Pathfinding/Directions Issues

Posted by Aces California on 10 November 2017 in English (English)

I've being trying to fix an issue with a pair of intersections in one of my towns, and the issue is exclusively with the Directions/Pathfinding ability on OGF. Find linked HERE the issue at hand.

To explain, I have a one-way system on both roads, which is correctly laid out, but the directions don't seem to acknowledge the existence of the A4 highway. I've relaid every section of the highway to fix it, totally delete the interchange and then rebuild it from scratch. I don't see a reason why the directions don't see the A4 highway as existing, and I pride myself on having all roads navigable with the direction tool, so this is frustrating me a tiny bit.

Any help will be greatly appreciated. Keep Up The Mapping

  • Aces California
Location: 16.554, 62.218

Comment from Rustem Pasha on 10 November 2017 at 14:38

Navigatin tool seems to be not actualized by more than a month so if the highway was built after the day of last actualization it shouldn't be visible although everything is OK with roads. I hope it would calm you down a bit.

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Comment from Toadwart on 10 November 2017 at 14:44

Has it been discontinued then?

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Comment from wangi on 10 November 2017 at 16:55

The info says it was updated today; see

Best to message Martinum4.

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Comment from Aces California on 10 November 2017 at 17:28

So is the routing tool up to date? The road has been around since BEFORE the routing tool, furthermore if it's counting the most recent updates to the road, then it still wouldn't make sense since roads I have made around it such as the route it IS finding were mapped even more recent than the road.

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Comment from ParAvion on 10 November 2017 at 21:39

Oh good, so I'm not the only one having trouble with this. Ever since I added it to the map months ago, the M1 between Avington and Marazan has had the same problem. The road is oriented the right way, but the system seems to have no idea that there are a good 200 kilometres or so of perfectly fine motorway to be used. I deleted the stretch between Longlac and Marazan, but still nothing.

I'm still yet to add the northbound lane of the M1 to Avington, but I find it very strange that the map has no idea how to use the road that's there. Like Aces, I like to be able to find my way from Hither to Yon with the direction tool.

One day, the good people of Avalon and Cambria will be one.

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Comment from ADB52 on 10 November 2017 at 21:44

Nominatim has not been updated since October 9th, which is causing issues.

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Comment from zhenkang on 12 November 2017 at 02:21

Oh. I see why.

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