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Mapper's Challenge #16 - December 2017 - Power! Unlimited Power! 3 days ago

@Luciano, I think they were more afraid of North Korea than China, because even if China ever attack South Korea, they would not turn it into radioactive ash land. Kim may try to do it every moment, because he does not take decisions using logic of the rest of the world, he thinks only about his ideology not economy.

What is more important when we put the nuclear power plant is the number of people in the zone of evacuation. Example of Chernobyl and Prypeć ilustrates this problem. About 50k people had to be evacuated but the evacuation zone had a radius of only 30 kilometres, so for security reasons it would be logical to put a nuclear power plant from 30 ro 50 kilometres away from major cities despite energy loses due transportation.

Road Numbers: What should I do? 12 days ago

Road numbers evolve with the grid development so defintely it wouldn't be a fully consistent system, where for example roads in capital are numbered from 1 to 10. It is because when we settled our system some roads didn't exist or have other class. For example even if you decide to start the system with low numbers in capital and number all your primary roads from 1 to 67, when you build a bypass around the capitaj you can give the new road number 68 or higher.

The only thing that can be established in the road system is coding the direction (north/south and east/west) by number, for example you can use odd numbers for north/south roads and even numbers for east west.

Maybe... Base my country in Türkçe? 18 days ago

Personally I would suggest you to think some time about what you want to map because it seems you change your mind every few days. Of course it is not dissalowed but if you want to create interesting country you should know what you want to map in a long period. Anyway I don't know do you can speak turkish but I want to admit it is really bad idea to map a country in language you completely don't understand.

Pathfinding/Directions Issues about 1 month ago

Navigatin tool seems to be not actualized by more than a month so if the highway was built after the day of last actualization it shouldn't be visible although everything is OK with roads. I hope it would calm you down a bit.

Telegram about 1 month ago

I am kind of dinosaur here, because I in chatting I am stuck with IRC but I do not think we need something like that. Problem with all chat rooms is that in common room everyone talks about everything and gaining consensus even in simple things is difficult. Usually right belongs to ones who can write fast. In multinational group it exclude all users who aren't speaking English at native or near native level. So, in short, forum is much better.

Feedback on Plans about 1 month ago

@Myrcia, these suburbs (well, these are not really suburbs but pretty dense neighbourhood of four to seven stages blocks) in Warsaw has nothing to do with communism or even socialism. In fact they were built about five to ten years ago (when we had right or centre-right government). This central avenue is that wide for practical reasons. In this terrain in previous times were mostly swamps so they built the canals as a drainage.

Footways overdose about 2 months ago

In some places around the real world the footways are mapped as real footways. I do not think it depends on strict rules, rather by the level of details of entire map.

For example here in OGF I do not map footways when I map at "satisfactory" level of details (that is how I call that) except for places where footways are not directly near the roads (parks, gardens, train stations) but when I want to map something in "high" level of details (with buildings, trees and all that stuff) I map every single footway. It is your choice.

Something Different: The History of a Square in Ostrina, Antharia 2 months ago

Really impressive. I'm shocked.

Verisimilitude on a global level: on the ever-growing number of small States 2 months ago

Just for make it clear: there is no technical problem with add forum to the Wiki sidebar. It requires edit in one MediaWiki page and I hope it will be added when the testing phase will end.

Verisimilitude on a global level: on the ever-growing number of small States 2 months ago

I think there is no solution for small countries problem. Great majority of us came here with coherent visions of their countries. We don't want create dependent provinces but sovereign states but there is big problem, problem with time exactly. My country is the size of Lithuania (still less than Portugal) but I realised if I will keep my mapping tempo, it would take me about two years to fill the country on satisfactory level of details. In high details it would be about thousand years, clearly impossible. The same impossibility I would get if I would please for a country that fulfils my vision, it would be the size of 2-3 millions squere kilometers.

I think it pictures the problem with big countries. There not so many people who want to collaborate and single persons can't map big countries in a good way (anyway I'm interested in AR120 project and maybe I would contribute a bit in it).

The next question is that OGF is predicted to have reasonably more cultures because on conlangs and awakening of some IRL dead cultures. This also requires bigger number of countries.

Finally about incoherency and problems with european countries on other continents than Uletha preserving it is impossible. Most of us live in a few developed countries and we try to map places we know. So there is a lot of Germanys, Britains, Spains and Americas (both North and Latin) but there is no... for example India (which is rather unique, because despite Internet is not very popular in India, there are probably more than 100 millions people connected). It is impossible to fit all these (not much diverse) countries in a single continent so they are placed all around the world.

What could be done in early stage of OGF devolopment that Uletha should be divided on regions for different languages with a few countries for the same language but i am sure that administrators didn't think it will be a problem. Today it is impossible to solve this problem without moving countries all across the globe. We must live with the incoherency.

Auto-computing intercity ridership demand - an attempt 2 months ago

@Leowezy, I agree that at this stage of development of the country we can't evaluate number of trips very accurately but you asked what people think about your spreadsheet, s I answered how it could be improved.

Still I understand what you think about the attraction multiplier but the values which I mentioned are derived straight from RL world values. Generally I have seen the multiplier bigger than 2 only once (it is used IRL vastly for prognostication after population extrapolation, on areas where the traffic research hasn't been done or just for future sociological analysys). It was about 2.12 in one neighobourhood in such big city. In this neighbourhood most people were young adults employed adults so it is understandable thing. Stil the whole city had multiplier of about 1.43.

