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Moving territory

Posted by sude on 3 April 2019 in English (English)

I have a new territory, and I'm moving old San Marcos to the new country.

The problem is that there are a lot of conflicts, and I have expended 2 hours and it looks like it will never finish

Please, be patient

Thank you

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I have returned!

Posted by geoboi on 3 April 2019 in English (English)

Hello everyone,

I am so glad to be back home. I have just finished galavanting in London, Paris, and the Loire Valley in France for two weeks. The trip taught me so many valuable lessons, and inspired me to map again. Around every corner, there was a beautiful view waiting for me. I am so grateful to have gone on that trip, and I'm glad to be home. I'm never gonna forget this.

Going to the Loire Valley was extremely helpful for my mapping because I actually got to see and spend time in a SMALL town. I got to understand the way of life, where everyone knows everyone, and I think I finally understand how to map rural areas!

Feel free to ask questions about my trip. I'll be happy to answer them!

A Territory Question

Posted by MOI N on 3 April 2019 in English (English)

What happens if you feel like you can't do the best of your skills and creativity in the territory you have , but the territory you prefer is for advanced users?

An important question

Posted by Fox Tails on 2 April 2019 in English (English)

So, I've been requesting UL082. I know for a fact it's not taken, as it says the owner is admin, but whenever I message the general admin for a territory, I never get anything in return. Not even a letter saying it's taken or that it's currently requested by multiple users. Can anybody help? (Note: I've been requesting since my account was 1 week old)


Posted by TheIlluminix on 2 April 2019 in English (English)

Deleted Diary Entry :I

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Refugee neighbourhoods needed for defectors

Posted by zhenkang on 1 April 2019 in English (English)

Given the extremely terrible human rights and economic situation in Antigo (I will spare the details for now), a handful of Antigoans will try to sneak out of the country. Only quite a few managed to survive the crossing (given the fact that our borders are well protected), and even if you cross to Pretany or any of the other two (unmapped) neighbours, they are not so friendly in letting you stay for too long (Pretany often treats Antigoans as second class, which is why Antigo prefers to keep out of Pretanic rule. Suria may not be, while Mazan is not a good place to live in, with arid deserts). The best bet for successful Antigoans who get out can seek refugee status at the AN office (is there a refugee one like the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees? Maybe I will ask bhj867 to map one.) in St. Richards (just across the border), and hopefully get to somewhere far from the regime all out to bring them back. (Watch out for the Antigoan spies!)

So, the AN may need to consider a few safe sites for resettlement of the Antigoan defectors. Will you set aside space in your city/town/country for an Antigoan District? It can as small as a few blocks, but doesn't need to be so large. It needs to be well protected as well, lest spies will suddenly raid the blocks and take out the Antigoans, so there needs to be a police station. Any country unfriendly to the regime is also welcome (lessen the chances of spies infiltrating).

Zhen Kang (Z.K.)

Administrative divisions

Posted by Mapping Expert on 31 March 2019 in English (English)

Hello OGF community! My country is in development and I am planning administrative divisions. When dealing with the traditional editor it is a bit complex, but I feel that with JOSM they can be done more easily. I await your opinion on how to create them.

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Posted by CharlieG on 30 March 2019 in English (English)

Good morning! (If you live in the U.S.) I am CharlieG of Artenia, a country around the size of the UAE/Israel. While not present, Artenian buildings and coastline protection are built to withstand earthquakes and tsunamis. These are real occurrences on Earth and they should be brought to OGF, no matter how devastating. I cannot seem to find any support for the idea of the OGF world including fault lines, but I'm sure something could be worked out (maybe on a third-party platform). Earthquakes and tsunamis would drastically change coastlines and building structures throughout the OGF world, so lots of effort and brainstorming would go into this process. But, I think we could all work something out about this issue. I am ready to add coastline protection to my country's coast, and you should too! Thanks for your understanding! -CharlieG

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Posted by Drogda on 29 March 2019 in English (English)

Does this town hall look realistic?

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Outcost New Town

Posted by RK8754 on 28 March 2019 in English (English)

Me and Dudemap555 will be making a new town, named Outcoast between Milatichi city and the tip of the Great Spooky Woods.

We would like some help with generally scaling it and expanding it.

It would also be great If we could get some tips for making the town to the best of our abilities.

Thank You,

And As Always Happy Mapping!

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Thoughts on an OGF Alaska?

Posted by Megacity2005Creator on 28 March 2019 in English (English)

Given the fact that I live in Alaska and there seems to be no area similar to it in OGF, this question came to me: is there interest in making an Alaskan-type island in the far southeast of Archanta? The territory would be part of the FSA, and could probably be a collaborative effort that focuses on mapping more natural features over large cities. (Although the Southern Islands seems to have the same objective, it looks to be more of an Antarctic comparison.) Thoughts?

