Posted by ADB52 on 8 March 2018 in English (English)

A year after joining the site, I have stripped Utterland of most of its road and rail infrastructure. Only the topographical features remain, and will form the basis of an attempt at a structured rebuild. What also remains are what I believe to be the better attempts at proper mapping, such as the cities of Galmosen, Solsburg and Welle and the Graufen Valley north of Galmosen. Constructive suggestions welcome.

Cross-border rail and road links (to Szlonsk, Vinnmark, Ventria, Isztianorszag and Koban) will remain as they are.

Location: Diesenbrug, Rijksbergen, Utterland

Comment from joschi81 on 9 March 2018 at 13:36

I think before your "tabula rasa", your road and railway network somehow seemed to "surround" the capital. So my advice (and my hope for the new development) is: More rail and road infrastructure leading directly to Uisteren. Ok, if you look at"real" countries, there are examples as well where the capital is not a hub for the main national transport arteries (see Australia for example). But for an "old" Central-/Western-European style country I think the capital should also be a main transport hub. So I'm looking forward to an Utterland capital with better direct connections to all the other large cities in the country and and to neighbouring countries (but not too straight, as the landscape seems to be quite hilly and requires some detours, especially for old railways and roads).

When designing railways, for example, always think about the initial goal that they were built for: For example, connecting important cities to each other or to their respective, economically important "hinterland".

Happy mapping!

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