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Will the 'continent' in the west (where you can't edit) ever be editable?

Posted by magnesium on 15 August 2018 in English (English)

I've always wondered, when? It seems like it's still going in construction, is it cancelled?

I've decided to turn the country i made a year ago called montaga into a collaborative nation.

Posted by plainoldbread on 15 August 2018 in English (English)

If anyone would like to help, send me a private message telling me you want to help. The entire island is a bit hilly and a bit mountanous in the central areas. Cities are semi big but not too big. Central cities are much smaller and curvier due to the constant hills and mountains. The highways are always by the coast due to the incline of the mountains being either too steep or theres cliffs around to not fit a car or truck.

If your interested in helping me with this project send me a private message, and your discord tag (user#6969) for example. so we can talk.

Also i'd like to do maps of the elevation of montaga

Location: Niskodir, Oleg'buwe Parish, Montaga

How many people even mapped in the south pole?

Posted by plainoldbread on 15 August 2018 in English (English)

I'd like to know

Řots > Xsegunis

Posted by Rasmus Rasmusson on 14 August 2018 in English (English)

Some of you may have noticed it already, but Řots is rather empty at the moment. Apart from a few densely mapped areas that I will keep, I removed the basic mapping in the rest of the country in order to remake it. The country's language will change as well: instead of Řotsnan (which I found increasingly annoying to use) there will be another conlang called Xseget. This means that the country's name will change as well, into Xsegunis. And while I'm at it, the political/societal setup of Řots will be overhauled as well, so basically it will become a completely different country, but on the same location.

Regarding the mapping I made a setup this time (I never did for Řots), and there is this wonderful feature in JOSM that allows you to import your own map as a background so that you know where you are drawing. Unfortunately JOSM and I have been at odds basically since I started working with it (one day it works, the next it doesn't, and to get to the point where I know if it will work or not in the first place usually takes me at least one hour), so I'll have to figure out a solution for that.

I will put the diplomatic relations that Řots had on hold for the moment. Nekkar is not the capital anymore, so embassies will have to move; the new capital is Rwynuk Swxytsahocsunav (Rwynuk for short), which will be developed in due time.

My city(es)

Posted by Mike's World on 13 August 2018 in English (English)

It's been three weeks since my start and everything is how I want it. I made a city named Oxford Beach that had a population of atleast 300,000. My goal is to make it a million once I've added more a lot more neighborhoods. Oxford Beach currently has three major suburbs, Parkland (55,000), Anderton (150,000), and Carneyburg (75,000). I have plenty of buildings and buisnesses I just need some train routes, bus routes, better ports and marinas, and more roads and neighborhoods. Wish me luck!

Location: 29.000, 158.000

Some city drawing questions

Posted by FictiveJ on 13 August 2018 in English (English)

As the map below would show, I am currently in the middle of a project: to essentially design the Central Business District of the urban region of Xenica. (It doesn't officially have a name, most locals just call it 'the city').

My progress so far has been quite slow, due to mapping most things out at level 19, where I am adding buildings, paths, and green spaces. However, that is not my concern at the moment. My concern is the street grid.

As you can see, the streets in the centre of the grid have been mapped out using the 'tertiary road' classification, and are the same width: however, I don't feel like this cuts it for me. My main inspiration for this project is the centre of Saint-Denis, in the French Overseas Department of Reunion, which features buildings arranged in a similar manner to Xenica: it was a choice made on account of the fact that Reunion is a similar size, and population to Xenica. However, the street grid features different widths of road, and the centre of the street grid does NOT use 'tertiary' classification.

So, which classification should I use then? Is it 'minor road', or 'residential road'? Or is it something else?


Location: City Avenue, Xenica

Another national day

Posted by zhenkang on 9 August 2018 in English (English)

Today is the 53rd year since Singapore was expelled from Malaysia and gained its independence. Between last year and now, I have gone through quite a journey in OGF. Well, not going to describe my journey, since it will mean writing much more. Basically, I have been unbanned and banned again from the wiki, totally abandoning my country of Singkangia and decided to take a new step in mapping the dictatorial nation of the PFS, or Antigo.

Taking someone's suggestion, I decided to create a blog to detail about my mapping progress in that nation. This blog isn't really anything like the blikis, but check it out yourself if you want.

Today is also Antigo's Liberation Day, the day when an armistice was signed 79 years ago between Antigo and Pretany to cease the war between the states. Since then, Antigo has been de facto independent of Pretany. This date has been agreed between me and bhj867.

By the way, also thanks to all who commented in last year's diary entry. It really gave me an insight into what other nations celebrate.

Embassy exchange

Posted by ante44 on 7 August 2018 in English (English)

Hi guys,

I've been developing my capital Nikolovac, Mallyore recently, so I'd like to have more embassies, and also promote my country in yours having my embassies there too.

Feel free to text me or comment here if you're interested!


Country of origin of Franquese?

Posted by TheMapper27 on 6 August 2018 in French (Français)

Is there an "origin" country, i.e. Ingerland for Ingerish, but for Franquese?

Lists of streets

Posted by eleinads on 6 August 2018 in English (English)

Hi everyone. I was thinking… Is there a way to extract the list with the street names of a specific city? The city of Giliarca begins to have quite a number of streets, and it would be very useful to have a list ... I do not always remember if the name of a street already exists...

