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Posted by sōTo on 6 June 2020 in English (English)

Hi Everybody,

My name is sōTo and i have recently became a new user.

I have been mapping over a few days and i made this city. It is a rest stop type of city based off on tourists driving on the highway. Please feel free to give me suggestions on how to make my mapping style better.

Also, when I tried downloading JOSM, (im on mac btw) when I would try and open the application, it kept giving me this error: "JOSM" cannot be opened because the developer cannot be verified. Does anyone have any advice on fixing this issue?



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Scale Check for Semanish Capital

Posted by geoboi on 4 June 2020 in English (English)

Hey everyone,

Hope you are all staying safe. I just wanted to give everyone an update on my work in Eastern Uletha. I am currently working on an overhaul of the Semanish language, as well as planning out my capital city, since I have my mountains and rivers planned out already. The capital city started out as a trading village, but slowly grew into a city due to its isolated and strategic location on a peninsula jutting into a large lake. I'm mainly concerned about the scale of the whole project, so let me know if there's anything I need to fix.

the plan

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Ulihraad Topography Guide Map | AR053, South Astrasia

Posted by Halvarda on 4 June 2020 in English (English)

As the new owner of AR053, one of the first things I had to do was rework the topography of the area. I didn't like the previous topography since it didn't fit my idea for the country, and I felt it wasn't the most realistic. So I took the topographic map the previous owner had made for the whole southern Astrasia, and built on top of it.

Since the northern nation is not currently being mapped by anyone, and the owner of the southern one hasn't been active in a while, it's not like I could coordinate with neighbouring mappers to rework the topography. Besides, I wouldn't want to impose my ideal topography on neighbouring mappers, especially when their areas are so developed already.

Thus, I pretty much kept the topography as it was around the borders, while also making sure it matched the topography of the rest of the area, of course.

I'm posting this mainly for any current and/or future neighbours, as well as admins so that they know why I'm doing what I'm doing lol. Anyway, here it is.

Ulihraad Topoguide Map | Enlarge Ulihraad Topoguide

I call such maps "topoguide" maps, since they're not detailed or big enough. They're mini maps. They're maps which I make before making an actual topographic map, so that I have something to use a base, to guide me. It's really difficult to make a big (fantasy) map completely from scratch, you know haha.


I dunno, I was just looking at the coast and it all seemed to align in a way that looks as if it lies on an ancient rift. Think of the caledonian rift, something like that.


So the purple rift and the highlands around the border are the two main features I built the topography around.

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Spot Lights and Red Carpets Here, Cinasia's Movie Industry

Posted by Hilsonbergman on 31 May 2020 in English (English)

Hello mappers,

Welcome to the movie world of Cinasia, I have roughly finished this weekend, a town for the Cinasia's movie industry, one studio complex and and one movie related theme park which is like the Universal Studio. Is there anything I should add?

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Opening a community mapping area!

Posted by forkymapper on 30 May 2020 in English (English)

Hey everyone!

I am opening a part of my territory where everyone is free to add stuff! This is for a couple of reasons: 1. I'm feeling generous, and need inspiration for some of my own work. 2. I have noticed that a lot of free mapping areas are becoming quite full, with not much freedom to add stuff.

Before you go and start adding stuff, I want to enforce some conditions. Don't worry, most of them wont restrict you too much!

  1. DO NOT edit outside the island. If found doing so, all work will be removed. It is possible that editing outside of the allotted area will result in a temporary ban from admin.
  2. Try and keep the style of mapping rural. There will be one large city, which is the only one. I will decide where it lies.
  3. Try and keep most mapping close to the coast, as seen with most islands. There can be some roads that go through the mountains of the island.
  4. Most of the city/town/village names will be a mix of Thai and Vietnamese. So try and keep your names like these! You can use my city names as a reference.

Let me know if you have questions! Here is where you can get started! I'm excited to see what you come up with!

Best wishes and happy mapping,


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Mapping challenge - Part 2

Posted by Mapping Expert on 28 May 2020 in English (English)

Hi again to the whole community.

It is a great pleasure to speak with you again. As everyone surely knows, more than 1 month ago I launched the first "Mapping challenge", which proposed to users to start developing natural mapping, to start developing our mapping in a realistic and orderly manner. Because we must continue the challenge, I plan to set the limit on June 2, 2020. Please add your natural mapping examples below and a contest will be held to determine the "Best mapping of the challenge".

