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any help? 5 days ago


if that's what u mean

Unity in Diversity - the UAC (Ulethan Alliance for Culture) 10 days ago

Of course! I added Wyster already now in December as a future member, just in case I'll forget on January 1st :))

OMG!!! 13 days ago

@Litvania I'm not sure how your aggressive way of talking to less experienced users or users who choose to not use JOSM is in any way better then my "arrogant" way of showing my disappointment towards the increasing superficiality level on OGF (keyword Road Sign Fonts) - I'm not "triggered", I'm just confused.

OMG!!! 13 days ago

calm down, it's already been fixed, it just takes time to render on all zoom levels..

I'd like to ask: about 1 month ago

@mfnowacki (Litvania)

I’m sorry if my comment „triggered“ you, I don’t see why it would sound arrogant, it just shows my deep disappointment. And now I got even more disappointed seeing how an experienced user like you responds this in such an arrogant way. I really am.

What I’m trying to say is that if you’re trying to become part of the OGF community, you have to contribute to this site first - by mapping (because that’s what OGF is for), not by writing stories on the user diaries. People come together and collaborate through mapping, not through writing diary entries. Tito_zz has mapped a few street grids and some oversized buildings, this is not the right moment to think about fonts on road signs, don’t you think?

The OGF community is the greatest community I’ve found in the entire www, too bad it’s shrinking, respectively it’s being taken over by a new, superficial generation of „mappers“. If you want to get attention through writing stories, you might wanna try Wattpad, on this website you’ll find other users interested in writing. If you’re looking for young friends with headsets, try Minecraft. If you’re looking for a boyfriend, go on Tinder or something, I don’t care, but if you’re trying to compare OGF to any of these websites, you are offending me and my work. Plus I feel very ashamed for all users who take their work on OGF very seriously (or who took it very seriously before they’ve abandoned their projects because of how superficial the new OGF community has become).

I’m going through a very rough time in my life right now, but 50% of all my depressions are still caused by new user diary entries. I spent over 1 year of every day mapping on this website and now I realized I’ve practically just wasted my time. Or did I?

Anyway, to end another useless comment where I just express my infinite disappointment, here are some fragments from a post I wrote in the „elite-team user diaries“ last month, when I was only one inch away from leaving OpenGeofiction for good:

„OpenGeofiction is not a game, it's not Minecraft, it's not Sim City or Forge of Empires, it's a way to express yourself, it's ART (well at least for me it is), it's a wonderful, sacred place, a place of refuge whenever you feel down. If there is something you don't like about the world, OGF is the place where this problem does not exist. This is what I feel could be the real purpose of OGF and I think some of you might just agree on this.“

„…the former holy world of OGF is completely desecrated... I wouldn't want to share a world map with someone who acts this way.“

Have a great night, Nowacki

I'd like to ask: about 1 month ago

If only people cared the same about their mapping quality and finding ways to improve as they care about fonts on road signs... This is upsetting me a lot-

Road Names about 2 months ago

I never used road name generators either, I just wrote down two links where Jake Knight can get a ton of road names from without creating an extra program and spamming the user diaries

Road Names about 2 months ago



Help Requested Urgently! about 2 months ago

I found it out when I had a similar problem: while moving Antharia and Niscavo back in August the upload stopped mid-session, so there were around 17,000 orphan nodes in these countries...

Help Requested Urgently! about 2 months ago

in josm you can just select all orphan with the search tool if you type in "type:node untagged -child"

Nominatim about 2 months ago

I also realized that the Nominatim takes a lot of time to update, things I mapped this month can't be searched yet either

Something Different: The History of a Square in Ostrina, Antharia about 2 months ago

@Luciano More details to Tárrases? Whoa, this is certainly going to look amazing!

