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Luciano's Mapper's Challenge #1 - April, 2016 almost 2 years ago

So far I could pass for the advanced challenge this months, unless some field ways are counted as "cheating" and the alteration of an (only one! I swear!) existing road is not counted as creating new roads. But I like this challenge and I will try to keep up until Labour Eve :)

Religion almost 2 years ago

Religion normally doesn't interest me much both in the fictional and the real world (I couldn't care less if our reality was created by a bearded lady or the accidental byproduct of a devine school project), but for my fictonal countries mostly I try to come up with someting new. For Řots there's a tetratheism and for Wyster... it will come one day :)

Women on OGF almost 2 years ago

In the Dutch Geofiction Association (Genootschap voor Geofictie) the majority of members since its foundation in 1984 have been men; although there have been a few female members over the years, I'd say never more than 5%...

Video conference - update almost 2 years ago

I agree, although it was a little bit chaotic (various subjects at the same time so that it wasn't always clear (at least to me) who was reponding to who), but it was only the first time. Overall I'd say that it's worth repeating.

Eastern Ulethan Organisation of Independent Allies almost 2 years ago

If you do, please take it here ;)

Consulates and cultural centres about 2 years ago

I would settle for at least a library dedicated to the Řotsnan language. Since Řots is the only country where Řotsnan is spoken however (at least so far), it may very well be the only Řotsnan library (outside Řots) in the world - i.e. it wouldn't have a similar status as e.g. a librairie française or a libreria italiana or an English bookshop that I encountered in several cities in Europe.

Consulates are also discussable. For both the library and a consulate I let you decide where exactly it may be situated. They may even be in the same building. Depending on whether it's a prominent or avoidable location, the building may vary from big, bright and modern to old, crooked and dusty :)

For my other country Wyster I haven't established neither diplomatic nor cultural relations yet.

Video conference - update about 2 years ago

Me too. Hangouts I know not, but willing to explore.

Birds in towns about 2 years ago

I like parks and birds (also abstract ones like those of Olivier Messiaen), but I'm not sure if e.g. Nekkar (Řots) is parky enough..

Video conference about 2 years ago

Sounds interesting! I'm in GMT +1 (Lëtzebuerg / Luxembourg). In another geofiction project (a fictional earth organisation called FICT) we managed to hold skype meetings with participants in Luxembourg, Sweden, São Paulo, and Canberra, so it's doable :)

AN150k: construction of a geography -part 1.6. about 2 years ago

I agree; Slartibartfast couldn't have done a better job :)

World War(s) about 2 years ago

Ūdilugbulgidħū wrote: "As most? contemporary countries in OGF are democratic, the defeated parties are likely to have been non-democratic."

Wouldn't it be interesting to have an "evil democracy", i.e. a majority of a people (not only their leaders) that has i.e. long thought of themselves to be better than everyone else, who continue to vote and are completely aware for whom they vote, even if the outside world keeps criticising their opinion (but who cares about the outside world anyway), and who completely agree that their country should show agression to manifest its authority to the world.

No dictatorship needed, as the elected government simply does what the people asked them to do. The larger part of the minority is used to their compatriots' opinions, so they shrug it away, and only a small part thinks that it's all wrong and that the people should change.

And: "maybe we could do a list of countries that have the potential to be 'baddies' - and work from this list to develop a power block or 'axis'"

Yes, that's a good idea.

I imagine however that there could be participants who aren't willing to take part in this set-up and whose countries could be clumsily situated between two warring nations. There are of course neutral states, but both WW-1 and WW-2 showed that neutrality is easily ignored if that's strategically preferable*. Since we cannot force those participants to participate, we will have to find another solution for this.

