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Names 5 days ago

Island Keeps Disappearing 8 days ago

I have taken the liberty of reversing the direction of the coastline on Hamilton Island. Coastlines should always run counterclockwise. Could you also review your placenames? It's up to you, but Littlehampton, Wolverhampton and Eastbourne sound awfully like real English towns.

Real life interrupts... 20 days ago

Good luck with the relocation

JOSM problem about 2 months ago

Thanks. Things are working normaly now.

Most of Tarephia flooded 2 months ago

Thank You! 2 months ago

There is a user by that name.

An island 3 months ago

Suggest to deal with the coastline issues which are causing the flooding

Pathfinding/Directions Issues 3 months ago

I last had word from him on November 5th, saying he had to go places for work and did not pack his laptop. Nothing since.

Importing from Localhost to OGF 4 months ago

I would contact admin on how to proceed, before you do.

I made a train map 5 months ago

Well done!

I made a train map 5 months ago

TCC: good grief. After you have compiled the map, click on Save, to save the image to your computer. You then need to upload it to an image server of choice (I use but others exist as well). Obtain the full URL to your image and paste it into a comment on here.

I made a train map 5 months ago

Anyone who feels like making a map of the railway system in their land can have a look at (

Flood 6 months ago

Have addressed the issue - I hope.

Line trouble! 6 months ago

Welcome to OGF, and happy mapping. Sorry to be a bore, but user diaries are actually NOT intended to be used as diaries. If you want to highlight and share your work, have a look on the Forum (link in bar at top of OGF screen).

Haarinkonaaipi, a new territory, a new country! 7 months ago

Welcome to OGF and looking forward to seeing Haarinkonaaipi taking shape. And happy national day!

Why is Archanta flooded? 7 months ago

There is a dedicated page for reporting continent flooding:

Ummmm I still need help 7 months ago

How about you make that place your home location, so you can find it next time. The wiki links ARE useful, I really would recommend taking your time to read the articles.

Capital works 8 months ago

Rasmus, I am a native Dutch speaker. I'd be interested in the original, and am prepared to consider translating it into English, depending on size of document. Let me know by PM.

Changes not showing on map 8 months ago

The map has now been updated.

Changes not showing on map 8 months ago

I did some mapping which did render around 11.10 am GMT. The work after that has not done so.