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The Megastadium 5 days ago

I'd like to point out that not all stadiums are oval. Look at the majority of British stadiums, for example. Still, this particular stadium looks clearly unfinished.

Brennland: developing the "Alps" 13 days ago

Thank you for your answer! Hopfen habitat has a limit about 1200m high, so it should be ok there. Thanks for the feedback about A1, I'll work hard on that to make it as realistic as possible!

(Sorry if I reply in English, but I don't speak German actually; I'm using it in my map because I love it and I know its main topographic and geographical terms, especially those we use for mountain places).

New territory, new project about 1 month ago

Hi! Thanks for your message! The river that I've started drawing is set to flow southward, towards the big lake in the southern part of my territory.

Dominton 3 months ago

Thanks for your advice! I didn't know there was this list, it seems useful! I'm gonna check it!

Dominton 3 months ago

Thank you!

Dominton 3 months ago

Thank you for your feedback Marcello! I'm happy to read that I'm doing well with proportions and measurement, that's an important part of mapping indeed! I was in two minds wether to use or not real-world names. I decided to use them, but I guess that in a fictional world we should use fictional names. I'll change them next time I'll work on the map. Thank you again

Dominton 3 months ago

Thank you zhenkang!