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Tavauru 2.0 - Redesigning the islands

Posted by 2amCereal on 24 September 2020 in English (English)

I've taken the difficult decision to redesign the entire territory of Tavauru. This decision has been made as the quality of my mapping has increased, and it has become increasingly difficult to work with the relief and topology of the island.

I previously gave the physical landscape a lot less consideration, but now as my mapping moves away from the lowland areas it has become increasingly difficult to create a realistic landscape that I am happy with.

The island will still retain its shape for the most part, but the landscape is set to resemble something more like Reunion or Tahiti. In my current plans for Tavauru 2.0, Faiai'ita and Raiangua will remain in their place but will be completely overhauled to fit the new geography of the island. The culture and language of Tavauru will remain the same, and once the new version takes shape many specific features will be returning.

Happy mapping,


Location: 10.439, 86.486

Presentando: Deodeca

Posted by Tito_zz on 24 September 2020 in Spanish (Español)

Presentando: Deodeca

this article is the Spanish version of the English article found here

Deodeca es un país en Arcanta del Sur, con frontera a los Estados Federados, Ardencia y Ambrosia. Va a ser un país colaborativo.

Pero necesitamos tu ayuda

Para un país realista, hice un plan para Deodeca.

  1. Decidir una lista de “colaboradores iniciales” (los pasos siguientes serán decididos por estos colaboradores iniciales).
  2. Decidir una costa nueva, después una geografía.
  3. Decidir la hidrografía (los ríos y lagos)
  4. Decidir dónde poner las ciudades, después las autopistas/autovías y los ferrocarriles.
  5. Decidir las subdivisiones (provincias, estados o similar).

Después de eso, se van a repartir estas subdivisiones como en los Estados Federales, pero no se puede añadir mas ciudades, autopistas/autovías, trenes o cambiar la geografía y hidrografía significativamente sin permiso de mí. También se va a votar sobre cosas como la bandera, los nombres de los ríos, la capital, el esquema de numeración de las rutas, etc.

Si tienes interés, enviame un mensaje o pon un comentario abajo.

Location: -41,245, 136,252

Gharbiya, a new nation, an old faith... But how?

Posted by Liadrien on 23 September 2020 in English (English)

Hey! I've been mapping for a few days now in my first territory and i'm making steady progress, but that's (of course) not why I'm posting this. No. I'm in need of some in-world guidelines. You see, the nation of Gharbiya is a muslim nation, and thus i'm curious; is there a version of Mecca in this world? Surely, the prophet must've been enlightened somewhere? So... Where should my largest mosques be facing? Are there any other quirks to the religion in this world I should keep in mind? Which are the muslim nations of this world? Are there even any? Also; (as a bit of a sidenote) Is there already a name for a nomadic culture in the Great Helion desert? (the wiki is now even more gone than a moment ago so... Can't seem to look it up)

I'd love to have the nation of Gharbiya entwined with the world and feel truly alive. I know it's extremely early in the making, but bear with me. I'm looking for an ex-colonial overlord, or even failed attempts at earlier colonialism. Things that may lead to influences such as names of things or even structures built after foreign ideals. Such as old forts or ports. And I'd like to weave those into the nation a bit, and not just tag them on as an afterthought when the nation is more thorougly mapped. Any ideas are welcome, let's discuss in the comments!

Location: 22,356, 4,032

Iscu is Open For Embassies!

Posted by Lithium-Ion on 22 September 2020 in English (English)

Hello there! I come to you all today because Iscu is open for embassies! I'm interested in setting up embassies with nations that are reasonably close to Iscu. Iscu is a small country with a equally small foreign service, so only countries nearby or major world powers will likely have embassies with Iscu. If you aren't sure if you qualify, just ask in the comments.

If you want embassies with Iscu, please comment below!


Location: 2.016, 92.240

Introducing: Deodeca

Posted by Tito_zz on 17 September 2020 in Spanish (Español)

Introducing: Deodeca

Deodeca is a country in Southern Archanta, bordering the Federal States, Ardencia and Ambrosia. It is planned to be a Spanish-speaking Latin American country. It will be a collaborative country.

