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Syron Military Base Feedback about 2 months ago


Your current work is a good start but here are some things that I think you should improve:

  • Scale is important and from what I can see your military base is a bit small and out of scale. Using this tool to compare your work to real military bases in the world:

  • I'm presuming the area surrounded by 'AAEs' is the airfield. You can change the purple industrial area to a runway instead (Its needs to be a bit longer for fighter jets to land and take off from). See this handy guide:

  • I can see you've put a good amount of detail in the bottom right section of your base and I think its great but referring back to 'scale', please make sure that all these buildings are the correct size for what you are attempting to build.

I hope you find some insight from comment and wish you good luck in future mapping!


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Welcome to OGF!

Greetings! 4 months ago

+zhengkang Okay thanks for the tips +Raúl I of Kalhoria nice meeting you!