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First Diary Entry - 24th January 2018 30 days ago

Wow! Anyway, your town located in the north of my old commonian town!

New stats: Ideas 3 months ago

@Luziyca I think a list like this makes the more mapped country much more interesting and having more depth rather than just wiki about places and places.

Routemap in wiki? 3 months ago

I think you can copy routemaps in the wikipedia in edit page and change it to your own desire in OGF wiki. Tough work but it could be perfect though

Mapper's Challenge #15 - November 2017 - Keep Clean and Stay Pretty 3 months ago

My mapping entry is the district of Bath, Old Town, Puerto Esperanza

A little backstory of the district of Bath is when the Communal Bath built by the Castellan in the late 1740s. The growing numbers of elites from merchant and officer living in the northern part of Puerto Esperanza made big money on leisure. 

Like the Castellan, Bath was made because the Rio Beach is full of lower class leisure and the riches want to separate the leisure are from the lower classes. Puerto Esperanza lay near the equator and the heat was pretty intense in the midday, so a recreational bath is pretty much needed by the elites who are at the time are mostly Castellanese. For 20 years, Castellan Bath that crowded by rich is a safe haven for prostitution. Almost everyone that visits here is old rich man where their wife cannot get in. The young woman who serves the people isn't even clothed. But on the Siege of Puerto Esperanza in 1764, lower class rebel killed a lot of Castellan elites and officer here, even the servant was brutally killed and left Castellan Bath full of blood.

After the Ingerish conquers, the Castellan Bath were open and operating again after 10 years closed. This time, the Ingerish banned prostitution and bathing suit were mandatory. Being the center of elites and rich, the area around the Bath were becoming more friendly to open beauty related shop for both men and women at that time. On 1887, at the peak of women fashion industry, shops and boutique were opened everywhere between Levin Avenue and 22nd Street. Fashion designers and hairdresser from the West settles around here in Bath District makes the area were once famous as Castellan’s red light district to populated of high-end fashion and beauty industry.

Once Wallea earns the independence, the Castellan Bath is closed because the elites were once lived here starting to move to San Martin or Costa de Palma. Fashion industry survived for several decades and it closes in the 1970s. In the early 2010s, new mayor Michael Luis Sanchez initiated to bring back the tourism to Puerto Esperanza with an effort such as making Designer Village and the district into its glorious time on the late 1800 and also open up Castellan Bath to public as a museum and the pool were now decorated with classic statue and fountain.

1 Year of Mapping 4 months ago

Hey, congrats on a year anniversary!

I like your country especially your cities, but it still lack of natural features, and I would love to see if those many big cities still have some preserved nature or just full of sprawling suburban. Anyway, I'd be much more impressed if you put more details into one of your city like buildings and point. I know it takes time but, yeah. Good luck and happy mapping

Idea I would like to propose 4 months ago

--I forgot to mention, look up Lonely Planet's The Travel Book. It contains both of factsheet and travel guide. Make it alphabetical or by continental that would be much better. Like this

Idea I would like to propose 4 months ago

This is great! but since I'm fairly new to OGF, I didn't know about Mapadvisor. If there's a travel guide for Sociable Planet, where do you write it?

Anyway, country factsheets would be awesome!

OpenGeoFiction Discord server? 4 months ago

I'm trying to join the Facebook group but the admins haven't accepted me

Archanta Flooding 4 months ago

@ParAvion: The water company gonna get bankrupt because of this guy

One of my first city, Puerto Esperanza 4 months ago

@Portopolis: I already thought of that actually. The Southwest Wallea will be the crowdest part because of the fertility of the land. Also, the majority of Puerto Esperanza itself is not from the middle-upper class instead they were pretty much middle-lower class. The industrial area in town was bankrupt because it was competing with Rio Cuarto and most of Rio Cuarto and Laplace worker came from Puerto Esperanza. Like in Tijuana-San Diego but Rio Cuarto is much more industrial than San Diego. Okay, maybe I should lower my population into 2 or 1.5 million to make it less crowded and metropolitan? Let me know what you think.

One of my first city, Puerto Esperanza 4 months ago

@zhenkang: Thank you!

One of my first city, Puerto Esperanza 4 months ago

@Marcello: That is true, I guess I should expand much bigger suburbs for 3 million people. And Penang itself, if I'm not wrong, doesn't have 3 million people but it's already bigger than mine. Thank you for your response, Marcello!

One of my first city, Puerto Esperanza 4 months ago

@MrOobling: Wow I don't know that Madrid is populated with 3 million people. In my country, the fourth biggest country was populated with more than 3 million people. I'll look for how big is Madrid. Thank you for your response!

One of my first city, Puerto Esperanza 4 months ago

@CoffeeFaucet Thank you for your response! It takes me months to understand editing here in browser tbh.

*I just realize that! Hahaha, I didn't think so much about congestion but I think it's a usual problem in an old city that grows unplanned. For that problem, on Trueno Boulevard I added underpass in almost every major street interchange. The economy surely can support it since it got investment to sustain tourism in the city. I think I should expand the suburbs more. Just to tell you that there is some part of the city that's so dense but 60% of them weren't living in the skyscrapers. *Yeah! I was thinking subway but I think for the economy like this, subway didn't really seem possible. Maybe monorail is the cheapest possibility?

Thank you, I was following New York naming system as you know it, other than that, it was out of my head so I wrote those name. Once again, thank you for your response! I can't wait till you made a country so we could do some diplomatical thing :D

A planned port city 4 months ago

It looks good for now, just my advice is, don't make the grid too tidy, just follow the coastline shape and it's gonna looks much more man-made "natural". Also, the grid had to be more bigger when it's going near the harbor. Good luck!

Something Different: The History of a Square in Ostrina, Antharia 4 months ago

This is very inspiring to see. So awesome!!! Now I'm gonna try SketchUp after 5 years on a break.

New country: Sahrani (Official name: Sahrani Democratic republic) 5 months ago

@zhenkang I thought everyone here was totally into Europe style for their country?

The Ingerish Colonial Empire 5 months ago

I haven't mapped a lot but I already wrote the basic information of Wallea. It was a part of Ingerland Colony until 1911. So how to insert it? otherwise, this is a very good idea! :D

How do I delete things that already uploaded in OGF inside JOSM? 6 months ago

@eklas Alright I'm gonna make sure that i'm using the latest version. Yeah, that wasn't actually a problem inside JOSM, can you check on browser editor the stuff that you deleted and see if the stuff wasn't there on edit mode?

How do I delete things that already uploaded in OGF inside JOSM? 6 months ago

@eklas Sometimes it work but sometimes it doesn't. Usually it always leaves a node mark everywhere. But I'll try it again. Thank you.

@Toadwart What do you mean by save, load, download and upload? What do you need to know?