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A week ago, i joined and i started making these two small islands.

Posted by niski on 11 September 2019 in English (English)

This is the final result, i am posting it here so you can tell me what shall i fix (or completly delete if needed :/) because i'm pretty new to this (7 days). 7 days of mapping, i changed the language which i used to have here due to it not being any official language of the country i'm mapping in (Gobrassanya, so it's open-to-all territory) to Ingerish.

EDIT: There might be some scale issues i will want to fix.

Location: 14,136, 83,744

Huntington Red Light

Posted by histor on 8 September 2019 in German (Deutsch)

O.k. - there are more places in Huntington, where you can go in the evening. But the real night quarter, the red-light district of the town is behind the railway station. In the north the Ispelia Street, east the Gobrassanya Avenue, south the Ataraxia Street and in the west the Kalm Avenue are the imaginaire boundaries of this area. Here the night can be dangerous, sexy, loud and fascinating.


Who will map the houses, bars, pubs, music-clubs, cinemas, restaurants and all other features needed in this environment? We need a mapper with advanced skills in city-mapping. If you are interested, please send an inbox-message to Ernestpcosby or me (histor).

Looking for an Airport mapper

Posted by louis_walker on 8 September 2019 in English (English)

Hi all! I've got a basic airport sketched out for Seniqe, but I've seen some really amazingly detailed airports around the OGF world and am hoping one of you has a special love of mapping these kinds of sites. If you are interested in mapping Seniqe's airport in detail, please shoot me a DM with an example or two of airports you've created in the past. Thank you!

Location: 29.372, 28.526


Posted by Inkyatari on 5 September 2019 in English (English)

After a several year hiatus, I decided to work in a common area . I figured on building a National Park.

Motorway Junctions

Posted by ev3commander on 4 September 2019 in English (English)

Hello all, I have gotten my own territory. However, there is one big issue: I do not know how to make proper motorway interchanges/junctions, and even normal exits. I know the motorway_link syntax but do not know how to make them look smooth and functional, like this: Gobrassanya PH40/23 junction in Ashoka. I was wondering if there are templates or a guide or something so that I can easily make motorway-motorway and motorway-road T and 4 way junctions. Thanks, ev3commander

Feedback on my sandbox?

Posted by geoboi on 31 August 2019 in English (English)

Hey everyone,

I would love some feedback on my new sandbox. I'm not sure if I did it right, so I would love some constructive feedback to help me improve the page. While you're in my sandbox, feel free to check out my first sandbox project!

Cheers, Geoboi

Map of languages in the Wiki

Posted by sude on 30 August 2019 in Spanish (Español)

Hello everybody

Somedays ago, i saw the map of languages in the Wiki. Honestly, I didn't like it because it used points and it was very unaccurate. I had the idea of doing the same thing, but with relations.

It has been difficult because I had to see country by country which language people use there, extract the points of the relations and put it into the map.

I hope you like it:

Furthermore, I realized that there is a very common mistake in a lot of countries: mixing languages randomly. In my opinion, it's not realistic at all. For example, I saw countries in which there are arabic, hebrew and chinese script in the same city. I think that we should follow the quote "a nation, a country", or as least, "a country, a language".

This is the reason why I didn't add some countries to the map, cause I couldn't determinate which is the main language of the country.

However, it's a fact that there are countries where people speak several languages. That happens in the real life. So I recommend you to delimitate the border between those languagues.

That's only my advice. You are not forced to follow it, but I ask you guys to think about it.

There are a lot of countries in which I didn't put the language because I didn't have time enough, so I ask you to add them.

In addition, I'm using the same colours that were used before, and I added the colour Black to rare languages that are spoken in very few countries.

¿Muchas Confluencias?

Posted by UN1TY on 29 August 2019 in English (English)

Last January, I started work on a new city named Confluencia.

In Commonia, (of all places) there is a well-mapped and highly-developed city also named Confluencia.

Did I subconsciously copy this city’s name, or did it change recently?

AR001b - Timor-ish

Posted by admin on 29 August 2019 in English (English)

You are welcome to apply for, and discuss, OGF:AR001b

"a collaborative territory, which is inspired by the real-world island of Timor (shared between Timor-Leste and Indonesia) The provinces are owned by individual users so long as they agree to adhere to to collective territory goals and coordinate on development:

  • Low GDP
  • Poor infrastructure
  • One major city
  • Colonial history: TBD (Portuguese analogue?)
  • Languages: TBD; assumed Tetum-analogue, Indonesian-analogue, colonial"
Location: 3.881, 114.681

Diamond Coast will come to life thanks to this amazing app I found

Posted by Mike's World on 28 August 2019 in English (English)

Hey everyone! Diamond Coast was just a little fishing town with a casino less than a year ago but it is sure transformend since then!