*(but as far as we know, these countries didn't have geoficticians to protect them and/or if they had, the rules of their Earth project may have been different than the OGF rules ;) )

World War(s) about 2 years ago

I have no problem adding a few really dark pages to the history of my country Řots in Southern Archanta (my other country Wyster (Eastern Uletha) is probably too small to have the desired effect, although it could be a minor ally to an axe of evil). Problems:

  • Řots is very remote. Conquering will probably be limited to the western part of the Astrasian subcontinent only - or maybe if the Řots marine is/was sufficiently strong (Řots as some early modern OGF southern hemisphere viking variant), it could have tried to conquer Mahhal and other coastal areas in the vicinity, but why would it take that trouble?
  • Řots is/was culturally very isolated with a language and a religion that don't really connect with those of neighbouring countries. Cultural allies would be very difficult to find in that region, but it could work if there is/are (an)other country/ies in that area that claim(s) to represent indigenous people of Astrasia (assuming that the English/Dutch/Portuguese/etc speaking peoples all came from abroad, which remains to be confirmed) and that wanted the invaders kicked out. (But íf Řots would get a nasty role in this, I think a reaction to foreign invaders would probably the most likely reason for Řots to be agressive)
World War(s) about 2 years ago

A nice idea to fill up history and perhaps to give some inspiration to a lot of participants at once to add certain elements to the histories of their countries that could last a longer period than the war itself (cause+effect: what caused a country to participate, what happened when peace broke out, etc.). The same could be done for e.g. plagues, natural disasters etc.

I only wonder if it will be a real world war or if only continental wars are possible. The fact that our entire real world was involved in WW-1 & -2 was that the main powers 'possessed' large parts of the rest of the world. Although some countries have been colonised in OGF, there is less structure and/or logic behind it. There have to be at least two disagreeing powers that are strong enough (with their possessions and allies) to engage in such a war and take the rest with them.

But the quest is simple: figure out which countries were colonised by which powers in the 1950s and see if the situation is suitable for a good story; if not, take another era.

Troie about 2 years ago

Very nice indeed! Would you be interested in exchanging diplomatic relations between Brocéliande and Řots?

Struggles with coastline updating about 2 years ago

It is; see Luciano's comment in the diary entry "Broken Coastline" (17/12). Admin's advice is to work on non-coastline-related item for the time being. On the other hand, since the changes are shown in the editing programs, it may still be possible to work on coastline-related items, but it will take some time for the changes to show on the map.

For some reason yesterday's flooding of Uletha and Archanta was updated on the map though, and many pending changes I made on my island nation on Wyster were suddenly visible...

Expanding the Universe about 2 years ago

That could work; so then we would have to name seven planets and one dubious half-planet, as well as copious amounts of moons for several planets (or let everyone decide for him/herself if the original names are copied or not).

Expanding the Universe about 2 years ago

I'm not sure if we would need one general name for the planet. Our earth doesn't have one name either; unless you count 'earth', which is however different in all our languages. Something like 'Vulcan' or 'Cardassia' in Star Trek sounds like one culture (from the outside) has named it, and I would not really like that for this planet

I would however favour names of other planets; after all, there are streets that need to be named :)

Great North Sea about 2 years ago

I don't think I would necessarily agree: in the real world there are 'boringly named seas' as well e.g. the North Sea, which is called Vesterhavet (West Sea) in Danish, if I'm not mistaken, so this is just a practical name based on direction/location. Moreover, a sea can be named differently in each language. You can name the Great North Sea 'Great South Sea' :)

Integrating the Kojolese language... about 2 years ago

Or actually, it may not be difficult to create a common ancestor of an Armenian-Japanese hybrid, but developing a substantial offspring may take some time, so you'll need some fellow participants that would like to participate in such a project :)

Integrating the Kojolese language... about 2 years ago

Armenian is an Indo-European language and therefore (very roughly) as closely related to English as e.g. Russian or Greek. Japanese isn't. It is of course possible to create a hybrid, but then it would be very complicated to base an entire language family on it.

Secondly, it is not necessary per se that related languages sound alike. Sound shifts and other developments can create a lot of differences between languages that have descended from the same ancestor. If you want a Korean-like language, Koreans don't have to be anle to understand it :)