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The Ingerish Colonial Empire 2 months ago

That's really interesting! Is it also possible to make maps for other historical colonial nations?

What happened to Geovision 7 months ago

I'm not from Uletha, but a side note, sometimes countries from other continents participate, so you can include some East Ulethan countries.

Update on my first town 8 months ago

Well, if a week has passed already since you joined, I think you can ask for your own territory.

A little help ( A LOT!!!) 11 months ago, is probably what you searched, but if not, there is an overview map in which you can edit. One of these is Commonia.

For roads, maybe first try to make cities?

Real World Equivalents? 11 months ago

The closest country I can associate Conabaras with is possibly Colombia by terrain (Jungles in the east and south, mountains dividing the country, and desert in the north), and basically make it look like a colonial Spanish nation with many tribes, and the most equal to this are the countries of Colombia, Peru, Bolivia and Mexico.

Conabaran Civil War 11 months ago

Didn't notice yet

Mapping Agarderia 11 months ago

If you want to have an eastern European style, I can suggest one thing: Since usually Eastern European countries are less developed than Western European countries, I suggest to build a bit more basic structures. One another suggestion is that you can make many monuments, since Communist nations usually have monuments of their legendary leaders. Aside from that the rest applies to what kingfries said.

Holiday Travel Tips 11 months ago

Nah, I really meant more that any emergency resources like water or food, or shelter basically is lowered by 50% off, since what do you think, you see an atomic bomb but you say "Hey, if I die, at least I'll get those brand new shoes I always wanted!"

Holiday Travel Tips 11 months ago

Since Conabaras is currently having a civil war...

EMERGENCY TIPS IN CONABARAS * Whenever encountering any tribal nomads, please show them the security card you gained in the airport, since these nomads are rebels that Conabaras is at war with. * If you're being attacked anyway, please report to the nearest building. * In any case of an alarm, please evacuate to the nearest War City. * Outside of the hotel, wear a blue tie so you will be protected or noticed by the government. Whenever a raid or a bombing occurs, you'll be protected. * In case of bombing, please go to the underground shelters and bunkers, and the government advises to stay in those Shelters at least for 2 hours.

Even if there's a war, remember, Conabaras will protect you, and during civil wars, all prices are lowered by 50%! So thanks for visiting Conabaras!

How long does it take for admins to read and reply to a request for a territory? 11 months ago

I actually had to wait two days, but it's quite worth the waiting.

Embassies in Auleus 11 months ago

I have built the Conabaran Embassy in your country here:

I also have built the Auleus Embassy in my capital here:

Just like everyone said, I suggest removing 18 tracks, turn it into something between 8 to 14. 16 can also work.

National Flag 12 months ago

I think for making a flag it'll be useful to use flag softwares. I personally use FlagMaker, and it's so easy to master, easier than making your first 1,000 population town on OGF.

In Nationalities, you wrote  Éarlottean (93%), Commonian (57%). It's impossible, since it'll be a total of 150%. History is also nice, but one thing I have to say, is remove trivia. OGF Wiki is based on Wikipedia, rather than wikia.

Wiki quality 12 months ago

I think we should have articles in different languages; if we don't have yet

Hi 12 months ago

You should check this page:

Besides, it looks like a rather nice choice.

Abandoned Territories 12 months ago

Hey there, owner of Conabaras, former province of Picard

Yeah, I wanted to reference Picard in a way that Picard was nuked or something so a new civilization rose, however I needed request or so so I made up an entire history. It's a pity Picard didn't finish writing it's history in the wiki.

History 12 months ago

Yes, thank you for the answer, but I meant, do I make empires that have existed in OpenGeofiction, or is it up to me completely to make my own history?