About Ardisphere, I'm sorry if my confusion made you feel depressed, I didn't mean to. I think that this multicultural state could become something great and unique on OGF, but I just wanted to point out that it's going to be very hard, that's why I rather try to inspire myself by real world cultures and cultural mixes. I didn't read anything about Ardisphere on the wiki when I wrote my last comment, but I'm always happy to see when mappers don't just throw all kinds of cultures and languages together (like I did in Antharia's north-west, I'm certainly not gonna leave It that way), but actually have a complex backstory to every cultural influence of their countries. I also didn't know about all these minority languages in Central and South America, this is very interesting!

@martinum4 Isn't f4maps, osm2world and everything actually based on the 3D-buildings you've mentioned? So what does it have to do with SketchUp?

I know it's not really fine to use the wall feature for roof details, that's why I asked in my second bliki if it's "even OK to do that" and no one seemed to oppose (concrete evidence that "bliking" can't be taken seriously).

But would it be possible to create appart from OSM this extra feature, which renders like the wall feature but doesn't have a height or a meaning if OGF is ever going to be able to rise into the 3rd dimension?

Something Different: The History of a Square in Ostrina, Antharia about 2 months ago

Thank you @Demuth!

Something Different: The History of a Square in Ostrina, Antharia 2 months ago

@Luciano I remember you once said that if you could start OGF all over again, you wouldn't allow real world cultures. Well, I think it's not possible for human to completely come up with a complex urban evolution, which probably took many centuries, for his cities. I'm pretty sure that all people on OGF get inspired by real world maps. I passionately analyzed the evolution of the city of Bucharest, Romania the years before I started mapping on OGF - the 1850 map of the Station Square is 100% what could have been Bucharest in the early 20th century. My country's culture is clearly defined based on real world cultures: Romanian with stronger Turkish and Greek roots, influenced by the French pre-war period and the Italian 70s.

Tárrases is the greatest piece of mapping I've seen on OGF, not only because it's for sure the only finished country in the world, but also because, as you said, it's mapped in a historical style, respectively you can see which part of Tárrases is the old part without knowing that Viejo means Old on the map. I'm certain that this place is inspired by a real world location, I guess it looks a lot like a colonial town in Argentina or Brazil?

I always found your mapping in Ardisphere very interesting, yes, also Villa Constitución, but to be honest, the country's culture appears very confusing to me. When I first saw the country I thought it was the OGF Mexico, then I saw Comala and the Korean city names and I thought oh, Aztecs have been turned into Koreans in Ardisphere. Then I saw Arabic and another language I can't identify (Ynys Dieithriaid). It would be the most amazing thing to have a country where these four probably completely different cultures could all influence the urban evolution of the cities in a harmonical way, but sadly it's not very easy, rather impossible, because these 4 cultures do not coexist in real life. And creating such a complex new multicultural urban style is neither something I could try, nor something I'd want to try. You saw it yourself: Comala is probably only infuenced by the Korean culture, while most other cities and towns look like Central or South American settlements.

Something Different: The History of a Square in Ostrina, Antharia 2 months ago

Thanks! For me personally it was actually more exciting to create the historical maps and to write the history of the buildings than to build the plaza in 3D. I feel like most people are not very interested in the historical part though.

Something Different: The History of a Square in Ostrina, Antharia 2 months ago

Thanks, @Alessa!

Oscar Lutien the grand dutchy of auleus 2 months ago

@Oscar Dude, if you're gonna keep on mapping in Auleus (zhenkang told you where you are allowed to map) and vandalizing the map with stupid names like hahahahMeeM, I'm gonna make sure your account gets blocked.

Something Different: The History of a Square in Ostrina, Antharia 2 months ago

I'm glad I inspired you guys!

Hi 2 months ago

You see, everyone has their own project. I'd be down to help you with some ideas for the city if you have something to begin the city from, like highways, rivers, mountains... right now your country looks pretty empty, the things you drew look very unrealistic. Try these links:

Something Different: The History of a Square in Ostrina, Antharia 2 months ago

@Luciano Well I don't see why you shouldn't give it a try, SketchUp is a very easy building tool (at least for me it is, I started using it over 10 years ago) and you don't have to make the buildings that complex, you can try something like this: SketchUp