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Four year anniversay about 24 hours ago

Yeah! Happy anniversary!

I am really new and don't know how to make cities and territories and stuff like that 3 days ago

use the tag name=(the name you want)

Trouble with an OSM file 3 days ago

I am really sorry to hear that, I understand it must be really frustrating, but honestly I'd just give up. In the time you'd waste trying to fix the problem, you can draw everything again and make sure the problem doesn't reoccur in the future.

Except for the occasional problems with unsynchronized data, in my two year history of using JOSM I've never ran into this problem. Try downloading the area again and doing some meaningless small changes and uploading them - does it still give you the error?

Also, how large was the area you downloaded? JOSM sometimes does weird stuff when it's processing a lot of data at once.

I am really new and don't know how to make cities and territories and stuff like that 3 days ago

You click edit, zoom in enough, then add a node/line/area and set appropriate tags, that's it. Then you upload it and it appears on the map. You should really look at the two links Luciano sent you first though.

Mapper's Challenge #16 - December 2017 - Power! Unlimited Power! 6 days ago

What a coincidence! Just before reading this, I drew this power substation in Drabantský Kolín. I usually draw the power network of the area I'm working on, but I am not an expert at all though. Mapping power lines isn't my favorite. I know some basics of how electricity works, but I might make mistakes.

Oh and I also have this scheme from my bliki earlier this year:

Alt text

New City 13 days ago

And if you click on your username in the top right and go to 'my settings,' you can set your town as a home location. Then when you get lost while browsing the map, you can click 'go to home location' in the same menu and it will take you to the location you've set.

Oh by the way, please don't start with a city per se. Cities are the most complicated thing to draw. Practise drawing villages, farms or smaller towns first.

Kurzov Special Bliki Log #001 (November 30th, 2017) 14 days ago

Hi, third time is the charm they say so I'm actually going to write a sensible topical comment unlike the two above.

I would personally not map cancelled roads or other projects, because it doesn't comply with the standards used by OSM, which I follow by default when mapping. Highway=canceled isn't even an official parameter and JOSM will display a warning while uploading it.

You should always map what actually exists, or is set to exist. Unfinished construction can be drawn nicely using the landuse=* or natural=* tags - like here, the never finished highway from Wroclaw to Vienna.

Dear People: I wonder if you've had this feeling 23 days ago

You know what helps a lot? Mapping your country chronologically, i.e. natural features first and then anything else. Start with rivers - they also shape the terrain. Then start placing settlements - the largest cities are usually near a source of water and have a low elevation. Highways should come at last!

What I'm trying to say is, by drawing the natural features, which is a quick and easy step, your country takes some basic shape and immediately feels more 'full.' The wiki help portal features some useful tips too. Good luck!

Question 24 days ago

Hi, thanks for asking. This is Question Mark enjoying a nice cup of coffee and having fun on his computer:

Alt text

But that is not me, because my name is George, Question George.

Question 26 days ago

gah, i just love being helpful

Question 26 days ago

here ya go Alt text

Map of the languages of the World 27 days ago

Interesting idea that needs a lot of work. Many countries are left out, many countries show questionable information. I also don't understand why some language groups are divided into such specific categories (e.g. Germanic into English, German, Dutch and Scandinavian), while all Asian languages are represented by yellow.

It would make more sense to me if the groups were represented by colors (e.g. Slavic - purple, Roman - pink, Germanic - red) and then the categories by shades of these colors (German - firebrick, English - maroon, Dutch - coral etc.)

A potential way to have an objective opinion about your own mapping about 1 month ago

It honestly makes me a little dizzy, probably because of the backwards letters. So yeah, not very helpful for me.

A creation myth about 1 month ago

I love this!

I'd like to ask: about 1 month ago

I use Helvetica.

Feedback on Plans about 1 month ago

The previous comments all have a point, I'm just going to add that for a neighborhood this large (assuming the railway is true to scale), there's going to be a dramatic lack of amenities.

All I see is one elementary school. I don't know how many people are represented by one purple square, but they're probably going to need kindergartens (that's MŠ if you're wondering), maybe a second elementary/middle school and a high school too.

Otherwise wow, can't wait to see it on the map!

Images about 1 month ago

Use an image hosting service. Find one on Google.

Gutting out Markvað and starting all over about 1 month ago

I had to delete my country's capital city too, so I know how it feels. Good luck with the new city!

A New Border City Begins Construction about 2 months ago

Here's an idea: why have colossal size when you can have a colossal level of detail in your city instead? OGF is not a competition in who makes the largest city, we put realism and beauty first.


That's your individual preference - I was doing some large-scale sketches, and I'm used to having the imagery on for these. I'm using the 'wire model' (I hope that's the English name) in JOSM so I find the imagery layer pretty helpful.