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Flooded! 5 months ago

Somebody messed with the coastline, that's the issue.

Embassy Space avaliable in Pasalia 9 months ago

Gladly built an embassy in Pasalia ;) If you want you can build one in Bashkim, Draco's capital.

These are the coordinates:

Embassies 12 months ago

I've built an embassy in Odessa, next to Dawn Lane. Thanks!

Embassies 12 months ago

Thank you! I'll be building the embassies any time now :)

Embassies 12 months ago

Thanks! I had forgotten about the wiki article.

Hi everyone over 1 year ago

Thanks! I'll take your advice :)

Foreign company needed for my mall about 2 years ago

If you like you can use Dracal Coffee Shop ;)

Draco's international affairs over 2 years ago

I'm really interested. I will send a message.

Draco's international affairs over 2 years ago

There is now a Draconian Embassy in Quentinsburgh. The flight between Quentinsburgh and Draco DC is a must! :) FreedemiAir and DRC Airlines may go over their horizons (if you accept).

At the moment I'm looking for the perfect spot to place embassies of other nations in Draco DC.

International Council on Solar Energy (ICSE) over 2 years ago

Draco Nation is willing to take part in ICSE as the use of alternative energies has become essential in order to mantain an ecological balance in the country.

Would like to know something over 2 years ago

I now have a piece of land of my own :) Draco Nation on the following coordinates:

Latitude: 18.7997 Longitude: 31.9496

Right now I'm editing the landscape.

Would like to know something over 2 years ago

Looking at those cities there's only one thing I can say... Wow! By far better than what I've done!

Would like to know something over 2 years ago

Thanks so much for the feedback! I was thinking of having a small and centralized nation, focused mainly on the production of electronics and agriculture so it seems I have to find the perfect spot.

Would like to know something over 2 years ago

:) Here it is, a little unnatural/unrealistic at first, but as the city grew I kinda see the new zones more realistic and detailed. It's great to know others' opinions on the matter!