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Looks like Archanta is flooded again...? 6 months ago

This happened on another continent as well. Funny how it happens a day later from the last flood

How's my plaza? 6 months ago

Thanks guys.

Anyone interested in putting an embassy for their country in my one? 6 months ago

Sure you can have the Planorian Embassy

Feedback on new Island Chain 6 months ago

that's much better than mine. (Country of planoria)

Cycling provision in OGF cities 6 months ago

Planoria has combatted Global Warming by not only making bike lanes. They have created; pylons by bike lanes to prevent cyclist collisions. Electric cars have been the only type of car sold in the country since 1999.

My Thoughts on OGF 9 months ago

Nice. Source code buddy. download it

Embassies 9 months ago

Sure. Have a Planorian Embassy.

Serveur Discord francophone pour OGF ! 9 months ago

Hello there. I own a discord called opengeofiction Lune I can join your discord as well

Lost islands 11 months ago

I see a green border around it

Planorian Travel Tips 12 months ago

Dabbing is this btw

How to Add Opengeofiction to JOSM about 1 year ago

thanks, I got it up and running

I am active again! about 1 year ago

Hello! I can help you but I run out of street names easily. I could help you with the buildings

Hello, I'm JoshuaRoadMapper! about 1 year ago

I did the same thing, I picked up my mother's map of the city and read it for the whole car ride. then I drew imaginary maps.

Is Mecyna okay to build on about 1 year ago

A City near water, with highways around the city and inside it.

Where's the blue nations? I am new to this site about 1 year ago

yes. I did that when I was new to the site