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Trouble with an OSM file about 8 hours ago

Long ago, I gave up saving .OSM files for more than a single online editing session. Every frustrating or annoying or mysterious problem I have had with JOSM has been due to trying to save and re-edit saved sessions and .OSM files.

Every time I want to upload a changeset, I start with a clean downloaded dataset. I download where I want to work, and save a .OSM file and I call this a working file. I do my editing and then I "throw it away" after I've uploaded the changeset (or changesets, for a longer/larger editing session).

I don't know if that is the cause of your problem, but I'm guessing.

As @eklas said, JOSM also behaves strangely when you have large datasets. Sometimes this is unavoidable, but for the most part I try to keep my datasets under 100000 objects.

It is very annoying when these things occur. In my first year with JOSM, I lost many hours of map work because of strange problems, because I kept trying to save and reopen the same .OSM files over multiple days. Even diligently trying to use the "Update" functions, it doesn't seem very reliable or complete. Conflicts and strange errors can occur. So I have found it's just easier to pretend JOSM can't "remember" between editing sessions - in essence, I use it as if it were online, even though it's offline.

So how is it possible to do brainstorming and long-term planning? Layers! Layers! Layers. I have as many as 10 layers in an active session. 9 of those are "never for upload" - they're essentially scratchpads where I work out ideas and brainstorm and keep various objects-in-progress (rivers, contours, streets, whatever). Then I have one layer which is my current "working file" which is a fresh downloaded snapshot of where I want to put my work. I do copy-pastes from my scratchpads to my working file, and upload that.

I am really new and don't know how to make cities and territories and stuff like that about 15 hours ago

Welcome to OGF.

Try reading the About page:

or FAQ:

Mapper's Challenge #16 - December 2017 - Power! Unlimited Power! 1 day ago

@dono87 & @Leowezy ... I used to live within walking distance of one of two of South Korea's main nuclear facilities. You go over the hill, and there is, one of the largest in the world, in terms of generating capacity, apparently. And it's sitting on landfill, at the sea, a smallish fishing and farming town. You could swear you could almost see China in the hazy distance sometimes, across the Yellow Sea. It seemed quite oddly placed - almost as if the South Koreans had thought: "let's put it somewhere such that if it blows, the Chinese mostly have to deal with it."

I decided to record the work I've done on Tárrases' electric grid to a page in my Sandbox. I actually have done quite a bit - to the point that I consider it more than 50% complete. Here:

New stats: Ideas 17 days ago

Right now, we actually need FEWER lists, not more. What we need is for people with technical skill to work out ways to create consolidated ways to store this data and present it in the wiki in a unified way.

If I had more time and slightly different priorities, I'd probably go around systematically REMOVING my countries from the existing lists. Just making a bunch of lists is not scalable, and as others have pointed out, will lead to frustration for everyone, as countries change, users join and users leave.

Is there an OGF equivalent of Greek Life? 21 days ago

You know, bear in mind that what's called "Greek Life" in the US has almost ZERO to do with Greek culture or even Greek language (except for those letters). So it could just be called something like "Fraternal / Sororal Organizations" and dispense with the word "Greek." Then it's fully generic and you can develop it in any way you want. And there are Fraternal organizations that don't have Greek letters, even in the US - e.g. "Farmhouse International" or "Triangle." So just come up with some interesting or thematic naming scheme and go for it.

CONTINENT FLOODING! in Gobrassanya 21 days ago

Thank you @wangi. User has been blocked. Next violation -> permanent ban.

Map of the languages of the World 24 days ago

Languages rarely respect borders. People don't realize that. Very few national boundaries are clearly discernable on a truly accurate language map.

My dream would a language map for OGF in the vein of a map like this: link to image:

But most people don't understand human language diversity well enough to even think about it clearly, much less map it with any degree of accuracy.

Look at this interesting map of Aboriginal Australian Language (a country that we all like to think of as simply "English Speaking"): link to image:

The above is not even counting the remarkable diversity of immigrant communities - there are Chinese, Koreans, Greeks, South Africans (Afrikaans), etc.

Here is a revealing map of China: link to image:

Map of the languages of the World 24 days ago

I dislike this for multiple reasons.

  • It's linguistically naive, as eklas observes, vis-a-vis language groups/families.

  • It leaves out ALL the world's conlangs. Why? Was this done intentionally? If so, it seems unfair to those mappers who have put so much creative effort into making unique and interesting languages for their countries.

  • What about minority languages in various regions? And how can that be represented?

  • The size of the circles is misleading. One could get the impression that the largest group of language speakers were in Nordurland. I doubt that's true or even plausible - circle size should correlate somehow with language-speaking population, not just with territory sizes or simply, apparently, random.

  • It's brand new yet it's already out-of-date: e.g. Forrintie no longer exists. This will be a recurring problem.

