Mapper since: September 18, 2017 | Contributor terms: Accepted 30 days ago

I am the owner of Bloregia, a small artic country.

I am a new user with a strange problem. I already have a fictional country on paper that I have been creating for decades: maps, flags, language, history, train schedules, art, literature etc. This country It is too ready that it would be interesting to paste it into OGF as such. Another problem is that it is based on real geography.

So I decided to create a different country. Bloregia. I use some features from my old work, like the bloregian language and some map structures, but I will modify them and create a lot of new things, too. Let's see what it leads to!

The beautiful mapping by a previous owner in South-West Bloregia will probably be partly preserved as an autonomic county within Bloregia.