Has anyone ever made a 'height map' of the OGF world?

Posted by Ramasham on 28 March 2019 in English (English)

A height map is a gray scale image that resembles a terrain elevation contour map. They're used for creating 3D image renderings of part or all of the world (real, OGF or otherwise) as well as to run planet-level simulations for stuff like climate and weather. For the real world, it's easy to get a height map - you can even create one from OpenStreetMap with this utility.

For the OGF world, of course, things are trickier because we don't have a world-spanning topo map. It looks like a little 3D rendering had been done on the OGF world before I joined, but I couldn't find any height maps. Anyone know if one is accessible somewhere?

(Aside: such a map could never be canon, since anyone is free within reason to e.g. tear down or put up a giant mountain range inside their country. But by noting where mountains have been placed on the OGF map plus some creative guess work it should be possible to make a plausible one using a utility such as HME.)

Thanks in advance and if I can create or lay my hands on something, cool maps and images may follow...

big Lake

Posted by Caleb Burak the developer on 27 March 2019 in English (English)

i created a large lake southwest of centen called big lake. it is a nature reserve and recreational area with beaches, camping, a historical town, and many more. i request nobody but me edit that area even if commonia is a blue country.i dont have any further plans for the lake at the moment but mabey i might have some plans later.

City named Centen, help and judgemental

Posted by DudeMap555 on 27 March 2019 in English (English)

Me and my friends have created a city named Centen.

Our city is not bad, located near some lakes, and has some stuff, including a train system, and others.

We need help!

We need some help with Centen! In the comments, Give us a judgement of Centen, plus some suggestions! You can help build the city too!


THERE IS A MASSIVE ISSUE WITH SCALING. a house in Centen is bigger than a FOOTBALL FIELD. We need help with this!

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An update on the Free Republic of Jefferson

Posted by Thunderbird on 27 March 2019 in English (English)

Hey everyone,

It's been over a year since I posted a diary entry so I figured I'd let people know what I've been up to. I just finished Patriotland International Airport. Is the airport missing anything? This is my first attempt at mapping an airport!

In addition, I've been working on some harbor towns such as Port Perrine and Gundock. Both of these towns are inspired by older suburbs of Philadelphia, PA in South Jersey along the Delaware river. The block style is typical of this area, and implies thin, deep row homes with alleys behind them. The shore of Patriot Harbor is quite working class, situated near a lot of industrial sites.

Here are the long-term plans for my territory. here

I would be interested to hear what you all think of my work so far, good or bad. I have so much more planned in my head, it just takes years to get it all mapped correctly. I map differently than most people, focusing on one small area at a time.

Thanks for taking the time to read this, even if you only comment a few words I would love to hear any feedback.

Happy mapping!


Lyc Union

Posted by sude on 26 March 2019 in English (English)

Hi everyone!

I'm creating a union whose name is Lyc Union between Antarephia and Tarephia . This union is supposed to be like an European Union. There will be free borders, a parliament... All territories near to this place of the world are welcome to join it. Also autonomous and overseas regions.

Are you interested in joining to it? Send me a message



Judge My Work

Posted by Jamie Clumpas on 26 March 2019 in English (English)

Hey Guys and Gals and everything in between,

I've been doing some work around my capital city, Mision. It's a city based on a mix of Buenos Aires and Barcelona. I'm new to all this worldbuilding stuff, so I was wanted to ask for some honest feedback on the work I've been doing.

When I say honest, I mean HONEST.

Anything big or small that I'm doing wrong or right would be greatly appreciated.


[EDIT: I mean more the southern end of town, and more on the layout and design of my roads.]

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Let's talk about Älved (and other philosophical things)

Posted by SwissCrusader on 26 March 2019 in English (English)

So it's been approximately 1 year since I joined the adventure, and I can say I reached an impressive amount of work. So how did I make it ? Was I in a cave, mapping my mountains all this time ? Let's find out.

I've done worldbuilding for quite some time in my life, building worlds out of my dreams or my imagination, for RPGs maybe, or city building games, or just because they self-generated in my head, occupying a large space and I needed them to come out, as would a musician with his music or a painter with his paintings. I was an OSM contributor too at that time. When I discovered Opengeofiction I thought this was the place to put all the things online - I just had to adapt it to the few etiquette rules and the modern world verisimilitude constraint there - so within the piece of land I was granted I began to create a country that fits both OGF environment and the places I had in mind.

So how did I manage to do this so quickly ? The answer is only one letter: "F". Yes, "F" is the key to quick mapping achievement. In JOSM it does miracles.