Anyway I just wanted to say that it will literally come to life once I get the game Cities Skylines and I will build the city Diamond Coast just like the layout on OGF.

This is also an oppertunity for other users to try it out and create their own city just like OGF. The link is just the images of the game, but you can also just search it on youtube and youll get hundreds of ways you can see how the game works. You can download it on PC or Play Station.

Check it out!


Introducing Seniqe

Posted by louis_walker on 26 August 2019 in English (English)

Central Seniqe

I've been working on Seniqe, one of the two major cities along the Strait of Abren in Dematisna, for the past month. While there is still a huge amount of work to be done, much of the city's historic center has been mapped now (along with the outline for the metro region), so I thought it was time for a proper introduction.

Seniqe is a mélange of influences from Istanbul, Izmir, Barcelona, Seville, Athens, and Algiers. It has a fairly hilly terrain, but the central city is located on a broad, flat plain around Al-Hilal Aleulawi, the Crescent Haven, the body of water that connects the city's historic port to the Strait of Abren. The ancient walled city was founded around 1600 BCE, and reached its current extent around 500 CE. The city greatly expanded following the arrival of the Castellanese in the 1450s. It continued to grow under colonial control for centuries, and through the strait's status as an international territory (the Zona Internacional Abreniqe, or ZIA) from 1902-69.

Following a change to immigration laws after Dematisna became an independent country in '69, the city became a magnet for international migration. Its population first cracked one million in the first Dematisnan census in 1975, and today the metropolitan region is home to more than seven million people from around the world. You can read a more detailed history of the city on its wiki page here.

So far the detailed mapping reflects about 80% of what would have existed ca. 1900 CE, while the road and rail network for the metro region is mapped up to the present. I'm filling in the city as I go, and am hoping to get up to the 1960s by the end of the summer.

I would love to hear any initial thoughts people have on how things are shaping up! I want to give a special shout-out to @Moskva, who is mapping the motorway interchanges (which I have no talent for, whatsoever). Dematisna is a collaborative territory, so if there are projects you would be interested in helping out with in Seniqe, please propose them here or on the talk page for Dematisna

Location: 29.452, 28.398

Paivat lake

Posted by Öllöjoumi on 25 August 2019 in English (English)

I have created a lake in north-western Uletha called "Paivat".

"Paivat" probably means something like "the water of the day" in Läxian language. It may have different names in different languages.

The northern side of the lake is a rocky archipelago (which i am working on right now), streching from east to west. While the southern side is pretty sandy, just like northern Germany and Poland.

Paivat lake is formed by an ancient glacial activity within this area, which created the many lakes, inlets and bogs of Läxland.

Paivat is inspired by the Saimaa lakeland in Finland and the Ladoga lake in Russia. I have always loved the patterns of the nordic lakes and islands, willing to create such natural artwork on OGF.

Location: 63.908, 57.049

help using JOSM (new user)

Posted by 2amCereal on 22 August 2019 in English (English)


I started mapping about a few days ago and have made some progress at making a village in central Commonia, using ID at first and now JOSM, but I'm having some trouble using it. It would also be helpful to have to critique on my settlement.


Things I would like help with:

  • creating areas such as parks and car parks, that are available in the areas tab in ID
  • creating rail tracks
  • airport features such as runways etc. (dont worry I'm not building an airport for my tiny town)
  • naming places: mainly town names but also for having buildings be hotels etc.
  • different road types: I'm aware of the residential road, but in a lot of other cities on the map I see large residential roads?
  • creating coloured ares of the map, like in cities where the area between blocks is grey
  • having buildings sit next to and against each other, without overlapping and causing an error
  • creating perfect circles for roundabouts etc
  • going into detail on buildings (like that really cool cathedral in Baradin)

I understand this is a lot (and theres probably more i still have to ask) but any help would greatly be appreciated.

Location: 16.973, 143.347

Question from a confused new user

Posted by ev3commander on 21 August 2019 in English (English)

Hello, I am new to mapping in OGF, and have a question:

See How come some types of buildings don't show up as solid blocks (with borders) and others do?
Also, if you look at it in the editor, you see another building, a locksmith to the left of the coffee shop. Why doesn't it show up at all (not even the name)? (This also happens with the parking garage next to the gym to the northeast.)


