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Posted by Jesus Antonio on 9 June 2018 in English (English)

Hi there, I came back from my rest.

Now is the time I do like to ask you if I can build an Holocaust-OGF-Styled stuff? Let me explain:

I build memorials and all things like IRL holocaust. But instead of the IRL holocaust, I make an "OGF Holocaust" that wherein Garzibania (i will not write it in the wiki), Is that ok? Or is that too pretty bad that can get me banned forever?


Posted by blgmtn on 6 June 2018 in English (English)

I have just started mapping Eäßnørdælånd and I am open for any suggestions.I have just created Bloregia border.I will start forming topography and rivers.

Location: Ä 4 Motorway, Svedonia

Why is this happening?

Posted by yoyo21 on 5 June 2018 in English (English)

Hi, I own the state of Tulpanen, and I have found what appears to be some sort of a glitch on the map here:

East Lee, Tulpanen

Look at Broadway to the west of the motorway. Why is there only half of the route number square? This has been here for at least two weeks now, so it's not like the map is just updating.

Also, this only appears at that zoom level, and isn't visible if you zoom in or out.

Motorways in the PFS

Posted by zhenkang on 5 June 2018 in English (English)

Motoroads restricted

Just a gentle reminder for those mapping in the Pretanic Faction State that you are not allowed to create new motorways/trunk roads without prior permission of bhj867 or me. The PFS is a dictatorial nation similar to North Korea, and the government for the PFS may not have the money to construct too many motorways, so we do not encourage new motorways unless we think it is necessary. This is also the same for other nations.

If you are interested in mapping in the PFS, read this user diary first and contact either me or bhj867.

(The above is the message on behalf of bhj867).

Location: Hakaka Draa, Pretanic Faction State

Taking a rest

Posted by Jesus Antonio on 4 June 2018 in English (English)

I'm taking a rest/vacation.

Flag Creator and JOSM

Posted by blgmtn on 4 June 2018 in English (English)

I have two questions:

1.How to create flags? 2.When I try to download JOSM,my computer detects a virus and I can't download it? Are there any solutions? Thanks

Transit Map

Posted by blgmtn on 4 June 2018 in English (English)

Is there a way to create realistic transit maps? I used but is there a better solution?


Posted by austinhuang on 3 June 2018 in English (English)

I just feel like this is pretty important for the security of all users. C'est tout.

Though, why is the certificate issued on March 30, yet the implementation is so late?

JOSM problem

Posted by ADB52 on 2 June 2018 in English (English)

Updated to JOSM version 13878 today, and all of a sudden I cannot edit using the Edit > JOSM dropdown. It says "Editing failed - make sure JOSM or Merkaartor is loaded and the remote control option is enabled", even though JOSM is loaded and the remote control option IS engaged. I have tried downgrading to 13860, but to no avail.

Any help welcome.

What do you think of Norchester?

Posted by magnesium on 1 June 2018 in English (English)

(including Nearton) Norchester has 1 rail system and 1 bus line, what should I do?

Location: H103, Latriviotta, Charlington, Commonia


Posted by bhj867 on 31 May 2018 in English (English)

Hello, I am the owner of the Pretanic Faction State south of Pretany, a former shire of the main country. The country is a Theonomic Unitary militarized dictatorship with little to no human rights. There is a sacrificial religion called "Cuppa" that has taken over the kingdom and removed the Catholic Church there from power and all of the residents are required to worship the god of cuppa and it's practices. Not everyone adheres to that policy though.

Here is an external view of the PFS.

I encourage all new users (and older users) to come from the blue terriroties and map in PFS. I am setting some conditions to the mapping in PFS.

  1. Any new mappers will be assigned a duchy within the country. You are to map WITHIN the borders of that duchy only and with supervision from me and user: zhenkang.

