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I finally made a town! -Naophis about 12 hours ago

Here's what happened to me when I realised there were scale issues: I started paying much more attention to the real world. I learned the typical sizes of common objects and buildings. I also started using my car as a yardstick: it is precisely 4,5m long so I now estimate things in car lengths and measure them out when drawing.

How terrorism is in OGF? about 12 hours ago

Realistically, most RW 'terrorism' (it's “freedom fighting" if a powerful country decides the guerillas are politically expedient) is political or territorial and religion is simply used as a rationalisation or to know who the enemy is.

Whilst it's realistic that there would be bomb threats and masked guerillas issueing demands on TV, I am keen for OGF not to be under the influence of the 'global terror network' the media have been so keen on frightening us with for the last fifteen years. If you think about it, it makes far more sense to have local groups fighting for a particular aim rather than 'some bad people are trying to kill everyone just because they hate us, who are innocent' narrative.

Ummmm I still need help 1 day ago

Calm down.

Your frustration is because you're trying to plough through without really understanding how to do things. If you took the time to read the many help articles and to practice, you would actually solve problems more quickly in the long run.

OGF is also run by volunteers from around the world who have other jobs. We will answer questions when we can, but we are not a paid 24h customer service desk.

If you bookmark the location of your country in the default map view, it will mark the co-ordinates and you will be able to go straight there via the bookmark.

New stats: Ideas 18 days ago

To back up Luciano's comment:

*This isn't actually as important as you might think. If a country is poor, you can show that on the map. Show, don't tell. *I have no real inclination to spend time counting how many houses and such like. I've created thousands. Maybe an Overpass query, but still don't care enough. Is anyone really interested in what proportion of Karolian houses are flats? Really? *Going round dutifully filling in your country on an ever-increasing number of these lists is just too much effort. I would rather be drawing the map, or writing really necessary wiki articles about things like my head of state or important historical events.

Help Resources (Just Crticise Me) 22 days ago

In a nutshell, we've got to study maps and the real world to learn how to map realistically.

Your small islands and natural features are a lot more convincing than your cities. So concentrate on getting some natural features on the map first, then place the cities and towns around them.

Here are some pointers I think you should follow through: 1. Use JOSM. I can see really clearly that you're not at the moment. 2. Sketch out the topography of your country and then draw the main rivers. Imitate the course and width of real world rivers. Add streams and tributaries to suggest the landscape: water flows downhill so the hydrological layout of a place is a very good visualisation of the hills and mountains. Waterways are the basis of everything humans build later and cannot be added as an afterthought. And you need to work together with your neighbour in Broceliande on this too. 2a. You must take into account climate and the likely GDP and economic activity related to it. Your country is in the tropics - what will grow there? Are there monsoon rains? 3. Map a small town first. Do not make the same mistake as myself and hundreds of others here and go straight in trying to do the capital city first. It is incredibly complex and will take years of planning and drawing to work. You need to use the map to explain why the settlement is there. It might be industry, it might be a defensive location, it might be for aesthetic or religious reasons; whatever, it should be clear why the place exists and what goes on there from the map. 'Show, don't tell' is as relevant here with map detail vs overwikification as in novels and cinema.

Map of the languages of the World 26 days ago

Great of you to put the time and effort into this, but I agree it's not as helpful as it might be. It would certainly be useful to see the geographic and numerical dominance of certain languages, however the depiction and methodology need to be more carefully planned.

Arbitrating on what is a 'main language' is a very subjective business. Hebrew, Italian and Greek get almost equal status to Spanish, French or German despite being spoken in only 1-2 countries and having many millions fewer speakers, because of their cultural importance. Mandarin is a major world language by numbers but is barely spoken outside (not even all) of China. We don't even have a complete cultural history for the OGF world yet, so it's harder to simply have an intuitive instinct of 'how things are' beyond 'Inglish is like English, because colonialism'. There is no equivalent to the former political importance of Russian, for example.

The circle size is definitely misleading. Better surely to colour in the outline of each country, with insets for micronations. This leads me to another issue - not a few countries have more than one official language that would require the country colours to be hatched. For my country, Karolia would need to be half pink for Romans and half a yet-unspecified colour for the Uralic language of Karolian. The Ardisphere, meanwhile, would almost create a new flag to depict all its official languages. Many former colonies have Inglish or Castilian as the official language but the majority speak any number of aboriginal languages; how would this be shown?

Is this a realistic airport? 26 days ago

As I hope I made clear, the aircraft silhouettes are not mapped as permanent objects - and you can delete them once the airport is complete, should you wish. They are there to assist getting the correct scale of terminal facilities and taxiways, something that is harder to guess then roadways and civic buildings.

A potential way to have an objective opinion about your own mapping 29 days ago

I don't understand the point you are trying to make here. It is simply a joke, or do you mean that a realistic map will look as good mirrored?

