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Mysterious monarchy about 1 hour ago

The_Cute_Chick mentions something that I haven't sufficiently elaborated yet: how do the royals and the other members of the higher mobility live? Actually I don't think that many of them are rich anymore at all, but they have been brainwashed by the Codex in such a thorough manner from the day they were born that many of them can't bring themselves to do anything about it. Many castles and estates that are still used by the nobility will be in dire need of maintenance and I can imagine that outsiders who enter these places may encounter unpleasant situations and even potential health hazards.

Some nastier cases (families that aren't close to the royal family) could be: without the lack of servants (if the nobility doesn't have money, servants won't stay; they weren't raised by the Codex so they still have minds of their own) those castles may not be very clean anymore, clothes may be so old that moths have partially eaten them, and I imagine families sitting around an empty table at dinner time, after which they escape by e.g. eating apples from their gardens, after which the head of the family has to punish them for breaking the order of the Codex. Some families may have died out years or decades ago without anybody noticing.

In the circles around the royal family the situation is better though: the reigning monarch and his household receive funding by the state (you may very well ask why, since they aren't doing anything useful for the state, but it was decided like this almost two hundred years ago) so they are able to pay servants, so the royal palace and estate will be in better shape than the castles described above.

Despite the fact that the royal family of Řots isn't very accessible to the public, it has mostly a symbolic function as the family that unites the country with the Four Gods (the formal way to address the King or Queen is "His/Her Most Serene and August Majesty [name], Lord/Lady and King/Queen of the Lands of Řots and Emissary of the Four Gods" ("Azāts Pereebredāgēp ken Perdēre [name], Řosu Prusu Tsārřōn/Tsārřevat ken Urat/Urga ken Nola Nu Tsōřts"). Their inaccessibility only adds to the mystery. They don't bother the rest of the country or their people, and they are certainly not a threat to them. I guess that if Řots decided to proclaim the republic, they just have to send a note to the King that state funding will stop and that the prime minister won't come to visit anymore, and that will be it. A large majority of the people doesn't want to abolish the monarchy though.

This tough story may need to be thought through more thoroughly though, so I will get back on this :)

((Sidenote : Interesting (and somewhat annoying) that with some people upon the mere mention of 'king' or 'royal' words like 'overthrow' or even 'guillotine' are never far away and seem to be the only logical course of events in the future; even some hardcore pacifists who are normally against capital punishment suddenly let go all their principles and favour the beheading of kings. This is not an accusation btw, merely an observation.

In the constitutional monarchies on earth, royals are not dictators or oppressors however; in Sweden they even have no political power at all, they are just a symbolical figurehead like elected ceremonial presidents (cf. Germany or Italy) but with more history and connection to the entire country and its people and culture than only to the 56% or so who voted for them. The real political power is invested in parliament and the government who are democratically elected on a regular basis. In a way, you could say that by describing the royal family and its role in the constitution and other laws approved by parliament, instead of one person an entire family has been democratically elected as the head of state, an election that is reconfirmed with each modification of the constitution or other laws that are passed regarding the royal family.

Whether it is morally okay to have an individual inherit a country's top job from birth without them having much say in it is a different story, but they are of course financially well compensated for that. Does that make it okay? Maybe; maybe not. But in European monarchies it seems to work so far and if these countries decide tomorrow that they would prefer having an elected president instead of a royal family, this can be done by changing the constitution instead of sending angry mobs with pitch forks and torches through the gates of the palace. In that case of course it would be fair to announce it to the royals reasonably in advance, so that they can prepare to find other jobs.))

Capital works 3 months ago

@ADB52, thanks! But I'll also have to find out where exactly I left it :) Last time I looked for it, it was not at in the folder that I found the most logical place at that moment to store it, so I need some time to locate it as well. If needs be, I have to ask the original author to send me another version. The document is not that large btw; some three or four pages (including example images).

Capital works 3 months ago

@Alejandro24 (and also acubens71, whom I already replied via PM):

I took two maps as a basis and imported them into Inkscape:

  • the OGF map (for which I had to put together several images in the right zoom level in order to have enough details shown on the map)
  • the basic altitude map that I made in Paint based on the original Neo Deltan one.

Then it was just drawing over all the elements. I created different layers for everything (altitude lines, borders, rivers, lakes, road elements, place symbols etc.) so in theory I can create different maps from the same document, e.g. a map without the altitude but with political colours for each country, or both. (The map is a work in progress though, for the example of the political colours hasn't been added yet.)

I have a simple instruction to design maps with Inkscape somewhere, but it's in Dutch, so translating it may take some time (of which I don't have a lot at the moment). If a lot of you are interested, I could reserve time for it.

