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Country Name Suggestions 18 days ago

@eklas: I actually had a town that I planned to name that but with a Q instead of a K. Good thing I hadn't!

Country Name Suggestions 18 days ago

As someone who has made a language for my country, I can tell you that it is no easy feat. It requires a lot of work and a lot of patience. I also, however, have huge issues with some of the "Franquese" and "Mazanic" names on this site—they make me cringe. I strongly suggest mapping in a language you're comfortable with using on a high level. If not, make up one of your own; or, as has been suggested above, make up a variant that incorporates its own unique words, affixes, spelling conventions, etc. There are a few out there. Creativity goes a long way, but it requires the investment of time too.

Hello, everyone! 20 days ago

Welcome to OGF! I'm glad to have you aboard. I also did my first mapping in Mecyna about 18 months ago. It's a fun place to start.

I really like the work you've done so far in Santiago del Prado. The concentration on buildings and landuse is great. I also like that you've gone the extra detail and added address numbers. I do have a question, however: why are there farm plots in the town proper? Are those gardens, common plots, or allotments? If so, there are different tags for those you can use (leisure=garden, landuse=village_green, or landuse=allotments).

Keep experimenting as you are in JOSM. Things will keep getting better, too. Adding details like building types (churches, businesses, etc.) and open spaces like parks (with trees and plants) all make the map interesting. This is an amazing start!

Need advice on drawing large forests 20 days ago

Hi, Austin. While it looks like a big woodland, it's perfectly rational if it is protected land and has remained as such for a long time. No, it's not "FAT." I think it is plausible, even if it is a chase or some other type of protected land. I'd mark it as such if it is. (Also, technically forests are managed lands and woodlands are straightly natural. This may or may not matter here.) The thing that makes your woodland stand out is the lack of detail. I know you're going for a sketch, and this is fine as just that. For details, here's what I'd consider:

  • Where are the streams or waterways in the area?
  • Are there any natural clearings or near clearings that would be better tagged as natural=scrub? Small strips from streams or floodlands and pockets of lower depressions would go a long way to adding detail.
  • Perhaps the railway strip would be a bit of landuse=grass with a power line tossed in there? Minimal environmental impact to have both in the same right of way.
  • Also keep in mind that some areas on the outskirts of the forest might be scrub too. Others might be heath or wetlands, depending on the topography.
  • Are there topographic changes that might make the limits of the forested area undulate? The sketch is okay, but adding detail to the boundary would make it more interesting.
  • The pond is an interesting feature, so add detail around it. In some parts, the woodland will go right up to the water; in other parts, there might be scrub or marsh. Vary it a bit. Plus, if there's one pond, the topography/geology is probably good for a few ponds of varying sizes and shapes; two or three more?

Just somethings to think about. Good luck!

Mapper's Challenge #18 — March 2018 — Jump, Jive, and Rail! 20 days ago

Thanks, Histor. I hope that all of us can improve our rail mapping.

In Malta, yes, there was a railway that went from Rabat to Valletta. The British blasted it through in the 1880s (destroying part of the Domus Romana in the process), but it shut down around 1930. The street you mention (Triq il-Ferrovija) is one of quite a few that takes up the old track bed. A single train car still exists in Birkirkara, as does the original station there. There's a few other relics out there, like the tunnel out of Valletta, which you can see from the top of the ramparts.

Santa Barbara 25 days ago

I can see improvement, so here are a few more things to consider:

  • The motorway tunnel is excessive. Think about how expensive that will be to build, when a coastal one is right there. Not only that, it's a tunnel below a coastal city; the water table will be very high and likely make a tunnel impractical. I'd remove that completely.
  • The airport needs work, but I'll save that for later. More importantly, it needs some degree of access to/from the motorway. (More on that below.)
  • The rail tunnels also fall under this category. On a small island like this, a massive rail network is not as likely. I'd consider parring it down to be only the most needed routes (not the seemingly most direct). Remember that the center of your island will have the highest elevation, so direct routes from one end to the other are impossible.
  • The turn radii on the rail is also too small.
  • You're probably not going to want to hear this, but the motorway is an non-creative solution to traffic flow along the coast. Remember that these highways take up a lot of space and simple diamond interchanges are multiple blocks in length. I'd encourage you to downgrade it and do something creative like one-way pairs or something like US 1 near Princeton, NJ. A few signaled intersections, a few turn lanes, a lot of RIROs, and only a couple select interchanges where absolutely pressing. That will save space, still keep good traffic flow, and allow the beachfront to feel more connected to the central business district.
  • Lastly, a few streets in your grid should be straightened a bit. For example, why do all these NE–SW oriented streets wobble so much? I understand that a few might have a bit of a bend and not every block will be a perfect rectangle; but a little time cleaning this up will go a long way toward realism.

