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I might be coming back to OGF

Posted by ATMunn on 10 September 2017 in English (English)

Hello there!

As probably none of you remember, I joined OGF about 5 months ago. I was somewhat active in the first few weeks, building a small town here.

I had a plan for the town, but never finished it, mostly because I just didn't really know what i was doing. I eventually forgot about OGF. But I've recently remembered that it exists, and am thinking about coming back.

So, I think the first thing I will do is potentially rebuild this town from the ground up. Now that I kind of sort of know what I'm doing, I think I can make it a lot better this time. I'll figure out what kind of style I'm going for by looking at some real world towns and cities from OSM, as well as looking at surrounding cities on the island.

I hope to permanently become a part of this community. I've loved the idea ever since I stumbled upon it, and although there seems to be a lot to learn, it seems like fun too.

As always, any tips or feedback or whatever is appreciated. Us noobs need all the support we can get! :P

How is my scale?

Posted by ATMunn on 23 April 2017 in English (English)


So I'm currently in the process of creating a town here. If you want to know more about the town, you can look at my previous diary entries. But, I was wondering if the scale was okay. To the left of the motorway is a commercial area, and to the right of it is a residential area. Do you think that the street "blocks" are about the right size? If not, are they too small, or too large? I tried using that new measurement tool, but it was a bit hard to use.


Location: E-1, Tiana, County of Paāla, Lonowai District (Gobrassanya)

Having problems with JOSM

Posted by ATMunn on 16 April 2017 in English (English)

For some reason, JOSM has decided to stop working. When I try to download the map from OGF, I get this popup.


Does anyone know why this happens and how to fix it?


Edit: It works fine now after I made the area slightly smaller. See the replies for more info, if you're curious or having the same problem yourself.

Update on my first town

Posted by ATMunn on 11 April 2017 in English (English)

So about a week ago I posted on here after I joined, saying I was making my first town. I decided to give a little update.

First of all, I came up with a name idea. I was thinking of calling the town Furstrade. It's a play on words, since it's my first town, and it was built there as sort of a trade center (see my first post). You could also think of it being a town where furs were traded a lot.

My thinking for the layout of the town is to have a commercial area over in between the river and highway. (see map) I've already got that mapped out, aside from the actual buildings. Historically, this used to be an area where people would do a lot of trading between the other towns that were along the same river, and over time, it was slowly replaced with modern commercial buildings.

To the right of the motorway, is the residential area. I'm currently in the process of mapping this. Historically (I really like the idea of this having a somewhat detailed history, if you can't tell :P) people who were dealing with a lot of the trade here decided to build houses over here, so they wouldn't have to travel so far every day. These houses were kind of built somewhat randomly, though. When this was being modernized, the local government was on a bit of a tight budget, and so they decided to keep it relatively random. So the streets will be a bit nonuniform.

Finally, below the residential area on the other side of the river, will be the government area. This will be relatively small, and have things like the town hall and such, and maybe a small park.

Let me know what you think of this so far. If you have any tips or suggestions on things I should maybe do a bit differently (since I'm new here) feel free to tell me.

Wow, I spent way longer writing this than I should have...

Location: E-1, Tiana, County of Paāla, Lonowai District (Gobrassanya)

Hello, OpenGeoFiction community!

Posted by ATMunn on 1 April 2017 in English (English)

Hello there, everyone! I've just joined OpenGeoFiction last night, and am going to start mapping today.

This seems like an awesome and friendly community to be in, and also just a really neat project, so I'm excited to take part in it.

For now, I'm using the web editor, although I will soon be switching over to JOSM. I just don't feel like figuring out how to connect it to OGF at the moment.

I'm planning on starting out by making a new town in Lonowai District. It will be on the Lonowai Island, above Obaku and in between the 2 forests. (about where I put the location of this entry)

My idea for the town is that it was built after Obaku, Uhola, and Widana Beach. A lot of people were traveling along the river and the roads there, and it seemed like a good place to put a trade center. Thus, the "theme" of the town will be centered around trade. It won't be a huge town, it'll be somewhere between the size of Widana Beach and Obaku. Not sure what I'll call it, but I'll cross that bridge when I come to it.

So yeah, you might see some stuff popping up there over the next few days. I hope to really enjoy participating in this community! Also, if you think I should change something about how I make this town, feel free to let me know. (or just change it yourself if it's something I've already mapped)

Location: E-1, Tiana, County of Paāla, Lonowai District (Gobrassanya)
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