This traffic research was interesting because it divided travelers on few categories: - young people who still taking an education - multiplier 1.84 - employed adults - 2.26 - unemployed adults - 0.65 - retirees - 0.43

Finally I want to write about lacking of information about this 8 millions of people and foreign travels. If you don't have any idea how the rural population will be placed they should be placed equally in all unplanned region. Even if you make a mistake it will be probably no more than 30%. Now you have a 100% so it is rather profitable. The same with foreigners. They are in the system but you don't know how much are they. Initially you can prognosticate this number. If you make mistake and, let's say, write 10000 and it will be 7000 or 15000, your prognostication will be still closer to the truth than 0.

Auto-computing intercity ridership demand - an attempt 2 months ago

The method is pretty close to IRL methods of traffic prognostication but you should make everything to minimalize problem with missing trips. It is not a problem with people who travel just for travel or time spending, thise travels are usually less than 0.02% of all travels. Much more than it you have to have as a seats reserve in trains because number of journeys taken by people vary in the year (for example for polish railways first day of winter holidays is really hard, the same at New Years Eve).

Second thing is that attraction multiplier is too exaggerated. About 50% of it should vary between 0.90 and 1.10, in some bigger cities it could high to ~1.20-1.30 and 1.50 in the capital or other important bussiness center (you rather don't have something like that, because Pyingshum aglomeration is much bigger than any other city in Kojo).

Third is problems with passengers from other countries. IRL they are added at (even fictional, created just for prognostication) train stops at the border.

Fourth is that your algoritm don't consider rural population. They rather use IC trains but less frequently than people from the cities (attraction mutiplier ~0.70-0.80). How to consider them? Well, it's a lot of work. All of the country should be divided on zones depending on the station which people from some places use (time travel to it is the shortest) and then you should evaluate how much people live in each zone and then add this zones and population to the Excel. If this is too lot of work you can simply multiply every number of trips by 40000000/32620000 but the results will be less accurate in this case.

Anyway great work. I will probably never motivate myself to do something like that.

New Wiki Version? 3 months ago

@Litvania, you probably don't know the version is not the same as the wiki skin. OGF uses standard skin provided by MediaWiki (it is named Monobook or something like that). Wikipedia and Wikia have their own skins so they look different from OGF.

Weekly Word; Pheonix Edition 3 months ago

Could be the ruins of provincional old town which was once a capital of a former country considered minor? If so then look here:

These are the ruins of Old Shahijar destroyed completely in 1675.

Archanta flooded yet again? 3 months ago

It looks like someone deleted large part of the coastline and it is still not restored. I can't do it by now...

Same Shares with Real World 3 months ago

@Luciano - I can say I am really interested in finding a logical explanation why Turquese people are present in Antharia (it is a small minority, so it could be easier in that way). If we don't get to a consensus (there are some loose conceptions in PM-s, sometimes probably impossible to realisation like transition all countries from this part of Archanta somewhere to the north) which is possible, because it requires heavy changes in both countries histories, the thinggs will get complicated and incoherence will stay with us forever. Probably if I have started a new country again I would create a conlang culture just to avoid problems like that. Or maybe I would choose territory using other criteria.

Anyway, beside this I am really interested in conception why Uletha should be exactly a copy of Europe. Of course some cultures are really close related and should stay in one place (for example French, English and German) but why Slavs, Hungarians and Turks who are really separated culturally from west Europe should stay in Uletha as in Europe? It won't be much more interesting and creative seeing this cultures evolving without west European influence?

Mapper's Challenge #13 - September 2017 - Showing Culture 3 months ago

Maybe this motivate me to draw neighborhood of Sultans palace in the way it should be mapped...

Same Shares with Real World 3 months ago

Well, first we should answer what is Ottoman Empire. First, Ottoman turkish vocabulary is slightly different than current turkish (more loanwords from persian and arabic), which I try to incorporate in my mapping but it is quite hard (for ~100 years it is a dead language). Second is specific Ottoman culture and state organization, they are closely related things. For example in Ottoman Empire people didn't use surnames. They used only their official title after the name and sometimes the nickaname before name. Then in Ottoman Empire concept of nationality wasn't clearly present. Even Turks weren't Turks but... well, just people speaking the same language without any proper name. They were sultans subjects like other nations.

On the other hand w have secular westernized Republic of Turkey with modern turkish language and clear national concept (even their constitution highlights the concept of nationalism).

So in few words difference between Ottoman Empire and Turkey is like between Tsar Russia times and Soviet Union in Gorbachev times or Yemen and Oman.

So my territory has Ottoman administrative divisions, an active ruling monarch and Ottoman language and Ottoman names so it is OGF Ottoman Empire, not Turkey. Of course to keep my sultans in power about 100 years longer I had to modernize empire to current standards (for example abolishing the caliphate as Wiki article says) but still it is Ottoman Empire than Republic of Turkey.

Same Shares with Real World 3 months ago

There is no clearly Turkey in OGF. Ottoman Empire only. Maybe this pretends to be a Turkey but it is still on low stage of development. Kebab will be implemented when the time will be right.

Help. [Update: Fixed] 4 months ago

Hm... I have taken a look at your country. You have too many high class roads on the island. One trunk road or motorway (depending on standards of these roads in your country) is enaugh for it, the rest of the roads should be primary or even secondary (again, depending on country standards). But as a beginning the country looks fairly interesting. I hope it will be better in the future.