  2. This is an internship so to speak. You are learning to collaborate with each other on your borders and how to function in a productive manner to produce aesthetic looking maps. The mods have the right to tell you to change something if it is outlandish. In the most polite manner possible. We also hold the right to "tweak" but only before letting you know what we are doing and why it needs to be done. including but not limited to, scale inaccuracies, unauthorized motorways, city grids that are not neat and organized. The quality of your mapping = how much we let you map without interruptions. More experienced or talented mappers may never be bothered at all as long as something is not completely astray. This is a learning experience and a "school" of sorts. Please set your expectations to that level moving forward.

  3. If you do not want a full duchy, you can map within a "residential land use" of a small town or city within the PFS, and that includes the city of Antigo with help from zhenkang and I.

  4. The PFS has mainly Algonquin-like location names, with many street names references members of the "revolution" and other ingerish/anglo dominated names. There is a strong pretanic culture within the country itself. The Antigo language is a loose mutated form of Algonquin and arabic combined, widely spoken, and growing yearly. Have fun with the culture. It is not going to be micromanaged in terms of region to regional differences during the mapping process, but I do want it uniform across the entire country.

  5. PFS is very central and south american in it's road layout. It is an very ancient area, so many cities may even have an ancient "square" where there used to be a temple for cuppa sacrificial worship.

  6. Any motorways are SET IN PLACE unless needed to be moved in 1-3 km or below increments around towns and cities, This keeps the motorways currently in place from becoming messy. Any additional motorways must be approved by me or zhenkang.

  7. I also encourage ALL members, not just new people, to message me or post below and get assigned an area.

  8. This is an impoverished totalitarian dictatorship with cruel tendencies like North Korea. Think of all of the atrocities that may or may not happen in the real world, and even in possibly fiction like the handmaids tale, and add that to this country. Zones, tent cities, concentration camps, "indoctrination" schools. Large halls in every town for local oligarchy meetings. The original layout of what PFS looked like before the government takeover is vague and always "hinted" at in the mapping. Examples would be former commercial centers converted into churches, Former non-cuppa religious institutions burned to the ground, tightly guarded housing "districts" that were formerly loose suburbs, government corporations and housing stock linked to the same property. like a "company store" or a "company housing"

  9. HAVE FUN!!!!

By the way, I have set up an embassies district in Antigo, so you can write on the OGF:embassies page regarding building embassies in Antigo.


Posted by bribri on 30 May 2018 in English (English)

I've read everything, now what?

Some updates

Posted by zhenkang on 30 May 2018 in English (English)

All well, this is just a few updates on what I have done this past May.

First of all, I am happy that hear the results of the new flags and name of AR120. I am giving my best wishes to all (now and future) mappers and coordinators of the Federal States, and make FSA great (giving my congrats to Isleno for his flag, I like the flag, the best I have ever seen amongst the nominations). I am also pleased that eklas took over Gigante and Verona Coffee (pause for a coffee break before reading further).

Some more good news, my request at Wikipedia for an unblock has been approved. I thought that my request for an unblock was forgotten or unread. (anyone interested see here) Well, back to fixing up some Singapore MRT/LRT articles, and wikify some real stuff instead of trying to churn out stuff for Singkangia or anything fictional. (Singkangia is now by and large RIP, so if anyone is still using Singkangia, please remove all any links to the country)

Speaking of wiki, I have also just signed up for Geopoeia where I am bringing more of my wiki work from the OGF wiki there. The sad thing is that I am not allowed to upload too many pictures yet, apart from a few flags which have been lying around on my desktop for some time. I still have not saved some of my pics from the OGF wiki, so I still need some time this June to save all of them. I am going to recycle all of Singkangia's elements into my future fictional countries (for example see here). There is not much to develop yet, but I am still making plans. I thought of making Kanglapo as some sort of semi-rogue nation, with nuclear capabilities like North Korea, but with the economy as successful as South Korea. It has strained relations particularly with the AN and the Federal States, which continuously imposed trade sanctions onto the country.