Location: 12,194, 61,821

Suya Ahn

Posted by whateversusan on 5 August 2018 in English (English)

So, I've been mapping for about a month, now, initially in central Munz, Commonia, and now in Suya Ahn. I am very, very slowly learning everything I need to work in iD. I have JSOM downloaded, but so far I just haven't had the time to connect everything and make it all work well. I rather like iD, anyway, so perhaps I'll stick with that. So far nothing terrible has happened.

Except for that one time I flooded the continent. That sucked.

As I map the story of this country is beginning to unfold, from empire to revolution, civil war, and now shaky confederation. The last is best exemplified by the new capital, Dura Ahn, a planned city nearer the center of the country than Ynn, the old imperial capital: it's poorly planned, hard to get around, and sterile. Nobody lives there if they can help it. The center is struggling to hold.

Suya Ahn is a poor country, mountainous and cold, where the main source of wealth is the deep, widespread forests. Suya Ahn is also a country of villages, especially in the frigid south. Large cities like the ones of the Shyz Ayu valley are rare elsewhere. Airplanes are the only way to get around in the south.

I have a glossary of place-names and other words that can be used for place and street names in Mer Khara, the language of the dominant, wealthier peoples who live primarily in the three northernmost states. The other languages, one per state, are a mystery as of yet. When I get to those regions, those languages will blossom. I want each language to be recognizable and distinct.

I may throw some of this up on a wiki page at some point. I don't have a good sense of the population totals, especially broken down by ethnic group, as of yet. I'm also happy to keep a lot of it in my head for the time being. I doubt many of you care about how the Kan Ro tram system was developed anyway!

This has been good for me. As a science fiction/fantasy author, I do worldbuilding quite a lot. Worldbuilding using nothing but a map has been a very good challenge. Geography can tell quite a few stories. And yes, I know, no wizards. Or spaceships.


Skalenia's time zone

Posted by TheMapper27 on 5 August 2018 in French (Français)

Today I decided to set Skalenia's time zone. I looked at various estimations of time zones in the (OGF) world. I settled on WUT +8:45 (WUT +8:30 for Saint-Pascal and surrounding islands) and from March 20th to October 15th, the whole country switches to WUT +9 for DST, which means a 15-minute leap for the mainland and a 30-minute leap for Saint-Pascal and vicinity. I posted this on User Diaries to see if my time zone proposition fits in with already existing time zones.

Location: Central Expressway, West Bay, Pogreenia

Vandalism on ER001

Posted by Arisuaq on 5 August 2018 in English (English)

Could someone check an island at ER001? I think that vandal deleted it. Thanks for fixing.

Location: 58,066, -66,075

Clearing Territories

Posted by BillionPenny483 on 4 August 2018 in English (English)

I've been working on Basmia for a while now, but I'm not really happy with my progress and would like to start over. (However, I would like to keep my mountain range because that took a long time to make!)

I've sort of gone with American-style city layouts, but I think it could be a whole lot more interesting if I make it more European-looking. Everything seems a bit out of scale as well.

Does anyone know a quick and easy way (either iD or JOSM) to remove all my infrastructure (sans the mountain range)?


The World

Posted by GregoryLoss on 4 August 2018 in English (English)

So lemme get this straight...literally half of the world in OGF is missing right? so how come there's no one in the history of OGF discovering the West? So are we in the 1400s or something?

And OGF is the actual civil-advanced planet mother nature told us not to worry about??!


Posted by GMH on 3 August 2018 in English (English)

I have just started mapping and I am about to start creating stuff in my first territory. I would like to know for history purposes if their were any world wars in the OGF world? I have checked the list of wars . But I did not find any war that appeared to be on the scale of a world war.

Location: -52.429, 46.857


Posted by natlyn on 3 August 2018 in English (English)

After a very, very, very long break thinking about this, I've decided to get back into OGF. I've sent a message to admin about my return, and I'm going to wait until I get a response from them until I start mapping again. I have a big project planned, a city called Arlington, that I will start working on when I gain a territory.


Edit- I just realized that I am no longer blocked. Well, to Commonia I go!

Are there anyone who can help me with clearing the territory of Hifnakia?

Posted by theruler on 2 August 2018 in English (English)


I need a fresh new start in my country. If there is someone to help, that could be nice :)
Restoring coastlines, deleting cities and roads and natural creations, such as islands, rivers, water, mountains and many more.

regards, theruler

Location: Natesville, Nateland

Safety of Parallel Asumptions

Posted by Trombonist2003 on 2 August 2018 in English (English)

Would it be safe for me to assume a specific country as the official parallel to a real world place if another future country will come with that intent?

As an example, I am assuming that Ataraxie is the parallel of France since there is no other parallel currently in existence. In the future though, there will be a future parallel (UL141 I believe) for it. So is it safe in this case for me to assume that Ataraxie is the "France" of OGF and write a history based on Ataraxie being "France"?

(PS on the wiki page for a proposed war in the past, I placed Bélice in one Pot specifically against Ataraxie as it was seen as the imperialists that were the closest to Bélice culturally like USSR against Russian empire in the rw)

Sorry if the wording is confusing.

(NOTE: I don't own Ataraxie)

Thanks, Zekiel

Location: Route du Fort Lamy, Stains, Rive Sud, Rive-Sud, Ataraxie-Centre, Ataraxie

Project Simaye'

Posted by ZyrellfromJB on 1 August 2018 in English (English)

I will be constructing several cities and roads connecting them in Project Simaye'. You may already notice the City of Ramani, it's rather unconnected Beltway, and construction on the Ombo-Ramani Parkway. This project is officially in place, and if you would like to join Project Simaye', you are free to do so. Just talk to me about it. Thank you

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