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Public competition 2 months ago

No problem, as I said I love doing this kind of stuff. I am happy my design serves as a basis. Good Luck!

Public competition 2 months ago

I tried, here is the proposal.

Public competition 2 months ago

I like to design infrastructure. I am enthusiastic to help, but I need to know if a paper drawing is okay for you as I am currently away from my computer for a while.



New country Bloregia 2 months ago


You should be happy as you are part of a minority who come here and start mapping eye-candy as soon as they join. Blöndel looks very nice so far! The rails especially, though you could sort this out especially.



Capitalia 2 months ago

Well this website is really about being

New country: Sahrani (Official name: Sahrani Democratic republic) 2 months ago

I think that you basically said "screw realism" in this post. SEE THIS BEFORE DOING ANYTHING TO ANY COUNTRY.

Capitalia 2 months ago

Are you sire that name is appropriate? No state would realistically be named after their related ideology. Maybe try coming up with a unique culture from which a name could be derived? For example, Litvania comes from the ancient Syrillangan word Lid (Lyd), which means "peoples". Historically, Litvanians were called "Lidvanye", so the name was eventually adopted for the country.

Seriously, try to be unique and creative, don't be too obvious, that's not a positive trait.



Annum 2 months ago

@zhenkang @Luciano Thanks you very much guys! I appreciate the questions! Also, I didn't even know that you made those diary entries.

New Wiki Version? 3 months ago

@RustemPasha Ah, I see, Thanks.

We are now on Wikipedia! 3 months ago

I have restarted it anyway, I think i can provide sufficient coverage of the topic in the near future. I added some good references.

Weekly Word; Pheonix Edition 3 months ago

My entry for the challenge is Rybáčkovo, a small neighbourhood on the northern bank of the Lorava river which; back in the 1400's, used to be a thriving small community of rich individuals because of the port. Portová street used to be a key for the ships to stay on, before the bridge was built. Now it is a popular meeting spot and walk promenade for tourists, and has lots of restaurants, bars, shops etc... There's even a small marina!

My word suggestion is-




Views and animations of the Planet 4 months ago

Very Nice! I hope to see this go further with more detail and accuracy!



10th Weekly Word 4 months ago


New country 4 months ago

Hello there! I am extremely happy to see our region gain interest with others! I'm Michal, the owner of Litvania, and I welcome to you to OGF. It's great to see that the egailian region is now full of active nations to collaborate with.

I like your language, and i would like to ask if you are an avid paper map drawer as well;)

Anyways I hope that you stay active and we can collaborate on any Water connections (finally, only was a dream of mine to make some water connections across the egailian lake!)

Happy mapping, and feel free to contact me for any questions!


new country 5 months ago

Welcome! Id like to ask what city you are from in Switzerland as i also live there, in Geneva;)

My advice is to come up with an original idea for a country and not map another USA cloneville knockoff with lots of motorways and massive megapolis cities mapped in iD. Nurture your mapping skill and technique and dont care what people say as well(Of course please keep up to the scaling and JOSM standards). People say my buildings look weird, but thats just how they look in OSM, and pefrectly strait buildings paralell to their street just dont look natural.

Fressland, Norkolnia, Touhou, and a farewell... for now. 6 months ago


Naming streets 6 months ago

You can have Andrej Úhorek as a minor Litvanian composer.

Back? 7 months ago

Glad you're back! Litvania would still be interested in diplomatic relations with Řots, and maybe an exchange of embassies. (Dont worry, i dont map massive villas for every country.)


Old Town of Loravia 7 months ago

@Ūdilugbulgihū thanks! I dont understand why people have a problem with the buildings, as most old towns i have seen on OSM have similar ones. Just take a look at Bratislava or even Prague.

Most realistic forest? 7 months ago

It actually very nice! Well done! I havent seen any mountains mapped like that yet.