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Mappers' Workout #1-Street/grid storming

Posted by zhenkang on 8 April 2018 in English (English)

Alright, I may not be an expert on mapping, but I thought there should be some 'mapping workouts', you know, like warm-ups before taking on big or even medium projects.

The Mappers' Workout is quite inspired by 'Composers' Workout' from Art of Composing, where, well, anyone interested in composing is welcomed, learn some basic composing techniques and share ideas, like a forum. So like the owner of the website then started some workouts for us, quite long ago (I only re-visited the site a few days ago, then go exploring the new features a bit).

Anyway, back to the workout. The workout is based on this compositional workout, the very first one.

The workout

It can be hard to even draw a town from scratch, let alone a mega city or the capital. So I thought of starting this workout with the following instructions. (it can be done using iD or JOSM, but iD will work fine at zoom 17.)

  1. Draw just a few streets in any pattern you like, maybe like a 3x3 grid or streets spread out form a point. The streets do not have to be too long, maybe like 100m or so.

  2. Determine the land-use you would like for each street (or grid if you are drawing grids). (Residential, Commercial, Retail etc.)

  3. Draw buildings and restaurants or whatever is appropriate. The features do not be as large as a hospital or a college. Draw small, not big.

  4. Mind your scale and everything. Basic mapping rules still apply.

  5. There is no need to go and develop and expand the set of streets or go into very deep details during this workout. You are only practising the skill of creating new stuff, not developing features. This is important.

  6. After you are done with the basic stuff, well, feel free to do anything. If you have no use for the stuff you drew, then feel free to delete it, though it will be a shame.

You can do this in a blue country or in your own territory. I won't care where you are going to do this. Anywhere is fine, but please don't go and intrude into someone else's territory!

I will do this workout. It should not take more than 45 minutes, or 30 for those experienced. Share your experience below.

Note: This workout may not be monthly or weekly or on a regular basis. Whenever I feel like setting up a workout I will just post it.

Digging up OGF's past

Posted by zhenkang on 24 February 2018 in English (English)

Sometimes when I was bored without a computer to do any mapping, I would plunge into other user's diary entries (pardon for prying into those) to dig up at least some things which happened in OGF before I came into OGF.

I decided to compile all of such 'significant' events' in OGF here, along with the supporting diary entries (the dates may be inaccurate).

Key milestones

This year (2018) will be OGF's 5th anniversary. If there could be a suitable time for the grand opening of the western continents and/or AR120, it could be on 01/09/18. Anyway, I can't believe OGF is turning 5 this year, and I hope for something special to happen this year.

Anyway, it is still slightly too early to take about OGF 2023. But I think we should soon think about the future of OGF soon.

(If I miss out anything or if there is an error/mistake, you can comment here.)

OSM map features

Posted by zhenkang on 26 December 2017 in English (English)

As much as we have our own OGF featured maps, shouldn't there be a page where good OSM maps could be shown, so that we can model our maps based on the RW maps?

(If only if at least 75% of our world is as detailed and realistically looking as OSM's)

New continent points

Posted by zhenkang on 17 September 2017 in English (English) (Archanta continent point in Mecyna) (Uletha continent Point in Midstland)

Like the Asian Continent Point here, I have added continent points for Uletha and Archanta. Can someone else do the same for Antarephia and Tarephia?

Anyone else can also add tags for multilingual names at these points like the Asia Continent point with translations of Asia in Arabic, Chinese etc.


Location: Old Canal Road, Guntrum, Mecyna

National Days in OGF?

Posted by zhenkang on 9 August 2017 in English (English)

Hello guys. Today's is the 52nd year of independence in Singapore- 9 August, the day Malaysia expelled Singapore and we are independent, like unexpectedly. My nation is commemorating the event through a National Day Parade, to read more see here.

I want to ask, in your countries, do you all celebrate national day, or some national event like 'Democracy day', Freedom day'. 'King's xx Birthday' etc.? Write down those dates below!

How does your country celebrate that event? Is it like a parade in front of a palace, or something else? Are there performances? Besides that, what does your country do leading up to the event?

In Singkangia, two days were celebrated: 'Republic Day' and 'Freedom day'. Republic Day was celebrated since the fall of the Singkangian Nationalists and the start of being a 'socialist republic' on 13 June, while 'Freedom Day' marks the end of communist rule in Singkangia on 31 August. I still have not set up a venue for such events, maybe that will be part of my next stage of mapping my main city in Singkangia.

