someone else who has flooded Uletha? Or does it take a little longer to render? Somehow the entire continent is flooded and it's probably my fault...

EDIT: Would you look at that... While I was writing, the problem seems to have solved itself. Now that's awkward.

Location: Croazeta Geaninei, Geanina, Județul Ciprineea, Provincia Cadrilater, Antaria

New country: Sahrani (Official name: Sahrani Democratic republic)

Posted by VAULTBOY003 on 9 October 2017 in English (English)

So yeah, for those who know the ARMA series of military simulation games, I'm gonna make ARMA 1's setting come to this world. The Sahrani Democratic republic, though I've made my own simple history that it was a Constitutional Republic for over 217 years until a Right-Wing faction of the Sahrani military overthrew it's Left-leaning president Juan Veraluz in the year 1967, but the country still has elections but military officials take part in the elections. It is actually a Dictatorship run by the Military of Sahrani. It is NOT RACIST though. The current president of the country is Major-General Francisco C. Montes.

Location: F 6, Morannya, Mperiye Sathriada


Posted by andrepoiy on 8 October 2017 in English (English)

So, I have settled on a name for my new country, which is Capitalia. (I got the name out of capitalism, since this country is a "fanatic capitalist" state.)

I also made a wiki page, which, is pretty empty. I'm not very good at making wiki pages...

But anyways, here's the link:

Location: M. Vojnic Street, Molento, Capitalia


Posted by bhj867 on 8 October 2017 in English (English)

I don't know how to revert it and I'm NOT happy.

Kazaria. Phyler. Waby Hill. Katav's return.

Posted by Katav on 8 October 2017 in English (English)

Uh... hey. It's been a long time... hasn't it?

~ Katav/Kurzov

Location: Cagiya-Blackwell, Kazaria, Guntrum, Mecyna

Mapper's Challenge #14 - October 2017 - By Air and By Sea

Posted by Alessa on 8 October 2017 in French (Français)

Hello, fellow mappers.

I hope you had a fun time taking on last month's challenge, which focused on culture. The comments indicated some cool projects were being considered. I'd love to know how everyone did.

Unfortunately, different things in life limited my ability to finish work in Iola as I would have originally liked. I was able to finish the streets and pedestrian areas in the old city of Iola and begin building work around the ancient amphitheatre. There are a couple things like a café called "La Ekterra" (The Underground), which is right across the plaza from the entrance to the catacombs. A few streets are named after former monarchs or important saints, too. I'll try to keep working on it this month, as I've enjoyed working in this area.

Mapper's Challenge #14 — By Air and By Sea

The challenge for this month is to work on an air or sea transport option in your country. For this, airfields, airports, seaports, ferry terminals, and other air or water-based transportation hubs are welcome. There are quite a few major airports in the OGF universe, but what about smaller commuter airfields or agricultural-based landing strips? As for the water-based transportation, seaports are always an option. Don't forget about commuter routes like ferries or recreational places like marinas. Even if your country isn't on an ocean, river transportation is just as important. Major trade can be done by navigable river, too. (Just ask Vienna; or for an even smaller town with 3.5 times the tonnage, check Huntington, West Virginia in the United States.)

So, for this challenge, try to determine what the needs are for your country right now. There is a great guide for building airports over on the wiki. Seaports are definitely going to be a bigger challenge and require some more advance mapping, in my opinion. Once you've decided on your task, go for it! Give it a try and see what happens!

I'm personally going to attempt work on a seaport for Iola. It might be a bit ambitious, but I'm already planning to do coastline work on the western part of La Kaufama. I've received some great feedback from a couple users on the coastline, so it's part of what I'd like to tackle. We'll see how it goes!

All the best, —A

OSRM Direction finder

Posted by ADB52 on 7 October 2017 in English (English)

The lovely direction finder has lost its way; it claims there are no road connections between places that patently do have a direct road link. Could someone have a look?

Auto-computing intercity ridership demand - an attempt

Posted by Leowezy on 7 October 2017 in English (English)

Hey there,

I am looking for a way to automatically compute ridership numbers for my country's intercity railway services. I did a first attempt at an excel sheet, which spits out numbers of travellers between one of 34 agglomerations in Kojo. The next step would be to allocate those numbers on route segments to visualise accurate cross sections of passenger flows on the system, but I'm not sure I know how to get their from a technical stand point. Advise is very welcome.

Here's the link, and there's a preview down below.

I just want to put these 5 notes here for everyone to read who wants to have a look at this or might fool around with it themselves:

1) "Spawn" and "destination" does not imply a trip from spawn A to destination B. Rather, cell J7 for example says: There are 1934 trips taking place per day between Kwaengdō and the Finkyáse agglomeration, where the trip maker is living in Kwaengdō and temporarily staying in Finkyáse. Combine that with the 1479 trips where a Finkyásenian is visiting their grandmother in Kwaengdō, and you get a total of 3143 trips per day between the two cities, or roughly 1570 per direction.

2) A number of riders "gets lost" in the formulars, as the attraction shares never add up to exactly 100%. For example journeys from Pyingshum to Pyingshum are obviously not taken into account; that means the number of trips per person and year should be set slightly higher than the actual value.

