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I finally made a town! -Naophis 4 days ago

Congrats, you had a good start so far!

My hint: learn by looking at what experienced users have done. Free-to-edit areas are not the bets examples of good mapping, so go to an owned territory and zoom into some city with lots of details. Then switch to edit mode to see the tags, but do not make edits, just look. Pay special attention to scale. Then go back to your home location in the free area and try to imitate some of the things you just saw.

Users have different styles, so it may be useful to compare several cities. Level of detail vary a lot: most people skip details like house numbers, pavements etc but generally detailed work is appreciated here.

Avoid posting to User Diaries too often, it is meant for general discussion. There are also other useful ways of communicating, like the new discussion board, wiki discussion pages and private messaging. For reports on your mapping, you can start a bliki.

Happy mapping!

I can't edit 4 days ago

You mean displaying the city name on the map? Use the node tool, mark a spot on the map and tag it place=city, place=town or place=village (in ID editor you can just begin typing e.g. "town" into the search field and pick the wanted tag from the results. The name will not appear on the actual map at once, for some zoom levels it may take several ours after you have saved your edits.

Please read the tutorials with patience and just keep practicing with small detail edits.

Road Numbers: What should I do? 15 days ago

A realistic system would be consistent and inconsistent at the same time. Some RW examples from my country: In key cities some motorways are part of two ore more primary roads at the same time. Some key roads with double tracks are not classified as primary roads. Some roads have numbers but are not displayed in road signs, nor on maps, names are used in stead. Numbers start systematically from capital but some numbers are spread quite randomly throughout the country. Tertiary road numbers are usually created by adding a number to an adjacent secondary road, e.g 22 > 221. Key streets in city centres are often, not always, numbered as parts of main highways.

How states can be created? 15 days ago

Relation is a group of line segments that makes up a boundary. Each segment can be included in several boundaries on same of different levels. Read carefully the instructions.

I you practice making boundary relations, I strongly advice you start with a municipal boundary (admin_level=8) that does not tanger with international boundaries or coastlines. Then make a state (admin_level=4) to practice including the same line segments into a new boundary. Only when you understand how relations work and see them work in the wanted way, make states that tanger with international boundaries or coastlines. This way your trial-and-error learning will not affect other users' work.

Inner Borders 26 days ago

I got stuck on that for a long time myself, had to read the tutorial many times and learn through trial and error, but I finally figured it out. I can try to explain how I understand this.

First note this: A boundary is technically not an area, but a set of ways grouped in a relation.

The word "relation" can be a bit misleading. Is basically the same as a mathematical "set":

"Sets" can overlap so that some "objects" are members of two or more "sets". Applied to boundaries: Each "way" that is part of a boundary is an "object", while each "relation" that forms the boundary of an area is a "set", E.g. the entire boundary of the Norwegian region Finnmark is a "set" ("relation"). The part of it which is also a part of the Finnish-Norwegian border is a member of the set, but also a member of other sets, like Norwegian national border, Finnish national border and Finnish regional border of Lappland. So the boundary must be cut into several ways at the intersections of borders of any level mapped.

Only after understanding this comes the practical part of creating a relation. it is first created to one member object, which initially forms a "one-member set". After that, other members can pick up the same relation (=become members of the same set). In other words, a relation is only created once for each administrative area.

If you get my points so far, then look at editor-spesific instructions.

if I explained something wrong, please correct me!

Map of the languages of the World 29 days ago

I respect all efforts to make overviews of different kinds. I'm especially glad to see the aspect of languages highlighted. Sadly, I have to agree with Luciano's conclusion.

However, if we are conscious of the limitations, this may be a useful tool. Perhaps it can help users applying the same language group find each other so they can cooperate with mapping and write a common linguistic history for their countries.

My "Bloregian" doesn't fit into the groups, and there are many other languages like that. We'd have to figure out a way to represent all languages. More categories are needed, perhaps e.g. "isolates" and "other" would be useful.

The fact that the page will never be up-to-date because of constant changes is not spesific to this map but a problem for the wiki as a whole. I think any summarizing wiki page created needs dedicated updaters in order to be useful. We can not count on all new users finding all pages and updating their own features to all of them, even less to erase the information if leaving OGF.

Mapper's Challenge #15 - November 2017 - Keep Clean and Stay Pretty about 1 month ago

My entry: "Shordatt Old Sauna"

Between 1930 and 1960, dozens of public saunas where erected in Blöndel, the capital of Bloregia. These facilities served the growing number of people moving from the countryside into the city, who wanted to stick to their traditional washing rituals. The oldest one, Shordatt Old Sauna, is still functioning today. Shordatt is an area full of traditional wooden two-floor houses, of which the sauna building is one.

Shordatt Old Sauna was completely renovated in 1990. The two separate sauna buildings for men and women were connected by a new entrance corridor. The traditional pre-heatable woodburning owens where carefully restored. New, heatable wooden outdoor bathtubs were added.

A plumming system now brings the mineral rich water from the nearby well into the sauna and the tubs; earlier the water was carried into the sauna in buckets. Science has recently verified that this particular water has skin-caring ingredients that effect optimally in the traditional sauna temperature of 80 degrees celsius.