But we need your help

The plan is the following, in order:

  1. Find a list of interested mappers, a “group of initial collaborators” (steps following are decided by that group)
  2. Rework the coastline and then make a basic topographic plan.
  3. Make a basic hydrology (=water) plan
  4. Decide the location of cities and main roads.
  5. Set the borders of subdivisions.

After that, the subdivisions (=provinces, states or similar) will be given away to users wanting it, like in the Federal States, however, they should not add more cities, and can only add motorways with the community agreeing. All collaborators, even those not initial, will just be referred to as “collaborators”, who will be able to vote on things like highway numbering schemes, river names, flags, etc. The initial collaborators will be able to vote on the first five steps and things like that.

If you're interested, message me. Things will be organised similarly to the Federal States, however learning from the coherency issues it has/had.

Location: -40,428, 135,555

Lindenville in Meredy Prefecture, Rhododactylia..

Posted by IAmDaCraziestBoi on 17 September 2020 in English (English)

I have returned to OpenGeofiction in a couple of months after first pausing on all editing, here I am resumed with editing Lindenville with great potential, along with its suburbs. There are suburbs completely unmapped as I know, these are suburbs that will eventually see mapping. I have just recently placed a historic city circle for Lindenville due east of the city center, commemorating the history of the city, etc. Its road network is supposed to reach far, going into portions of Wintania to the west, the national park to the east, and then Eriwynne Prefecture north as already mapped, however the majority of it is in Meredy Prefecture home to the whole metropolitan area.

Location: -8.488, 167.415


Posted by Aash on 16 September 2020 in English (English)

Hello everyone,

anybody knows who is the owner of Mazan, or if it has no owner, who is responsible of it?

Location: 27.991, 55.042

Motor Racing Circuits in Maperitive?

Posted by Punkmonkey22 on 15 September 2020 in English (English)

Hi, Thought I'd have a look at messing around in Maperitive so that when I have filled up more of my region I could make some nice looking location maps as I've seen others do... however it doesn't seem to render Highway=Raceway?? Considering that this is the standard tagging method for race circuits in OSM this seems strange to me, does anyone have any ideas how to add it to the rendering? Or examples of scripts anybody has made that render it?


AR923 : Dravidian it is !

Posted by SwissCrusader on 13 September 2020 in English (English)

In order to comply with the new language rules of the (ex-) Commonian territories, I've "dravidianized" the names of a region I've been developing before I've got my own territories.

This region is AR923-01, and it had been left with no new edits for a while, so I made sure it didn't impact on a new user's mapping.

This area formerly had English or Quebec French names. I've kept those records under "name_en" and "name_fr" tags, and I used Google Translate according to the meaning of the names for example: Nouvelle-Mountréau => "Royal Mount" or "Royal Hill" => രാജകീയ മലയോര . Grande-Louisiande => "city of Louis" => ലൂയിസ് നഗരം Another example Quatre-rivières => "Four Rivers" => നാല് നദികൾ.

Maybe it will help get people to map in the correct language in those areas. I hope my edit was useful and not destructive.

N.b., I don't speak dravidian languages at all, so I used Google Translate. Feel free to fix any weird names.


Location: 9.094, 139.409

Buildings on squares

Posted by Fifafo on 13 September 2020 in English (English)

Hi everyone,

I cannot make my buildings on a square in my city show up on the standard map. It does work with History and Topo, though. I mean this and this square, but it is a common problem for other, smaller ones too. The same applies for this castle. It should have a little garden inside, but on the standard map, you can just see the paths in the garden. I did use Potlatch to have these spaces free and Potlatch worked sometimes, but in these cases (and some other cases which also include grass on water, for example, but mostly buildings on squares) it didn't. What am I doing wrong?

