Axian History

Posted by Portopolis on 7 June 2017 in English (English)

So I've been thinking, with regions across the world like the Middle east, The West or Western Europe, East Africa/West Africa, Sub-saharan Africa, Central America, East Asia, Central Asia, SE Asia etcetera which all share a few cultural, racial or religious similarities. Why can't there be an Axian identity? My idea was to create an Axian bliki or some sort of history page, were Axians and nearby countries could discuss history, collaboration and everything possible related to Axia. I have already gotten positive feedback from the majority of the Peninsula (still haven gotten two replies), and thus I'm going ahead with my idea.

The reason for this User Diary is to involve non-Axian nations, as in most regions, their were likely outside influences to Axian history, things like Khaiwoonese trading, and Commonia's close location as well as Belphenia's similar language origin and location could all tie into Axian history. As the User Diaries sees a lot more eyes than the wiki does, and I feel anyone in the community could contribute ideas or info that could help us truly get a cohesive history going.

My main inspirations for this was Luciano- as he posted one thing he thought likely impossible was a "world history", and I took that as a challenge. Who knows if history can be at least cohesive regionally we can eventually get the entire world connected. I was also inspired by the collaboration between Paroy and Mallorjhe.

While this might lead to more in depth/heated discussion and almost likely to lead to overwikification. The main and core purpose as Leowozy roughly stated:

  • A shared history between our region, specifically, Ancient peoples, migrations, empires and how our nations became "Industrialized", as clearly NW/Central Uletha is the origin of Industrialization similar to real world England and later Western Europe.

Also a clarification on shared identity, I don't mean the Axian peninsula having the exact same cultures but instead traits that developed from History that apply to most/all Axian countries. Like for example, a proliferation of railways in our nations could be attributed roughly to the time that Rail came to most Axian countries and a rejection of the car as a vehicle of transport, or a business lingua franca between Axian nations that is unique to the Peninsula. A current example of nations which have a "shared identity' as I describe it, is how both Zylanda and Latina classify people of foreign backgrounds as "strangers", something as subtle as that could tie into "Shared Identity".

Comment from zhenkang on 7 June 2017 at 09:49

Well, it is possible, but that if people are willing to coperate. Some ppl don't.

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Comment from zhenkang on 7 June 2017 at 09:52

Anyway, I will also like to as my country is slightly Axian-like as my country Singkangia is a honeypot of Southeast asia. If you want a middle east equivalent look at Mazan, now UL137.

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