Location: 19.337, 87.823

Introducing Kuehong, a temperate and OGF version of Vietnam

Posted by zhenkang on 20 August 2019 in English (English)

Hi all. I am happy to announce that I managed to claim AR903, or what is called now Kuehong (Quê Hương 家园), a Vietnamese state, after further discussions with the regional admin. It is quite interesting to take a bit out of what was part of Commonia, but equally frustrating to delete and revise the road connections and ill-mapped settlements in the area. Not sure if this is part of admin's plan to clean up Commonia, but oh well.

I am officially introducing this now just to alert some users who have accidentally changed the name of my country to Raintree River, and just a friendly reminder not to edit and rename the nearby territories as well! See wangi's newest diary entry for details. I am also making some personal notes which I will like to share with everyone here. Feel free to suggest anything wrong with it, I am not using a nuke button (which is still in Antigo) to nuke you off the map.

Currently, the territory is now almost clean; just need to remove all name tags. I will also get started on the geography and making the states. Hopefully after that I will get work on a small port, where I can make ferry connections between Uletha and Archanta and eventually start collaboration projects with CARECU and EUOIA. Kuehong, given its location, has quite some potential to be a trading entrepot, and it isnt easy to be ignored.

About the culture, Kuehong will be largely similar to the Vietnamese culture, with the same food, (possibly) clothes (depends on the weather) and allusions to some well-known landmarks in Vietnam (summer palaces, Ha Long Bay etc).

What's probably different is that there may not be a French presence in Kuehong (since it is relatively far away), but more emphasis on Chinese influences, since it was colonised by some oriental power in Orano before. The political situation will be quite different from actual Vietnam as well; it will be a relatively strong and efficient military junta instead of communism. Just expect a heavier military presence in the country, but otherwise, thanks to the military, the lives of the people generally improved with relatively good infrastructure. There will be also a notable Chinese presence in the country particuarly at the east.

Another difference is that Kuehong is on a higher lattitude than actual Vietnam itself. Still, it did not stop Kuehong from growing and exporting rice, so there are still rice paddy fields. The weather may be more similar to Taiwan instead; there may not be much snow but more cooler winds. Kuehong will also be affected by typhoons frequently since it is in relatively open sea.

Still, this project will be quite interesting, since I did not really have much solid knowledge on the language and culture. There are quite a number of differences between Kuehong and Vietnam which I will like to point out in this diary entry. Hopefully, I hope someone out there can further educate me on Vietnamese culture, tell me their experience in Vietnam or offer any further suggestions regarding this territory.

Tam Biêt!

Zhen Kang (Z.K.)

(Former cartographer in Antigo, he has recently managed to defect and emigrate to Kuehong)

Location: 28.409, 159.474

Commonia / Rhododactylia / AR001b / FSA Massodeyas

Posted by wangi on 20 August 2019 in English (English)

Hi, the northern most half (roughly!) of Commonia is no longer a "blue" territory and open to editing by all. It has been split into individual territories, managed per OGF:Admin regions. None of the new territories are mapped as "beginner", as such any user will need to supply a plan for the territory if applying.

However another "blue" territory, Rhododactylia, has been increased in size.

Also beginner territories have been opened up at AR001b, and the Federal States Massodeyas project is accepting beginner applications.

L (wangi for admin)

Location: 16.009, 145.767


Posted by DudeMap555 on 19 August 2019 in English (English)

what happened to COMMONIA?

Fort Vondréaux

Posted by Mapping Expert on 18 August 2019 in English (English)

Hello to the whole community! Since 6 months ago I have been developing the historic district of Vondréaux, called Fort Vondréaux. I have developed it with the greatest possible care, and I want to finally show it to the community.I want to know your opinions. Happy mapping, Mapping Expert.

Location: -23.710, 112.002

Airports in Walkegan

Posted by oof boi on 17 August 2019 in English (English)

Currently, I have 2 airports in Walkegan, Pike and Miller International.

Personally, I would like if some airlines would come into my airport. It's been bugging me that nobody has gone to my airports yet.

First of all, I want to be realistic. I have limited international gates and most international flights would come from either South Archanta or north Archanta. Most flights would originate from the FSA.

Also if you have any feedback for my airport you can tell me in the comments.

Thanks, oof boi

Pike International Airport Miller International AIrport

Pretanic Faction State is officially closed for business.

Posted by bhj867 on 16 August 2019 in English (English)

I want to thank all of the mappers who put in work at the Pretanic Faction state over the past year or so. Due to unforseen circumstances, the PFS will be closed to new mappers as of today. Any mappers that are working there are allowed to finish their work, make a decision to move their work to their own countries or keep it in place. It will remain there forever if you decide to keep it there, and I will add to it over time, but keep your edits in place.

If anyone has any questions please comment below and I will answer them in the best way I can.

Thank you


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