Thanks! FiFaFo

Location: 0,706, 44,728

The New Guy

Posted by Canada_LaVearn on 12 September 2020 in English (English)

Hello all! I'm new to OGF and JOSM (which I began using for scaling purposes) and I really like what this is about! My first town is Tolanville in Michisaukee, FSA, a bit east of Massodeya City. I'm exited to see where this project goes, and I have been told that some are quite interested in my mapping, as there apparently isn't often new faces that are already experienced in mapping.

Location: -36.879, 154.660

Temporary leave of absence

Posted by Mike's World on 10 September 2020 in English (English)

Hey fellow mappers,

For a handful of weeks I've somewhat mapped a piece of rural Michisaukee, but unfortunately I will be gone from ogf for awhile because of a recent broken arm. If I can barely do homework then mapping isn't doable for the time being.

I'll try to get back mapping here come late October, until then I wish good luck to all and I'm excited to see how the state turns out.

Thanks, Mike


Posted by MOI N on 7 September 2020 in English (English)

I was just going through some places in OGF and just realized that malls were actually very barren. Usually the name of the mall is given and then the rest is ignored. We should be putting the shops into malls, just like if it was a high street. Thank you.

Countries disappeared?

Posted by joschi81 on 5 September 2020 in English (English)

Dear mappers,

I am astonished that "suddenly" (maybe not really, I have not been active in OGF for several weeks) some neighbouring countries of Kalm disappeared: Vinnmark and the old western part of Pretany.

I understand that a collaborative project like OGF is in a constant change and that mappers leave the project—and thus their countries are "lost". In the case of Pretany this is not very relevant for me, as (unfortunately) I did not work very much within "my" regions next to its former western border.

With Vinnmark, the situation is much different: The former owner once asked if other people would help him to map his country. I offered my help and so I put much effort into designing the general layout of the southern part of the country next to Kalm and Ventria. Now, all this work suddenly disappeared from the map. I'm sad and even angry.

Don't misunderstand me: Of course such a step might be necessary from time to time in OGF. And I'm sure that I will find a good solution in cooperation with the new owner of Lentia. But: At least the owners of neighbouring countries should be contacted before such an important step of replacing a whole country (or removing a large part of it, in the case of Pretany) is being taken. Even though there may be one specific owner of the country, the respective mapping might have been developed in close cooperation with the owners of neighbouring countries.

I hope that we will find a good solution in this case—and that for future cases there will be a better communication of such steps.

Happy mapping!

New waterway connection from the Vinn Sea to the ocean

Posted by joschi81 on 5 September 2020 in English (English)

Hi all,

some of you may have noticed that there is a new natural waterway connection between the ocean and the Vinn Sea through the north-western part of Kalm. Ūdilugbulgidħū asked me (already in September last year) if I would agree to create such a connection as a result of discussions regarding the "logic" of the OGF history in this part of our world.

I completely agreed to his arguments. And I liked the idea, also because it makes the geography not only of this part of Kalm but also of western Uletha even more interesting and inspiring in my point of view.

So I sketched a first version (directly in OGF) and even a second and a third one (as a constant progress, not as separate alternatives). However, I suffer from a massive lack of time for being active in OGF (my OGF time of past days is now mostly family time).

So: Yes, there is and "always" will be such a waterway connection and you can include this fact in wiki articles where it seems relevant. You can add shipping lines using it if you want. (Don't worry: I will correct/move them once I change the layout of the waterway connection in case they don't fit anymore.)

But the current layout is not the final one. There will, for example, be a new waterway connection between Ernleben and Woltershafen/Porto João (which I design in coordination with Andy, of course), turning the peninsula of Kettholm into an island.

Sorry for this unfinished project with great importance. I will continue as soon as possible.

Happy mapping!

An update to Sarit - Bromley V2.02

Posted by KTheBritMC on 4 September 2020 in English (English)

Hi all,

Just thought I'd update you on the progress of Sarit. Here's a little background for if you are wondering:

Sarit is the regional city of the region of Barkenfry (Holmic: Bakenfray) in Eastern Bromley.