Älvedic Union is inspired by Switzerland (it was Älvedic Confederacy at first), but also Austria, Hungary, Western Ukraine and let's say Eastern Siberia, the political and linguistic situation is very complex and unstable, and the country is rather poor and underdeveloped, but improving since fret traffic between the south and Neberly crosses Älved. For more info about the country, like what is the inspiration, where do the names come from etc., check Älved on the wiki.


Now let's talk about the platform. It's only after a few months of mapping that I discovered the very potential of OGF compared to anything similar. This place is huge (biggest fictional world ever?), very unique, and has this social or collaborative aspect that makes it feel really alive. This worldbuilding thing was a hobby I was always ashamed of (because "meh autistic nerds do this, get a life brah", said Mrs Social Pressure), and I wasn't expecting to see such a thriving community project. It might be a paradox but I actually want to stop it and do something else in my life, but first, I need to put all my creations out of my head and "forget" them, and one way of achieving this is to draw them and share them (if you are an artist or a musician you will understand well what I'm saying).

And OGF is a true gem, in this sense, because of its collaborative aspect. So yes apparently we are a great number of imaginary cartographs and worldbuilders. A long time ago, I was mapping parts of something that I hadn't named Älved yet, I was doing it to let it out of my brain (like a musician does with the music that accumulates in his mind as I said before), and I was thinking that one day, I'll stop it and get a life ! And since there's no one to share this imaginary world, it will disappear, and these years of worldbuilding will be lost. OGF has been the answer for this, the platform allowed me to post my creations (as long as I adapt them to the OGF context), and after 1 year during which it happened that I had lots of free time, I think I achieved my work. I know details can be added forever, but the outline of it is done, even a bit more. X-)

And there's something I understood in the process: drawing this fictional map is a bit like Hindus drawing a mandala. It has no utility in life, but you get a reward on the way of creating it, like being more relaxed, or escaping the status of being in a hurry all the time. You know, there is something so violent about our real world conditions that this imaginary worldbuilding is like an escape to an other level of consciousness, temporarily. Just to disconnect from the insane world you live in, for a few hours here and there. Whether you draw the map or look at it. The collaborative aspect improves this immersion into imaginary landscapes. These hours of mapping that seem "lost" actually are "rest" hours that allow me to be more in shape when playing the real average human being out there in the real world.

All of this is very philosophical et caetera, and I lack the proper words to explain exactly the phenomena, but this is what I wanted to tell about my feeling towards all this geofiction and imaginary world building thing. Some out there might tell us that "we live in tough times, we should stand in the real world and fight, and not stay like nerds in imaginary stuff etc.", and I answer that this hobby is - or has been - the thing that helped me empty my mind, clean up all real world sh*t and preserve my energy from being drained. During mapping time I could make up my mind about future projects in real life. Also the real world is sometimes so depressing that an infinite amount of imaginary landscapes form up in our minds and we just need to get it out to let space in our brains for real world matters. I.e. giving life to imaginary projects helps me giving life to real world projects, because it empties blocked stuff in my mind. OGF allows this, and the fact that we can see the geographical mandalas of all other members is even more rewarding, I feel less alone in my delirium. :-P


Anyway, even though most of the work on Älved is done I will stay connected. Future OGF projects? maybe improving my cities, rebuilding the center of capital city Adventikum. Also, if the mapper of Darcodia is still around, linking our road and railroad systems through Crinzia/Arthland and solving the problem of Luiana exclave, I don't know how to do the mapping in this area.

I'd also improve some blue territory, making some resort towns for Älvedic residents to go, and I was thinking about adding some haciendas and playas in Northeast Midistland. So if you want me to help and clean up this area while doing it, please let me know.


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Motorways abound in newly formed countries.

Posted by No Way on 25 March 2019 in English (English)

Well it appears that since new territories have been created and inhabited it appears that new motorways have also been laid out. It appears that recently granted territories have motorways mapped on them before any natural feature or even a mere surface route.

I don't understand what the infatuation with a motorway is anyway. They are expensive to build, take up valuable real estate and they also contribute to blight and sprawl. Having said that I know that they are a necessity in a country that needs to move goods and services.

Any suggestions to improve Naajaland?

Posted by Arisuaq on 24 March 2019 in English (English)

Hi everyone,

have you got any suggestions, how can I improve my country, Naajaland? It is inspired by Greenland, you can see how beautifully detailed it is. I'd love my Naajaland look one day just like that, but as I'm trying, I'm not really happy how does my country look now. How can I make it better? Now I'm making town of Alurapaluk, inspired by Greenlandic second biggest town Sisimiut, but I do not have any plan and any idea how should I be making it.

Thanks for your answers. Arisuaq.

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