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question about 1 year ago

Perfect squares are boring and actually unrealistic IMO. Even in America where everywhere has a grid layout, most grid patterns are rectangular. Your city Macarius looks good with a rectangular grid I think, but of course if a square feels better for you then go for it.

Iscu is Open For Embassies! over 1 year ago

Tavauru is interested in beginning diplomatic relations with Iscu as a neighbouring state.

Introducing: Deodeca over 1 year ago

1.) Precisely. 2.) Im in no position to say anything is certain, but probably a mix. Parts of Ardencia have Spanish in use but then Southern Deodeca now has French in use and that seems like a realistic mix.

Introducing: Deodeca over 1 year ago

The airport is almost identical to YYZ. A new airport would be much better IMO.

Is Deodeca going to be a wealthy country? Or more like a middle income country like most Latin American countries today.

Introducing: Deodeca over 1 year ago

Sign me up!

Does this mean fake Toronto will be going?

Feedback on Faiai’ita over 1 year ago

Thanks for your detailed feedback. On review I do agree with you about the river and I’ll be changing that at some point.

Tavauru’s economy is predominantly reliant on tourism, but also has significant agriculture and financial services markets.

Tui Mau’s port is there to provide access to the more remote parts of eastern Tavauru, as well as the main gateway for traffic to other islands and nations in the chain, whereas Faiai’ita handles ocean going traffic. However the inland road network might be sufficient enough to not need the port there at its current size. I’ll look into maybe changing it in the future.

Feedback on Faiai’ita over 1 year ago

They are light railways rather than a full on railway, so they work as a mix between a tram and a train, hence the tight curves where it operates on the city’s streets, which I do believe are realistic. Please correct me if this is incorrect though, but I did purposely build the curves that tight as if it were a tram.

Feedback on Faiai’ita over 1 year ago

I’m actually currently working on the topography of Au Vau, the island in the northeast of my territory. It’s a slow process but I’m finding I’m having to change a lot of the roads so that they make sense with the landscape. I’m hoping it won’t take too long so I can do the topography for Faiai’ita before expanding the hillside neighbourhoods.

Thanks for the positive feedback :)

Requesting Model City Recommendations for my (Northeastern) European-style City over 1 year ago

Perhaps Grodno in Belarus? It might be a bit smaller than what you’re looking for but it has a confluence, old town and is fairly flat.

Also Lviv, Ukraine, which isn’t built on a river but does have a good old town that would fit the style.

Update to Bromley City over 1 year ago

Changing names to sound more Ingerish/English doesn’t mean just using real place names in England. One or two won’t hurt, but for the most part it’s better to come up with your own names for the sake of authenticity. If it is a supposed Ingerish/English colony then you could take place names from Ingerland for district/street names. It also has good examples of how to make unique English sounding names.

Question over 1 year ago

Once you have your own territory you can get permission for a wiki/forum account.

help using JOSM (new user) over 2 years ago

what’s more, I’ve just found out I’ve been mapping in AR921 rather than Commonia, can I move my settlement without deleting it?