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About border boundaries

Posted by Jacko Recio on 21 July 2019 in English (English)

Hello Guys, i hope you are well!

Can someone tell me how can I put the lines to divide territories in States and Nationes?

Thank you for answering this quiestion :)

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Airports in OGF

Posted by Jamie Clumpas on 17 July 2019 in English (English)

Hello once again,

I find that on OGF, people are very stringent and exact with most aspects of mapping and verisimilitude, for example, when I asked for feedback, I was given some great info about the radius of a rail curve and made appropriate adjustments. I think this is great, and it's part of the reason why I enjoy OGF so much.

Unfortunately, I think one place where this doesn't extend is airports. Airports are, in reality, quite complex, and it is understandable that not every catering building etc. is accounted for, but some airports in OGF are not even slightly realistic, and resources like these are helpful, but definitely don't give all the necessary info for mappers.

I'm not saying this from a point of mockery or trying to over-judge other peoples work (he who lives in a glass house...), but I really feel like this is one area that's really damaging the realism in OGF. As an IRL pilot, some of the design on this map confuses the hell out of me.


Just started mapping a new city, with a bit of thought

Posted by awuray on 15 July 2019 in English (English)

Hi everybody, recently I wrote a diary entry and you advised me to claim a territory. I did so, and started to map the main geographical features. Now I have started to make a new city (which is actually supposed to be quite ancient), and have laid out the main features. Still, I am not sure about the sizes of the things, but hopefully I'll be able to correct them. I put a nice amount of thought into it, 'cause I want it to look neat. What do you think? (by the way, the names are in Esperanto) :)

The country names in histor style?

Posted by yoyo21 on 15 July 2019 in English (English)

Hello OGF, I am wondering: why are certain country names in OGF not showing up or showing up incorrectly in histor style layer? A few examples:

*Elhadia, but Karolia shows up on the map even though it hasn't been in this location for years.

*AR017, which shows up as Dandria (which is a lost country).

*Karolia shows up as Wabinaar, which was lost years ago. Zoom in one more level, and quite oddly, both Wabinaar and Karolia's names show up.

Why does this happen?

Useful resource for UK mappers

Posted by Yuanls on 13 July 2019 in English (English)

I had a website I'd neglected to check for about 2 years sitting in my 'read later' folder in my bookmarks bar.

Turns out I had good reason to save it: it's a comprehensive overview of British geographical environments, using Yorkshire as a case study. It details the evolution of urban structure and its characteristic features, including amenities, landuses, street patterning and how they have developed over time from as far back the 17th century up to now.

Rural environments, suburban, inner city, suburbanised villages, you name it, the website has it all. As well as text descriptions, there are aerial and street-level photographs and historical map overlays, which are very interesting not just from a cartographic but a historical point of view.

Due to age some of the location links have stopped working, but they are quite easily supplemented and the website is still incredibly useful without them. I strongly recommend this website to anyone who does mapping inspired or derived from locations in the UK.


Posted by JoJoBa on 12 July 2019 in English (English)

Are there any good examples of ruins, temples, any ancient places on OGF? I am making a very old abandoned city in ruins, and I am in a need for inspiration.

If there are none (I doubt that) maybe some Inca/Aztec/Maya ones would be good. (from the real world).

Thank you in advance.

Starting a new city

Posted by awuray on 11 July 2019 in English (English)

Hi everybody, I recently found this cool project and I got intrigued. After creating two small settlements and some other kind of small stuff I decided to start mapping a larger city, which I've only just started. Could someone tell me if I'm doing everything right?

day one

Posted by PLima785 on 10 July 2019 in English (English)

hello all

Just found about this place, and decided to joint the party.

After a quick read jumped to the blue country named Commonia on the east side (, so I stared to add some rouds and a cliff, as for the name ... was random.

