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Posted by Aces California on 10 August 2017 in English (English)

Hey All, so, I'm still in Singapore so I can't take on big projects, but it has given me time to look back retrospectively on aspects of Tierajas-Verdes, and one thing I have NEVER been happy with is the mountain region to the west of the country, as seen on the map if you click the Location link. I could never get it to look right even in a Macro scale, and I put that down to never really finding a good reference to work off for the mountains.

I will probably only start work on this once back from holiday on the big computer at home, but I want to know some places I can reference mapped in OSM or OGF, that can influence how I style my mountain mapping. I'm looking for like a Sub-tropical rain-forest looking mountain range, or just any with a really high concentration of trees.

Or alternatively, if anybody could give me some tips on how to draw them in a sort of OSM style, I'd love that too!

Thanks in advance! Keep Up The Mapping!

  • Aces California
Location: San Marisa, Mundae, Tierajas-Verdese

Comment from zhenkang on 10 August 2017 at 13:32

Hi to you from Toa Payoh, Singapore. Maybe you can ask Luciano for help. He is working on natural features in Ardisphere, maybe you can go over there and see. I think there is a lack of detail in the forests, and maybe you should add some rivers to make the mountains realistic.

I am also working on such natural features in Singkangia, mainly looking into Johore on Openstreetmap rather than Singapore as Singapore is quite limited for natural features since it is quite small-not may unless you go Pulau Ubin or Bukit Timah. I am doing so while working on my road and new rail systems in my country.

How long will be in Singapore?

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