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New international organization for regulating broadcasting call signs? about 20 hours ago

Thanks for the feedback. I have re-organized all the callsigns I can find as well as changing the organization name. I also plan to make IBA a platform for broadcasters to share their programs internationally.

IBA will probably make its official debut within next week.

Digging up OGF's past about 24 hours ago

It's June 2014, not 2013.

New to making towns and cities, could use some suggestions for Galentia about 24 hours ago

You can't us real world names. You can surely invent names yourself, but I don't recommend you to take names from International Business Listing as some of the businesses don't welcome Commonian locations. Your highway exit (which is also a roundabout exit) is unrealistically straight: Try drawing some curves. Don't draw buildings on the street: Draw it some distance away from the street. (Parking can be drawn on street, however.) Overall, small improvements required, and it's a good start! Welcome to OGF!

The "Chicle Islands Formation" Project 2 days ago

You are required to move your boundaries, as per mentioned on this page: If you add islands, remember to adjust your 22 km maritime boundary (if you have one). The address system never works properly so just hope someday that it'll fix itself.

Question regardung verisimilitude 2 days ago

I mean as long as the elements themselves are real, the naming doesn't matter.

Also, don't treat blue territories as examples.

Regional boundaries 14 days ago

If you use JOSM, you can just

  • Go to the relation
  • Select all ways
  • Delete
  • Delete the relation

If JOSM looks too complicated for you, I can do it for you.

OMG!!! 3 months ago

If you're on Chrome, you can force some rendering by using Shift + Ctrl/Cmd + R.

OGF Wiki - Need a delete function 3 months ago

You can also redirect them to the correct article

#REDIRECT [[New article]]
CONTINENT FLOODING! in Gobrassanya 3 months ago


I could be wrong but it looked like the edit deleting the coastline was intentional.

The guy has been banned for 2 days, until 2 hours before he did the coastline vandalism. Now he's been blocked for 4 more days.

Flooding 6 months ago

It was here due to duplicating coastline (Beautified coastline above original). I am the first witness and fixed it.

How do I delete things that already uploaded in OGF inside JOSM? 6 months ago

Did you clean your browser cache when you load the online map?

Unity in Diversity - the UAC (Ulethan Alliance for Culture) 6 months ago

Also should we have a headquarter location for UHS?

Unity in Diversity - the UAC (Ulethan Alliance for Culture) 6 months ago

Can Esthyra (Former Reino de Paglobleclaca) join the alliance? Former capital Sevilla counts as heritage site (And it is already, look at these details).

Realistic size...Need consultations! 6 months ago

Scale function sucks. Alley works.