"Vila do Rato" is Portuguese, in English "village of mouse", the idea is to make a fishing village that during summer is a nice stop for a tourist to visit.

my real question is how can i log in in the wiki and forums this nick don't work there 😵

Natural resources of Déserts

Posted by Mapping Expert on 10 July 2019 in English (English)

My question I have decided to raise in two points:

  1. What natural characteristics can I place in Déserts in the space between the desert and the coast?
  2. What natural resources could benefit Déserts?

These questions I have found answers, but I am not sure if they can apply to my territory given the situation of the land. I await your opinions.

Mapping Expert

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Why won't my countries info code right?

Posted by Mike's World on 10 July 2019 in English (English)

For the last few months I've spend hours trying to get my countries info but my coding won't work, what am I doing wrong?

Update on Mapping in Duncanheim

Posted by Duncan on 10 July 2019 in English (English)

So. I have been working on several things off and on. *Establishing national highways and rail lines (I have finished all the main ones, new ones will emerge as I map more towns and detail) *Mapping the capital city, Kattenden (This is an off and on thing. I have established the metro rails, national rail connections, an airport, and at least labelled a number of neighborhoods, as well as detailing and changing detail of the coastline. I have also been adding detailed areas in some suburbs, but these are not yet very large, because detail takes time) *Small towns here and there (I have also mapped a few small towns when I've needed a break from the urbanity of Kattenden)

Finally, since this territory was apparently at one point owned by someone who copied directly from the real world and this was already there when I got it (apart from the rail line, which I have added), does anyone know if this is a direct copy of something that I should probably delete?

Oh and also I cannot seem to make JOSM connect to OGF using the instructions provided. Any ideas as to what I might be doing wrong?


Posted by JoJoBa on 8 July 2019 in English (English)

Why doesn't the TopoMap update it's rendering from zoom 10 and further zoomed out? It stayed the same for 2 months or even more.

Developing the 'Prosperous, Litter-free and Greatest' Capital

Posted by zhenkang on 5 July 2019 in English (English)

To all fellow comrades, whether a friend or a foe, whether you know this totaliterian state of Antigo exist or otherwise.

I have recently undertaken the task to revamp the great glorious capital of the magnificent grand nation of Antigo. I have taken steps to modify the road network to make it as Soviet looking as possible, reducing curves and making the roads straight.

However, there seems to be something wrong with the road network; it doesn't seem natural enough. I have been trying to compare with other cities like Kiev and Budapest, both of which has the same population of Antigo City, but I can't figure out the problem. I can't seeem to fit in any pattern of sorts or anything.

Can anyone here help point the development of Antigo City? At the very least, give guidance and tips on how to improve the road network. I hope I don't have to delete the whole city and start all over.

By the way, this is a collaborative territory. Anyone here who is experienced enough in designing Soviet urban cities are welcome.

Zhen Kang (Z.K.)

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taking a break from OGF

Posted by CaboAzul on 4 July 2019 in English (English)

Hey everybody. I need to take a break to figure things out.

Three main factors have contributed to my decision. By far most importantly, I have switched jobs. I now have hours that give me very little free time compared to what I used to have, and as much as I love the OGF community, my family comes first.

Secondly, I’ve encountered some difficulty in OGF itself. I’ve lost much interest in mapping since my territory request was turned down again. It seems that my computer simply cannot run JOSM, so I have to make edits very slowly using iD. Vertbourne took me many, many hours to make this way, and if it takes me that much blood, sweat, and tears to make a town as small and badly designed as Vertbourne, I can’t imagine ever creating something that an admin approves of.

And finally, it seems as if all my new diary entries are being deleted. If I can’t communicate with the community this way, none of my many silly questions can be answered (messages take weeks to be answered, if at all). I still don’t know who is deleting my diary entries or why.

Giliarca, finally.

Posted by eleinads on 2 July 2019 in English (English)

Here we are. I've been in ogf for exactly two years, and these days I'm finishing mapping the city of Giliarca. Only a little piece remains to be done, which I will finish in the next few hours.

