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Transect of Plowford 5 days ago

Probably just add what you know yourself - it's the perfect layout of the semis, terraces and bungalows. Adding in the extensions, sheds and garages - random as they'll be - will add the realism.

A checklist for new mappers starting a country (Inspiration and making the country) 14 days ago

Because only the US produces food, obvs...

CONTINENT FLOODING! in Gobrassanya 21 days ago

I reverted the edits today.

Pathfinding/Directions Issues about 1 month ago

The info says it was updated today; see

Best to message Martinum4.

I'd like to ask: about 1 month ago

What, nobody is using Comic Sans, huh?

I'd like to ask: about 1 month ago

Get in the Hesperic Ocean! :)

What is this enclave wonderland? about 1 month ago

I've always liked here:

A New Border City Begins Construction about 2 months ago

You want to read this sooner, rather than later:

Midistland OUTRAGEOUS trunk road system about 2 months ago

"That's why I'm so impatient to put into place something more organized like Gobrassanya" - yeah, but Gobrassanya isn't any more organisation than a few editors babysitting it. Same to say i think we'd all like it to be purple, rather than blue!

Archanta Flooding about 2 months ago

Every now and then i take it upon myself to clear out ALL the errors at OGF:Coastline Maintenance - this isn't a special task, anyone with the skill not to mess things up even more can do it. That is understand how to use JOSM and the rules of the OSM coastline.

When you do that, you realise that yes new editors do mess things up, but also that experienced editors -- who should know better -- often mess it up too. So, if you see the message in your local history, please do look at the changeset and learn why it messed things up. If it's not clear, feel free to msg me.


Verisimilitude on a global level: on the ever-growing number of small States 2 months ago

Fracturing discussion off-site to other channels isn't the answer (whatever the problem is).

You do know there's a forum in test?

Public competition 2 months ago

It's also pretty impossible to imagine this, without the constraints of the existing street plan and buildings surrounding.

Public competition 2 months ago

Really can't see how overpasses or underpasses can realistically be part of the solution here. Both from an urban realm perspective, but also from realities of construction - gradients and all the real life stuff!

Verisimilitude on a global level: on the ever-growing number of small States 2 months ago

(saying that as somebody who has a 50 or kmsq sliver of territory, but only ever edits in the blues)

Verisimilitude on a global level: on the ever-growing number of small States 2 months ago

I've not read all of the intervening messages, so sorry if this has been said already.

Lots of wee countries actually lends itself quite nicely to neighbours coming together later to amalgamate into a larger country,

Grey countries, and others, might well make sense to "plat out" to users on regional, rather than country, level subdivisions.

New country: Sahrani (Official name: Sahrani Democratic republic) 2 months ago
Really noobie questions (I'm back to mapping, also I'm doing an urban development project on open geo) 2 months ago

I believe the reason you've not had a reply is that the answer to your question is either easily available on the JOSM help or on the FAQ here...

School is Here Once Again! 3 months ago

You have a duplicate section of coastline; see

Displaying (route) relations in leaflet multimaps on the wiki? 3 months ago

If you're working with route relations a lot then you'll find PT Assistant a useful JOSM plugin:

Weekly Word; Pheonix Edition 3 months ago

Ah, I was just looking at it as adding details to a 1km^2 park, smaller than a mid sized airport.