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Happy St. Patrick's Day! But for OGF... about 24 hours ago

simple: add multiple events on that day.

Houses for sale! 20 days ago

I'm just going to give my 2 cents on the situation: This sort of discord belongs on tumblr or the YouTube comments section...

Just have fun mapping.

Is this a realistic airport? 4 months ago

I really love the concept. I feel like the leftmost runway should run almost straight up and down, because it would give the leftmost terminal easier access to the runway. Great Job!!!

I'd like to ask: 4 months ago

@Litvania that was totally necessary. I honestly feel that some questions I have can't be asked because some answers like the ones we see in this thread are bound to show up. I love the collaboration of this site, I just wish that the collaboration went beyond the mapping.

Getting engaged in the community will help users develop even more of a desire to map, and they will even develop their own "style" of mapping based on the users that support them.

I am actually a relatively new user, so I actually found this really helpful when I was just starting out.

Breassau - An Organized Collaboration Project. 5 months ago

I will help too. mainly on the airport and main transport stuff

Midistland OUTRAGEOUS trunk road system 5 months ago

No Problem!!! Feel free to add terminals, taxiways, grass in between taxiways, other buildings, and any details you see fit. Also, feel free to rearrange the road leading into the airport.

Glad I can be of service.

Midistland OUTRAGEOUS trunk road system 5 months ago

I am contributing to this project by adding an intercontinental airport. A city of this size cannot survive without air transportation.

Embassy 6 months ago

I would love one! My country is Leresso.

I don't like my country. 6 months ago

Ditto zhenkang. Listen, you WILL get to the same level as your neighbors. All it takes is more experience. Over time, you will learn new tricks (as I have) by going into the edit screen in areas of high detail around the world and studying and analyzing what the mapper has done there, and apply it to your own country. If JOSM stresses you out too much, try using the in-browser version for little things. Also, PLEASE do not lose hope on Cira. Every mapper has something unique and valuable to contribute to this amazing collaboration that is OGF, you and I included. Maybe on your break, if you come up with something cool for your country, jot it down on a piece of paper, put it in a safe place, and pull it out when you revisit your nation. All it takes is time. Once enough of it has passed, the world will be beautifully mapped, and you'll be happy knowing that you played a role in the making of it.

Hope this helps! Geoboi

,Interrail' -OGF Version 8 months ago

I am in. Great opportunity to get Leresso involved in the global community.

Just gonna make a summer travel journal rating stuff. If you want your country in it, reply saying yes 9 months ago

Especially the city of Montecari.

Just gonna make a summer travel journal rating stuff. If you want your country in it, reply saying yes 9 months ago

My country is about the same as Østermark, but give Leresso a shot.

Cycling provision in OGF cities 9 months ago

I'd really be interested in seeing someone making a map of the OGF world that shows where all natural disasters can take place (hurricanes/cyclones/typhoons, tornados, earthquakes, tsunamis, sandstorms, monsoons, wildfires, heat waves, blizzards, snowstorms, etc.). Then, relating to this thread, someone can write about what effects climate change can have on the OGF planet (also, who thinks Alterra is a good name for the OGF planet?).

Weekly Word #2 9 months ago

I have a submission! Better get your goggles! Once again, it's in Montecari.


Introduction & the new small country Caladea 9 months ago

Looks awesome! Could you make a 3d map of Leresso? it is in northwest antarephia. So excited to see what Caladea develops into!!!!!

Tips on Montecari 9 months ago

I really appreciate the super helpful tips. Ernest, if you see anything in Montecari or Aludres that you know you can fix, please be my guest.

Weekly Word #1 10 months ago

Also, how will the winner be announced?

Weekly Word #1 10 months ago

Thanks so much @niels20020 !

Weekly Word #1 10 months ago

Hey Niels,

I want to submit something.

You can find it here. It is called Equality Park in Montecari, Leresso. This park was built around the idea that we are all humans, and there should be no discrimination of race, gender, or sexual orientation. On one of the memorial walls, the words "yahyom et yahyom" is etched into the stone. Underneath, it says "Love is Love" in Ingerish. Yahyom et yahyom means Love is Love in Everian. Underneath the Ingerish translation is "Love is Love" in every known language. Surrounding that is the names of every single LGBTQ+ identifying person killed in hate crimes across the country of Leresso. It stands as a beacon of hope for all those who will come, by remembering those who came before.

I really hope you like it.

someone please help me 10 months ago

provinces is what I am trying to create. I just have so much trouble with multiple relations for one line. Can you help Aces California?