Is this a realistic airport? about 1 month ago

Better, but you can still move taxiways closer to runways. Having two parallel runways makes more sense if they are either side of the terminal and far enough apart to allow simultaneous take-off and landing (viz. London Heathrow, Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson). At present they are too close to do this but far enough apart to waste land, and aircraft will have to wait for the first to be clear to cross it to reach the arrangement that is no more efficient than just using a single runway but incurs twice the cost.

I strongly urge you to make some aircraft silhouettes - feel free to copy-paste mine from Santjana Tougu airport - and arrange them in front of your terminal with sufficient space in between and reversing room. You might be surprised how much more gate room you need - I would estimate this airport can handle fewer than thirty aircraft outside the building.

1 Year of Mapping about 1 month ago

What does your country do economically that can support the dense cities in these small islands? No way is there enough land to grow all the food you need, and the energy demands will be huge, so a huge amount of people's incomes and GDP will go on importing these things. It might just about be conceivable if your country is like Hong Kong or Singapore or a tax haven but in those countries there's usually one big city on the main island and the rest of the country is pretty poor and reliant on tourism.

If you intend to have a USA-level of car use, your entire city will be gridlocked (that is, if the high price of imported fuel and lack of parking space doesn't stop car ownership in the first place) and the short length of motorways will never facilitate high speeds anyway. The metro and railway network is inefficient and inconvenient (not to mention geographically suspect - is there enough hard rock on a tropical island this close to the ocean?) and lines cross without interchange stations. Above all, any country that allows a dual carriageway road bridge to pass metres away from a shrine and religious monument clearly demonstrates no respect for its history and culture.

On a technical level, the roads and railways have jagged corner angles that need to be smooth curves; tracks are spaced forty or fifty meters apart and many railway curves are simply too sharp for anything larger than a tram to negotiate without derailing; the road grid is untidy and most buildings need to be orthagonised.

A creation myth about 1 month ago

An imaginative and convincing artifact that greatly adds to the culture of OGF. Of course it's natural for an island people to have the land originate from a fish.

I'm still working on a Karolian traditional creation story, but it will have something to do with a giant or god spilling something from the sky which creates the mountains and the water.

Admins, please put a 'do not edit' note on these islands.

Is this a realistic airport? about 1 month ago

Not a bad effort, here is how to improve it:

  • Parallel taxiways are too far away from runways. 200m is plenty.

  • The whole airport could be much more space-efficient. 'Big Island' is the capital city and land is at a premium. Move the runways to either side of the terminal to avoid a plane going 6km or more to reach the ends.

  • The terminal needs to be bigger if this is your main capital city airport.

  • You need separate arrivals and departure roads, parking and other landside facilities.

I'd like to ask: about 1 month ago

Inkscape is a fantastic (and free) tool for professional-looking artwork. There is a small learning curve but you can do nearly everything important with about 5 tools.

Paint.NET is also well worth looking into. It's not a vector graphics program but is intuitive (intended as a replacement for MS Paint) and powerful.

The renders I put in the other thread and elsewhere are Sketchup models rendered in Kerkythea (also freeware programs).

Idea I would like to propose about 1 month ago

mstr is right that this is not a new idea (even I started a 'Karolia travel guide' way back) but it's not a bad one by any means. There are all sorts of cultural details that can't really be shown satisfactorily in a wiki article or on the map and this is a great vehicle for putting them across. And it is, I feel, genuinely relevant to the map - culture and practice inform geography.

Another idea I would like to propose, which would not take up much of your time, is to have standard 'country factsheets' all in one place. These would contain essentially the demographic information from wiki articles but would be much easier to compare country to country.

I'd like to ask: about 1 month ago

Karolia uses Segoe UI (usually demibold) for road signs.

Roundabout sign

There is a special motorway (Autoraud) symbol which consists of a stylised 'A'

Road markers

RVK-KSF generally uses Sansation Bold.

I'd like to ask; what kind of traffic lights are in your country? about 1 month ago

Karolian traffic lights

I'd like to ask; what kind of traffic lights are in your country? about 1 month ago

Lights in the UK are black with three colour lights and sometimes filter arrows. The amber phase is displayed in both stop and go cycles (simultaneously with red).

Karolian traffic lights are usually painted blue. This is rationalised as being more visible in snowy conditions. Another interesting feature shown in this image is the tapering of the poles: the idea being that if the pole is struck in a collision, it will bend in a predictable way that will minimise injury. The segregated cycleway has its own eye-level lights and cyclists get their own green phase in all directions.


OpenGeoFiction Discord server? about 2 months ago

Discord was tried and was not particularly successful. We have a Facebook group which you are welcome to apply to join:

A New Border City Begins Construction about 2 months ago

Based on previous examples, odds are you will lose energy and enthusiasm for this project in quite a short time. Starting out with a huge metropolis is a bad idea for all sorts of reasons. Build a small town or natural feature first.

¿No anthems in the wiki? about 2 months ago

Several years ago, I did have a go at writing some national anthems. However, I never got very far because I realised I'd never be able to produce more than a crude synthesized realisation, and also that it wasn't really very important in the grand scheme of things. Also, I cannot see a way to upload sound files on to the wiki.