3) While the attraction share can kinda compensate for this, one should keep in mind that in the real world for example a young student city will spawn much more trips per inhabitant than let's say a former industrial town with much poverty. This model assumes every city spawns the same amount of trips per inhabitant, and just their destinations are determined by the attractiveness of their destination city.

4) Neither the distance, nor the ease of travelling (by train) between two cities is taken into account. I feel like partly this cancels out with other effects, for example really close cities might have a higher travel demand to each other, but on the other side regional trains might become a more attractive alternative on those relations. But obviously the 27+45 travellers between Shangmē/Chin-Jōrin and Oreppyo would much rather take the bus for a quick 1 1/2 hour trip than taking a 150 km detour via Pyingshum.

5) This excel sheet is ignoring the (quite significant) cross-border traffic, for example to Ataraxie-Ville.


Thank you for your interest, and hopefully your feedback! Cheers,


Working with Maperitive

Posted by tule00 on 6 October 2017 in English (English)

I see that people have used Maperitive to create custom maps. I'd like to make one too, but it's all new to me. Can someone give me instructions?


JOSM (Again)

Posted by Trombonist2003 on 5 October 2017 in English (English)

I'm sorry for bothering you about JOSM (again) so I'll make it quick.

What are the controls (i.e. To make a way straight)? I looked at the controls list but didn't find anything.

Please, if there are a simple set of controls, please send it to me.

Thanks, Trombonist2003

Location: Marcos Dr., Clanburg, Béliĉe

Really noobie questions (I'm back to mapping, also I'm doing an urban development project on open geo)

Posted by An egg trying to draw a map on 5 October 2017 in English (English)
  1. How do I create areas in JOSM, do I draw nodes and connect them together and add an inner/outer relation sort of thing?

  2. I don't know how I would modify my coastline for parts that go far inland, would I keep that as part of the coastline or give it a new tag? Also, how do I create islands, do I use the island tag for islands out from my coastline?

  3. Would I be allowed to do a project on opengeofiction? I plan to develop my city along with completing my school project

Thanks Egg

Aangland - Any ideas/help?

Posted by Jake Knight on 4 October 2017 in English (English)

I recently started building my island city Aangland, the capital of the Free Socialist Republic of Dogardland. I was wondering if anyone had any ideas as to how to draw effective buildings, and make it look a little more dynamic than it currently is.

The city would have experienced rapid growth in the 1950s from mainly oil exports from the dock, and has become the main hub, alongside the (very recently created) Kelder City. Before then, it would have mostly been centred around the Eastern Island (where the castle is) and grew westwards as people flocked to the city.

Any help, be it ideas for things in the city or you actually just building buildings, zoos, whatever takes your fancy within the city is much appreciated.

Cheers, Jake

Location: Daccister Street, Aangland, AA, Dogardland

How do I move a group of line without deleting and redrawing them?

Posted by andrepoiy on 3 October 2017 in English (English)

I recently made a train station with many rails going through it, but unfortunately I built it way too inland and I have no clue how to move it without deleting and redrawing.

Is there a way of moving this train station?

Thanks, Andrew

Location: Vojnic Street, AR059a

Status of Weekly Words

Posted by Aces California on 3 October 2017 in English (English)

Sorry for the delay and lack of information, but I wanted to consider something up before I posted.

You are aware I did not post the Weekly Word for this week. Well that is because there is going to be a small but major change. The challenges will still take place over one week, with words picked to you can be as small or large as you want with it. But I think a week is too little time for people to come up with a unique concept and execute it, so we're extending the time between challenges.

There will now be a week between each challenge, with the word for the next challenge announced as the first comment of each Diary entry to give people a week to think of concepts, maybe experiment, maybe get a slight head start (though beware with that, the challenge may not align with what you are building if you rush to build for the word).

Hopefully, this will mean more people will be able to compete in the challenges, and offer up entries that are greater quality for them personally, instead of rushing it.

The final thing is I want to remind you what the next word, starting next week, will be, so you can start thinking of what to do. The word is


Thanks for reading, I hope to see you in the next Weekly Word Challenge, and Keep Up The Mapping!

  • Aces California

Hello! I'm new to this community!

Posted by andrepoiy on 3 October 2017 in English (English)

Hello, I'm Andrew, and I recently acquired a piece of territory, AR059a.

I am intending to create a capitalist state with an (almost) regulation-free market, low taxes but a more liberal-minded view towards infrastructure (only). Most people will speak English (ingerish?)

But, before all of that...I require a name for my country. I have absolutely no clue what to name it. Any suggestions?

Location: Sirenoa Litoral, Nordestan

Super Secret Feedback Question

Posted by Luciano on 2 October 2017 in Korean (한국어)

I have decided to combine testing the new WikiForum with a sincere request for feedback on a big project I plan to start. So don't comment here - go see my question and give feedback at the WikiForum.

Thanks for participating, and happy mapping.

Location: Barrio Lago Cisnes Este, Sucursal AFDC 123E24.4S Villa Constitución, Delegación VI, Villa Constitución 헌법시, Distrito Federal, 화구체연합
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