After having completed the previous challenge, I am thinking of developing a new one (whose theme I have not yet defined), for which, on this occasion, I ask you to reach a consensus for one:

  1. Large-scale mapping of cities (urban streets, main roads, important buildings, urban parks).
  2. Mapping of the railway, transport (land, sea and air) system, in addition to the terminals.
  3. High-detail mapping of buildings with a 3D effect.

Please fill out this form: Google Form and provide your natural mapping examples please.

Happy mapping - Mapping Expert

Edits only showing on Topo Map and Histor Layer

Posted by Twinimi13 on 27 May 2020 in English (English)

I made some edits on my island, and it will only show on the Topo Map and Histor, not Standard. Any help?

Edit: Its still not up, its been a long time.

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Coastline changes not working

Posted by Dimitrij on 27 May 2020 in English (English)

Hello, I have started mapping an island nation recently and since I haven't done coastline mapping much before, I am not sure how to do it. I am pretty sure what I did was right but it still hasn't shown up after more than 12 hours since I made the edits to the coastline. I am not sure if this is normal, so I would like someone better than me to look at the coastline and see what is wrong with it. (, that is the link to the island I edited and as you can see in view, it looks horrible but in edit, you can see my coastline changes and they only show in edit. Whoever knows what is wrong please help.

Hey guys!

Posted by forkymapper on 26 May 2020 in English (English)

Hey everyone!

Recently I have not found inspiration to do anything particularly large, so I'm gonna be taking a break so I can get my creative juices flowing again. This means I might not make any noticeable progress in my country. This is just so people are aware!

Stay safe out there,


Ching Sha, A tropical atoll

Posted by Hilsonbergman on 24 May 2020 in English (English)

Hi mappers,

Today is my last day of quarantine, everything goes fine, I can back to work tomorrow.

I map a lot during the 14 days and now may I present my tropical atoll Ching Sha.

It is a natural reserve, no permanent residents, but there are Marines, scientist and fishermen come for shelter. Permit is required for ecotourism. The idea comes from Pratas Islands .

Location: 21.381, 156.491

Terminals of Streetcar-lines

Posted by histor on 24 May 2020 in German (Deutsch)

In townmaps (may be not only in Europe?) it is usual, to show the terminal of a streetcar-line with the line number encircled - like ⑤. This encircled numbers are defined in the Unicode as hexa from #2461 and following or decimal from 9312 and following. In the Unicode-list there are the encircled numbers 1 to 20. Also there are some encircled letters, if your lines are lettered.

In the ID-editor it is not possible, to give this encircled numbers into the name-tag directly only with the ALT-key-methode. So you please must look in an unicode-list and copy this character and paste it in the name-tag of your tram_stop-tag.

This encircled number logical looks smaller as the normal number. If you will be able to read this encircled number on the map, the character has to be in a greater grade. For this please add to your tag "railway=tram_stop" the tag "service=terminal". Then the name of the tram-stop will appear in the histor-style in a greater grade as usual, so that the encircled number good is readable. In the standard-style this service tag will do nothing, there the tag is neutral. Visible in the histor-style this terminal-tags are in zoom 15; the normal name-tag of tram-stops in zoom 16.

Exemple for a streetcar-system with such terminals may be Aerwinya in Oakhill, Federal States - see []

Thanks to ChalieG for help.


Posted by realTomHolland on 22 May 2020 in English (English)

Hi! Im a fairly new user. I have already acquired my first country, Margüela.

I would like for someone to take a look at my first two cities (Catalina and Tarifa) and give a commentary or tips on how to map on them.

I would also like to ask if there is a way to know who made specific countries, because I want to contact several people around the gulf my country is located in.

Another thing I have in mind is if there is any way to make the editing map any bigger, since it only lets you edit at around -400m scale. This would be to build highways.

Thanks for any feedback! -Tom

Anybody had this before?

Posted by Litvania on 12 May 2020 in English (English)

I've been trying to work more on Litvania's map.

This involved a changeset uploaded on Monday, which uploaded, and refused to show up on the map after a day. I know this is normal, I'm not a beginner. But, then I looked in JOSM if it had even saved as an actual changeset (keep in mind I had the "Upload Succesful!" message). It didn't, and now I have to restart.

Frustrations aside, anybody had this problem before or maybe know what I did wrong?

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Hi back!

