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The Megastadium 6 days ago

But stadiums are Oval... Also there are no megastadiums... also do you should call it the "Esthyra Stadium" or "Paku Stadium". RW stadiums dosen't says "Little Stadium" or "Megastadium".

Kalavsky and Herzevodnia: A great historic deal 7 days ago

@eklas I will not edit wiki anymore until i get a 2nd territory i will not like to cause a 3rd trouble.

Also i don't noticed that about your flag, i will change it soon.

Kalavsky and Herzevodnia: A great historic deal 7 days ago

@eklas Well i have some well mapped places like this: I change my name of my country because i don't knowed what language install on it. But now i simply be a colony of ingerland.

Also what you are referring on a "your new flag is very original"?

@stjur Well းဩမလန္ဒ္သ္, Latveų, Ukirian, Uzkeshia, Ужегивниа, Kardavska i Harzedvonia and Paku was name tests ( းဩမလန္ဒ္သ္ and Latveų was for no reason)

@NKgov You have all the reason.

Making the first cities of Peaceland 8 days ago

eklas know what he says, first plan you geography and then, setlements.

Kalavsky and Herzevodnia: A great historic deal 9 days ago

No, but some things are inspired in it (Such towns or hemlets). Also in language perspective it gives a little of influence such the letter ă is pronunced as romanian but not writed, it is pronunced as "Leđža" and the final "a" is speaked as if romanian, a little bit hard to understand.

Latest additions in Gardensa 12 days ago

Eleinads. You works seems very cool it feels like its an a real OSM map!

The Trentdale Diaries: Pt. I 13 days ago

Make things bigger, the airplane, with such airlane will fall to the ocean. I guess that airplanes fly in the water :P

What is the smallest city in OGF? 24 days ago

A Hamlet

In the end Tedima is ready for world... 28 days ago


Largest City in OGF 28 days ago

@zhenkang ok

Largest City in OGF 29 days ago

Latina is the biggest

Humorous Articles 29 days ago

my humourus version of uzkesh with uncyclopedia style i hope you enjoy it

RW Diseases on OGF? about 1 month ago

@Litvania Yes you have reason both things. I should stop. and map more Harryson and Windtown.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2 months ago

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year Too!

Faseagonland has been dead 2 months ago

@tommypoo same :/

Topography: check! 2 months ago

Looks great! but you should see more the rivers

Land for Ölle people 2 months ago

When i grow my country i like to have konsiat, now whe are 2 people who want it xD

Nevermind. if you really want a territory you should fight with blood for it, the thing that i like to say is that first you need 7 days of membership and at leat 1 edit and THERE IS A POSSIBILITY that you can get the konsiat part but only you need these 2 requeriments and as well you need to edit in blue countries, more info on FAQ and ABOUT tab.

How terrorism is in OGF? 2 months ago

@Alessa i acept you apologies

How terrorism is in OGF? 2 months ago

Oh and alessa you hav my apologies

How terrorism is in OGF? 2 months ago

So my country will be terror... Thanks to everyone!