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Renamed Omniville into Buildtion 5 months ago

Wow, glad you have told us neighbour.

What do you think about my country? 5 months ago

Thanks :D

What do you think about my country? 5 months ago

Thank you for your comment Rustem, this situation you have mentioned is a usual thing for some parts of Turkey (especially in the mountain passes which are used a lot [ex: Zigana and İlgaz Passes]) and I thought it would be nice to have a strecth of scenic road so I bulit it like this.

Maybe... Base my country in Türkçe? 6 months ago

I am one of the 2 Turkish mappers in this website. And first of all I need to ask you how are you going to make your country? An Anatolia based country isn't the same as an Uzbekistan based country.

I would like to get some feedback 9 months ago

My advice: Create a lot of lakes. This will give your country a stronger Finnish influence.

Same Shares with Real World 9 months ago

I'm planning to do Black Sea Region (800 mm landfall nearly and yearly temperature average of 15 degrees celcius) influenced country. I wasn't able to found a mild climate terriotry to start my country so I've request a tropical country from admin which has a climate slightly similiar to that region. Should I change place of my country?