I will also like to see the locations where these celebrations took place.

My new airport- Changke International Airport- Possibly something to drop by

Posted by zhenkang on 16 July 2017 in English (English)

My new Airport!

My best piece of work so far, and the product after using JOSM for something major! Did not know JOSM is awesome! My other drafts for the airport were 'terrible', so I decided to review it again, this time using JOSM instead of iD.

This airport's design looks somewhat similar to Khaiwoon's International Airport, where I got the inspiration from, and also some inspiration from real-world's Singapore Changi Airport. I have still yet add in the natural features like grass and meadows around the runways, and the boarding gates etc.

I just want mappers to make honest crticsm, no beating around the bush please, on the new airport, such as what to add on, or what to omit. I have yet named the runways and taxiways, as I still do not understand the naming of runways in OGF:Where to Fly.

And also, anyone is happy to add in their airlines' offices and branches around here. Airlines from Uletha and Antarephia are encouraged to come.

Can also someone else add this to the list of airports? The town served just put Odessa, the Ingerish name, and the country served Singkangia.

This is an aviation hub for flights going from east Uletha to around Archanta. So please, add your airlines branches!

After this airport, new next plans will be the railway systems in Singkangia- to the existing towns. Anyone is also happy to critic on the existing railways.

Wishing all happy mapping.


Location: Terminal 3 Boulevard, Odessa, Singkangia

A travel journal around the OGF world?

Posted by zhenkang on 18 June 2017 in English (English)

I think now is the summer holidays and I wonder whether to write a travel journal for a trip around the OGF world. This is when both mapping and wiki comes together, a moving map from a traveler's perspective. (I actually hoped for a book about OGF)

I planned that the route for the journey around the mapped continents: Uletha-Archanta-Antarephia-Tarephia and back. Of course, the journey is through mapped countries, so any mapper can be part of the editors of the travel journal. This journal includes countries' places of interest. There can be information about the places visited, and include airlines taken, transportation used, culture of the place, what event was happening in the country during a journey, people met etc.I have seen travel journals online and thought of creating one in the OGF world with everyone's help. By the way, as the world keeps changing, the journal can change too! Check the link!

Places of interest :

Do not be disheartened if your country is not listed! This list is incomplete. I still need more planning of the trip, so discussions can come about the route. I have not explored the OGF world enough yet.

Northwest Uletha (10+ days) : Ingerland (and Mycria)- Sandmark- Kingdom of Pretany (and the PFS)

Central Uletha (1 week): Litavania (and Drabantia)- Escadia?- Midstland- Antharia

South Uletha (2 weeks): Gobrassanya- Khaiwoon- Niulutan-Riu- Lallemand

East Uletha and Axian Penisula (3 weeks or so): Karolia- Dracodia- Glaster (and Agarderia and Wyster)- Mergany (and Eshein)- Belphenia- Kojo- Hoppon- Wiwaxia- Pasundan-Pajadjaran

Archanta (2 weeks): Commonia (and West Commonia) (Note: only a brief visit- too chaotic to stay for long)- Rhododactylia- Unesia?- Develti? (and Omniville?)- Neo Delta- Zylanda- Yuris- Mecyna (and Ismikk?)- Elhadia- Drull- Balonis- Ardisphere

Antarephia and Tarephia: Yet to be confirmed, though Mahhal, Meilan and Latina? (Udzdanart not considered- unsafe and not to visit, no visas there) If this idea took off, this is the link.

Weird, exotic names

Posted by zhenkang on 3 June 2017 in English (English)

Came across an article about weird names like zzyzx I read here.

I know that in our world, there should be numerous 'weird' names that are still 'user-friendly'. In Commonia there are a bunch of them, like Port to Earth or Minn-Am-Gabots for towns.

I just want to know what other weird names are there, for towns, cities, places and even countries and states. Please post them here and their location, and even possible, write a rationale for each name. (Make sure these are mapped with quality before posting!)

I should praise Ūdilugbulgidħū for names like Ūdzđąnąrąt and Telkhug Ēkdŭn. I also favoured names like Khaiwoon, which is a quite exotic name, with, of course, quality mapping.

Singkangia - Under construction and development, and needing honest feedback

Posted by zhenkang on 26 May 2017 in English (English)

As I move forward in mapping Singkangia, I want to let anyone to take a look at Odessa (mainly, this is my primary attention as of now besides the airport, it also need re-scaling works) and get some feedback. Specifically, what needs to be changed to improve the area? The city Odessa is purposely square-grid, but I still trying to break through the grid by adding a river, and adding some greenery which are not square.

