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The Megastadium 2 days ago

@mstr sensing sarcasm in the air...

@Mg But seriously, can you like add more details to the stadium? It is not even oval. Look at this.

Flooding.. -.- 9 days ago

Go here to report a flood. Future diary entries like this will be deleted by the admins;

Lowden 17 days ago

Err, that park and ride is too big to be one. There are not enough details in that new town you are working on.

Mapper's Challenge #17 — February 2018 — Healthcare 18 days ago

By the way, may you get weel soon!

Mapper's Challenge #17 — February 2018 — Healthcare 18 days ago

I remember in my 2nd bliki about my method of mapping, I used my mapping of Keppong's medical district as an example. As you can see, the hospital is just southeast of a medical college.

But besides this, I have not mapped smaller clinics or polyclinics (mini-hospitals) in Keppong yet. I actually wanted to do that, but I kept forgetting to do so. The hospital needs slightly more detailing instead of just buildings and roads.

Healthcare is important especially in an ageing society in Singapore (and Singkangia). The government plans to spend more on healthcare and other age-related stuff this year in the budget.

Besides western medicine clinics, you can have Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) clinics. As Chinese New Year is coming ahead, I also encourage others to map some TCM clinics in their countries for Babelicans in their country!

What is the smallest city in OGF? 19 days ago

A city with just a label. You can see lots of them in Commonia. LOL.

How long does it take to get your town name onto the search results? 20 days ago

The street 'Kaling Avenue 1' should be in Singkangia, not Commonia.

How long does it take to get your town name onto the search results? 20 days ago

You can't search for the roads like Kaling Avenue 1, but 'included' as part of a route between two places I want to go. (though you can't make the route 'Kaling Avenue 1' as the destination) See here. Here are my search results for Kaling Avenue 1.

How long does it take to get your town name onto the search results? 20 days ago

I think the search thing is down. I have created many streets and buildings recently yet they have nor appeared.

Some questions 22 days ago

For the last two questions, contact with the user from the other end to obtain permission.

The 1st question is easy. The point where the exit branches, tag as motorway exit and name it.

Continued Work of Tempora 23 days ago

It has 'un-officially' decreed that all motorways should be parallel because on OSM the expressways are like that. The North Coast Highway is quite long, so I only especially make it parallel to the part near your city. BTW, I added the city to the 'nice and well-mapped cities of Commonia' on the wiki.

Freedonia 23 days ago

Could see nice developments in the country! But I am doubtful about the motorways on the island where Mirai City is. The Murakami Motorway could be downgraded to a trunk road. Also like the natural features!

Continued Work of Tempora 23 days ago

And to add, reduce the motorway exits. Motorway exits are only for important roads. I will do some changes to the motorway exits.

Continued Work of Tempora 23 days ago

Your city name reminds me of a Japanese fried food. It will be a better improvement if you can remove some of the motorways, or re-work the system. One suggestion could be eliminating TMP1 and transform into a trunk road to Ori Coast Bridge, then divide TMP2 into two expressways, the airport half can join Oru Coast Bridge and the other to end nearer to the city centre.

Humorous Articles 24 days ago

At the same time, I also created one for Commonia, which is much easier to write about given its chaotic state.

Largest City in OGF 24 days ago

Err, as the world is developing as we speak, we don't use superlatives in OGF, like world biggest, world smallest, etc. We use like 'one of the biggest' for describing objects.

It is still unconfirmed which is the biggest.

Giliarca (Gardensa). 25 days ago


First Diary Entry HankOfTheHill 25 days ago

I'd prefer if you do something with the road layout first

Humorous Articles 25 days ago

BTW read this:

Humorous Articles 25 days ago

Singkangia's version: Just an attempt to make one.