Due to well-planned branding, Shordatt Old Sauna has become a major health tourism attraction. Ninety minute's stay costs more than a night at a decent hotel, and you need to book it months in advance. Customers include well-off foreign tourists as well as average locals who come for a once-in-a lifetime experience. Adjacent facilities include a shop selling organic cosmetics based on domestic ingredients and a cafeteria serving traditional bloregian after-sauna non-alcoholic drinks.

Traditional bloregian sauna etiquette is applied strictly: no swimming suits, no fysical contact with fellow bathers, no sex talk, no alcohol, no singing. Every week, several customers breaking these rules pay a high penalty fee, but this only seems to attract more people who come to test their limits.

How Embassy Work? about 1 month ago

If you ask someone to send you a message when building an embassy, remember to provide a hyperlink in the wikitext. Not all seem to have done it, but it's not difficult, here's how: - If you want the message to OGF, type [ send me a message] - If you want the message to your wiki page, type [[User:yourusername|send me a message]]

I'd like to ask; what kind of traffic lights are in your country? about 1 month ago

In Finland, most traffic lights are vertical with grey vertical poles. Arrow lights, if used, sometimes only include green, or green and yellow as in the picture linked below. On priority streets with speed limits 60-70 km/h, a thick white surrounding line is used. Pedestrians have separate lights with picture symbol, cyclists don't. Most lights turn off in the early morning hours with little traffic. Helsinki has special unicolor lights for trams.

Unlike Finland, Bloregian lights have orange poles matching the flag color. We Finns are too careful with colors, a bit of playfulness does good for an arctic country.

Country lists and flag templates in the wiki about 1 month ago

Good points, isleño. I didn't realize that countries are constantly abandoned without proper cleanup, Surely removing false data should be priority before adding new countries to lists.

I agree new users should focus on mapping. Some help with wiki could motivate them to do exactly that. Wiki visibility can be a motivating factor for mapping. My advantage is having Wikipedia experience, but many newish users don't have that. There's a lot of talk about overwikification, but I think we should be careful not to underestimate the value of the wiki. It can be a powerful community building tool if its full potential is used.

Country lists and flag templates in the wiki about 1 month ago

Map images like the one below need updating, too - anyone who knows how and has the time and the software required, please contribute!

Looks real? about 1 month ago

The structure look too tight to me. In case of fire, residents would be in big trouble, as houses are too close to each other, no fire engine could drive on those narrow paths and the only exits are in the west. I suggest you make more space between houses and delete a few ones to make space for alternative exit routes.

What would be some possible uses for these buildings? about 1 month ago

In the wiki, the country's official name is "Königriek af Vinnmark", where "riek" supposely equals ge. "Reich" / du. "rijk" / da. "rige". If the castle be called "Rijksslot" in stead of "Rieksslot", it could be an archaic spelling of the same word ... OR a different Vinnish word meaning "royal" in stead of "land", whatever is decided. It is not unusual in RW that a word has two different meanings in nabouring languages.

What would be some possible uses for these buildings? about 1 month ago

Er... Isn't Vinnish like Danish rather than Dutch? Streets in Kongshavn är definitely Danish, and so are most place names in Vinnmark, though some are Swedish, Dutch or German-like. Intentional smashup?

What would be some possible uses for these buildings? about 1 month ago

Hello adminero_us, nice to hear from you!

As this is a question that concerns a very limited number of users - namely us who share interest in this unofficial collaboration project of mapping Vinnmark - I think the most suitable place for this discussion is not the user diaries, but the wiki, more spesificly the following page:,_Vinnmark

Cheers, LemonKing

¿No anthems in the wiki? about 2 months ago

I can help compose anthems if needed, but I agree it's not first priority. Mapping first, then history, culture and international relations, anthem is a cherry on the top. On the other hand, a realistic anthem doesn't necessarily reflect deep cultural currants, few feal ones do.

Please some advice. 2 months ago

Some right angles might be a god idea for this city; the street plan looks quite medieval and unstructured. City areas built from 19th century onward are usually more or less based on parallell lines and right angles.

If I were you, I would also make a river flow through the centre of the city and map nearby streets to follow its curves. Most cities are founded near some kind of waterways, they were essential in old days when roads were bad or non-existent.

Happy mapping!

North West Uletha Union? 2 months ago

I'm particulary fascinated by the Idea of using each users different expertise for developping the history of the area. Take me for example, I don't know so much about economy or technology, but I know a great deal about languages, religion, music and arts. So I could contribute to creating a credible mixture of mythologies and philosophies which have shaped the NW-Ulethan cultures to their present form. That is, if I can take the time for such an ambitious project.

North West Uletha Union? 2 months ago

As a newcomer, I would be happy to join NWUU with Bloregia.

I noticed that a somewhat EU-like organisation already exists on the fictional level: Vinnic Economic Community (VEC).

If NWUU is to remain merely a backround community for users, this should be emphasized to avoid misunderstandings. If, on the other hand, NWUU also exists in the fictional world, its relation to VEC should be discussed. In any case, the history already developped on VEC discussion page should obviously be paid attention to: