Problem with Editing

Posted by ImmortalHawk on 17 June 2017 in English (English)

For some reason, I can't edit in OGF. I was able to edit before, but now I cannot. I need some help, and I really want to start editing again after a break.


Comment from ADB52 on 17 June 2017 at 22:31

Are you zoomed in to a high enough zoom? The Edit button appears only at zoom 13 or higher.

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Comment from BelpheniaProject on 17 June 2017 at 23:37

The edit button is enabled at zoom 13 or higher when you zoom in. If zoomed out at 12 or lower, the edit button is disabled.

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Comment from ImmortalHawk on 18 June 2017 at 21:30

Thanks for the comments. I did try to do the things that you all commented. I zoomed in all the way but I still can't find the edit button for some reason...

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