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New City 14 days ago

Welcome to OGF!

First of all, you should know the basic rules of OpenGeofiction. You can't edit where you want to. There are a few territories that are for beginners. After mapping there for at least 7 days, you can request a territory of your own. Here are some useful links:

If you don't remember where you have edited, you can see your edits on your profile page (there is a link to a list).

Is this a realistic airport? 28 days ago

Yes, I will remove them when the airport is complete. I still think I will still make some changes so I haven't removed them yet.

Is this a realistic airport? about 1 month ago

I still may have to add a little more room there though.

Is this a realistic airport? about 1 month ago

I made more changes to the airport. Now it's a bit bigger but there's also more room for the planes. Thanks for the idea to use aircraft silhouettes! I think it really helped me.

New edits don't appear on map about 1 month ago

I don't think it's completely normal. Yes, that is the normal time it takes for the changes to appear in a regular browser window. But was talking about an incognito window (on Chrome. It has other names in other browsers). In an incognito window it usually takes about 5-15 minutes for most zoom levels to update (for coastlines 0,5-48 hours).

New edits don't appear on map about 1 month ago

Some of the changes have now started to appear on the map but only in the really close zoom levels.

Is this a realistic airport? about 1 month ago

I rebuilt part of the airport. What do you think? (I edited only few minutes ago so you may not see all the changes)

Is this a realistic airport? about 1 month ago

Thanks for your feedback! I will edit the airport to be more realistic.

I still think the location is ok. It takes 21 minutes to drive from city center to airport by car. There is also a fast train connection from the terminal to the central railway station. In my home town Helsinki (the capital of Finland) it takes longer to get from city center to the airport even though the airport is a little closer to the city center. I kind of don't want the airport to be in the middle of the city.

Footways overdose about 2 months ago

For example Helsinki is full of real footways in OSM. I think you can decide, how you like to map. I think many places don't have footways mapped because major things are mapped first and people assume that the footways exist anyway.

Personally, I have decided to map footways.


Please some advice. about 2 months ago

Welcome to OGF! Here are two things that I noticed:

  1. I think the subway should be in a tunnel. Now it is over the ground which might cause some problems. (tag tunnel=yes)

  2. There seems to be quite many intersections with more than four directions. They do exist in real world but I think there are too many intersections like that.

My first village - Feedback? 2 months ago

Thanks for the feedback. Good points. There are some things that might explain some of them.

The railway has been built for the train factory and thus they have built a station there too. The factory is located there because the climate is colder there than in the Southern part of Eelanti. That way they can test trains in more extreme climate. In Finland (where I live) there are railways in some really rural areas with stations that aren't in use anymore. There is still quite a lot of traffic in Peräkylä as there are two big factories and an area for military/army use. I know that the station building may be a little too big and will think about what I will do to make it more realistic.

The central part is more urban than it probably should. The outer parts will have smaller houses. I think the village has been growing lately and the central area has been partly rebuilt. That would explain the thing at least partially. The shopping mall is too big and I will try to make it more realistic.



I would like to get some feedback 3 months ago

Thanks for the comments! Any opinions on Peräkylä?

Sarepava: I will mention that but I will map a lot more before I write a lot to the wiki.

zhenkang: The expressway is a loop because i think there will be a big natural area in the middle of Eelanti with only few people living there. I will be adding more detail to the expressway in the future but I think the loop will be there in a way or another.