For mapping, I decided to map in the Pretanic Faction State for now. The mapping style will be similar to parts of Biangsinglia and Kanglapo (probably remnants of a communist dictatorship regime, see here). I have plans to move some of my stuff in Singkangia to Elhadia and collaborate there, but so far I have not heard from Sarepava so far. I am going to relinquish my territory very soon once I am done.

There has been so much going on lately, particularly a change of governance in Malaysia which is affecting Singapore in some way, such as the scrapping of the HSR project. The US is threatening to cancel North Korea-US talks (but there are indications he may change is mind, or maybe he already did). The Russians were blamed for shooting down MH17 with a missile. The Philippines are planning to go an all-out war with China over the South China Sea dispute, Taiwan is losing allies as China is 'buying over' some of these.

Basically, now, I am taking a break from OGF, though now and then I check for any updates. So I did not really 'disappear' from the site this past few days. I am still hitting the snooze button before going on any mega mapping project. (Back to coffee break: "The coffee is great! How much?" "25 Drabantian Koruna please." "What?! Just for this dirt?!" "You just said it is great." "Well.. (splutters)... can I pay by Visa? I have not enough cash around me, sir." "Sorry, we don't accept Visa, it does not exist in the OGF world.")


Posted by Davieerr on 29 May 2018 in English (English)

After a lot of looking in my citis, i have decided to beginning everything again, i will also begin the wiki page again (using the same page), i'm not changing the country's name, just everything else

Mountains and waters in northeastern Oberlant

Posted by tule00 on 22 May 2018 in English (English)

Hey everyone,

Instead of cities, I started working on topography. i added some more mountains, rivers and a lake in this region.

I want to know your opinions. Is it detailed enough? Is it realistic enough? All kinds of criticism are welcome.


Hi there!

Posted by Ouno on 18 May 2018 in English (English)

Hello! I have started making Leefside. I have looked at various town on OGF. Is this good? Feedback appreciated.

Location: 4, La Fenice, Mecyna

Images and Articles Closing Down Sale

Posted by zhenkang on 18 May 2018 in English (English)

List of images can be found here

Sample Sample Sample

The above are some images which I have created and are currently marked for deletion, used for this article regarding Singkangia's communist era. Although I am no longer on the wiki, I feel it is a shame for these images to be discarded, so I am offering these pictures to others so that they can be used for other purposes.

I am also offering a wiki content sale such as the article I have mentioned, alongside with wiki pages of Singkangia's businesses, article about Singkangia itself etc etc. I am not going to give any of these links here because you can just find them at this section with pages for deletion. The articles includes whatever in my sandbox. You are free to copy them, re-use them and so on. If you also find a Singkangian business that interests you, you are free to adopt them and make it your nation's business.

No notification is required. Just remove the deletion template of images and make it as yours in the description, like say 'This image has been adopted by XXX'. For the articles just remove the template, and change whatever is necessary.

There are some which I am not putting up for sale, and I will reuse them offline for other personal purposes:

Some disclaimers

Some photos directly came from Wikimedia Commons, like the 3rd photo. So it will be best if you upload a modified version to replace it.

Exciting updates in AR120...

Posted by admin on 17 May 2018 in English (English)

The first round of AR120 discussions and voting are beginning, and coordinators for the collaborative states have been selected. Also, we're looking for someone to take over management of the OGF:Submissions for AR120 page.

For more info see the latest forum posts.

AR120 flag proposals

Edited Eredum Adding Some Nice Touches

Posted by Maxine on 17 May 2018 in English (English)

A few minutes ago I edited Eredum, and I added a pond, some services (like a hospital), and other stuff. Please give me feedback on my work. And I need ideas to do the day after tomorrow. Next on the list for tomorrow is adding more residential to Eredum.

Added Eredum

Posted by Maxine on 16 May 2018 in English (English)

So as to Charlie G's request and my liking I have renamed Citia to Eredum. The location is attached below

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