I also need some help (not mapping my country, however). Can I see some examples of your country's power stations (fossil fuel, nuclear, solar etc.) and water supply stations? The country need such basic necessities for growth (of course, we'll be purchasing for water works haha -monopoly joke).

Oh, and I need some list of trading companies (or other companies involved in shipping) so that I can add more offices at Keppong harbour at the south (and see some industrial estates in your country, if you build any), plus also see what you drew along a river in your city, if you build one. The buildings near the Ayangcha river are for some nightlife and a tourist attraction (possibly I'll build a casino there).

I also want to know whether the subway stations I drew is it too big, too small, or just right? As always, I'm happy to receive any criticism for other infrastructure I drew.

Happy mapping,


Location: Defangchi Way, Odessa, 101318, Singkangia

Is it just me, or is it Archanta flooded agian?

Posted by zhenkang on 20 May 2017 in English (English)

I am not sure who caused this (I most likely did not otherwise JOSM will tell me), or is this real, but i think Archanta is flooded again.

Location: Pilaong, Singkangia

A transcontiential railway system?

Posted by zhenkang on 9 May 2017 in English (English)

Hi, I saw that transnational contential motorway systems are not so popular so I thought of suggesting another mode of transportation that spreads within continents- railways.

Like some of those stated here, I wonder whether is this possible in separate continents, if not for those unoccupied territories. It can improve connectivity for people and cargo, instead of just ships and planes.

Formal (and Currently still) Communist states

Posted by zhenkang on 5 May 2017 in English (English)

Hi. Just would like to know, besides Agarderia and Singkangia, are there other socialist, communist, communist-controlled or communist-influenced countries and states historically? The OGF:Global Collaboration is slightly useful but not clear enough, and some may not have included their countries. I thought of setting up an international organisation for former communist states and still communist states.

The purpose of the organisation (yet to be named) is to finance poverty stricken communist states by providing subsidies for them, depending on how the money was used (for instance money used to build homes or restabilise economy, not for military warfare like how China fund North Korea for their nuclear missle programme), accelerate social progress for still communist states, and cultural development. Additionally, it is to promote peace and stability with each other, whether formally communist or not. Lastly, it is to promote effective collaboration between communist states and other non-communist states (including former communist states) and mutual assistance on matters of common interest. And of course, to maintain close, beneficial co-operation with existing international organisations with similar aims and purposes. (This is just a general idea and may be discussed. By the way, this is not overwikification (yet))

By the way it may also include dictator-rule, a country which has a state under communist rule (before or now) or sometimes anarchies, but Commonia or West Commonia is not invitied. Also, if there were less than eight communist states then the idea can blow over.

Inviting foreign companies

Posted by zhenkang on 1 May 2017 in English (English)

Just would like to let everyone know, any foreign company can open up in Singkangia, including bank branches at Banking Boulevard into Odessa, Singkangia

Location: Kanifi Avenue, Odessa, Singkangia

Shortest Route Possible to connect 4 points

Posted by zhenkang on 13 April 2017 in English (English)

I hope this helps in cutting costs for motorways, roads or whatever, because I know every meter costs a huge amount of money. There is some mathematics involved,

Here is a scenario: You have built up 4 towns (or buildings or whatever) and now you need to join them up. These 4 towns (or buildings in the picture) happened to form a square (let's assume) 1 by 1 Kilometer or mile if you are British. A picture of the

Stupid governments or road planners will then draw the 4 lines (if you did this no offense), but we want the shortest route. Another possibility is connect them along the diagonals of the square with the roads joining the middle. This shortens the distance of the road system by A LOT (if you are a maths whizz you get 2 by the square root of 2, which equals to 2.82, way smaller than 4 km) [Diagonals]()

However, another problem is that the government has only enough money to buy 2.75 km worth of road. So what's the answer?

To use the shortest amount of road, you should make the roads meet at junctions of 120 degrees. The picture below shows the roads connected, meeting each other at 120 degrees.


To calculate the length will be too long if you do not like trigonometry and pytho, so to cut short, the line in the middle is abt 0.43, while the others are equal at 0.575. Add together to get abt 2.73 km, less than 2.75km.

