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Feedback Requested on Beaudry Airport 13 days ago

The runway could be a bit longer

A checklist for new mappers starting a country (Inspiration and making the country) 15 days ago

I would make the Natural Features first

Maybe... Base my country in Türkçe? 17 days ago

Well basing your country on another country is nice, like my country is based on Japan.

Dear People: I wonder if you've had this feeling 21 days ago

This happened to me once. I had a country where everything was disorganized and no natural features. What I did was that I asked Admin to delete all my edits and I just started all over again.

Map of the languages of the World 25 days ago

I like the map, and I would like to tell you that my country, Freedonia, speaks Ingerish and Japanese.

One Year of Mapping about 1 month ago

I really like your country, but I think maybe change the taxiway layout at the Carran International Airport

Something Different: The History of a Square in Ostrina, Antharia about 2 months ago

Wow! I should start using sketch again! (I used it for a school project)

Mapper's Challenge #14 - October 2017 - By Air and By Sea 2 months ago



Archanta flooded yet again? 3 months ago

Yep, I belive Archanta is restored!!1

Archanta flooded yet again? 3 months ago

Oh My God!!!

Archanta is destroyed!!!

And I checked the changes by Stephenplays. I wish I could fix this but my computer does not have JOSM.

Any Amateur Astronomers around here? 3 months ago

It is by dream to become an astronomer

Weekly Word #12 4 months ago

I was wondering...

What ancient people lived in my country, Freedonia, which is a series of islands off the eastern coast of Tarephia.

Help! 4 months ago

Thank You Alessa

@admin, please answer. 4 months ago

@mstr Well HorobecHarmonia, myself, and I bet many other people what to know how to create this type of website. So shouldn't we be entitled to know how this website was created? At least a brief summary?

10th Weekly Word 4 months ago

3 day warning

10th Weekly Word 4 months ago

So the voting for the 10th weekly word has ended. So the word of the week will be ANIMALS.

You can build stuff like





Can't wait to see your creations!


10th Weekly Word 4 months ago

animals is a nice idea

Weekly Word #9 4 months ago

The station name is Xerox Station. There is a couple more subway stations to the right and there is another big station at the end of the station chain called Hampton Station.

Weekly Word #9 4 months ago

It is in my country Freedonia, in the city Xerox. Xerox is in the southern part of the most northern island

Weekly Word #9 4 months ago

i made this station... i might add in another station if that's ok