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Exciting updates in AR120... 5 days ago

Option 5 too reminds me of Mergany's flag.

Hi there! 7 days ago

@Lemonking New users can only post here since they don't have a wiki account to post on the forums (likewise for banned wiki users), so they posted here instead for any opinions or anything.

I like the patience you put in for your first town, tagging all the numbers for your houses even using iD. (It will be much easier on JOSM).

Also add more natural features and stuff. It looks very empty on the surroundings. Also add a river, or a lake etc.

Exciting updates in AR120... 8 days ago

@ iiEarth go to the forums. There is a link there to the survey.

Images and Articles Closing Down Sale 8 days ago

Alright. Good to know.

Images and Articles Closing Down Sale 8 days ago

Yes. That is where the pic came from. You want to use it for Antharia? Take it.

Edited Eredum Adding Some Nice Touches 8 days ago

Though I appreciate you are giving updates for your town 🏘🏘🏘, like Demuth said you do not need to post your updates daily. Take time to browse through all the links Demuth have introduced, and I hope to see greater progress in your mapping.


Exciting updates in AR120... 8 days ago

Though I am not voting, it will be quite interesting to see how this turns out. I have skimped through some of the comments (not really read them) and saw different opinions about each options. What I am watching out for is which of the best submitted options (which means not all of them are actually good, im afraid) will really be chosen.

The flags, well, the others may be used as state flags or whatever. Just a suggestion such that they wouldnt go to waste.

I wish 11 days ago

I listed a few good ones before (See OGF:Commonian Sandbox/Safe, Secure and Developed City of Refugee before it gets deleted!). Yes, Commonia is currently a great big mess, but I encourage you leave someone else to clear the mess instead, unless you have some time off to clean up someone's sh*t.

Inundacion 16 days ago

OGF:Coastline maintenance.

Mapper's Challenge #19 — April 2018 — Water, Water, Everywhere 16 days ago

Nice waterworks at Surprisingly in Commonia.

An OpenGeofiction meme to get you through the day. 17 days ago

Not sure whether to laugh. Now going through a not-so-pleasant journey in OGF.

What's This? 22 days ago

A highway from Archanta to the another side.

Best engineering feat ever.

What's This? 23 days ago

I am just saying the first one if the thing shows for more than one day, even after the upload, then it should be the first case.

But nevermind. The first case cam be said to be irrelevant

What's This? 23 days ago

That sometimes happen when ppl moved stuff, then by mistake some nodes got left behind maybe due to incomplete upload, if it is still there for hours.

Otherwise, it is temporaruly and the move is perfect.

AR120 states are now available! Plus, we want your suggestions! 27 days ago

Well, bhj, there are still collaborative territories to join. I

I dont wish to own a state myself, yet it is still fun to get involved. Maybe if I do, I will make some minor contributions to one of the collabprative states mentioned. I may just get involved in AR120-84, but just as a place for me to get a break from Singkangia, and probably create another Katayan outpost.

New settlers arrived and are applying for a piece of land ! 27 days ago

Err.. anothet custom is that you can only claim a small territory, unless your mapping skills are realy superb.

New settlers arrived and are applying for a piece of land ! 28 days ago

Hello and welcome to OGF (not OSM)!

Over here, basically you have to start literally from scratch. Not like OSM where there are already satellite photos for you to draw on. If you would like to know how to create realistic cities, see

At the very least, you must map for seven days (or longer for some) in a blue territory, like Commonia. Then you can get your territory. What do you want for your territory anyway? (like is it SE Asian, East Asian, European etc?)

To get in touch with other mappers, click on the username. Try to click on mine which is blue. Then click 'send message' to send a message. Otherwise, use this link: and replace USERNAME with others' username.

Other customs to follow:

  • Collaboration is the key. So don't isolate yourself.

  • If you get your wiki account, don't try to write too much stuff over what you have not even mapped. Beware of overwikification.

  • Try not to post too much on the user diaries. But here is a good platform to showcase your mapping.

  • There are sometimes a big hu-ha about using iD, so utilise JOSM as much as possible.

  • Read the FAQ if you have any other questions.

How to make good cities? about 1 month ago

Read this. By the way, I encourage you not to be ambitious and try to make big cities and instead be mindful of scale and stuff.

There are some nice cities in Commonia which are nice to be reviewed:,_Secure_and_Developed_Cities_of_Refuge

However, I wish you don't dwell on Commonia for too long.

Loken Regional Airport about 1 month ago

Alright. By the way I am planning to change the name of Odessa to Oridiev-Yesan.

Loken Regional Airport about 1 month ago

It will be better if you provide the link to your airport.

The scale is very off; it is too small. The runway on the east side is seriously too short. (Seriously? 200m of the runway?) And what about these random routes?

@ Stjur I don't totally like the sarcasm.