I hope this encourages better planning for future mappers. Of course it is impossible to draw 120 degrees (Unless you have a protractor) everytime, but just estimate as you draw your roads. This is only recommended for buildings or towns that are only a short dist. apart, not for straight motorways which goes 100 of miles to connect 4 towns. Otherwise things will become unrealistic.

This 120 degree rule does not just work with squares or rectangles, it applies, to any network of things that need linking up. If you want to connect a series of 6 water fondtains, the shortest arrangement of pipes needed should all meet at 120 degrees.

Possible origins of Christianity (Christic Movement) in our OGF World.

Posted by zhenkang on 7 April 2017 in English (English)

(This is closed for discussion and possibly reinstated in the future when the world is almost fully mapped)

I have read this and thought up of a suggestion for the 'holy land', how possibly Christianity is spread out throughout the world and possibly where the locations stated in the Bible came from. I thought the Israel could become a collaborative territory in the future, or a set aside a place in UL137 for the Israel state if it become collaborative.

Possible location of an Israel-like nation (or state) in the OGF World.

  • Since our real Israel is near some Arab-majority nations and possibly in conflict with those, I thought maybe our version of Israel is possibly sandwiched between Suria and UL137. Maybe the Israel-like nation can be a state claimed either by Suria or UL137, its sovereignty disputed by these two nations, while Israel claimed itself that it was a nation, alongside with most Christians in the world. The AN possibly will not recognise it as a country though.


  • One of those nations in the unmapped continents? It looks easier.

Possibility of the spread of the Christic Movement.

  • I think that if the 1st option is accepted, then it most likely spread to Suria first. The Arabs in UL137 would have rejected the Christic Movement and decide Jesus is a prophet, thus likely how Islam is formed. Those Christians in UL137 would then move to Suria and then spread from there, while the 'holy land' was destroyed by UL137 Islam activists. As it continues to spread by mouth, different groups of Christians may have different opinions and interpretations of what was spread before the Bible was published, thus I think there are Baptist, Seventh-day Churches etc.


  • If the latter is accepted then possibly by boat explorers spread it to Uletha and then to other continents.

Names of the 'holy land' could be discussed in the future (I temporarily used Israel as the name). I bought up this issue because Easter and Good Friday is round the corner.

This is a quite sensitive issue and please be respectful.

International Security

Posted by zhenkang on 17 March 2017 in English (English)

Is there an Interpol-like Organisation in this OGF world, which helps fight International crimes like transnational terrorism like ISIS, International gangs (e.g drug-trafficking), cyber-hackers from random countries attacking other countries etc. and capture big, wanted criminals across continents? The Interpol seeks international police co-operation. Does an AN organisation have already function this same purpose?

I better ask around before setting up this organisation (if there isn't).

Cross-border checkpoints

Posted by zhenkang on 15 March 2017 in English (English)

The Foreign Affairs Minister of Singkangia wishes to ask around on how to improve the checkpoints at the East of Singkangia into Westport, Kulangke Checkpoint into Ripon and the north part. These checkpoints are built with permission from Wintania.

Please share your cross-border checkpoints that you built with your neighbours. (I would like to build one into Troipoline but there is no owner so far.)

Sincerely, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Singkangia.

2 Dawn Lane, Odessa, Singkangia 101315, Singkangian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Office.

(If you are intersted to establish diplomatic ties with Singkangia, please build an embassy in Singkangia, in places like around the Foreign Affairs Ministry Office, Mariana or Keppong Harbour (Harbourfront). Please notify by sending a message to the owner.)

West Commonia is flooded

Posted by zhenkang on 13 March 2017 in English (English)

The Minister of Development from Singkangia was travelling around the world and happened to spot this. One of the West Commonian islands is flooded. I hope this is fixed quickly.

Location: Enton, West Commonia

Elements- The building blocks behind the OGF World

Posted by zhenkang on 27 February 2017 in English (English)

While doing my Chemistry homework, I was thinking of the elements on the Periodic Table. I was thinking, who discovered elements like hydrogen, oxygen etc... and who organised the periodic table? (Dmitri Mendeleev of Syria? )

Inviting International Banks to Singkangia

Posted by zhenkang on 26 February 2017 in English (English)

Countries are strongly welcome to open their international branch of their banks in Banking Street, Odessa, Singkangia. This is a famous place for foreigners tourists to exchange their money, send money to their hometown, or save their money when working ain Singkangia.

Please do not make your bank too big. Also, you are welcome to open offices of your countries' local companies in the commercial area nearby.

Location: Commercial Banking Area, Odessa, Singkangia
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