Unity in Diversity - the UAC (Ulethan Alliance for Culture) 3 months ago

Can Wyster join UAC? No need to backdate it; Wyster is happy to join first thing in 2018 :)

¿No anthems in the wiki? 4 months ago

I usually avoid writing national anthems as the people of my countries tend to speak languages that I don't speak myself, so it's a bit complicated to write poetry in them (when I say poetry, I mean 'anything that rhymes'). The last time that I wrote one was around 20 years ago, so following Jesus Antonio's remark I made a (very tiny) attempt for the national anthem of Řots. It's only the refrain and I'm doubtful that the seventeen verses that I described will ever see the light of day :-) I'll try to add a score if I manage to finish it.

Farmland disappearing 7 months ago

The first attempt was successful, but the second one keeps stranding in step 3: level0. When I select the file that it should import, the fil mysteriously disappears after which level0 ask "add what?"...

Farmland disappearing 7 months ago

Same here. I guess I'll try that level 0 editor too :)

Weekly Word #3 8 months ago

My first thought was of a Vilī Vokkā Las Soklududa (Vili Vokka's Chocolate Factory) in Řots, but that would be weird. A chocolate factory an sich however...

Naming streets 9 months ago

Thanks! He has been added.

Naming streets 9 months ago

Nice! I meant however worldwide famous people. Apart from the occasional Wystrian composer or scientist (or whatever profession) my intention is to name streets after generally famous people. I guess there is e.g. a W.A. Mozart street or a Ludwig van Beethoven or a Newton or an Einstein street in every odd town on earth (at least in Western Europe). Such people don't really exist/haven't been defined yet in the OGF world.

Regarding Glaster in Searpeg there are some streets named after Glastian towns - in their Wystrian translation though:

  • Deacet = Decton
  • Elsenc = Ellmouth
  • Coog Gast = Isle of Bovier
  • Giist = Bovier
  • Mylcet = Melton
  • Rycet = Reyston
  • Sceuthbidh = Scotwood
  • Wyndym = Wyndham
Naming streets 9 months ago

I think Lindentree was a AoN secretary general or something; that earns her the right of at least one street :)

For a hoboist it is perfectly plausible that she is also a composer: there are (at least on our earth) not many who write for this instrument (apart from where oboes are used in ensembles or orchestras) so if she has only a few outstanding works this could quickly let her earn international fame!

Weird, exotic names 9 months ago

Check Řots and Wyster :)

Back? 9 months ago

That is certainly discussable. What do you propose? (Better to PM me for that)

Rasmus Rasmusson

Back? 9 months ago

@ BMSOUZA: That sounds hectic, but being married and getting a new job must have been nice, I hope! My work had some bad moments, which - although I didn't face the risk of being fired - made me wonder what my place and use were there, but that got all talked out (I think) and now we moved office, which has given my colleagues and me the chance to focus on a new common enemy: the internet provider (or rather: the organisation that does everything but provide us with a working internet connection) :D

Back? 9 months ago

@ Litvania: Thanks! Seeing as Litvania is not a very large country on another continent than Řots, size in the city centre of Nekkar is most likely to extend vertically instead of horizontally anyway. You can either choose a location yourself or let me do it.

My only restriction is that embassies should be located within the First Ring of Nekkar, which is in relative proximity of the Řots parliament~ and government buildings (but as the FRN extends to the north, the Reedu Krak ('Creation Street') may serve as a second inward boundary), but outside the historical city centre. Until now the number of embassies hasn't exceeded the number that requires me to review this policy, so you can 'go your gang', as the Dutch say :)

@ Yuanls : No problem. For urgent questions you could always have sent me a PM, but I recognise tiny Wyster's lack of relevancy as you do with Glaster's, so if I have time in the next couple of time units, I will try to read up and in case of serious concern, make Wyster's voice heard :)

Did something change? about 1 year ago

Interesting; does this mean that the size of the dot will adapt if you add information about the number of people living in cities? That would actually be useful (at least to me)!

Calling for Embassies! over 1 year ago

Řots may be interested in diplomatic relations. See this page on the wiki ^_^

I haven't elaborated the relations of my other country Wyster yet, but the EUOIA embassy can take care of that.

'Montran' in various languages almost 2 years ago

I have to think about this for Řotsnan; on first sight it fits, but there may be too many consecutive consonants..

Follow-up - Luciano's Mapper's Challenge #1 - April, 2016 almost 2 years ago

I think I actually didn't map any (new) street of any kind (including railways) in April, although I may have modified two or three. I mainly focused on natural items in the south-eastern part of Řots, between the city of Kiřtemon and the Neo Deltan border, but I also added a few 'social' buildings in Kiřtemon (theaters, police stations, banks, ...).

On the way, I discovered two road tracks that needed improvement: a connection between two villages (Kasterets and Gernet) near the Neo Deltan Border was missing, and Ertevan, despite being designated as a town, was only accessible by minor roads so far. Considering April finished on 1 May (I may not have been far from the truth), I immediately added said connections/improvements, which made me wonder if I'm some kind of road-addicted street-a-holic or something like that..

Making an elevation map... almost 2 years ago

Yes, one can. See e.g. the elevation maps of Neo Delta and my own country Řots on the wiki. Uploading guidelines should be present in the FAQ. If you need more help, you can send me a private message.