Keep at it! It is getting better.

Houses for sale! 27 days ago

Just to put out a few words of caution here:

  • No one "owns" anything in a blue country. Yes, users may temporarily be in control of something that they are actively working on, but there is no ownership. If there is something that needs work and the user that placed it doesn't want to do anything with it, corrections are free for anyone to do.
  • I'm not sure why "houses are for sale." What does that mean? Please keep in mind that OGF really isn't the platform for role-playing. I don't think that's what's going on here, but I thought it was worth the reminder.
  • In general, new users love to jump right toward motorways. This is often viewed as a bad idea by long-time users. Why? Because it's hard to work down to the micro from the macro. Start small. Take a single neighborhood and work with that. Then build from there to secondary roads and eventually primary roads. Once towns are cities are established a bit, then adding motorways is a good idea.
  • Right now, Monmouth is a bit of a mess because of the way the motorways are laced through there. I'd very strongly advise removing them altogether and then making the town cohesive. Once that's done, then re-add the motorways. Monmouth has no cohesion as it stands. It looks poorly mapped because the priorities in mapping are off. Like I said in the previous point, start small. Draw a couple streets and put houses. Then an arterial with a business or two. Then work up. Don't get to secondary or primary roads until there's a reason to do so. After a while, you'll get the hang of things better.
  • As has been long lamented, the name "User Diaries" is kind of a misnomer. If you're talking about the same community, like Monmouth, keep it in this thread or the other one. Don't start a new diary unless it's a completely different topic or location.
  • If you want feedback, there are plenty of users willing to help. I will say that there have been some good points already made about Monmouth by a few. Please take these things into consideration and not get upset because someone doesn't like your work. Are people a bit brash and "rude" at times? Yes, and we have had a few incidents of rudeness over the years. But, most of our users are not native English speakers, and sometimes things just get lost in translation. Try to keep some perspective here too.
Digging up OGF's past 28 days ago

I think it also gives us a few dates that we can use in our mapping that are like mini Easter eggs. It's kind of like what Udi did with "node 1." Imagine a bunch of streets and parks all across the map named for the founding or other key events. I think I could easily place a "Via 01 [September]" (once I come up with a word for that month).

Edetanea Fire Festival 28 days ago

Many compliments to you! So much of your work in Edetanea is great, and I'm loving what I see. I'm curious how you're going to incorporate the falleas into the mapping in March.

Sorry Im asking again about 2 months ago

Hi, Kazuya.

If I might start with the terrain: The Murakami River is quite curious in that it travels south so far from a mountain peak instead of flowing westward through Antochic. I think there's a bit of a stretch there. If it were the case that it flows south, there would definitely need to be some type of rifting, cliffs, or canyons that prevent it from flowing west. This would be an incredibly interesting geological feature that would definitely show up on the map: roads would not cross it, trains would be unable to cross it, it might be geologically active so no real development around it, etc. The Coast Motorway, in particular, is quite a difficult sell given that and other topographical features you have.

Hope this gives you a start of things to look at.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 3 months ago

Merry Christmas and a blessed new year to you!

Topography: check! 3 months ago

Once again, Louis, this is great. I too think this is a very well-thought-through plan.

