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Copying others' mapping 6 months ago

I have rectified the Chinese version. If there are any other Chinese speakers around, do not hesitate to correct me, as my Chinese is slightly choppy at times.

Geologists! Your OGF Needs You! 6 months ago

I'd love to join! Will be joining soon.

Connect Uletha: The TUTN Project (Trans-Ulethan Transport Networks) 6 months ago

This subject has been brought up many times before. It has stagnated and been rejected on every occasion.

Geographic and economical implausibility, clashes with existing history/politics/mapping, 'too many cooks spoiling the broth' abandoned countries, unresponsive users, you name it. Your scheme will not happen. At all.

On a personal I'm not very happy with this scheme either, as a sudden intrusion into Glaster. I would advise moving it into a 'sandbox' page, as by writing an official wiki page about it you've basically put it into the 'official' OGF history.

What I would say is a better idea is try to get a local project of transport standardisation and expand it gradually. Alternatively you can wait for the new continents to become available and then progress from there, where existing geographical, economic and political constraints are easier to deal with.

Naming streets 6 months ago

There are quite a few roads in Glaster named after famous people. Most prominent is Fledneration Street, the first most integral highway in Glaster, named after Glastian president Genting Fledneration, who lead Glaster through the wars of the 1940s.

Other roads include Humphrey Davis Road in Ellemouth, who was the first governor of colonial South Glaster, Sonleca Jetteabi Way in Wyndham, named after the last president before unification. Aside from this, most other roads so far have been named after local figures, such as Anne Lee-Foster Road (First female governor in Glaster), Ferdinand Alexander Street (Some person I haven't decided on yet) and Robert Walton Road (Another undecided person, actually a character from the novel Frankenstein). There are quite a few 'easter eggs' as well (Such as a whole neighbourhood in Decton based on Strictly Come Dancing).

I've not put any names on the wiki in any great detail, because most local figures are too obscure and national figures need to wait until more mapping and historical detailing on the wiki is done. As I proceed into northern Glaster, I might consider naming streets in Wystrian speaking areas after famous Wystrians as well.

Coping with Glastian irrelevancy 7 months ago

Thanks for the feedback and advice everyone! It's great to hear that others share my thoughts on irrelevancy as well.


That's certainly a viable suggestion, and there are a few remaining Glastian place names still around like Tibrin, Stowkel, Polbak Hill (although it is not mapped) and Fodlan. I cannot say they're the most 'exotic' sounding names but then again I haven't been able to construct the Glastian language to any extent. What I can say is that Glastian was displaced by Wystrian in the 16th century and then by Ingerish in the 19th century. So in general, little of the population can actually speak Glastian anymore. Most pre-existing names in the former South Glaster have been approximately transliterated and then 'romanticised' into believable places. For example, Mynkhuty > Monksbury, Wandhelm >Wyndham, Decadecan > Decton. The absence of a Glastian language explains why they weren't restored after decolonisation.


Good point there. It looks like Glaster's future might not be so dim after all. I'll keep that in mind as I develop the country.

Back? 7 months ago

Welcome back! You might have missed some discussion concerning the EUOIA and some new neighbours in eastern Uletha.

Surface routes Replaced with Motorways in Commonia 7 months ago

Contact him and ask what he's trying to do. He seems very hostile though :/

Crazy Crunch- an attempt at a more original parody 7 months ago

doesn't explain joke

Crazy Crunch- an attempt at a more original parody 7 months ago

I'm not even sure what the joke is.

Crazy Crunch- an attempt at a more original parody 7 months ago

'm not sure the joke will catch on if it's purely of a regional or national importance. Remember-OGF is a global community. I'd also consider revising the techniques you use for graphic design. I've used rudimentary applications consisting of paint, Microsoft Word and to create almost all the pictures on the Glaster and [the Agarderia](( category. I'd suggest drawing inspiration through existing products, incorporating better clipart into your pictures and diversifying the techniques you use.

Unable to edit 7 months ago

Just don't edit on mobile. You'll do far more work on any platform if you use a computer.

Formal (and Currently still) Communist states 7 months ago

Along with Agarderia, Latania was communist until 1985. Another communist country is Arataran. North Glaster was communist de jure during the 1960s and 70s.

Road system in Plowford 8 months ago

You're right about that. I'm going to reroute the river to the north. Not many rivers flow directly through major settlements anyway. In all honesty, I'm quite glad I'm doing this.

Road system in Plowford 8 months ago

Thanks for the feedback guys! I'll begin making improvements today. Check back to see the progression!

I am confused and worried 8 months ago

Don't let excessive pride get in the way of your dreams. If you have an idea, do it! You have perfectly good reason to do it, reasons that you have listed already. And if Eklas does not mind, there's nothing stopping you. If you want something new, maybe put a twist on one of your ideas to make it different and interesting. Don't give up!

Countries that did large scale colonization? 8 months ago

There is a proposal that Commonia attempted to start colonisation sometime during the first half of the 20th century. Agarderia was under Commonia as a protectorate for about a year in 1945-46. Commonia also attempted to take over Glaster but ultimately failed. I have made an unofficial overwikified version of this proposed history on my sandbox page. I have also noticed that Charlottesburg was an exclave of Commonia for a while, which may be related to colonisation.

As with all other Commonia-related articles, this is merely a proposal and will be subject to change in the future. Writing Commonian history seems a very interesting task to explore.

:D 8 months ago

I trust you have read the intro page on the wiki? Most of it is common sense but there are some useful tips on how to get started.

If so, the city has to be built in a blue country. Or alternatively you could work on an existing one, which is better, in my opinion, as it provides a framework and a context to build from. New cities from scratch tend to be a mess if you're still a beginner. Oh and if you're going to map in Commonia, keep in mind that most of it is an impoverished, divided and war-torn failed state.

Happy mapping


Density in OGF 8 months ago

I map at a very high zoom level-mostly around 18-19. I've made quite a lot of progress in some places, so you might need to zoom in.

Possible origins of Christianity (Christic Movement) in our OGF World. 8 months ago

I'd say that we shouldn't dive in too fast. Let the community make a collective decision, since religion is so worldwide. We need a solution that works for everyone so that no users are unhappy or offended.

Greetings people of OGF! 9 months ago

I'm talking in reference to eastern Europe immediately after WWI, (as in up to about 1920), in reference to to all the famines, German puppet states, e.g. Courland and Semigallia, the Transcaucasian Republics, failed communist revolutions e.g. Hungary, Germany, Lithuania, and the conditions of Russia in the Civil War with various factions trying to gain power. Looking at the wars between Turkey and Greece, the Soviets vs everyone else and et cetera, eastern Europe seemed to be some kind of free-for-all zone after World War I. It all seems very chaotic to me. (From an outsider's point of view)

Indeed the most of these countries did eventually stabilise and prosper, but no country could have recovered immediately after such a devastating war.