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Weekly Word; Pheonix Edition 6 months ago

Kind of a lackluster entry, I suppose...but here goes XD

My entry is the center part of a small unincorporated "town" on a barrier island off the coast of Haroldsburgh.

Originally placed there in the 1980s with growing tourism, with the hope that the barrier isle would become a major tourist attraction, the beach ended up remaining surprisingly isolated. The small Barrier Isle "Town Center", as they call it, is the hub of the area, home to a library, post office, some shops and a very small supermarket, and a gas station and StarBurgers. Concerns about flooding and rising sea levels may have contributed to there being such a small population living there, as this particular barrier isle is lower than most of the others and the Barbosa Bridge (one of only 2 ways on and off the island) frequently shuts down due to flooding. (I plan on drawing more homes though, just at a later time)

Suggestions for next week- INDUSTRIAL/BUSINESS or RESIDENTIAL

Restaurant Chains? 6 months ago

Yep! The link Eklas gave you has a pretty good list of all sorts of businesses you can use.

I'm the creator of StarBurgers (started as a Freedemian company), and it seems like it's been unofficially adopted as sort of an OGF replacement for McDonald's, so if you're specifically looking for a McDonald's replacement, feel free to use StarBurgers

Mapper's Challenge #13 - September 2017 - Showing Culture 6 months ago

Ooh, I get a chance to revisit the art district i tried to start in Downtown Quentinsburgh. I like it!

Weekly Word #12 7 months ago

I'd like to submit as my entry to the contest. Essentially, it's the remains of a small native village on the edge of Lake Melleredell (which roughly translates into Mallard Dell, since the lake is located in a small valley surrounded by mountains and is known to be home to a very large amount of Freedemian Mallards. The influence from after the Melleredell people began to interact with settlers is evident on the map, but a lot of it is still the ancient remains, including the unidentified circle of monoliths. The large building near the "village square" intersection used to act as a sort of village meeting hall. The grassy area would also act as an extension of the village, as a meeting place, as well as where fishers and duck hunters would go to set up to try to get food from the fish and ducks of the lake.

Weekly Word #12 7 months ago

That's a good point, @Luciano. Thanks for the tip

Weekly Word #12 7 months ago

How far back is considered ancient? I have ideas, but I'm trying to figure out exactly what's reasonable for Freedemia

@admin, please answer. 7 months ago

I should probably point out that from my understanding, the idea of adding an "online market" in itself could put you in shaky legal grounds, as OGF is basically allowed to exist due to OSM's open source style and OGF's not-for-profit nature; if you plan on profiting from it, it would probably be much more of an issue.

What is our vision of OGF? 8 months ago

@Thunderbird, you're right, It might be a bit difficult to enforce. At the same time it's difficult to enforce across the board for a lot of sites, and a lot of the existing OGF policies are kind of hard to enforce too. If it turns out there's some legal reason why there could/should be one, it'd probably be better to have one in policy at least. But it's just an idea. I think it should come down to the legal aspect. But considering the range of ages on this site, many much older, it might be best to have some type of protections. So far thankfully everyone on this site seems to be decent people (even those who may seem to terrible collaborators and map makers) but I wouldn't want the door to be open for any younger mapper to get harrassed or something by an older mapper- such an incident would be tragic, for the young person involved and for the site. If I make any sense. It's hard to explain what I mean

What is our vision of OGF? 8 months ago

Guillermo opens a great discussion here about what seems to be the deeper issue here. Demuth, Marcello, Allessa, adminero_us and zhenkang all make pretty good points too. It seems like a minimum age for new mappers might be a good idea. I was about 13-14 when I first joined, so I guess I'd imagine a new minimum age being closer to 11-12, unless it needed to be higher for legal reasons. I suppose existing mappers like TheMapper27 would be grandfathered in if we did such a change, to be fair to them... but 9 is reealllly pushing it.

The only thing that I might imagine could help is maybe if there was a designated area for new mappers' new territories, and sort of a three step instead of 2 step process:

  1. Map in a collaborative blue country

  2. Map in a private very small new mapper territory- maybe if there was someone not currently an admin who is willing to join and help respectfully send advice to new mappers when they really mess up in a super obvious "this is ridiculous" way

  3. When their new mapper territory shows quality mapping, signs that they are improving and willing to accept feedback, then give them a chance to map in a private country and allow them to move their existing work to that country if they so choose.

