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Commonia is flooded about 10 hours ago

I think it should be fixed by now.

Mapper's Challenge #16 - December 2017 - Power! Unlimited Power! 1 day ago

Another challenge is the location. A coal plant shouldn't be bear any residential area, or else the smog from the plant will result in complaints.

Mapper's Challenge #16 - December 2017 - Power! Unlimited Power! 3 days ago

I have been thinking of power generators, just that I don't know how to design or create them. Maybe I go to OSM then see first.

Besides power, another challenge could also be creating water treatment plants and sewage.

Transect of Plowford 5 days ago

I have nothing else to say, but to say this: The details are awesome! It must have taken A LOT of effort over the past year to create the town. Only thing which is slightly out of place is the lack of natural features surrounding the town, apart from the very detailed rivers.

Dominton 7 days ago

Wow. Not bad for a beginner.

Capital works 9 days ago

I am now working on my cities in Singkangia. I wiped out the so-called expensive district in Mariana and decide to re-draw again, while in the Industrial town of Keppong I am adding more details and buildings.

Singkangia is like going through a heavy renovation now.

Road Numbers: What should I do? 9 days ago

In Singkangia, there isn't really numbers, but names for roads. Even for motorways, the code is rather the abbreviation than a number like E1, E2 etc. (e.g. Selangte Expressway is STE, Odessa-Mariana Expressway is OME)

Maybe if your country have states, it should be slightly easier, like have a number for each state, e.g if your capital state the number is 1, then name any secondary road D1-XXX (with X being any digit after the dash). For cross-country routes you can give a special number, so long as it is not a number you give for any state. So like you have 12 states then you have already used numbers 1 to 12, then use the number 13 or something else for those roads.

  • Primary road in State 1- S1-009
  • Secondary road in State 3-D3-079
  • Tertiary road in State 12- 12-178
  • Cross-country Primary road- S13-005

Say, what about the trunk roads?

Road Numbers: What should I do? 9 days ago

Every country got their own system.

Feedback Requested on Beaudry Airport 11 days ago

Hey. Wait. Your country's flooded.

Feedback Requested on Beaudry Airport 12 days ago

The railway to the station is Abit too sharp

A checklist for new mappers starting a country (Inspiration and making the country) 14 days ago

This is only helpful if you want to base your country in the USA.

Maybe... Base my country in Türkçe? 16 days ago

You can base your country on RW elements, but not allowed to use the exact same names. Like Ingerish is English. Gohanguk is Korean and so on.

New stats: Ideas 16 days ago

@Udi My sentiments exactly.

I thought of revising the 'Making your first article' article, but I am only allowed to edit my own country pages and add my country to relevant lists. This what the administration told me when they lifted the ban on me.

Certain rules could be as follows:

  • Follow the way and formats on Wikipedia. But that does not mean copying from Wikipedia. You can search articles which is related to the one you want to create, and compare them. Eg Changi Airport and Changke Airport (which I will create in the future)

  • Articles must be related to what you have already mapped. So you can write about significant roads and railways in your country. However, don't write long articles on what you have not mapped yet. You can put the articles in a sandbox.

  • Articles must be significant and must be somewhat of importance to OGF, your country or other countries. Please don't write about a small station in a tiny corner of your country.

New stats: Ideas 16 days ago

Really, more lists? I would prefer if there are more interesting lists which is related to mapping and helpful in collaboration.

Anyway, why would there be a list of murder or suicide rates? It is quite morbid to have around here.

Some of the lists are quite 'incomplete' or 'un-updated', as I can still see 'Lost Countries' on the statistics. I will remove them, but that is not really my priority.

Eventually some day I will get back to OGF... 18 days ago

Do your thinking on the country on your wiki sandbox. I think i have an idea for your country. Your country got hit by a evonomic crisis, so developments plans are delayed.

I am now having my short period of freedom after my exams. However, I was asked by my parents to find a part time job. So I may not be spending more time on OGF for so long.

WikiForum is "LIVE" 20 days ago

Will try it out soon! But I have a church conference today till Saturday so I will not be active on OGF. Maybe I will try out on Sunday if I can.

Palaseskia is being remade soon! 20 days ago

Good to hear from you again. It has been a long time since you came here.

Help Resources (Just Crticise Me) 21 days ago

I will also do the same for roads connecting larger cities then smaller cities. But I will recommend working on smaller cities, like what I am doing right now with a small city called Yikechen (originally Ecren City by the previous owner). Always start small and basic, like all teachers said.

Help Resources (Just Crticise Me) 22 days ago

I also have the same feeling as you, but I can still see some progress in my work in Singkangia

Map of the languages of the World 23 days ago

Just to add, some people in Singkangia speaks Melayish (RW Malay), but there is also Kanglapolish (own conlang), Ingerish and Babelic (RW Chinese with some twist in pronunciation). If you can imagine putting different coloured circles in my country which is the size of Johor, I can't imagine what it will look like.

Hopefully there will be a new version like Luciano's suggested one.