In summary, I appreciate the interest and effort, but we have a very long road ahead if we want something useful, accurate and that doesn't end up misrepresenting our world.

Routemap in wiki? 29 days ago

I had made this page, a long time ago:

It uses a similar set of templates taken from Italian or Spanish wikipedia (I think - I don't really remember).

Note that since I am redesigning my capital, this page is obsolete and will need to be redesigned once the new routing for the various metro lines is worked out.

Updating Josm about 1 month ago

I have no idea what problem you're seeing, exactly. But, try this.

Click this:

Now, that will save a .exe onto your computer. Find that file and double-click. That should install JOSM. It's how I do it for Windows.

Images about 1 month ago

You need to have the image out somewhere else (on the wiki, an image hosting service (e.g. imgur, as below). Then you put a link to it in the following format, and it will show up embedded.

So adding this code to your "markdown"

![climate map](

... will produce this result

climate map

Gutting out Markvað and starting all over about 1 month ago

I also recently deleted my capital city, Villa Constitución. I understand that feeling of reaching a point where you just don't know how to correct earlier mistakes and want to start over. For me, I had made the same mistake so many new mappers in OGF make: I'd started with the streets as if that were the skeleton of the city, and adding in the water and topo features later seemed impossible. I highly recommend starting with the natural parts if you're starting over! I'm close to being ready to upload some streams and the Río Hierro (northern boundary of the city). Contours are well in progress, too.

An introduction to me (and the country town of Pantalis) about 1 month ago

OGF needs more new mappers of this caliber - and Mecyna, as a "blue territory," desperately needs this kind of careful attention to detail. I will second Marcello's welcome.

Week One + 1 day about 1 month ago

Call me very impressed! You are possibly the first mapper ever on OGF to use JOSM effectively to resolve a scaling issue in such a short time. It took me a year to learn what you've figured out in a week + 1 day. Awesome.

I look forward to seeing what's next.

That said, I will nevertheless second zhenkang - probably best not to use the User Diaries as if they were your diary - the name is a bit misleading, and the hope is it isn't flooded with everyone's day-to-day observations and tribulations.

Week One about 2 months ago

Same scale comparison:

Road Names about 2 months ago

Perhaps someone might find this useful, but I don't feel the User Diaries is the right place for it. Put it in your sandbox on the wiki, please:

Midistland OUTRAGEOUS trunk road system about 2 months ago

I enjoy downgrading motorways to footpaths in abandoned territories. Something of the "avenging angel" in my personality.

Have fun, I fully support.

¿No anthems in the wiki? about 2 months ago

I will only say... so, you think there should be anthems? Then make anthems. Nothing is stopping you. But there is no need to complain about what other people choose to work on.

I have no musical talent, but I published the lyrics for one of my countries' anthem.

The the point about overwikification is valid. Focus on the map first. Your current mapping skill looks about the same as my musical skill.

If the map is boring or frustrating to you and you just want to build an imaginary wiki, then you are on the wrong website, and there are other sites that would be better for you.

Uletha - a bit of "real life" continent name history about 2 months ago

I like knowing things like this. It's a kind of "out-of-world" etymology: metaetymology. Someday, when we have a real forum up and running, I'd like to have a thread about "where did your geofictional names come from?"

Thanks for sharing this.

Verisimilitude on a global level: on the ever-growing number of small States about 2 months ago

@martinum4 - actually, my own work with databases in the past makes me think that it shouldn't be such an issue. But Thilo has repeatedly expressed concerns about the issue of OGF Attic data - I think because it's Geofiction, and not reality, we probably as a whole community generate a great deal more attic data than the real world equivalent - unlike the real world, we are allowed to keep changing our minds about things (such the locations of countries!) while this simply cannot happen in OSM. Attic data in OSM is mostly generated through stepwise refinement of mapped features, or occasionally revisions to meet newly established standards.

So although our overall dataset is much smaller than OSM, it is entirely conceivable to me that our "Attic" is in fact larger, already. I'm just speculating, but that's how I would guess. Thilo has mentioned the possibility of "truncating" the history through some means - essentially "cleaning the Attic." One simplistic approach would be to simply "copy-paste" the current OGF world into a new instance, so-to-speak. This could work if space is becoming an issue, but we would lose the history information attached to individual objects.

@Thunderbird - there have been many offers to help pay for OGF. Thilo's generosity, in this respect, remains unwavering. In fact, I don't think money is an issue for him, as far as I can tell. The problem is time. I suppose the whole project could move in the direction of hiring actual employees, and then using donations to pay their salaries. That would be a giant step, but one I suspect Thilo is reluctant to take. It requires changing OGF from a hobby to a business (if still a not-for-profit business, but nevertheless, there's a lot of complications and hassles attached to it).