I would say, though, that if that person has been a large scale quality contributor to OpenStreetMap, that we might give them more leeway. (Maybe include that as a question in the sign up process, "Have you contributed large amounts of mapping to OSM? If yes, would you be able to link to some of your work/list your account name?" )

Other than that, other thoughts:

I think it's helpful to distinguish between:

  1. the mappers that are currently inexperienced and perhaps slightly more childish but though perhaps slightly stubborn, are willing to accept feedback and make efforts to improve

  2. the mappers who couldn't care less about the rules and don't want to improve, just want to do their own thing

I think many of us can identify with and once were ourselves type 1. When I first joined the site, it was before some of the newer rules and guidelines, and I accidentally mapped a city underwater in someone else's territory. XD The admins respectfully told me what I was doing wrong and I ended up getting a territory eventually, which at the time is where (Forrinte?) is now. I produced mapping far worse than a lot of the new mappers do now XD Eventually I left for a while and came back and started mapping current day Freedemia. It started off looking a lot like some of the new mappers today with scale completely off, crazy zigzagging roads, etc. There was an incident where I had stubbornly put glaciers and snowy mountains in an equatorial tropical country and didn't want to change it, etc.

It's only from time, cooperation, and patience, my own patience and the patience of the admins and the other mappers that frankly put up with me over those times, that Quentinsburgh and Freedemia have slowly started to look, arguably good/realistic.

I want to thank you all for being patient with me over that time. However, I fear that in our frustration with type 2 mappers, we aren't giving the type 1 mappers the patience and help that I got anymore. I would be in favor of new policies that pertain to new mappers, but I also believe that it cannot be done in place of patience and allowing new mappers to make mistakes if they're willing to work and improve over time. Otherwise, the "experiment" will fail miserably.

Cycling provision in OGF cities 9 months ago

I want to make Freedemia a medium cycling country, where transit comes first, cars are still in second though bikes are gaining, and bikes are used mainly for short distances; however, I want it to be the type of country where the facilities and lanes exist for cycling to be viable and where bikes are growing in travel share.

I've made steps towards this with a new bikeshare program just opened in Quentinsburgh run by QUARTA and bike lane improvements in progress, at least in major cities like Quentinsburgh, but I'm still figuring out what that's going to look like. I have a lot of greenways right now and more planned, but I've yet to figure out exactly what the urban biking aspect would look like.

Downtown Quentinsburgh has been a question, with me trying to decide whether bike lanes would continue into downtown in more of a complete street fashion, and how bike lanes and bus priority lanes ("almost-bus-lanes" in Freedemia that are for buses and cars immediately turning right) would coexist on the larger trunk roads.

What I've currently imagined is that most major thoroughfares have the greenway-style bike paths next to them instead of traditional sidewalks, wide enough that cyclists and pedestrians could share the pathway. To be honest, I had prioritized public transit over cycling, so I have a lot of work to do to make cycling viable as well. Cycling would definitely help solve the "last mile" issue I've been dealing with.

Copying others' mapping 9 months ago

I'm totally in favor with this rule, but just to make sure that I fully understand what it actually entails, is this referring specifically to the physical copy and pasting of someone else's work or does it also include looking at someone's work and attempting to draw a "copy" of it in your country yourself without any copying and pasting? I know I've seen many users that copy blatantly with copying and pasting with no respect to the rules, but I know others who mean well who look at other mappers' work and attempt to "copy" in drawing/mapping to get a realistic design for a similar area in their country.

Places to use for Perspective to get the scale right. 9 months ago

I'd recommend comparing to real cities in OpenStreetMap. OSM uses the same mapping style and mostly the same zooms/scale as OGF, so you can look at real life cities and base the sizes of certain features off of how they are in real life. :)

Tips on Montecari 10 months ago

The biggest thing I notice with Montecari and Aldures is scale. The Montecari Zoo seems to be about the right size, but a lot of the city, from the grid (and distance between the two sides of the motorway) to the buildings seem a tad bit exaggerated/oversized.

If you're using iD or Potlatch 2, I'd recommend opening OpenStreetMap and looking up real life well-mapped cities (I usually look at Raleigh, Cincinnati, Chicago, Washington D.C., NYC, and Montreal, which are all well mapped, but those are all American cities; it doesn't sound like you're going for an American style city (which is good!) so maybe try looking in Europe). The mapping style and zooms are mostly the same as in OGF, so if you're trying to figure out how to draw a certain type of building, you can find a real life version for reference so you can make sure things are sized right. What I do is open OpenStreetMap in another tab, zoom into the same zoom as I am in OGF, (the zoom number is in the URL of the page your on) and compare so I get the right size with what I'm mapping.