How terrorism is in OGF? 3 months ago

@Ernestpcosby I agree wholeheartedly with what you said. And, I fear that I may have misrepresented myself in my above statement with the tone. I think we should do more cultural development to help make things realistic and detailed. I agree with Aces's point about lore-building. Fully! Maybe my previous interactions and observations have bred an irrational fear of overwikification. (I'm one of those people that thinks the map and wiki should go hand-in-hand and would love to do a bit more.) I'm also not saying there shouldn't be any terrorism or that this issue shouldn't be addressed. I'm just trying to understand why it the concept of terrorism matters here. If it's going to create something interesting in the OGF world, great! I'm all for creative ideas. If it is a general inquiry, that's fine too. At the same time, this is a tough issue in real life that has very real consequences and a lot of opinions/emotions/viewpoints.

You are right to note that a threat of terrorism changes how the culture reacts—thereby changing the mapping. There are plenty of places on the map and wiki that address things like this. Udi does a great job with the TE (which might be regarded by some as a terrorist organization); Yuanls has been working on showing the Agardirian crisis; the Goytakanya–Suvuma issue is fascinating too. Even I did the Commonian shooting-down of a Maureti airliner (Mauretia views Commonia as a rogue state). I think it is absolutely something we can look into, and I'm not against the idea. I fear that my response created some illusion that I'm against it. Again, perhaps the blunt tone of my original post is to blame. If so, my sincerest apologies.

How terrorism is in OGF? 3 months ago

@Aces, I totally understand the lore-building and have nothing against those that do it. I've done a fair amount myself, in fact. I'm just trying to understand the intention of the question here, given that it gets into a very difficult real-world topic. Even with lore-building there is a mapping element that works its way in (something as simple as names or locations of facilities in a community). I'm all for developing a global lore, if there is a desire for this—I'd be one of the first to be a part of it. Frankly, I wish we had a little bit more to work with. On this site (with its policies like overwikification), it still comes back to how things are ultimately going to be mapped. So, my original post stands simply because I'm trying to understand if there's something interesting users are trying to create or if advice is being sought.

How terrorism is in OGF? 3 months ago

Please forgive what is going to be a pretty blunt post.

For me, this isn't a question of whether-there-is or whether-there-isn't. I simply ask this: why does it matter for your mapping? Do you have an interesting way you want to portray a terrorist attack, rogue group, or insurgency of some kind on the map? If not, are you asking for advice on how to do that? Or, is this just trying to make smalltalk about a very tough real-world issue?

Welcome to Mauruistien! (Mar-uw-ist-een) 3 months ago

Welcome to the eastern Ulethan neighborhood. I look forward to seeing how your country unfolds.

Four year anniversay 3 months ago

Many congratulations! Here's to another four years (or more!).

I finally made a town! -Naophis 3 months ago

Be patient. Sometimes the renderer takes a while to update. Last night, for example, I had to wait about two hours for something to come through. Just keep working in the mean time. You seem to be using ID. All your edits are still stored in there, so you can keep working away even if the map hasn't fully updated yet.

I finally made a town! -Naophis 3 months ago

Here's a tip when working with ID to edit: press "S" on a polygon to make right angles and square it up. You have a few houses that are really close to square but just off. Also, try rotating a few to make them a little more aligned with the streets.

Lastly, is there a reason why the tag "access=no" is on all the streets?

Mapper's Challenge #16 - December 2017 - Power! Unlimited Power! 3 months ago

@eklas: I forgot you had done that. Cool! You'll be in good shape for this challenge. :)

@zhenkang: Yes, water treatment and sewage, along with trash and landfills, are on my future list that I keep offsite. Good thinking.

@dono87, @Leowezy: I think it depends on the situation. Realpolitik seems to dictate that international relations that are strained or potentially volatile would limit building in some areas. Notice that France doesn't have any immediately near Spain. Could it be the situation under Franco, when many of these reactors were built, that influenced this? Of course, there are fewer good sites the closer you get to the Pyrenees. For example, I've been around the Gravelines reactor; it's a strange experience spending a day at la plage de Petit-Fort-Philippe and having the reactor loom right over you. I have long wondered how vulnerable that location is. It seemed like we were always right next to it! Our OGF world doesn't seem to suffer from the same environment that has a perpetual terrorism threat, but I still don't think our countries would be lulled into making places be vulnerable to potentially oppositional powers or groups.