It took me twice as much as planned (I started counting on ending it in one year), but the result satisfies me enough, as far as I can see in ogf cities and territories that are incredibly more beautiful and worked much better.

I would like to thank all those who gave me very important tips to improve the city: thanks to their advice it is very different to some naive ideas that I initially had.

However, the work is not finished: I will be able to act on the details (even on your impulse: you can still correct me). And above all I will now work on the wiki page, going to show how certain aspects of the city that might appear "strange" (starting from its position) are not in contrast with the likelihood principle.

Finally: if you remember, a little while ago I asked you about the number of inhabitants. After that consultation, I established that Giliarca has 967524 inhabitants. In the initial project the number was higher: for this reason I have scaled the airport (removing a terminal and a runway) and I have reduced the central station, considering however that the tourist and business influx significantly increases the number of people present in the city area.

Thank you all.

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FSA Mapping Challenge - Capital Cities

Posted by TheMayor on 1 July 2019 in English (English)

Hello everyone. I am TheMayor, the FSA project coordinator. Thursday, 4 July is Independence Day here in the U.S., and since there have been a few recent discussions about the proposed government structure for the FSA, I'm offering up a mapping challenge for the Federal States: between 4 July and 2 Aug, stateowners are encouraged to map and develop their state's capital city. Since everyone maps at different speeds and have different time constraints, like other mapping challenges this is pretty open-ended. But if you need inspiration, here's a prioritized list of what to focus on:

  • Designate a state capital. If you haven't already named a state capital, do so and update our wiki article.
  • Map the capitol area. The seat of your state's government should have, at a minimum, a capitol building where your state legislature meets; an executive mansion, where the governor lives; and a high court for your state. These areas are often master planned, but they often are not. Use your imagination and tailor your capitol area around the context of your capital city.
  • Map the nearby capital city area. State workers and legislators need places to live, work, and shop, so map accordingly. If your capital is older, these areas will likely be within walking distance of the primary buildings; if your capital was developed later, when automobiles became common, your capital may have a different layout.
  • Add travel infrastructure for visitors. State capitals are destinations for business travelers and tourists (if your state capital has a prominent place in your state's history). They'll need hotels, restaurants, etc. near the capitol area. They'll also need ways to get to and from your capital, so don't forget train stations, airports, etc.

If you think your state capital is already in good shape, our national capital can use some work as well. Get more information on Huntington's development in this thread and let me know if you're interested in becoming a more active part of our national capital collaboration.

Non-FSA members are welcome to join in the mapping challenge as well for lower-level capitals or county seats in your own territories.

If you aren't a current FSA member and you're interested in joining our American-style mapping project, learn more about the project and feel free to reach out to me if you'd like more information about who we are and what we do. If you're ready to apply for a state, check out the OGF overview map and request a state from the admin team.

Happy mapping!

Reeland coat of arms

Posted by tule00 on 1 July 2019 in English (English)

forum entry here

Hey everyone,

I've been working on a new version of the coat of arms for Reeland. This is what the old one looks like: Reeland — old coat of arms

Now that I have more experience and knowledge about heraldry, I came up with two more realistic ones. The only difference is the crown.

Reeland — new coat of arms, with crown Reeland — new coat of arms, without crown

So what do you think, are they good? Should I keep the crown or not?

Best regards

FSA question.

Posted by plainoldbread on 30 June 2019 in English (English)

How would FSA overseas territories work? The USA has plenty of them and the FSA could have one.

I just mapped something and it hasn't shown up.

Posted by plainoldbread on 29 June 2019 in English (English)

I just mapped something here and it hasn't shown up.

I am soo confused why it wont render

Coats of arms and flags

Posted by sude on 26 June 2019 in English (English)

Hi everbody

I'm creating coat of arms and flags for European style countries. You can see all my works in the wikipage of San Marcos and El Ajenjo, as well as the national coa of Allendea and Castellán.

Are you interested in? Send me a message.

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