2nd call - Tarott EXPOMONDIALE 2018 world exhibition - Choose a parcel of land for your nation's pavillon

Posted by joschi81 on 11 December 2017 in English (English)

Hi there,

in March there was a first call for participation in the Tarott EXPOMONDIALE 2018 world exhibition, see here: Tarott EXPOMONDIALE 2018 world exhibition - Choose a parcel of land for your nation's pavillon (please note the the list of participating countries isn't 100% complete anymore).

So here's a second call. Just apply for your favourite plot and give a theme for your nation's pavillon (see link to first call above for details).

Also, I'm looking for a designer of the overall exposition ground concept. If you want to apply, just send me a private message and link to a comparable area (exposition/fair ground etc.) that you have developed in OGF. Looking forward to receive your applications! If I get interesting applications by then, I will choose the EXPOMONDIALE 2018 masterplan designer before Christmas.

Happy mapping!


PS: If there are more applications for plots at the expo grounds than parcels currently available, I will add more plots by extending the expo area.

Location: Weltausstellungsgelände EXPOMONDIALE 2018, Nedernlande, Tarott, Kalm

Comment from louis_walker on 12 December 2017 at 04:14

Thanks, I'm glad that I didn't miss it! It looks really fun on the map; I am excited to see other pavilions pop up. When the expo is "happening" next year, are there things planned beyond the map itself—i.e. projects or something to encourage cartographers to collaborate or have discussions, a la a fair? Just trying to think of how to approach coming up with an exhibition theme.

I've officially got my territory now—the country name is Patermas (formerly TA021). Since I'm in Tarephia, I figure it'd be nice to locate near some other Tarephians, so TEM18-J2, K1, or K2 (near Pohenica and Latina) would all be great, if one of those is available.

Tarott is beautifully done, by the way. I only realized there was a world expo in the making because I was spending so much time exploring the map and stumbled onto all of the crazy pavilions. How long have you been working on it, now? It is inspiring to see so many other people mapping these intricate, imaginary cities.

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Comment from louis_walker on 12 December 2017 at 08:01

Blerg, totally thought that was a reply to a dm. Apologies for the mix-up. Blame it on newbie-ness. >_<

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