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any help? 4 days ago

Oh thank you!

Palaseskia is being remade soon! 16 days ago

I think we should kind of delete the motorways and add rivers, I don't get why your buildings are huge, not even the empire state building is as big as your Palamoney headquarters. And we need a capital in the middle of your country, because all of the people have better access to the capital.

When I have enough detail on my first country to try mapping a new one what should it be? about 1 month ago

Planoria is kind of a cross between the United States and Canada, I designed most of the cities of those two places, along with how the Cities are placed in order of where's the coldest. I kinda just felt I wanted to tackle a European styled country.

Looks real? about 1 month ago

Looks a bit too small. try widening the space as LemonKing said earlier. Fire spreads easily and many city planners think of that in small homes

Tojmidia: A Roadmap 3 months ago

I would love for my country to have diplomatic relations with you. my country is Planoria.

So far your country is great, looks like a country with some rich history.

National Days in OGF? 4 months ago

Every July 3rd, the country of Planoria gets a full day of celebration of being independent from Ingerland

Apology for all the short text posts i've been making. 5 months ago

@tommypoo I'm trying to post some news (Like normal news not progress) to the World News but I can't for some reason

What would it look like if I brought my OGF city to life? Progress in Caladea 5 months ago

You play Cities:Skylines? Cool, I have hundreds of mods for Cities Skylines, which I use to detail my roads and scenery, my framerate tanks, but it's worth it.

Why isn't the airport showing up? 5 months ago

oh ok, i'll try to fix that

Apology for all the short text posts i've been making. 5 months ago

I wanted to ask a question but a post for it in the user diaries would be short. So I dunno how people get to post on the OGF World News area, and i'd like to ask how I would be able to use it or I can't

Apology for all the short text posts i've been making. 5 months ago

Thanks _zM. I'll use blikis from now on to document my stuff. My Bliki

Why is my country tagged as 'reserved'? 5 months ago

What kind of computer did you use for JOSM, because I use an Asus Laptop with built in Intel Graphics.

,Interrail' -OGF Version 5 months ago

This is a great idea, that way you don't have to fly all the time, you can visit stops along the way which is great.

Norfield growing 5 months ago

Looks great so far, I hope your your new town or city will be great!

Right.... 5 months ago

I started revamping planoria couple weeks back, so far I feel i'm 13% done

Strange edits 5 months ago

Oh the image didn't work. vinnmarks owner?

Strange edits 5 months ago

It looks like he owns vinnmark. ...

Collection of inspiring examples? 5 months ago

I have recently gotten some inspiration from khaiwoon on my rural areas, they look nicer

Who did this? 5 months ago


Weekly Word #5 5 months ago

So far, I haven't finished my military base, so here's all I have