Another thing I notice is the street grid. This is something I struggle with as well, but you want to combine both a level of organic roadways (likely the ones that were the oldest or shaped by terrain) and organization where there is a grid. In the parts of the city with a grid, you do want to make an effort in most cases to make roads parallel to each other. The way that you make it more realistic after making these roads parallel is by "breaking the grid", perhaps by having a more organically shaped roadway cut through the area cutting certain streets off, ending some streets early/having gaps in some minor streets, or by some sort of terrain forcing part of the grid to end or to curve around something else.

The one thing that I'm still struggling with with Quentinsburgh that would help you a lot would be starting off with waterways and terrain before you get too far. Realistically, the terrain, forests, natural areas, and waterways/rivers/lakes precede the city and help shape how it grows, and placing a realistic set of rivers and wooded areas will help you make a more realistic street grid that responds to the terrain.

I'm flattered that you like Quentinsburgh that much XD but there are many great cities in OGF that might be helpful to look at too (Gobras City, Khaiwoon, Tarott, St. Richards, Latina, Remiville, Trevers, Patriot City, etc etc etc :) )

Hopefully these tips help. Happy Mapping,


'What was' and 'What could have been' 10 months ago

I've thought of it but I don't think I've ever gotten to doing it. Nice to see it in a way I can visualize!

Weekly Word #1 10 months ago

(The museum is still under construction though. Hence the brown area surrounding it.)

Weekly Word #1 10 months ago

I thought I'd incorporate another important type of love, the love of a caring family. :) Family is really important in Freedemia so I created a Family Monument where the Honorary Monument used to be before I moved it to another part of the Capitol Mall. There are a few statues surrounding the main monument that are meant to help represent the family spirit so strong in Freedemia.

Inspired a bit by the museum at the monument to women in military in D.C. and how it managed to act as a broad monument/tribute to women in the military all throughout history, I've created a museum outside the monument known as the Museum of Freedemian Families. It'll have a tribute to Freedemian families all throughout history from all backgrounds and walks of life, changing exhibits every month or so to honor more families. The museum will especially include families that made it through hard times, whether that's through the loss of a loved one or coming back together after a long feud or making it though hardships like the Graham City Financial Crisis, etc.

Sean Bond Intl. Airport- potential for future gateway to new continents? 10 months ago

@Udi, I think you're right. I plan to leave SBD as is for the time being. I have fixed up Walter Sanderson International in Mathersboro a bit, but that one is also partially still under construction.

Sean Bond Intl. Airport- potential for future gateway to new continents? 10 months ago

@Portopolis, Graham City has been largely been shrunk. It was originally just a NYC clone (like OGF doesn't already have enough of those XD XD) so I plan on completely redoing it at some point. I shrunk the population to a little over a million due to the masses leaving when the financial crisis broke out, though it once was about 5 million when Quentinsburgh was still about 3 million, so at one point it would have been the largest city. Graham doesn't even have any international flights at this time, and their airport is supposedly suffering and on the verge of closing other than a few remaining FreedemiAir domestic flights with small planes that fly in daily.

Paxtar's cities are significantly further southeast of me from what I've seen, including having moved countries to move further down the coast a while back. I have no desire to prevent those cities from being hubs as well. Obviously Quentinsburgh won't be the only hub on the west coast, but it does seem to be the one in the strongest position.

Sean Bond Intl. Airport- potential for future gateway to new continents? 10 months ago

@Cauldron, that's a good point, and an interesting idea, and that gives me a pretty firm idea that I shouldn't do too much more than what I'd already considered to redo the existing SBD Intl. for the sake of realism. But in real lif wouldn't there be at least the understanding that the other continents exist though? I understand not being able to plan ahead for the actual amount of air traffic or the destinations but if it's a major city with a major airport it seems like an understanding of location and potential would still play a part?

A brief note on calling letters for TV and Radio in Freedemia 10 months ago

But as ParAvion showed us, different parts of the world use different systems. I just chose to go with the American style system for Freedemia, the modern part of Woolonia will likely use a different system, and countries should choose the type of system they want, not just claim letters. I didn't take F to be only for Freedemia, I was saying I'm using F because it seems to make the most sense out of the options. I think I've seen a couple other countries use a letter at the beginning of American-style calling letters that matches their country (I think Belphenia was one, not sure)