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Map of the languages of the World 29 days ago

Hi guys, Thanks for those constructive comments. Well, fisrt, as I said only "main languages" (the most spreaded out) are shown so far. You guys are free to add more of course. By the way, I really admire those who had invent and create a whole new language for their country. It definetely matches better with the idea of a whole new world.

Regarding the size od the spots, they more or less cover the shape of the different countries without matching with the borders and give a funny "popart" touch to the map ah ah ah ! Also one country can have more than one spot and this last one can be placed where the regional language is spoken.

About the colours, I really like your Idea Eklas, showing languages by shades of colour according the group they belong to. If only I could have had this idea before ;)

Of course it would be great to have a map like Luciano give as example, but as you guys know (and say) it would be hard to update then. This said, maybe we should consider that a country still exist as long as it has not been totally erased... but well, this is another debate ;)

Cheers !

1 Year of Mapping about 1 month ago

So far you did a great job, hope to see more from you in the future. Congrats !

A potential way to have an objective opinion about your own mapping about 1 month ago

definitely a good technic, it is a good way to change the point of you upon your work. I do it too and it works well. Good advice !

The Ingerish Colonial Empire 3 months ago

That's why I thought it could be interesting to use different shades to mention the power influence and the degree of occupation for the different states in link with Ingerland. I'll try to do something in that sens and you'll tell me what you think bhj867.

The Ingerish Colonial Empire 3 months ago

Thanks guys, I'm glad you like it. In deed that could be done with other empires of this world.

I Thought maybe make different shades of blue according the colonial periods and maybe the overseas territories that still belong to Ingerland.

This map is free of use if you guys want to modificate it adding by yourself new colonies. But if you need help, feel free to ask and suggest me new modifications. Cheers !

highway=pedestrian relations disappeared? 3 months ago

Yes I noticed that the pedestrian polygone has the priority in terms of "layer". It will cover all the things there are inside. What I do in this case it's drawing the pedestrian zone surrounding the buildings without including it or (easier) I select the two polygons (pedestrian and building) with shift key pressed and when appears a "+" I click on it. Then the pedestrian zone shows a border around the buiding inside. I don't know if it's a good advice but it works ;)

Names for the waters surrounding Antarephia 3 months ago

You're right [[MrOobling]] I didn't check its position before updating. It was there on the last one but, in deed, it's not the correct location. I'll change it on the next one. Louis I like the name of Strait Trinity, that sounds nice. Regarding Bay and Gulf terms I guess there's not a big difference, on Earth you have bays bigger than gulfs and seas smaller than bays. Also according the language a bay is called gulf and vice versa (ex. Golfe de Gascogne / Bay of Biscay) but I agree with you for me a gulf is wider than a bay but I think we generaly choose what sounds better.

Thanks for the comments.

Views and animations of the Planet 4 months ago

Thanks for the comments guys, that's nice. I'll try to put some others with, this time, an entire rotation of the Planet to show all the mainlands.