Posted by Friedrich Kirchen on 12 May 2020 in English (English)

It's been a while!

My work took a lot of time from me, and Welstand-Westrijk was kind of abandoned.

But our friend Covid came! And Spain is going through a hard lockdown.

One of the news during this time was that Olympic Games in Tokyo were cancelled, and I remembered that Kirchenburg were at the gates of hosting the Geolympiad 2020. So I came back to mapping.

I'm back to the mapping in Kirchenburg, and the time gave me some perspective on what I like and what i hate. Wanted to reshape the Olympic venues, but as far as I know, the Geolympiac was never officially goven to Kirchenburg, and it look quite well.

I'm reshaping the city. Worked on Grauberg area, in close town Gëlteen, and in a theme park.

I've seen really interesting new mapping around OGF. Nice to see everything keeps alive.

Hope everything goes well!

The reason for changsets not loading?

Posted by Geoc3ladus on 10 May 2020 in English (English)

Hey everyone!

What is the reason for changsets no loading? I've heard this from other diary entries and I was wondering if a program that renders the changset onto the OGF map is not working properly or is slow. Is that the reason? I'm just curious.

Happy mapping, Geo

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Change of the shape of San Marcos

Posted by sude on 6 May 2020 in Spanish (Español)


Before I moved from Commonia to my current territory, I used to name my territory "San Marcos". When I arrived to Antarephia, I decided to continue to name my country "San Marcos", and I placed my old mapping in the north making a region with the name of "Old San Marcos".

This region has always theoretically been composed by 4 (5?) provinces:

  • Lucero (capital)
  • Granadilla
  • Castillejo y Ebre
  • Alhozaimas
  • Jaca (?)

Even if I tried to think about how to make it fit with the area, I wasn't able to. So I've had this idea to fix it:

In addition, another reason to do this change is the fact that San Marcos has 2 kinds of horns that I don't really like, so one of them would be fixed.

What do you think about it? Do you have any ideas to improve it?

Moreover, I know that this is a drastic change of the shape of San Marcos, and I think that I should ask the admins beforehand. Am I able to do it?


Location: -26,793, 47,541

Map of OGF Changesets Throughout Time?

Posted by Lithium on 6 May 2020 in English (English)


Due to the massive amount of changesets that show OGF's history, me and CharlieG have decided to attempt to create an interactive map that shows changesets over time appearing on the map as points. This way we could see where people were very active at different times in ogf history. While this will be very hard to set up, we hope that it will give a unique perspective of the history of ogf.


Survey: how do you create your place names?

Posted by MisterBean on 6 May 2020 in English (English)

I would like you to describe how you create place names, be it towns, mountains, rivers or natural features. Do you invent them as nice-sounding words fitting your language, rigorously etymologically derive them or use a random word generator? What effect does the language of your country have on the place names? Do you have a dictionary for the most important toponyms or at least know these components by heart?

I use a mixed etymological-aesthetical approach when creating place names. I know the most important Germanic, Slavic and Finno-Uguric toponymic roots and use them, but I also sometimes just make up interesting or funny-sounding names from scratch, reflecting the fact that many modern place names in the real world can not be etymologically traced anymore.

Wiki Country Pages

Posted by rickypro on 6 May 2020 in English (English)

While I am doing Diary entries, I may as well ask if it is possible to edit the wiki, or add pages such as my country? I haven't figured out a way to do this as yet. I understand if there is a no edit rule to prevent vandalism, but maybe there could be a way to limit what pages a user could edit to their own because I would love to add my country and cities on the wiki.

Community Discord

Posted by rickypro on 6 May 2020 in English (English)

Hi! This my first diary entry but please read through it.

I want to know if there is a Discord, or any chat place outside of Facebook. I applied for the Facebook Group, but I never really use Facebook because it is a clunky and out-of-the-way for me. It's also very unintuitive and seems inactive from the 6 posts per week it says there. I was wondering if there is a Discord or generally any other place to discuss OGF.

By the way, I was doing research on the Discord and came across much of the same questions where the answers surrounded an unofficial server that disbanded in 2017 or so. Is there a reason this is inactive? Also, has there been other attempts to start one?

I feel it is vital to have more community engagement because the lack of interaction from my neighbours or anyone in OGF made me quit about a month ago for more active hobbies, despite myself enjoying mapping. I've come back and thought it would entice more to join if we had a central discord that was advertised widely.

Thanks, rickypro

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