The region that Sarit sits in has been part of a dispute over being recognised as an independent state (A bit like the Catalonia debate in Spain). The region is home to many Holmic and Sanmarquino migrants who have shaped the infrastructure and design of the roads so therefore this has fueled the debate. The right-wing government that leads Bromley believes in the unification of Bromley and gave an alternative Ingerish-derived name, Sarkton, which is the name used by the rest of Bromley's regions.

Now you've had a bit of background, here's the plans:

  • Sarit follows a mixture between British and European city designs. If you have a look, you can see Sarit Cathedral, or Karmeli safe-Sarit as it is known by the locals with the many pedestrian streets surrounding it. As a Brit myself, this is an uncommon occurrence and soforth fits in with a European style, please if you disagree feel free to comment!

  • I've tried to make the main roads look a bit curvy to fit in with the British style of mapping

  • Does anyone think that the British-styled roads conflict a bit with the European-styled roads (the grid roads)?

Thanks :)

Location: -35.770, 45.266

A Lesson in Scale

Posted by Greg_Rose on 4 September 2020 in English (English)

A good tip for beginner-intermediate mappers: pay attention to scale as you're creating.
That wonderful town you're building actually might be only the size of a football pitch...
or perhaps the magnificent Washington DC/London hybrid you've just created is a monstrosity built for giants.
Here's Kalango's Port Victoria, and the aforementioned DC/London mash-up: Note the scale in the lower left.
Now here's rw Washington DC, with its own "Ellipse", same scale: I could fit the White House, DC's ellipse and most of the acreage around the Washington Monument inside Port Victoria's Ellipse.
Here's London for good measure, same scale: The Grassy Promenade is wider than the Thames. Yeah.
I was going to shrink some of this, but maybe I'll just take all of the "royal" buildings and stuff them into the Promenade. Or something.
I mean - it's not BAD mapping per se - it's just... big. Biggie big big.

Holdwell, suburb of Wyndham

Posted by Yuanls on 3 September 2020 in English (English)

An entry like this is better suited as an entry for my (extremely sporadic) bliki, but the OGF wiki has been a game of roulette for me in recent days. Half the time it loads after taking about three minutes, or more. The rest of the time, it doesn't load at all. So here's the general just of Holdwell, in a diary entry.

Holdwell is economically above-average urbanised suburb of Glaster's capital, Wyndham. It hosts a quite pleasant and well-developed town centre, and a railway station with regional services and also some national services. The waterfront has seen redevelopment as industry has shifted further north and east, away from the town.

South of the town centre there is the Holdwell Sanitorium, an area currently being redeveloped into student accommodation. On the other side of National Way lie the Westriver Estates, a classic, brutalist-era housing complex.

In the north you find more monotonous, but more pleasant suburbs, along with Holdwell and Sanford station, the second railway station in the area. Further north is the yet-unmapped locality of Sanford. Sanford Southern Dock is the southernmost point of industry on the west bank of the River Holder.

Any comments on the area, or on the general structure of Wyndham are appreciated! I'm particularly interested at this early stage, because the general groundwork has been laid out, but no detailed mapping has taken place yet. This way it's a lot easier to fix large-scale structural problems.

Happy mapping!


Location: 52.177, 129.391

I forgot how bad iD used to be

Posted by Greg_Rose on 3 September 2020 in English (English)

Very frustrating not having the present-day iD functionality in the OGF version. Actually considering going back to JOSM. Ugh.

I don't suppose a refresh of the OGF-flavor of iD is forthcoming?


Posted by Greg_Rose on 2 September 2020 in English (English)

Okay - I'm officially taking it on. Wow!

But now Enkalang sounds too Malay to me,

Kalango? Agolide? (Chichewa for "golden") Zabaria...?

I've decided main native language will be "Chechiwa": largely parallel to rw Chichewa.

Digging into my Chichewa dictionary tomorrow!

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