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Hyperloop vs Verisimilitude 3 days ago

I was definitely leaning toward 'no hyperloop in OGF til there's a hyperloop in real life,' but then I read UN1TY's comment (The Dubai-Abu Dhabi Hyperloop project is scheduled to begin construction in 2019. It’s planned, it’s funded, and it’s approved by the Emir. If Hyperloop is realistic enough for the real world, why isn’t it realistic enough for a fictional world that allows individual users to put mountain ranges wherever they like?) I [1] burst out laughing, and [2] changed my mind.

I like isleño's suggestion—draw it, mark it as under construction, and leave it that way until a real hyperloop is built (or at least significantly under construction). Big infra projects can take ages to build, anyway. (Context: I live in New York, where it takes us a century to build the first phase of a freaking subway line).

Side note: You should definitely incorporate Lorredion's hyperloop plans into its Expomondiale pavilion in Tarott. >:-D

Rodana S1 E1 – The beginning and the port problem 8 days ago

Always good to see another mapper that likes to write as much as draw! :) Looking forward to following Rodana's development on your bliki.

Newcomer 15 days ago

Hi there! I'm also fairly new, and it's great to "meet" you! Your coastlines are great—so much detail!

One word of wisdom: new users are only allowed to map in the territories that are marked in blue on this indispensable little map; anything that gets mapped outside of that will probably be marked for deletion, so I'd recommend moving your two new islands inside the boundaries of a blue territory. After seven days you'll be able to request your own country, where you can create islands to your heart's content. ;)

What Happened to Word of the Week (I think it was called...)? 22 days ago

It does seem to have died off...I've discovered some cool stuff by searching back through the archives, but the most recent Weekly Word post I've been able to find is from August.

You should start it back up in the new Forum! I'd definitely participate.

Introduction to New Austland 22 days ago

Great to see another urban planning/policy wonk! I'm getting a distinctly Melbournian flavor from Myola so far that I really like. Looking forward to watching New Austland develop.

Topography: check! 28 days ago

@ MrOobling - I did use that formula, and the river is around 1.5-2km in width as currently mapped, not 3. I had previously mapped it at 3 and it looked crazy-wide, so I re-mapped it (twice, actually...oy, not fast or fun work). The Rio Grande runs through a very arid area, while eastern Patermas is relatively wet. I've based this on the countries surrounding my territory; annual rainfall reported for Gamen, to the north, is 650mm, while it's 1500mm to the south in Targueral. (Draco's is 3000, but that seemed like an outlier to me so I averaged out the other two to get 1,100mm as a realistic annual rainfall. The watershed of the Col River covers about 73,000 km2, so using the formula on the realistic rivers page we get: (1,100/4) * 73 *0.1 = 2,007m, or 2km, the width of the lower Col. This first pass is also meant to be gestural, so the Col's width will not be staying so uniform as I move forward.

@ Sarapeva: You're on the money! The island of Adean remains largely rural into the early 19th century, at which point the capital is moved there and a new city (Aeda) is purpose-built for to serve as a grand ceremonial city. It's not quite as new as Canberra and Brasilia, which came in the early and mid 20th, but it's a similar idea.

Topography: check! 30 days ago

@ Jesus: Agreed—I'm going to be fattening them a little bit...nothing too crazy, since rainfall (especially in the north) is limited to the immediate coastal areas, but especially the main (named) rivers need to be wider than the default line.

@ Rustem: Is the confusion about the lack of cities? There will be a few more small cities around the edges, but I've only mapped out mid-size and large urban centers so far. The area around the salt lakes will largely be used as a desert resort (a la Palm Springs in California). Historically, I think, the Patermatians will have stuck close to the sea, and only have started settling the areas west of the Brocade range in the past few centuries.

And you're right about the population density; I mis-spoke. The density for the country overall is 125ppkm, but since half of the landmass is desert I had been thinking of the eastern part as being populated at around double that number, which would make the UK and Germany closer points of comparison. Thanks for pointing that out!

2nd call - Tarott EXPOMONDIALE 2018 world exhibition - Choose a parcel of land for your nation's pavillon about 1 month ago

Blerg, totally thought that was a reply to a dm. Apologies for the mix-up. Blame it on newbie-ness. >_<

2nd call - Tarott EXPOMONDIALE 2018 world exhibition - Choose a parcel of land for your nation's pavillon about 1 month ago

Thanks, I'm glad that I didn't miss it! It looks really fun on the map; I am excited to see other pavilions pop up. When the expo is "happening" next year, are there things planned beyond the map itself—i.e. projects or something to encourage cartographers to collaborate or have discussions, a la a fair? Just trying to think of how to approach coming up with an exhibition theme.

I've officially got my territory now—the country name is Patermas (formerly TA021). Since I'm in Tarephia, I figure it'd be nice to locate near some other Tarephians, so TEM18-J2, K1, or K2 (near Pohenica and Latina) would all be great, if one of those is available.

Tarott is beautifully done, by the way. I only realized there was a world expo in the making because I was spending so much time exploring the map and stumbled onto all of the crazy pavilions. How long have you been working on it, now? It is inspiring to see so many other people mapping these intricate, imaginary cities.